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Judah the Pious Francine Prose (G.K. Hall 0-8398-2913-2, Sep ’86 [Dec ’86], $5.95, pb) Reprint (1973) folk tale/fantasy novel set in the Polish Court of the 14th century; a young Hasid quests after cosmic truths.

Kachina Kathryn Ptacek (Tor 0-812-52445-4, Mar ’86 [Feb ’86], $3.95, 306pp, pb) Horror novel.

Shadow-Eyes Kathryn Ptacek (Arrow 0-09-937630-X, Jan ’86, £2.50, 314pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1984, as Shadoweyes) horror novel.

Shadoweyes Kathryn Ptacek (Tor 0-812-51858-6, Mar ’86, $3.50, 320pp, pb) Reissue (Tor 1984) horror novel.

Enchantment At Delphi Richard L. Purtill (HBJ/Gulliver 0-15-200447-5, Sep ’86 [Dec ’86], $14.95, 149pp, hc) Young-adult fantasy novel of an American teenager drawn back in time to the world of the Greek gods.

The Crying of Lot 49 Thomas Pynchon (Harper & Row/Perennial Library 0-06-091307-X, Jan ’86 [Feb ’86], $4.95, 183pp, pb) Reprint (Lippincott 1966) satirical quasi-fantasy novel.

V. Thomas Pynchon (Harper & Row/Perennial Library 0-06-091308-8, Jan ’86 [Feb ’86], $8.95, 492pp, pb) Reprint (Lippincott 1963) satirical quasi-fantasy novel.

Remember the Alamo! Kevin Randle & Robert Cornett (Charter 0-441-71325-4, Jul ’86 [Jun ’86], $3.50, 234pp, pb) [Remember] Reprint (TA Publications 1980) sf time travel/action adventure novel of Vietnam vets joining Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie in the battle for the Alamo.

Seeds of War Kevin Randle & Robert Cornett (Ace 0-441-75878-9, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $2.95, 265pp, pb) Military sf novel of U.S. recruits vs. an alien menace.

Tales from the Weird Zone: Book 1 Jim Razzi (Pocket Minstrel 0-671-63240-X, Dec ’86, $2.50, 69pp, pb) Collection of juvenile fantasy stories.

The Shattered World Michael Reaves (Futura/Orbit 0-7088-8171-8, Jan ’86, £2.95, 412pp, pb) [Shattered World] Reprint (S&S/Timescape 1984) fantasy novel.

Fort Privilege Kit Reed (Ace 0-441-24861-6, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $2.95, 186pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1985) sf novel of “frenzied street people” beseiging the “ageing rich” in near-future New York. Tiny type.

The Revenge of the Senior Citizens**Plus Kit Reed (Doubleday 0-385-19315-7, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $12.95, 190pp, hc) Collection of 16 short stories and one novella.

The Devil’s Looking Glass Simon Rees (Methuen 0-413-41440-X, Nov ’86, £2.50, 188pp, pb) Reprint (Methuen 1985) supernatural novel.

Brujo William Relling, Jr. (Tor 0-812-52510-8, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $3.95, 338pp, pb) Horror novel. The spirit of the last Indian shaman is disturbed by condominium excavation.

Eros at Nadir Mike Resnick (NAL/Signet 0-451-14448-1, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $2.95, 252pp, pb) [Tales of the Velvet Comet] Sf novel about a whorehouse in space, “Tales of the Velvet Comet” #4.

Santiago Mike Resnick (Tor 0-812-55112-5, Mar ’86 [Feb ’86], $3.50, 376pp, pb) [Santiago] Sf novel of an enigmatic arch-criminal sought by a newshound and bounty-hunters, in a space-opera universe owing much to the Wild West.

Santiago Mike Resnick (Arrow 0-09-944600-6, Aug ’86, £2.95, 376pp, pb) [Santiago] Reprint (Tor 1986) sf novel. First British edition.

Stalking the Unicorn: A Fable of Tonight Mike Resnick (Tor 0-812-55114-1, Jan ’87 [Dec ’86], $3.50, 314pp, pb) [Fables of Tonight] Fantasy novel of a detective in an alternate-world Manhattan full of elves, leprechauns, etc. Blends the hardboiled private eye tale with fantasy for a funny, entertaining confection. (FCM)

Kiteman Alfred Reynolds (Bantam Spectra 0-553-26036-7, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $2.75, 195pp, pb) Reprint (Knopf 1985 as Kiteman of Karanga) young-adult fantasy novel.

Robotech Art 1 Kay Reynolds & Ardith Carlton (Donning/Starblaze 0-89865-412-2, May ’86, $15.95, 254pp, pb) This tv tie-in “official guide to the Robotech Universe” (from an animated series) has plot summaries, character sketches, and artwork; oddly for an art book, the artists themselves are not credited.

Joe Mauser, Mercenary from Tomorrow Mack Reynolds & Michael Banks (Baen 0-671-65570-1, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 280pp, pb) [Joseph Mauser] Sf novel, a “substantially” revised and expanded version of the novellas “Mercenary” and “Frigid Fracas” by the late Mack Reynolds.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Princes Mack Reynolds & Michael Banks (Baen 0-671-65595-7, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $2.95, 269pp, pb) [Joseph Mauser] Rewrite by Banks of Reynolds’s Time Gladiator (Foursquare 1966), a retitling of the Analog 1964 serial under the present name. Part of the “Joe Mauser: Mercenary” series.

Deathwish World Mack Reynolds & Dean Ing (Baen 0-671-65552-3, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], $3.50, 316pp, pb) Sf novel. Ing has apparently done the final draft on a book by the late Mack Reynolds.

Interview with the Vampire Anne Rice (Futura 0-7088-3170-2, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £2.95, 368pp, pb) [Vampire Chronicles] Reissue (Knopf 1976) horror novel, first in an ongoing trilogy.

The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice (QPB/Knopf, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $8.95, 481pp, pb) [Vampire Chronicles] Reprint (Knopf 1985) fantasy novel, second in an ongoing vampire trilogy. This Quality book club edition is identical with the original hardcover except for the binding.

The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice (Ballantine 0-345-31386-0, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $4.50, 550pp, pb) [Vampire Chronicles] Reprint (Knopf 1985) fantasy novel, sequel to Interview with the Vampire.

The Vampire Lestat Anne Rice (Futura 0-7088-3153-2, Dec ’86, £3.50, 599pp, pb) [Vampire Chronicles] Reprint (Knopf 1985) horror novel.

Pindharee Joel Richards (Tor 0-812-55141-9, Jul ’86 [Jun ’86], $2.95, 216pp, pb) Sf novel; a first novel.

Cold Feet ed. Jean Richardson (Knight 0-340-39893-0, Dec ’86, £1.95, 128pp, pb) Reprint (Hodder & Stroughton 1985) juvenile horror anthology.

The Tender Seed Harry Ringel (Popular Library 0-445-20249-1, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $3.95, 278pp, pb) Horror novel of a psychic child and a domineering faith-healer grandmother. A first novel.

Silverglass J. F. Rivkin (Ace 0-441-76600-5, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $2.95, 186pp, pb) [Silverglass] Fantasy novel of a female mercenary.

The Wereling David Robbins (Leisure 0-8439-2343-1, May ’86, $3.50, 336pp, pb) Reprint (1983) horror novel of a werewolf.

Legacy of the Sword Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-124-2, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $3.50, 384pp, pb) [Cheysuli] Fantasy novel, “Chronicles of the Cheysuli” #3.

Shapechangers Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-140-4, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $2.95, 221pp, pb) [Cheysuli] Reissue (DAW 1984) fantasy novel, “Chronicles of the Cheysuli” #1. 3rd printing.

Sword-Dancer Jennifer Roberson (DAW 0-88677-152-8, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $3.50, 286pp, pb) [Tiger & Del] Sword & Sorcery fantasy novel.

Doc Savage Omnibus, Vol. 1 Kenneth Robeson (Bantam 0-553-25947-4, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.95, 373pp, pb) [Doc Savage] Omnibus edition of four fantasy adventures from the original Doc Savage magazine.

Conan the Valorous John Maddox Roberts (Tor 0-812-54252-5, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $2.95, 280pp, pb) [Conan] Reprint (Tor 1985) fantasy novel based on the character by Robert E. Howard.

King of the Wood John Maddox Roberts (Tor 0-812-55206-7, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $2.95, 253pp, pb) Reprint (Doubleday 1983) alternate-history sf novel.

Kaeti & Company Keith Roberts (Kerosina Books 0-948893-00-1, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £25.00, 224 + 12pp, hc) [Kaeti Fredericks] Signed, numbered, limited edition of 200 copies of a time travel short story cycle featuring Kaeti Fredericks. This edition adds a laid in pamphlet containing the story “Kaeti’s Apocalypse”.

Kaeti & Company Keith Roberts (Kerosina Books 0-948893-01-X, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £12.50, 224pp, hc) [Kaeti Fredericks] Trade edition of the above.

Kiteworld Keith Roberts (Penguin 0-14-008238-7, Jun ’86 [May ’86], £2.95, 288pp, pb) [Kiteworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1985) sf quasi-novel composed of interlinked tales set in a post-holocaust world ruled by the Church Variant. First paperback edition.

Kiteworld Keith Roberts (Arbor House 0-87795-790-8, Jul ’86 [Apr ’86], $15.95, 288pp, hc) [Kiteworld] Reprint (Gollancz 1985) collection of interrelated sf tales, billed here as a fantasy novel.

The Lordly Ones Keith Roberts (Gollancz 0-575-03864-0, Aug ’86, £8.95, 160pp, hc) Collection.

Max Headroom Steve Roberts (Vintage 0-394-74779-8, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $5.95, unpaginated, pb) Movie tie-in near-future tale of a computer-generated talking head, “an idiosyncratic but friendly Big Brother for the 1980s” according to the publisher. Lavish photo-illustration.

The Magic Book Willo Davis Roberts (Atheneum 0-689-31120-6, Apr ’86 [May ’86], $10.95, 150pp, hc) Juvenile fantasy novel of children casting spells.

Icehenge Kim Stanley Robinson (Macdonald 0-356-12402-9, Oct ’86, £9.95, 256pp, hc) [Icehenge] Reprint (Ace 1984) sf novel.

The Memory of Whiteness Kim Stanley Robinson (Macdonald 0-356-10828-7, Feb ’86, £9.95, 352pp, hc) Reprint (Tor 1985) sf novel.

The Memory of Whiteness Kim Stanley Robinson (Tor 0-812-55235-0, Jul ’86 [Jun ’86], $3.50, 351pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 1985) sf novel. First paperback edition.

The Planet on the Table Kim Stanley Robinson (Tor 0-312-93595-1, Jul ’86 [May ’86], $14.95, 241pp, hc) Collection of 8 stories plus an introduction, by one of the best of the newer writers. Several of these are award nominees.

The Wild Shore Kim Stanley Robinson (Macdonald 0-356-12220-4, Jun ’86 [May ’86], £9.95, 384pp, hc) [Orange County] Reprint (Ace 1984) sf novel, library edition.

The Wild Shore Kim Stanley Robinson (Ace 0-441-88874-7, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.50, 371pp, pb) [Orange County] Reissue (Ace 1984) sf novel. Fourth printing.

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon Spider Robinson (Berkley 0-425-09586-X, Jan ’87 [Dec ’86], $2.95, 170pp, pb) [Callahan’s Place] Reprint (Ace 1977) collection.

Callahan’s Secret Spider Robinson (Berkley 0-425-09082-5, Jul ’86 [Jun ’86], $2.95, 172pp, pb) [Callahan’s Place] Collection of 4 more adventures set in Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, third book in the series.

Telempath Spider Robinson (Futura/Orbit 0-7088-8028-2, Aug ’86, £2.50, 223pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley/Putnam 1976) sf novel.

More Adventures of Samurai Cat Mark E. Rogers (Tor 0-812-55248-2, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $9.95, 127pp, pb) [Samurai Cat] Humorous fantasy work with three stories and lots of illustrations by the author in color and b&w, sequel to Samurai Cat.

Zorachus Mark E. Rogers (Ace 0-441-95971-7, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $2.95, 298pp, pb) [Zorachus] Dark heroic fantasy novel of a wizard’s son with “an unquenchable thirst for vengeance.”

Demon with a Glass Hand Marshall Rogers & Harlan Ellison (DC 0-930289-09-9, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $5.95, unpaginated, pb) Full color graphic story adaptation of Ellison’s original script. 8.5" x 11".

The Anvil of Ice Michael Scott Rohan (Macdonald 0-356-10749-3, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £9.95, 354pp, hc) [Winter of the World] Fantasy novel, Vol. 1 of “The Winter of the World”.

The Anvil of Ice Michael Scott Rohan (Morrow 0-688-06662-3, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $16.95, 344pp, hc) [Winter of the World] Fantasy novel, first volume of the “Winter of the World” trilogy. First U.S. edition (Macdonald 1986).

Run to the Stars Michael Scott Rohan (Ace 0-441-73663-7, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.95, 245pp, pb) Reprint (Arrow 1982), first U.S. edition. Sf novel of emigrants from Earth to a new world.

Daughter of Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer (Zebra 0-8217-1818-5, Apr ’86, $3.50, 270pp, pb) [Fu Manchu] Reprint (Doubleday 1931) sf novel, 11th in the saga of the evil doctor.

The Island of Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer (Zebra 0-8217-1912-2, Aug ’86 [Sep ’86], $3.50, 348pp, pb) [Fu Manchu] Reprint (Doubleday 1941) sf novel, “Fu Manchu” #11.

Shadow of Fu Manchu Sax Rohmer (Zebra 0-8217-1870-3, Jul ’86 [Sep ’86], $3.50, 272pp, pb) [Fu Manchu] Reprint (Doubleday 1948) sf novel. “Fu Manchu” #12.

Bloodthirst Mark Ronson (Critic’s Choice 1-55547-156-0, Nov ’86 [Dec ’86], $2.95, 210pp, pb) Reprint (UK? 1979) horror novel of the return of the vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathori during WWII.

Ties of Blood and Silver Joel Rosenberg (NAL/Signet 0-451-14621-2, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $2.95, 176pp, pb) [Metzada] Reissue (NAL/Signet 1984) Fantasy novel. 3rd printing.

Galaxy Magazine: The Dark and the Light Years David L. Rosheim (Advent:Publishers 0-911682-28-7, Jun ’86, $15.00, 343pp, hc) Non-fiction, an issue-by-issue look at Galaxy in a descriptive, fairly non-critical manner. There is some behind-the-scenes info, but not much.

Dreamwatcher Theodore Roszak (Grafton 0-586-06846-5, Dec ’86, £2.95, 384pp, pb) Reprint (Anthony Blond 1985) horror novel.

The Zone #4: Sky Strike James Rouch (Zebra 0-8217-1770-7, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], $2.50, 221pp, pb) [Zone] Sf novel of a British/American strike force fighting WWIII in Europe. Reprint (New English Library 1981), first U.S. edition.

The Zone #5: Overkill James Rouch (Zebra 0-8217-1832-0, May ’86 [Apr ’86], $2.50, 192pp, pb) [Zone] Reprint (NEL 1982) sf novel in a post-holocaust adventure series. 1st U.S. edition.

The Zone #6: Plague Bomb James Rouch (Zebra 0-8217-1911-4, 1986 [Sep ’86], $2.50, 223pp, pb) [Zone] Sf novel in a post-holocaust adventure series.

Encyclopaedia of Superheroes Jeff Rovin (Facts on File 0-8160-1168-0, Mar ’86, £15.95, 464pp, hc) Reprint (Facts on File (US) 1985) associational reference book.

Starhammer Christopher Rowley (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31490-5, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], $2.95, 297pp, pb) [Vang] Sf novel of humans vs. an enslaving interstellar empire.

The War for Eternity Christopher Rowley (Arrow 0-09-948910-4, Sep ’86, £2.95, 337pp, pb) [Fenrile] Reprint (Del Rey 1983) sf novel.

The War for Eternity Christopher Rowley (Hutchinson 0-7126-9541-9, Nov ’86, £8.95, 352pp, hc) [Fenrile] Reprint (Del Rey 1983) sf novel.

All Evil Shed Away Archie Roy (Apogee 1-869935-02-0, Sep ’86, £1.95, 188pp, pb) Reprint (Long 1970) parallel time sf novel.

The Curtained Sleep Archie Roy (Apogee 1-869935-00-4, Sep ’86, £1.95, 184pp, pb) Reprint (Long 1969) parallel time sf novel.

Deadlight Archie Roy (Apogee 1-869935-01-2, Sep ’86, £1.95, 183pp, pb) Reprint (Long 1968) parallel time sf novel.

The Fourth Dimension Rudy Rucker (Penguin 0-14-008408-8, Nov ’86, £5.95, 228pp, pb) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1984) non-fiction, of associational interest.

Reader in a Strange Land: The Activity of Reading Literary Utopias Peter Ruppert (University of Georgia Press 0-8203-0821-8, Aug ’86 [Dec ’86], $19.00, 193pp, hc) Non-fiction, critical study of works from Plato to Huxley, Orwell, and Le Guin.

Morlac, the Quest of the Green Magician Gary Alan Ruse (NAL/Signet 0-451-14447-3, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $3.50, 396pp, pb) Fantasy novel.

The Adventures of Alyx Joanna Russ (Baen 0-671-65601-5, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $2.95, 270pp, pb) [Alyx] Reprint (Gregg 1976 as Alyx) collection of fantasy stories featuring the female fighter-thief.

The Two of Them Joanna Russ (The Women’s Press 0-7043-4035-6, Sep ’86, £2.25, 192pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley-Putnam 1978) sf novel.

The Book of the Dead ed. Alan K. Russell (New Orchard 1-85079-035-3, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £9.95, 384pp, hc) Anthology of 13 stories of the supernatural by Dickens, Le Fanu, Poe, etc. According to the dustjacket, Alan K. Russell is “the pseudonym of a well-known international publisher.”

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