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Weird Worlds

Weird Worlds #5 contains:
"Fever Dream" by Ray Bradbury (ss) Weird Tales Sep '48,
"Light Verse" by Isaac Asimov (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Sep '73.


Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 14:54:59 -0400
From: Mike Ashley

I've been checking through your CD-ROM index of sf magazine cover artists and find quite a few omissions or minor errata. I wasn't sure how much you'd corrected all of this in the latest version, and as there's rather a lot I won't fling it all at you in one go.

But f'rinstance.

You have ANALOG April 1998 as by "Jum Burns" instead of Jim Burns.

The first issue of VISION OF TOMORROW artist, 'James' is an alias of editor Philip Harbottle (it's his middle name).

The section is actually called "Cover Atists" instead of Artists.

You list 'Bruno', the artist of the Dec 1963 WORLDS OF TOMORROW separate from Frank Bruno on FANTASTIC, though it's the same artist.

Davis is the same as John Richards.

You're missing a lot of the artists for AUTHENTIC, the various Spencer sf magazines and so on. I can fill in the gaps.

I'm interested that you credit the artist of the October 1930 AMAZING DETECTIVE TALES, identified apparently as H.V.B. (I haven't seen the issue to verify this) as being Hannes Bok. Really? He was only 16, and the repro I've seen of the cover is nothing like Bok. Can this really be? Where did this data come from?

I've just spoken to Ed Valigursky over the phone. He seems in great shape. He confirms he did also paint as William Rembach.

I see you have the July 1955 GALAXY cover attributed to Emsh, but it's very clearly by Mel Hunter.


Someone known only as D.L.W. did covers #1 thru #8 and #13 thru #19
George Ratcliffe did covers #9-#12
Vann did #20,28,29.
Gordon C. Davies did #21 thru #24 and #27
J. Pollack did #25 and #26
John Richards did #30 thru #55 and #57 (all but first 2 and last 2 as Davis)
John Stewart did #56,#58,#59
#60 is Slater; #61 Kirby; #62-#64 Stowe and the last two Woodward,


#1 thru #6, Gerald Facey
#7 Ronald Turner; #8,#10,#11 Norman Light; #9 and #12 Gordon C. Davies; #14 and #16 Ray Theobald; #13 and #15 Ron Embleton


all covers are David Williams


#1,#2 Gerald Facey; #3,#4,#6 Ronald Turner;; #5,#7 Norman Light; #8-#11 Gordon C. Davies.


#1-#2 Gerald Facey; #3 Ronald Turner; #4-#5 Gordon C. Davies; #6,#7 Norman Light; #8-#10 Ray Theobald.


#1-#5, Gerald Facey; #6,#8,#9, Norman Light; #7 Ronald Turner; #10,#13 Gordon C. Davies; #11,#14 Ray Theobald; #12 Ron Embleton.

Most of this identification was done by me, Phil Harbottle and STeve Holland about twenty years ago. SInce then Phil and Steve have been in touch with most of the artists and refined or confirmed the data so what you have is up to date. I still dispute one of the covers and you have my version here, based on painstakingly checking the covers years ago. I no longer have the issues -- I gave them all to Steve Holland, so can't know treble check!

But I would swear this list is reliable.

Also I note you identify reprint covers and where they first appeared, if they did appear as a cover or back cover. But I see that the Virgil Finlay reprints used on the front of MAG OF HORROR and the other Lowndes mags of the 60s you don't identify sources. I do have those identified if you want those specifics.

You have the cover for the January 1957 F&SF attributed to Kelly Freas but it's clearly by Paul Blaisdell, even signed by him.

Impulse/SF Impulse

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998
From: Phil Stephensen-Payne

Have just been checking my copies of Impulse/SF Impulse against the magazine index, and would make the following comments:

1. It might be worth noting that the name change is less clearcut than you suggest. Vol 1 No 6 was actually called Impulse on the contents page but had already been renamed to sf Impulse on the cover and spine.

2. The cover artists for #3 and #5 are given as unknown, but are both clearly signed by Keith Roberts.

3. No cover artists are listed for sf Impulse - not even "?" - even though most are credited. #12 is by Agosta Morol, #10 is unsigned, and all the others are by Keith Roberts.

4. You have listed the "Book Fare" column in #9, but have omitted similar columns in #11 and #12, as well as Brian Aldiss' review of The Clone in #8, and the letter columns in #11 and #12.

Hope this is of some use/interest.

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