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by Richard Bleiler

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From Peter Ruber:

So, I'm writing the essays that will be included, the most
complex of which is that one dealing with HB-J's (H. Bedford-Jones)
pseudonyms and colaborations (real and fictitious).

I'm of the mindset that W.C. Robertson (co-author with
HB-J of 4 ADVENTURE and 1 SHORT STORIES) is really William
Wallace Cook rather than a real person or a fictitious
collaborator--nothwithstanding that letter Robertson
allegedly had published in ADVENTURE. I've only got that
small excerpt in the Donald Grant publication of "The
Temple of Ten" and was wondering if you might be able to
send me (by mail or e-mail) the full text of the letter.
I'd like to quote that in the essay--assuming that you
haven't found substantiating evidence that Robertson
actually existed.

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