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July 1998
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Main Stories

  • Author Arrested in Bolivia
  • Russell wins Clarke Award
  • Stoker Awards
  • BDD/Random Merger OK'd
  • Amazing contents

    The Data File

  • Portable E-books coming soon
  • Coming Events
  • Worldcon woes
  • Riggio attacks ABA
  • Announcements, Readings & signings, Awards news, etc.


  • Stephen Baxter: Future Dilemmas
  • Tricia Sullivan: Facing the Music

    Convention reports

  • 1998 World Horror Convention
  • 1998 BookExpo America


  • SF in France: Galaxiales '98


  • Alan D. Williams; appreciation by Stephen King
  • Wolf Mankowitz
  • Hammond Innes
  • Dame Catherine Cookson
  • Ardis Waters
  • Wally Gonser
  • Mary Elizabeth Grenander
  • Roy Walter Burgess
  • death announced: Alfred Saunders


  • Conventions
  • Magazines received: May
  • Books received: May
  • British Books: April
  • Bestsellers
  • New and recommended books

    Columns and Departments

  • People & Publishing
  • Locus Letters
  • Editorial Matters


  • The Truman Show by Gary K. Wolfe

    Other highlights:

  • New editorial assistant, Jeffrey Prucher!
  • New reviewer, Preston Grassman!

    Reviews -- Locus Looks at Books

    Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly
    F&SF 6/98; Interzone 5/98; This is the Year Zero, Andrew Weiner (two stories); One Day Closer to Death, Bradley Denton (one story)

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
    Six Moon Dance
    , Sheri S. Tepper; Darwinia, Robert Charles Wilson; Brown Girl in the Ring, Nalo Hopkinson; Full Tide of Night, J.R. Dunn; Accidental Creatures, Anne Harris

    Reviews by Faren Miller
    The Iron Bridge
    , David Morse; Kirinya, Ian McDonald; Land of the Golden Clouds, Archie Weller; Girl in Landscape, Jonathan Lethem; Inhuman Beings, Jerry Jay Carroll; Cocaine Nights, J.G. Ballard; SHORT TAKE: Kissing the Beehive, Jonathan Carroll

    Reviews by Russell Letson
    The Centurion's Empire
    , Sean McMullen; Factoring Humanity, Robert J. Sawyer; Starswarm, Jerry Pournelle; O Pioneer!, Frederik Pohl

    Reviews by Edward Bryant
    The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard
    , Jack Ketchum; Five Worlds #3: Return, Al Sarrantonio; SHORT TAKES: Horror: The 100 Best Books, Stephen Jones & Kim Newman, eds.; Curse of the Magazine Killers, Gary Jonas; Expiry Date, Carol Anne Davis; The Case of the Police Officer's Cock Ring and the Piano Player Who Had No Fingers, Ed Lee & John Pelan

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman
    The Door Through Washington Square
    , Elaine Bergstrom; The Sum of All Men aka The Runelords, David Farland; Holiday in Death, J.D. Robb; The Compass of the Soul, Sean Russell; The Islander, Cynthia Rylant; Heroes Die, Matthew Woodring Stover; The Flesh, the Blood, and the Fire, S.A. Swiniarski; Echoes of Honor, David Weber; Fool's Joust, Crystal Wood

    Short Reviews by Preston Grassmann
    Full Tide of Night
    , J.R. Dunn; Deepdrive, Alexander Jablokov; Earth Made of Glass, John Barnes; Berserkers: The Beginning, Fred Saberhagen; Girl in Landscape, Jonathan Lethem

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