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Recommended Short Fiction

(From "Distillations", Locus March 1997.)

L. Timmel Duchamp, "Quinn's Deal" (Asimov's 4/97) A blue-collar worker in near-future Seattle agrees to a monitor implant in return for payment of his medical expenses.

Robert Reed, "The Dragons of Springplace" (F&SF 2/97) Extravagant SF tale about a sociopath's attempts to overcome a protective ecosystem surrounding an ancient nuclear waste dump.

Dale Bailey, "Quinn's Way" (F&SF 2/97) Reflection on life as a 12 year old in small town West Virginia, with abusive fathers and a magical circus.

John Brunner, "Blood and Judgment" (Asimov's 4/97) The last of the author's China stories: modern medical equipment figures in a plot by a government official to disgrace his daughter so he can gain permission to have a second child.

Paul Levinson, "The Mendelian Lamp Case" (Analog 4/97) Sleuth forensic scientist Phil D'Amato in Pennsylvania Amish country on the trail of non-technological bio-warfare.

Paul J. McAuley, "Second Skin" (Asimov's 4/97) A 200 year old spy arrives at Proteus, moon of Neptune, to infiltrate trade negotiations after an interplanetary war. Well-crafted, highly imaginative hard SF.

David Nordley, "This Old Rock" (Analog 4/97) Asteroid homesteaders face a gruelling trial from the Interplanetary Association inspector.

Terry Bisson, "An Office Romance" (Playboy 2/97) Playful, clever virtual reality tale about workers inside Microserf Office 6.9 exploiting easter eggs to reset options inside their environment.

Peter T. Garratt, "The Inauguration" (Interzone 1/97) Obvious but hilarious political satire in which "Toad" Gettrich and his crony meet real aliens from outer space.

Ian Watson, "Nanunculus" (Interzone 1/97) A cyber-agent ponders the nature of the pole on which Christ was crucified while in the service of a suicidal scientist investigating negative time.

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