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August 1998
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Main Stories

  • 1998 Locus Awards Winners
  • Haldeman, Flynn win Campbell, Sturgeon Memorial Awards
  • Bertelsmann-Random Deal Completed
  • Crown Files for Bankruptcy
  • HarperEntertainment formed
  • First Turner Award Presented

    Locus Awards

  • Locus Awards Banquet
  • Locus Poll Results
  • Best All-Time Novels


  • James Morrow: Having It Both Ways
  • Paul J. McAuley: Recreating the Future

    The Data File

  • Alison Spedding follow-up
  • Moskowitz collection to be auctioned
  • Commonwealth sued again
  • Italian server siezed
  • Announcements, Reading & signings, Contest news, etc.

    Convention report

  • 1998 Bram Stoker Awards Weekend


  • Robert A. W. ''Doc'' Lowndes
  • Ralph Arnote
  • Paul G. Herkart
  • Ann Lyman Chancellor


  • Magazines received: June
  • Books received: June
  • British books: May
  • New and Recommended Books
  • Bestsellers

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  • Editorial Matters

    Reviews -- Locus Looks at Books Distillations: Short Fiction Reviews by Mark R. Kelly
    F&SF 7/98; Asimov's 7/98; SF Age 7/98; Interzone 6/98; The New Yorker 6/22 & 29/98

    Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe
    , Stephen Baxter; Traces, Stephen Baxter; The Alien Years, Robert Silverberg; Dreaming in Smoke, Tricia Sullivan; The Playboy Book of Science Fiction, Alice K. Turner, ed.

    Reviews by Faren Miller
    , Orson Scott Card; Mockingbird, Sean Stewart; Faces Under Water, Tanith Lee; The Knife Thrower and other stories, Steven Millhauser; The Best of Crank!, Brian Cholfin, ed.; Beaker's Dozen, Nancy Kress

    Reviews by Russell Letson
    , Alexander Jablokov; The Shapes of Their Hearts, Melissa Scott; Proxies, Laura J. Mixon

    Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman
    The Wild Hunt: Vengeance Moon
    , Jocelin Foxe; Fire Arrow, Edith Pattou; Monsters and My One True Love, Dian Curtis Regan; A Tremor in the Bitter Earth, Katya Reimann; Timeless, Shelly Thacker; Nameless Magery, Delia Marshall Turner; The Uncrowned King, Michelle West; Otherland: River of Blue Fire, Tad Williams

    Short Reviews by Preston Grassman
    The Alien Years
    , Robert Silverberg; Bloom, Wil McCarthy; Shiva in Steel, Fred Saberhagen; Galilee, Clive Barker; The Iron Lance, Stephen Lawhead; Fine Prey, Scott Westerfeld

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