The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2005

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ALLENDE, ISABEL (chron.) (continued)

ALLSTON, AARON (Dale) (1960- ) (chron.)

ALMOND, DAVID (chron.)


ALTON, STEVE (chron.)

AMIDI, AMID (chron.)

ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (1805-1875) (chron.)

ANDERSON, BRIAN; see pseudonym Mad Marv (stories) (chron.)

ANDERSON, DOUGLAS A(llen), ed. (1959- ) (stories) (chron.)

ANDERSON, JODI LYNN (stories) (chron.)

ANDERSON, K. J.; see under Anderson, Kevin J. (stories) (chron.)

ANDERSON, KEVIN J(ames) (1962- ); see pseudonym Gabriel Mesta (stories) (chron.)

ANDERSON, M. T. (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

ANDERSON, M. W., ed. (stories) (chron.)

ANDREWS, DONNA (chron.) (assoc.)

ANDREWS, V(irginia) C(leo) (1911-1986) (stories) (chron.)

ANDREWS, VIRGINIA; see under Andrews, V. C. (stories) (chron.)

ANDREWS®, THE NEW VIRGINIA; see under Andrews®, V. C. (chron.)

ANDREWS®, V. C. [The New Virginia Andrews®] (chron.)

ANONYMOUS, ed. (stories) (chron.)

ANTHONY, PIERS; pseudonym of Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, (1934- ) (chron.)

ANTIEAU, KIM (1955- ) (stories) (chron.)

ANVIL, CHRISTOPHER; pseudonym of Harry C. Crosby, (1925-2009) (stories) (chron.)

ARENDS, MARTHE (1962- ); see pseudonyms Katie MacAlister & Katie Maxwell (chron.)

ARMITT, LUCIE (1962- ) (chron.)


ARMSTRONG, KELLEY (stories) (chron.)

ARNASON, ELEANOR (Atwood) (1942- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)


ARNOPP, JASON (chron.)

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