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"LOCUS is still the only magazine I read from cover to cover. It is also the only magazine which makes me drop everything when it arrives..."
Arthur C. Clarke
"I told my students...You have to subscribe to LOCUS!"
Connie Willis
"No one who is serious about any aspect of science fiction publishing can afford to be without LOCUS."
Ben Bova
"LOCUS manages to be broad and deep at the same time. I appreciate the continuous contact with world-wide science fiction, the many viewpoints in the reviews, the lively and intelligent writing."
Orson Scott Card
"LOCUS...a place where one can expect, and get, timely information about what is happening in the wonderful and quirky world of science fiction."
Jean M. Auel
"I recommend it to anyone needing a broad, accurate, non-partisan view of the SF scene."
Michael Moorcock
"What would I do without my monthly shot-in-the-professional-arm, AKA LOCUS?"
Jane Yolen
"The sheer miracle of the production and survival of LOCUS in a field like ours never ceases to amaze me. It's essential reading in this house, and the closest thing we have to an international newszine."
Terry Pratchett
"LOCUS is consistent. Always accurate, fair, and full, it offers all the news there is about science fiction, the people who write it and sell it and buy it and print it and read it, all around the world."
Jack Williamson
"One of the great services of LOCUS is to boost the general 'street smarts' of new writers and other professionals."
David Brin
"LOCUS is like a letter from a close friend..."
Peter Straub
"I recommend LOCUS to both scholars and writers if they want to be serious about their professions."
James Gunn
"LOCUS is now an intrinsic part of everything that science fiction is and does, a primary resource for innumerable enterprises, and a continuing source of information and entertainment."
Michael Swanwick
"For 25 years LOCUS has kept me up to date with the social side of SF, and since my first sale in 1969 it has been my primary writing resource--even more important than Publishers Weekly, the LOCUS of the rest of the publishing world."
Joe Haldeman