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29 January 2004




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New and Notable Books February 2004


Ben Bova, Tales of the Grand Tour (Tor Jan 2004)

Take a trip around the solar system in this collection of eight stories and four novel excerpts from Bova’s loose series about mankind’s expansion into space. Bova discusses the series in his introductions.

Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, eds., Future Crimes (Ace Dec 2003)

The future of crime is envisioned in this anthology of eight memorable stories by authors including Michael Swanwick, Harlan Ellison, Algis Budrys, and C.M. Kornbluth.

Mary Gentle, 1610: A Sundial in a Grave (Orion/Gollancz Nov 2003)

The supposed memoir of a secret agent in 1610 who upsets the equations of a secret society dedicated to making their vision of the future a reality, this Renaissance romp is an "...action-filled, devious, hilarious, and remarkably kinky adventure of the very finest fantasy novels of 2003." [Nick Gevers]

Edward James & Farah Mendlesohn, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction (Cambridge University Press Nov 2003)

Guide to SF with authors including noted experts Brian Stableford, John Clute, Damien Broderick, and Gary K. Wolfe.

Gwyneth Jones, Midnight Lamp (Gollancz Nov 2003)

The third volume in the fascinating near-future fantasy series begun in Bold As Love and Castles Made of Sand finds the former rock’n’roll rulers of England taking refuge in Mexico, but unable to hide from themselves or their responsibilities.

Robert Jordan, New Spring (Tor Jan 2004)

This prequel to the immensely popular epic fantasy "The Wheel of Time" expands on the story which appeared in the first Legends anthology. No fan of the series would want to miss this glimpse of certain characters’ pasts.

Jay Lake, Greetings from Lake Wu (Wheatland Press Nov 2003)

The first collection from a fast-rising new author worth watching, this gathers 13 stories, five new.

Chris Lawson, Written in Blood (MirrorDanse Books Aug 2003)

The first collection from an award-winning Australian author who writes on the cutting edge of biotechnology, this features six stories, including Aurealis and Ditmar winner "Written in Blood", plus five speculative essays and an interview with Lawson.

Christopher Priest, The Separation (Gollancz Nov 2003)

Twins take different directions during WWII, and end up living in different realities. This was initially published by Scribner UK in 2002 in trade paperback with a small print run, but still managed to win the Arthur C. Clarke Award and British Science Fiction Award.

Mike Resnick, ed., New Voices in Science Fiction (DAW Dec 2003)

Catch some of SF’s hottest new names in this anthology of 20 all-new stories. Authors range from unknowns to the well established, including Janis Ian, Kage Baker, Susan R. Matthews, and Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross.

Alastair Reynolds, Absolution Gap (Gollancz Nov 2003)

The "Inhibitor" sequence concludes, at least temporarily, in this sweeping space opera, the third novel in a trilogy and fourth in a series. Humanity finally faces the genocidal Inhibitors, but rather than a simple showdown this mix of thrilling action and fascinating ideas opens up even wider.

Robert Silverberg, ed., Legends II (Ballantine Del Rey Jan 2004)

Once again, Silverberg rounds up some of the biggest names in fantasy, all writing new novellas in their best-known worlds, including George R.R. Martin with a new "Westeros" story, Terry Brooks ("Shannara"), Neil Gaiman (American Gods), and Diana Gabaldon ("Outlander").

Walter Jon Williams, The Sundering (Earthlight Nov 2003)

Galactic empires and space navies battle in sweeping New Space Opera style (with more than a hint of Patrick O’Brian and Jane Austen) in this second book in the "Dread Empire’s Fall" trilogy.

Gene Wolfe, The Knight (Tor Jan 2004)

The traditions of heroic fantasy get refreshed by the master of literary fantasy in a rousing tale of an American boy transported to a magical realm, the first volume of two in "The Wizard Knight".


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