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Periodicals, late May 2015

New issues of Analog, Asimov’s, Interzone, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and what’s new this month at Daily Science Fiction, Strange Horizons, Terraform, and

New in Paperback, May 2015

Ed Finn & Kathryn Cramer’s Hieroglyph, Stephen King’s Revival, Christopher Priest’s The Adjacent, Adam Roberts’ Bête, Jo Walton’s My Real Children, and titles by Anderson, Baker, Blake, Britain, Campbell, Canavan, Card & Johnston, Carey, Clare, Coates, Corey, Edison, Harrison, Jones, Pratchett, and Rajamiemi

New Books, 26 May

Paolo Bacigalupi’s The Water Knife and titles by Bledsoe, Orullian, Pinborough, and Priest

Weekly Bestsellers, 25 May 2015

Stephen King’s Finders Keepers, due June 2nd, moves up on the Amazon lists.

Periodicals, mid-May

New issues of Black Static, Fireside, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Perihelion, and Uncanny

New Books, 19 May 2015

Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, Clive Barker’s The Scarlet Gospels, and titles by Baldwin, Elrod, Fenner, Gaiman & Reaves & Reaves, Higgins, Kilpatrick, McLachlan, and Rajaniemi

Weekly Bestsellers, 18 May 2015

Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses and Charlaine Harris’ Day Shift debut.

New Books, 12 May 2015

Jonathan Strahan’s The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume Nine, Kit Reed’s Where, Ramez Naam’s Apex, and titles by Beckett, Dalglish, Danielewski, Grimes, Hardinge, Hogan, Sumner-Smith, Witcover, and Wrede & Dean

Weekly Bestsellers, 11 May

A new Star Wars novel by Paul S. Kemp debuts on four print lists.

Periodicals, early May

Apex Magazine • Quarterly magazine of SF and horror, since 2005; current editor Sigrid Ellis • Format: Online; Ebook formats • Frequency: Monthly • May 2015— Issue 72, cover art by Beth Spencer • Fiction in this issue is by Sarah Pinsker, David Bowles, JY Yang, and Suzette Mayr. • Poetry is by S.G. […]

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