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» San Francisco Chronicle: Susan Faust reviews Ellen Klages; Michael Berry reviews M.T. Anderson

» Sci Fi Weekly: John Clute reviews Will Self's The Book of Dave

» NY Times: Comparing Children of Men, book and film

» Washington Post's Michael Dirda reviews Marina Warner's Phantasmagoria

» NY Times Book Review's Dave Itzkoff reviews John Scalzi

» Guardian offers Helen Simpson short story The Festival of the Immortals

» Entertainment Weekly's Best of 2006 includes film Pan's Labyrinth, TV's Battlestar Galactica and Heroes, and fiction by Cormac McCarthy (#1) and Scott Smith (#2); last week Stephen King named Pan's Labyrinth #1

» CNN: Citizen robots will want rights; and it's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

» Slate's Dana Stevens calls Children of Men The Movie of the Millennium

» Variety: AMC to remake 'The Prisoner'

» The Clarion Foundation announces fundraiser and a change in staff

» Second issue of Flurb has stories by Rudy Rucker, Charlie Anders, Charles Stross, Marc Laidlaw, John Shirley, and Richard Kadrey

» Aeon Speculative Fiction's Issue Nine is previewed online

» Frank Wu has a blog

» Ellen Datlow has posted photos from the Dec 20th KGB reading with Brian Evenson, Justin Courter, and Ira Sher

» The Agony column interviews Anne and Todd McCaffrey

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcasts David Farland, Brandon Sanderson, L.E. Modesitt Jr.

» New Statesman: Ursula K. Le Guin essay on fantasy, Imaginary Friends

» Time Magazine's Person of the Year includes You, Amazon reviewer Harriet Klausner; also, 10 Best lists include Cormac McCarthy, David Mitchell, Pan's Labyrinth, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes

» LA Times' David Weigel looks at recent SF political thrillers, including Card's Empire

» This 10th anniversary of the death of Carl Sagan is being commemorated by a worldwide blog-a-thon; here's John Scalzi

» Rain Taxi for Winter 06/07 has interviews with Neil Gaiman and Claire Dudman

» January Magazine's Gift Guide to Fiction includes Datlow & Windling's Salon Fantastique and Will Self's The Book of Dave

» Webzine Up Against the Wall has an interview with John Picacio, and a review of the new Dan Simmons

» NY Times: Steven C. Gould's Jumper is being filmed in Rome's Colosseum

» Jonathan Strahan's Coode Street Awards

» SF Site invites votes for their Annual SF Site Readers' Choice Awards

» LA Times' Best Films of 2006 lists by Kenneth Turan and Kevin Crust both include upcoming SF/F films Pan's Labyrinth and Children of Men

» San Francisco Chronicle's year's best books calls Cormac McCarthy's The Road "the best book by far" in fiction, and lists other notable works by Pynchon, Mitchell, Murakami, Powers, and Egan

» Washington Post Book World: Donna Rifkind reviews Will Self's The Book of Dave; also, Richard Restak reviews Marvin Minsky's The Emotion Machine

» British SF Association journal Vector's latest issue has Gary K. Wolfe's "Framing the Unframeable", plus an interview with Elizabeth Hand and reviews and columns by Paul Kincaid and Graham Sleight

» Bob Eggleton has a blog

» Concatenation has a photo of staff and PDF "Speak, geek" by Eileen Gunn from Nature's 'Futures' stories

» Green Man Review's Cat Eldridge reviews Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel

» Mythic Delirium's current featured poem is Anna Tambour's "Trapped Words", with an audio reading by Alistair Rennie

» NY Times: HarperCollins fires Judith Regan

» Also from NYT: Michael Crichton strikes back

» Irene Gallo queries Stephen Martiniere

» The Sci Phi Show interviews Paul Levinson

» Warp Section is a new review blog, mostly covering TV and movies, by Carrie Vaughn, DavidCubed, and others

» Estronomicon eZine's December issue has a feature by Jane Frank, stories by Paul Kane, Paul Ray, Tony Richards, and others -- available as a PDF

» Salon interviews Julie Phillips, whose Tiptree bio is among their Best nonfiction of 2006

» Internet Review of Science Fiction has Kristine Kathryn Rusch on Jack Williamson, Cynthia Ward on paranormal romance, an interview with Karin Lowachee, and features by Jay Lake & Ruth Nestvold, Greg Beatty, Lois Tilton, and others

» Wall Street Journal: Conan the Barbarian was first a literary figure

» FantasyBookSpot interviews Guy Gavriel Kay

» Strange Horizons has fiction by Elizabeth Bear and John Joseph Adams' interview with M. Rickert

» Slate summarizes critical buzz on The Lost Room

» The Agony Column has more with Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn

» Talking Squid previews Ben Peek's Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth

» has posted Earl Kemp's The Compleat and Unexpurgated WHO KILLED SCIENCE FICTION?; the original edition won a 1961 Hugo Award

» LA Times' Favorite fiction & poetry of 2006 includes titles by Richard Powers and Cormac McCarthy; both titles are also on Boston Globe's list

» Washington Post Book World: Elizabeth Hand reviews Chris Adrian's The Children's Hospital; Elizabeth Ward's Top 10 for Children includes Geraldine McCaughrean, Susan Cooper, and Terry Pratchett

» And here's Science Fiction Book Club's Books of the Year

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews John Connolly, Diane Setterfield, and Rudy Rucker

» USA Today reviews Thomas Harris' Hannibal Rising: "ruining one of the great villain franchises of all time"

» NY Times' Janet Maslin reviews Thomas Harris; also, novelists defend charges of plagiarism

» David Langford's Ansible 233 has items about Arthur C. Clarke, Terry Pratchett, Stephen Baxter, and many others

» Showtime's Masters of Horror series presents The Screwfly Solution, directed by Joe Dante and based on James Tiptree, Jr.'s story, debuting Friday Dec 8th • Read the story at Sci Fiction • Tachyon's Jill Roberts blogs about it

» John Joseph Adams reviews Sci Fi Channel series The Lost Room

» Cosmos magazine, winner of Magazine of the Year and 7 other awards at Australia's Bell Magazine Awards, has new fiction by Jay Lake and fiction from the magazine by Pamela Sargent

» Futurismic has new fiction by Jason Stoddard

» The Future and You for December podcasts Mike Resnick, David B. Coe, Catherine Asaro, and others

» TiconderogaOnline #10 has fiction by Susan Wardle, Brian Ross, Matthew Doyle, and Sean Williams, plus interviews, reviews

» The Bat Segundo Show podcasts Kelly Link

» Midamerican Fan Photo Archive has photos from SMOFcon 24 and from WindyCon 33

» Media Bistro's GalleyCat reports from the NYRSF reading with Naomi Novik and Ellen Kushner

» Green Man Review's What's New page has continuity by Elizabeth Bear

» Penguin Canada has launched Ysabel for Guy Gavriel Kay's new novel

» NY Times Book Review reviews Peter Pan sequels by Geraldine McCaughrean and Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson, and on its Notable Children's Books of 2006 includes titles by Lemony Snicket, Kate DiCamillo, and M.T. Anderson

» LA Times: Gavin Grant reviews Julie Phillips' Tiptree biography; South Carolina's The State has another review

» Boston Globe's Best fiction of 2006 includes Cormac McCarthy and Richard Powers

» Black Gate features reviews by David Soyka of Fantasy Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, and Heliotrope

» SciFiDimensions for December has a Future Blog from 2015 by Kevin Ahearn, and book reviews

» The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel interviews Kate Elliott and Melanie Rawn (part 1)

» SFRevu for December interviews and reviews Rudy Rucker, has convention and reception coverage, and lots of reviews

» Avedon Carol interviews Sam Hamm about scripting Tipree's "The Screwfly Solution"

» Washington Post Book World's 10 Best of the Year includes Cormac McCarthy's The Road

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing interviews Lou Anders

» WMV video presentation from the memorial service for Jack Williamson

» Times Literary Supplement's Books of the year includes Elaine Showalter plugging Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio

» No Fear of the Future is a new group blog

» Deborah J Miller joins UK collective The Write Fantastic

» StarShipSofa has weekly podcast interviews with Roger Zelazny, Robert Sheckley, Douglas Adams, Harlan Ellison, L. Ron Hubbard...

» December Ideomancer has fiction by Karen M. Roberts, Becca De La Rosa, and January Mortimer, plus poetry

» December Lone Star Stories has fiction by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Lon Prater, Samantha Henderson, plus poetry

» Shimmer Magazine's forthcoming Pirate Issue, guest-edited by John Joseph Adams, is open for submissions

» Fantasybookspot interviews Patrick O'Leary

» STLtoday: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Bradbury's Farewell Summer

» Best SF reviews Alastair Reynolds and Forbidden Planets

» Slate's Summary Judgement summarizes the buzz on Crichton's Next

» CBS4 Boston: Michael and Nomi Burstein discuss their efforts to save Pluto's status as a planet

» Slate eavesdrops on Battlestar Galactica's writers and reviews The Fountain

» Cosmos Magazine has "The Dead Man's Child" by Jay Lake

» Newly blogging: Alex Irvine; Catherynne M. Valente

» Tachyon Publications has overhauled its website (with a blog!)

» Also revamped: Fantastic Literature

» Mediabistro has news of Jonathan Lethem's involvement with a Library of America edition of four Philip K. Dick novels

» Michael Crichton's Next is reviewed by NY Times' Janet Maslin and LA Times' Michael Harris

» Sci Fi Weekly's John Clute reviews Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day -- "a pure science fiction novel"

» Philadelphia Inquirer: Gregory Feeley reviews Gene Wolfe's Soldier of Sidon

» LA Times: National Book Award judge Marianne Wiggins on Picking a winner, with comments on Pynchon and Danielewski

» Strange Horizons: Paul Kincaid reviews The Prestige: the film and the screenplay; Matthew Cheney interviews Julie Phillips

» Green Man Review reviews a live reading/musical performance of Ellen Kushner's Thomas the Rhymer

» Nerve's special Future Issue features Will Self, Rick Moody, Joel Stein, Douglas Rushkoff, Jay McInerney, and others

» Photos from Monday's SFWA Reception by Ellen Datlow and by David G. Hartwell; Kathryn Cramer also has pix from Philcon 2006 and from the Orbit Launch; Ellen also has pix from the 15 November KGB reading with Lucius Shepard and Catherynne M. Valente

» Slates's Emily Bazelon hates M.T. Anderson's National Book Award winning YA novel, and tries to explain why, responding to reviews by Matthew Cheney and others

» Socialist Review: China Miéville's The Lies that aren't Meant to Deceive Us

» PW Blog: Peter Jackson not to make The Hobbit... or the "second prequel"

» Children of Men website is now live

» SFBC Blog compiles recent reviews

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry picks Best SF & F of the year, by Baker, Gaiman, King, McDonald, Newman, Powers, Reed, Scalzi, VanderMeer, and Vaughn

» LA Times reviews Avram Davidson's Adventures in Unhistory

» Philadelphia Inquirer reviews SF poetry by Mike Allen

» The last issue of Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City reviews Wolfe, Lake, Clarke, Zivkovic, Danielewski, and others

» Entertainment Weekly's 24 Nov issue gives Thomas Pynchon's latest an A, and grades F/SF books by Scalzi (A-), Stirling (B), Day (A), and Valente (B); on its website: Stephen King on his favorite audiobooks

» Paul Levinson's latest podcast is Time Travel in Fiction and Fact

» World Fantasy Con anthology Cross Plains Universe is now available for order at FACT-Sales

» The Thomas Harris Official Website has a sneak preview chapter of new novel Hannibal Rising, on sale December 5th

» UK bookseller Waterstone's has posted its Top ten SF titles of 2006, by Asher, Moon, Reynolds, Ryman, Powers, and others.

» Report and photos from the American launch of Orbit; Kathryn Cramer has more photos

» NY Times published this obituary of Stanley Meltzoff (which doesn't mention his SF contributions at all)

» Adventures in Scifi Publishing has this podcast honoring Jack Williamson and interviewing L.E. Modesitt Jr.

» Prometheus Books and Pyr have this special offer

» Bookslut for November reviews John Scalzi, Tom De Haven, and Jo Walton

» SFBC blog links lots of recent reviews and interviews

» NPR: Julie Phillips talks about James Tiptree, Jr.; Nancy Pearl recommends books about dogs, including Simak's City

» BBC Four's Science Fiction Britannia has begun, with My Science Fiction Life and The Martians and Us

» Subterranean Press has made Issue #4 of Subterranean Magazine -- the John Scalzi-edited SF cliche issue -- available free as a PDF download

» New literary webzine Trabuco Road debuts with fiction by Nir Yaniv, William Bolen, and Edward Morris

» Helix #2 is online, with stories by Terry Bisson, Jay Lake, Vera Nazarian; poetry by Mike Allen and Greg Beatty; features by Bud Webster and Steven H Silver

» NZBC: Five Minutes with Paul Di Filippo

» FantasyBookSpot interviews E.E. Knight

» Some Fantastic Issue #10 is available as a PDF download

» The Bat Segundo Show has recent podcasts with Mark Z. Danielewski, Richard Dawkins, Scott Smith, Matt Cheney, and others

» The Amazing Adventures of the Crawling Abattoir releases episode four

» Daily Mail: Former UK Ministry of Defence official warns Aliens could attack at any time

» FPS Magazine has Cynthia Ward on Yaoi/Shonen Ai anime/manga

» Denver Post: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Stephen King

» NYT Book Review reviews Stephen King Lisey's Story on its front page

» ABC Articulate: Stephen King visits the UK

» David Brin on Jack Williamson

» Ellen Datlow's photos from World Fantasy Con

» F. Brett Cox has launched a blog, with comments about World Fantasy Con

» David Langford's Ansible 232 includes Chris Priest on The Prestige and several items on Battlestar Galactica

» Strange Horizons has Matthew Cheney on Battlestar Galactica, fiction by Kaolin Fire, poetry, and reviews

» NPR's Alan Cheuse reviews Cormac McCarthy (audio), acknowledging its SF pedigree

» The Time Traveler Show podcasts 1974 Isaac Asimov

» More podcasts: Adventures in Scifi Publishing hosts R.A. Salvatore; The Future and You for November has Asaro, Weisskopf, Robinson, Foster, and Hoyt; Escape Pod has a Robert J. Sawyer story, while has Alan and Rebecca Lickiss, Judith and Garfield Reeves Stevens, and Robert J. Sawyer

» Green Man Review's edition for 5 Nov 2006 is a special on Charles de Lint

» RevolutionSF reviews Cross Plains Universe, a Robert E. Howard tribute anthology

» Fantastic Literature's November list is online

» Newly linked blogs: David Herter, James Hetley, Tom Disch

» SF Weekly's John Clute reviews Cormac McCarthy; Scott Edelman editorializes about World Fantasy Con

» NY Times Book Review's Dave Itzkoff reviews Neil Gaiman

» Futurismic's November fiction is Hooking Up by Tom Doyle

» Talking Squid's Cat Sparks reviews Peter Watts' Blindsight

» Irish SF magazine Albedo One's contest for the second Aeon Award for short fiction has completed its first round; second round is open through December, with an eventual grand prize of €1000

» RevolutionSF will have live coverage of World Fantasy Con

» SF Site: Jeff VanderMeer interviews Finnish SF editors

» The Agony Column interviews Mark Z. Danielewski and reviews Jon Courtenay Grimwood

» NY Times: Neil Gaiman's Ghosts in the Machines

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke, and YA books by Chris Humphreys, Ursula K. Le Guin, Delia Sherman

» Washington Post: Ron Charles reviews Stephen King; Graham Joyce reviews Susanna Clarke; Elizabeth Ward reviews Geraldine McCaughrean

» Wired has six-word Very Short Stories by Brin, Shatner, Atwood, Stross, Rucker, others

» Stephen King's Lisey's Story is reviewed by Janet Maslin in NYT and by Laura Miller in Salon

» Slate summarizes judgments of King's novel and of The Prestige

» YouTube: Gary K. Wolfe on Podcasting

» The Agony Column podcasts Scott Smith

» Guardian: the best science book ever written, according to the Royal Institution in London, is... Primo Levi's The Periodic Table

» American Heritage article on alternate history by Fredric Smoler explores works by Christopher Priest and Jo Walton

» Paul Levinson podcasts Kidnapped & Battlestar Galactica - Leading the TV pack at quartertime

» Israel21c: report from the 10th ICON Festival in Tel Aviv

» Google Video has 1.5 hr video of UCSD Alumni Science Fiction Authors panel with Brin, Benford, Vinge, Robinson, and Holder

» NPR's Weekend Edition features Glen Hirshberg and Pete Atkins

» Washington Post's Steven Moore reviews Mark Z. Danielewski

» Boston Globe reviews Susanna Clarke's new collection

» SF reviews China Miéville

» John Joseph Adams also has photos from last week's KGB reading

» Comic Book Resources' Steven Grant wonders if SF has destroyed the future (scroll down to blue)

» Will Peter Jackson do for Scotland what he did for New Zealand?

» Ellen Datlow's photos from 10/18 KGB reading with Jeffrey Ford and other Salon Fantastique contributors

» Cosmos Magazine now has original fiction exclusively on its website, beginning with Apollo's Breath by Shaun A. Saunders

» The Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop offers an Odyssey Critique Service

» New York Review of Books 10/19: Luc Sante on H.P. Lovecraft, The Heroic Nerd

» Boston Globe: Welcome to medical magic realism

» Who is O.R. Melling? See Green Man Review's review

» The Sci Phi Show podcasts Robert J. Sawyer

» Far Section SFFH interviews Tad Williams; also, Adventures in Scifi Publishing launches with podcast interviews of Ray Bradbury and Paul Levinson

» NY Review of Books: Joyce Carol Oates reviews Margaret Atwood; from 1996, Oates on HP Lovecraft

» New UK news site UK SF Book News Network

» The Death of Doctor Island, the movie

» Slate: Troy Patterson on The gloomy, noir charm of Battlestar Galactica; Spencer Ackerman wonders if the show supports the Iraqi insurgency

» LA Times: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Susanna Clarke; Tod Goldberg reviews Glen Hirshberg; also, LAT profiles Chris and Jonah Nolan, The Prestige scriptwriters

» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Rebecca K. Rowe, Kit Whitfield, Jeff VanderMeer, Walter Moers; also, Elizabeth Ward reviews Terry Pratchett

» NY Times profiles Goro Miyazaki, with thoughts by Ursula K. Le Guin on his film Tales from Earthsea

» Irene Gallo interviews John Picacio

» Newly posted: Apex Digest Issue #7, Shadowed Realms Issue #11

» Times Literary Supplement reviews Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio

» Futurismic's October fiction is "Forgotten Dragons" by David McGillveray

» Slate's Stephen Burt on Richard Powers' The Echo Maker; "If the term 'science fiction' had no prior meaning, it would describe all the novels of Richard Powers."

» NY Times profiles Naomi Novik

» Bookslut's new comics reviewer Jeff VanderMeer reviews Lost Girl, while Adrienne Martini reviews the "new" Robert Heinlein

» National Review Online: Thomas Hibbs on Jericho and the "enduring significance of A Canticle for Leibowitz"

» SF author Genry Lee wins Harold Masursky Award from the American Astronomical Society

» Fantastic Reviews interviews Paul Park

» The History Channel's The ArchiTechs debuts tonight, October 11, following David Brin and four other 'geniuses' as they brainstorm ideas for fire rescue and evacuation techniques for skyscraper disasters

» Bookslut interview Neil Gaiman, interviews Mark Z. Danielewski, and reviews Scott McCloud's Making Comics

» Trabuco Road is a new 'literary speculative fiction magazine' edited by B.K. Dunn, open to stories up to 15K words, debut issue due late October or November

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews Cherie Priest, Scott Westerfeld, Matthew Hughes

» Green Man Review reviews Lost Girls, Ray Bradbury, and PKD

» NY Times Book Review: William Kennedy reviews Cormac McCarthy's The Road

» Boston Globe: Make It Weird, about Kelly Link and other 'new wave fabulists'

» Specialty bookstores hold off chains, about Borderlands, Other Change of Hobbit, Dark Delicacies, and others; also, Is it Tolkien, or isn't it? about the forthcoming Children of Húrin

» Salon reviews Battlestar Galactica season 3; Paul Levinson blogs about it: "mind-blowingly powerful and extraordinary in its continuing probing of excrutiating ethical issues"

» Guardian: Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Roger Levy, Michael Cobley, David Gemmell, Raymond Feist

» October SciFiDimensions interviews and reviews Lois McMaster Bujold

» The Future and You's October podcast includes Kim Stanley Robinson, Alan Dean Foster, Sarah A. Hoyt, and others

» David Langford's Ansible 231

» Jim Baen's Universe Issue #3 has fiction by Mike Resnick, Gene Wolfe, John Barnes, Gregory Benford, Wen Spencer, and others; plus articles and columns by David Brin and Eric Flint

» Helix SF for Fall has fiction and poetry by Terry Bisson, Jay Lake, Vera Nazarian, Jennifer Pelland, Mike Allen, Greg Beatty, and others.

» CGChallenge is hosting Eon Challenge, a computer graphics contest to create material based on Greg Bear's novel Eon; deadline 15 Jan 07

» Douglas Rushkoff: Robert Anton Wilson Needs Our Help; also noted by Boing Boing

» The Columbus Dispatch: interviews Ellen Datlow

» NY Times: Stephen King Explores Joy in Marriage, Grief in Loss

» Gwenda Bond loves Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek

» The History Channel debuts The ArchiTechs October 11, following David Brin and four other 'geniuses' as they brainstorm ideas for fire rescue and evacuation techniques for skyscraper disasters

» SF Weekly's John Clute reviews Tim Powers

» New Intergalactic Medicine Show has stories by Tim Pratt, Alethea Kontis, Rick Novy, and others

» New ChiZine has short story contest winners by Gemma Files, Leah Bobet, and Brenna Yovanoff Graham

» St. Louis Magazine profiles editor and Locus reviewer Rich Horton

» The Agony Column podcasts Jeff VanderMeer

» SF reviews Lois McMaster Bujold

» Fan team site The Human Project for upcoming film Children of Men has news, puzzles, clips, etc.

» Clarkesworld Magazine is now live, with fiction by Sarah Monette and Lavie Tidhar

» Washington Post: Ron Charles reviews Cormac McCarthy; Graham Joyce reviews Neil Gaiman; Stephen King on The Writing Life

» Simon Sellars interviews J.G. Ballard

» Lone Star Stories #17 has fiction and poetry by Jay Lake, Sherwood Smith, Jenn Reese, and others

» TiconderogaOnline is hosting a reader survey

» Fantastic Literature's October list of out of print and rare genre items is now online

» USA Today reviews Cormac McCarthy

» MechMuse Audio Magazine for Fall '06 has fiction by David Farland, Kevin J. Anderson, David Barr Kirtley, and others

» Balticon podcasts Tamara Siler-Jones

» PW's The Beat on Ellison v Fantagraphics

» GalleyCat: Marta Randall feels slighted by Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio

» Pat's Fantasy Hotlist interviews Joel Shepherd, author of Crossover (Pyr)

» Michael A. Burstein does his part to save Pluto

» Scott McCloud's Making Comics 50 State Tour

» Portal addition: Irene Gallo

» September Internet Review of SF

» NY Times: Janet Maslin reviews Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic The Road

» Deadline for the R. L. Fanthorpe Write-Alike Contest, to benefit the Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund, is October 10.

» Newly linked blogs: Jane Yolen, Tricia Sullivan

» An art exhibit by Michaela Roessner-Herman runs 25 Sep - 28 Oct in Benicia CA; click on image for samples, and details

» Clarion officers and trustees will host an online chat this Thursday, 28 Sep, 9p.m. EDT, to discuss the workshop's move to San Diego

» The Agony Column podcasts Charles Stross

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #133

» Ellen Datlow's photos of Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman reading to a packed room

» LA Times: Steve Erickson reviews Cormac McCarthy

» Guardian: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Margaret Atwood

» Green Man Review covers Kage Baker, Steven Brust, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Fairy Tale Feasts, and George Zebrowski

» StarShipSofa podcasts weekly shows, currently about Philip K. Dick...

» NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff reviews Hunters of Dune

» Suite 101: Cat Rambo interviews Nicola Griffith

» David Louis Edelman is hosting an Infoquake giveaway, requiring imaginative entries, through 29 Sep

» TiconderogaOnline Issue #9

» Tell It Again Stories is open to submissions

» New Scientist Tech: Bruce Sterling's I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google

» NY Times reviews several books about Learning How to Read Slowly Again

» Slate's Dana Stevens reviews Michel Gondry's film The Science of Sleep

» The Nation's William Deresiewicz reviews Richard Powers' The Echo Maker

» Apex Digest needs help to survive

» John Joseph Adams reviews Heroes

» John Joseph Adams reviews Jericho

» Martha Wells is posting 1993 novel The Element of Fire on her LiveJournal

» The Agony Column podcasts Naomi Novik

» Firebird Books has a MySpace page and a LiveJournal page

» Infinity Plus has original story An Oasis of Horror, by Brian Stableford, plus an interview with Stableford on occasion of his 100th book

» DragonCon: Best SF Convention Ever: A Staffer's View

» NY Times: Op-Ed by Ronald D. Moore on Star Trek's 40th anniversary; also, New Tolkien epic coming

» Sci Fi Weekly interviews Cory Doctorow

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Kage Baker, Jeff VanderMeer, Alexandra Sokoloff

» DarkEcho has begun its annual Halloween News Roundup

» Reading and discussion of Rick Bowes' "There's a Hole in the City" was part of 9/11 tribute by NYC station WBAI

» AntipodeanSF reaches issue #100

» Articulate interviews Jasper Fforde

» Independent: J G Ballard: The comforts of madness

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews Chris Roberson, Julie Phillips, and M. Rickert

» Peter Jackson options Noami Novik: Guardian; The Hollywood Reporter

» New Ceres is a new twice-yearly webzine from Australia, first issue including fiction and nonfiction by Maxine McArthur, Dirk Flinthart, and others

» Clarion is moving to UC San Diego beginning Summer 2007; FAQ; press release

» The Sobol Award is open to work by unpublished writers; it reminds Paul Riddell of International Slushpile Bonfire Day

» Salon reviews Haruki Murakami; plus, David Brin on Why Johnny Can't Code

» Slate's Bryant Curtis asks Should you read Scott Smith's The Ruins?

» Penguin/Viking, UK publisher of Gordon Dahlquist's The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, offers subscriptions and a competition (photos)

» The Clarion Auction (see ad above) has added new items

» Bookslut interviews Jeff VanderMeer

» Seed Magazine: Mara Hvistendahl's column on Chinese SF (via)

» Sci Fi Weekly: John Clute reviews Gordon Dahlquist; Scott Edelman remembers 9/11

» Strange Horizons reviews year's-best anthologies by Dozois, Horton, Strahan, Hartwell & Cramer; plus, Greg Beatty on Rhyslings in 1981 and fiction by Brian Attebery

» Green Man Review looks at Silverberg's To Be Continued and Roberts' History of Science Fiction

» Futurismic has new fiction by Will McIntosh

» The Agony Column podcasts an interview with David Louis Edelman

» Paul Guran's DarkEcho has interviews from CFQ of Ellen Datlow and Peter F. Hamilton

» SFFWorld reviews Mike Resnick, Kim Newman, Scott Westerfeld

» Concatenation has its Autumn news roundup

» Sean Williams' Worldcon photos

» Dave Langford's Ansible 230 on Hugos, Harlan, Henry, Hodgson, and more

» Black Gate's Ryan Harvey examines Clark Ashton Smith's Tales of Zothique

» September Broadsheet, the newsletter for Broad Universe, features Jay Lake, Lynette R. Cook, Sarah Monette, and others

» Guardian: Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Baxter, Haldeman, Novik, Moore

» STLtoday: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Haldeman, Moore, Powers

» Balticon podcasts the Hugo Losers' Party, with Ellen Datlow, David Brin, James Patrick Kelly, Robert Silverberg

» CNN: What is there left to say about 'Star Trek'?

» The Times: M. John Harrison reviews J.G. Ballard's Kingdom Come

» SciFiDimensions interviews Spider Robinson and reviews his Heinlein collaboration Variable Star

» Bookslut's Joanne McNeil reviews Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio; Washington Blade focuses on Sheldon's 'closeted life as a lesbian'

» Ellen Datlow's LA Con IV photos

» Charles Vess' new blog

» Bangor News profiles Alex Irvine

» University of Alabama's The Crimson White profiles poet and geologist David Kopaska-Merkel

» Australian zines Ticonderoga and Australian Spec Fic in Focus are seeking donations

» The Future And You's September podcast includes Alan Dean Foster, David Drake, and others

The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction (via); Amazon link

» Washington Post: James Morrow reviews Tim Powers; Adrienne Martini reviews Paul Di Filippo; Ross King reviews Richard Grant

» LA Times: Deborah Vankin reviews Mark Danielewski

» David Louis Edelman's Infoquake is reviewed at Bookgasm and at SF Signal

» Salon reviews the new Modern Library translation of Zamyatin's We

» Ideomancer for September has fiction by Haddayr Copley-Woods, Hannah Bowen, Amanda Downum, and Sarah Monette

» SF Site for September reviews Jeff VanderMeer, Kim Harrison, Jeffrey Ford, Tony Hendra, Scott Lynch, and others

» Strange Horizons this week interviews and reviews Mark Budz

» Jim Baen's Universe issue #2 has stories by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Garth Nix, Cory Doctorow, L.E. Modesitt Jr., and others, plus columns, serials, classics, nonfiction, and an obituary of Jim Baen by David Drake

» Finnish SF webzine Usva (The Mist) has put out its latest issue in English (PDF)

» The Independent offers Stephen Baxter's What If...? An alternative history of the world

» Fantastic Literature's September list of 17,000 out of print, rare genre items is now online

» More Worldcon photos from John Joseph Adams (Hugo ceremony)

» More Worldcon photos from James Patrick Kelly and Scott Edelman

» SF Signal interviews Lou Anders

» Chicago Tribune article about Pluto's recategorization has comments from Kim Stanley Robinson

» Cosmos magazine has a new story by Cat Sparks

» The Bat Segundo Show interviews Jeff VanderMeer; meanwhile, Jeff links YouTube videos of Ambergris filk singing and a Mad Scientist Laugh Competition

» ABC News interviews John Birmingham

» USA Today notes Ray Bradbury's 86th birthday

»'s Mark Watson reviews Year's Best SF anthologies by Jonathan Strahan and by Rich Horton

» New URLs for the Clarion Foundation and its Virtual Workshop

» Worldcon photos by Keith Stokes; Rick Kleffel podcasts; more Worldcon and Hugo links at SF Signal

» » Rudy Rucker's new webzine Flurb debuts with Paul Di Filippo, Richard Kadrey, Marc Laidlaw, John Shirley, and Terry Bisson

» Space Wander

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #132

» Boston Globe: James Sallis' essay on Great Unknowns includes Robert Sheckley and Edgar Pangborn

» Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Paul Levinson react to NYTBR's front page review of the Tiptree biography

» NY Times Book Review's Dave Itzkoff reviews Julie Phillips' James Tiptree, Jr. biography; Austin Chronicle has Rick Klaw's review

» Gary Westfahl's Science Fiction and the Playing Fields of Eaton, about UC Riverside's Eaton Conferences

» Regina Leader-Post: Ed Willett In praise of science fiction writing

» LA Times reviews Richard Grant's Another Green World

» USA Today reviews Jasper Fforde

» wotmania interviews Guy Gavriel Kay

» NAL/Roc editor Liz Scheier is a finalist for Hottie of Publishing, Women's Division; vote now!

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews Scott Lynch, Nick DiChario, David Louis Edelman

» The Agony Column podcasts Cory Doctorow

» Another review of Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio

» Far Sector interviews Larry Niven and Josh Conviser

» Infinity Plus interviews Jon Courtenay Grimwood and excerpts his new novel; also, Martin Sketchley interview and excerpt

» Green Man Review covers Datlow/Link/Grant's Year's Best Fantasy: 19th Annual Collection, the new Ellen Kushner, and the new Neal Asher

» Washington Post article on Google's book digitization project discusses Gordon R. Dickson's "Final Encyclopedia" (page 3)

» Apex Digest interviews Cherie Priest, and excerpts her next novel

» Black Gate: David Soyka's short fiction reviews cover Interzone, H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, and Flashing Swords

» SFF World reviews Josh Conviser, Naomi Novik, and Alan Campbell

» Washington Post: Ron Charles reviews Sergei Lukyanenko's Night Watch

» RevolutionSF covers Armadillocon

» More reviews of Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio at Baltimore Sun and Bookweb.

» Mark Chadbourn has a blog: Jack of Ravens

» Wyrdsmiths is a new group blog with members Eleanor Arnason, Naomi Kritzer, Lyda Morehouse, and others

» Balticon podcasts Gene Wolfe

» Worldcat, an online library search

» Science News recommends Kim Stanley Robinson's Fifty Degrees Below (scroll down)

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Rodrigo Fresán's Kensington Gardens, a "hallucinatory monologue" take-off on Peter Pan

» It's Doctor Who week at Strange Horizons, with reviews by Graham Sleight, Abigail Nussbaum, Tim Phipps, and Iain Clark

» Bookslut interviews Vandana Singh

» Last week's Radio City Music Hall event with Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, John Irving, et al, is available as a free stream from MSN today and tomorrow only, with highlights available from 12 Aug to the end of the month; see Scholastic press release for details

» Salon's Laura Miller reviews Julie Phillips' Tiptree bio

» August Internet Review of SF covers filk, WisCon, Wes Craven, Philip K. Dick, and more

» USA Today reviews Shelley Jackson

» Suite 101: Cat Rambo interviews Michael Swanwick

» Reviews of Julie Phillips' James Tiptree Jr. biography by John Clute at SF Weekly, by Nisi Shawl in The Seattle Times, and by Bethany Schneider at

» Guardian: Harry Potter and the mystery of an academic obsession

» Twilight Tales interviews Black Gate's John O'Neill

» David Langford's Ansible 229

» Washington Post: Martin Morse Wooster reviews Julie Phillips' James Tiptree Jr. biography; Douglas E. Winter reviews Scott Smith

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Tim Powers, Elizabeth Bear, Kim Newman; David Lazarus reviews Scott Smith

» Debut issue of Heliotrope Magazine (available as PDF; preview page) has fiction by Samantha Henderson, Edward Morris, and Michael Colangelo, plus articles by Jeff VanderMeer, R. Scott Bakker, and Heidi Wessman Kneale, poetry, and reviews

» James Patrick Kelly's photos from Sycamore Hill 2006

» Meme Therapy talks with Peter Watts

» Futurismic for August has Exit Without Saving by Ruth Nestvold

» SFRevu for August interviews Eureka executive producer Andrew Cosby and reviews the show; plus lots of book and media reviews

»'s Mark Watson reviews Gardner Dozois' Year's Best SF: 23rd Annual Collection

» SFF World reviews John Scalzi, Greg Keyes, and Joe Abercrombie

» The Future and You for August podcasts Alan Dean Foster, Spider & Jeanne Robinson, David Drake, John Ringo, and others

» SF Signal summarizes last week's Entertainment Weekly reviews of SF books by Joe Haldeman (A-), Jo Walton (B+), Kelly & Kessel's Feeling Very Strange (B+), and Sergei Lukyanenko (B-)

» Don't overlook the latest issues of SF Site, Strange Horizons, and SF Weekly

» NY Times' Janet Maslin reviews Julie Phillips' James Tiptree Jr. biography

» The Online Lonely Cry is an informal association of B.C. SF/F writers, including Eileen Kernaghan, Teresa Plowright, Matt Hughes, and Dave Duncan

» Cheryl Morgan calls Emerald City quits

» The Science Channel airs Prophets of Science Fiction, including interviews with Greg Benford, Greg Bear, and Michio Kaku, beginning August 6th

» Aberrant Dreams is hosting a writer's challenge, to submit an outline for a story based on an image, and the writer to complete the story; deadline is Sept 30th

» Lone Star Stories #16 has work by Martha Wells, Jenn Reese, Jo Walton, and others

» The Teeming Brain interviews Thomas Ligotti

» Charles Stross on Keeping Life Interesting

» Eric Nylund podcasts "Butterflies Like Jewels"

» ISIFC Press' WorldCon GoH Speeches order page includes audio clips

» Washington Post: Sara Sklaroff reviews Alastair Reynolds, Kit Reed, Brandon Sanderson, Justine Larbalestier

» NY Times' Sunday Book Review covers Jennifer Egan, Scott Smith, and (scroll down) Nick Sagan

» LA Times' Bill Holm reviews Hollow Earth

» Daily Iowan article about Mike Horvat's fanzine collection, acquired by the University of Iowa; Horvat sidebar

» John Clute has a new homepage

» Paul Levinson has a new blog

» Jonathan Strahan podcasts Tim Pratt and compiles The Best of the Year

» The Agony Column reviews The Space Opera Renaissance and interviews Vernor Vinge

» Meme Therapy interviews John Scalzi

» Black Gate interviews Darrell Schweitzer

» Talking Squid considers bringing back dead writers

» has news of a film version of John Shirley's Demons

» is a new review site

» Mythic Delirium has featured poem by Catherynne M. Valente with an mp3, plus a few photos from Readercon

» Press release: Wildside Press to launch a new mass-market paperback line

» New bloggers: John Jarrold, Susan Palwick

» Some Fantastic's Issue #9 [pdf] interviews John Scalzi, reviews books and DVDs

» Infinity Plus extracts Gwyneth Jones' new novel; Meme Therapy interviews Keith Brooke

» The Onion on Wikipedia

» The New Yorker on Wikipedia

» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews Tim Powers

» USA Today: Science fiction gets real, about forthcoming films

» New blog: Eos Books

» Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell's photos from Trinoc*coN2006

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #131

» writefantastic is a new group blog by British fantasy authors; website

»'s Pulse offers the pilot episode of The Amazing Screw-On Head, based on the comic by Mike Mignola, in advance of the 7/27 airdate

» Suite 101: Cat Rambo interviews Gordon Van Gelder

» NPR: Rick Kleffel interviews Cory Doctorow and Vernor Vinge; at Agony Column Kleffel podcasts an interview with Vinge

» Paul Levinson editorial TV's new golden age

» Guardian: George Saunders on Brits; Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Margaret Drabble

» The New Republic: Ruth Franklin on book reviewing, and David Mitchell

» Globe and Mail interviews Robert J. Sawyer

» Tangent Online has reviews of short fiction from Paradox, Strange Horizons, Abyss & Apex, Fictitious Force, and many others

» The Time Traveler Show podcasts a reading of Fredric Brown's "Arena"

» Hal W. Hall's SF&F Research Database blog

» Technology Review: Stewart Brand reviews Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End

» Official website for James Tiptree Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon by Julie Phillips

» Concord NH Monitor Online In a galaxy far, far away is about Jeanne Cavelos and the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop

» The Onion A.V. Club reviews Stephen Notley's comic Dog Killer (from Tachyon Publications)

» SF Romance Online reviews Shawl & Ward's Writing the Other

» Green Man Review's new issue is devoted to Peter S. Beagle

» Cory Doctorow on Truth and the Net

» Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek: An Afterword - the Official Website

» Russell B. Farr offers Australian SF Carnival July, a compilation of links to Australian livejournals, blogs and websites

» Pages Online: Dorman T. Shindler profiles Laurell K. Hamilton

» Asimov's: James Patrick Kelly's Secrets of the Webmasters (part one)

» LA Times Book Review: Adam Hill reviews the new translation of Zamyatin's We

» Trailers for The Prestige

» Paizo Messageboards: Why Amazing Stories Died

» Washington Post: Alice K. Turner reviews The Monsters: Mary Shelley & the Curse of Frankenstein

» PC Magazine: David Gerrold summarizes predictions from SF

» Meme Therapy interviews Hal Duncan

» Jeff VanderMeer: Gwyneth Jones walks the plank

» Cat Rambo interviews David Louis Edelman

» East West Magazine: Tom Marcinko's India Ink, about superhero comix in India

» Jeff VanderMeer on this year's Odyssey Workshop

» John Picacio has a blog

» Cheryl Morgan and commentators react to Gary Westfahl's essay about Locus Magazine in Internet Review of Science Fiction

» Irene Gallo, award-winning art director for Tor Books, has a blog

» Bookslut: Maureen McClarnon reviews Jeff VanderMeer; Niall Harrison reviews Geoff Ryman; Adrienne Martini reviews Ellen Kushner

» Rick Kleffel reviews Glen Hirshberg's new collection

» SFFWorld interviews Scott Lynch, interviews Jennifer Fallon, and reviews George Zebrowski

» John Joseph Adams reviews Naomi Novik, Mike Resnick, and Feeling Very Strange

» Australia's ABC News interviews Simon Brown and Russell B Farr about the 7 years it took to see Brown's Troy into print

» Guardian: Michel Faber collaborates with Brian Eno

» A.R. Yngve makes novel Alien Beach available for free

» July Internet Review of SF has Gary Westfahl on Locus, Eric Joel Bresin on Harlan Ellison, interview with Nalo Hopkinson, and more

» Photos by Tracy Majkol from the Campbell/ Sturgeon awards ceremony; more photos by Keith Stokes

» John Clute reviews Brian Stableford (Strange Horizons) and Michel Houellebecq (SF Weekly)

» SF Weekly's Paul Di Filippo reviews Charles Stross' Glasshouse (A+)

» Meme Therapy interviews David Louis Edelman

» Rick Kleffel interviews Jasper Fforde (with easter eggs)

» Jeff VanderMeer is doing a pirate anthology

» SF reviews Dave Duncan

» NY Times Book Review's Dave Itzkoff reviews Charles Stross and Justina Robson

» SCI FI Wire has video from the SF Hall of Fame ceremony, including Anne McCaffrey's acceptance speech and an introduction/ interview with Neil Gaiman

» Star*Line: Gregory Benford's poem about Isaac Asimov

» David Langford's Ansible 228

» The Future and You for July podcasts David Drake, Jeanne & Spider Robinson, John Ringo, and others

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews new Sci Fi Channel series Eureka

» Eugene OR Register-Guard: Jerry Oltion invents new telescope design

» Mark Chadbourn has a new blog, Jack of Ravens

» Ken Rand has created the I Am A Writer library to pass on new and used how-to-write books

» Green Man Review reviews Theodora Goss, Tanya Huff, and Diana Wynne Jones

» Rambles reviews Jasper Fforde and Justine Musk

» Hugo voting deadline is July 31st

» LA Times: Joel Rose reviews A Scanner Darkly: A Graphic Novel; David L. Ulin reviews the original

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Andrew Holleran's Grief

» Meme Therapy interviews Robert Charles Wilson and John Shirley

» SF Site for July has Matt Cheney's interview with Kit Reed and reviews of Jeffrey Ford, Damien Broderick, Hal Duncan, and others

» SciFiDimensions for July interviews Neil Gaiman and reviews Superman Returns and Naomi Novik

» SFRevu for July features an interview and review of James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel

» ChiZine Issue #29 has fiction and poetry by Brent Hayward, Lisa M. Bradley, A.M. Muffaz, Carolyn Clink, and others

» TiconderogaOnline Issue #8 has fiction by Peter McGregor and Lee Battersby, a column by Steven Utley, plus interviews and reviews

» Tangent Online reviews recent issues of Interzone, F&SF, Rabid Transit, and others

» Best SF's Mark Watson reviews Hartwell & Cramer's Year's Best SF 11

» Slate's Joshua Glenn anticipates Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly; Paul McAuley saw a preview

» The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel reviews Joel Shepherd's Crossover and reviews David Louis Edelman's Infoquake; also, about South American Horror

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek: An Afterword

» Fantastic Literature's July list is online

» RevolutionSF reviews John Picacio and posts a gallery of his work

» Meme Therapy interviews Susan R. Matthews and Jeffrey A. Carver

» The Agony Column's Terry Weyna reviews William Browning Spencer

» Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB reading with Theodora Goss & Tobias Buckell

» John Joseph Adams interviews Joe Hill for here and here -- and posted outtakes

» CNN on Robert E. Howard

» The Size of Our World

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #130 includes John Shirley reviewing and interviewing Tim Powers

» NY Times Book Review: John Updike's The End of Authorship, adapted from his BookExpo address

» Washington Post Book World: Rachel Hargian Shea reviews Naomi Novik

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Marta Acosta, Kit Reed, and Vernor Vinge

» Guardian's Helen Simpson examines Angela Carter's 1979 collection The Bloody Chamber

» USA Today reviews Paul Malmont's The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril

» Tom Disch's LiveJournal Endzone

» Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow reviews Jo Walton's new novel Farthing; elswhere, Cory begins a podcast of new story "I, Row-Boat"; plus, Late Night Live interview

» Jeff VanderMeer walks Neil Williamson down the plank; also, Shriek: The Movie, the blog

» The Time Traveler Show podcasts vintage SF stories, beginning with Robert Sheckley's "Warm"

» Ottawa Citizen op-ed by Robert J. Sawyer on space exploration

» Wild River Review interviews Ellen Datlow

» University of Nebraska Press, publisher of numerous classic SF books in recent years, has a blog

» Carnegie Mellon University inducts 5 new members into Robot Hall of Fame -- Maria, Gort, David, AIBO, and SCARA; The Robot Hall of Fame

» Balticon podcasts Neil Gaiman

» SFFWorld reviews Chris Roberson, reviews Neal Asher, and interviews Jacqueline Carey

» Strange Horizons: Matthew Cheney on Great Ideas; Abigail Nussbaum reviews Geoff Ryman

» SF Weekly: editor Scott Edelman on the Smell of Sci-Fi; John Clute reviews Richard Calder

» Time Magazine's 5 Mystery Writers Worth Investigating includes Jeffrey Ford (The Girl in the Glass)

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Conflux 2006 in Canberra

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews Scott Westerfeld

» Apex Digest's Issue #6 features fiction by Ben Bova, Christopher Rowe, and others; interviews with Kage Baker and Poppy Z. Brite

» SF Reviews reviews Charles Stross' Glasshouse

»'s Terry Darnall asks are we already cyborgs?

» New URL for Charles Stross' blog

» The Agony Column reviews Jeffrey Ford; earlier, Brian Hodge and others

» Helix is a new quarterly webzine with fiction and features, edited by William Sanders and Lawrence Watt-Evans

» Wired: Bruce Sterling on Suicide by Pseudoscience

» Neal Asher has a blog; Nancy Springer has a website

» SciFi Wire on Tim Pratt's Rangergirl

» Gary Westfahl is interviewed on Claremont CA radio station KSPC about Science Fiction Quotations this Thursday at 12 noon PDT

» New SF blog DeepGenre has contributors Carol Berg, Constance Ash, Kate Elliott, Katharine Kerr, Lois Tilton, and David Louis Edelman

» Meme Therapy interviews Robert J. Sawyer; last week, Matthew Cheney

» Infinity Plus excerpts Kit Reed's new novel The Baby Merchant

» BSFA journal Vector has a new website, and a new blog, with contributions from Graham Sleight, Matthew Cheney, and Martin Lewis

» SF Weekly's John Joseph Adams talks with James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel about their upcoming anthology Feeling Very Strange

» Australian Cosmos Magazine has new fiction by Chris Lawson

» NY Times article on product placement in books focuses on a work by Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman

» The Future and You's June 1st episode podcasts Peter Stampfel, David Drake, John Ringo, and Joe Haldeman

» Balticon podcasts Peter S. Beagle

» NY Times Book Review's Dave Itzkoff reviews Nebula Awards Showcase 2006 ; also, Stephen Metcalf reviews Michel Houellebecq

» Guardian: Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Kelley Armstrong, Lilith Saintcrow, Joe Abercrombie, TM Jenkins

» Bookslut's Adrienne Martini reviews John Varley

» Roanoke Times interviews Orson Scott Card

» The Agony Column on David Louis Edelman's Infoquake

» Cornell's Fantastic in Art and Fiction

» SF Chronicle: E-Book Giving Access to 300,000 Texts

» The Agony Column reviews Vernor Vinge

» June Internet Review of SF features essays on feminist SF and the UK small press, interview with Lee Modesitt, reviews, etc.

» The Lotus Lyceum, a salon for fantasy fiction

» Jonathan Strahan launches The Coode Street Podcast with a new story by Deborah Biancotti

» Futurismic has new fiction Real City, by Carrie Vaughn

» Kathryn Cramer's photos from Marcon

» Australia's covers Orbit Australia

» Green Man Review reviews Charles Stross and Patricia A. McKillip

» June issue of SciFiDimensions interviews Paul Di Filippo and Naomi Novik; SFRevu interviews Jeffrey Ford and Tanya Huff

» Tangent Online has reviews of Strange Horizons, Flashing Swords, Aberrant Dreams, F&SF, Analog,, Deep Magic, and many others

» FantasyBookSpot's Jay Tomio interviews George R.R. Martin

» Far Section interview Kim Harrison and Nick Sagan

» Dave Langford's Ansible 227

» Patrick Nielsen Hayden's Wiscon photos

» Washington Post: Merle Rubin reviews Michel Houellebecq

» January's Andi Shechter reviews Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon

» Rambles reviews Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job twice

» NY Times Book Review launches a horror column by Terrence Rafferty covering John Harwood, Mark Morris, Scott Nicholson, and Tom Piccirilli

» Guardian: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Jan Morris

» The Agony Column podcasts Kim Newman

» Debut issue of Jim Baen's Universe has fiction and articles by Gregory Benford, Elizabeth Bear, Gene Wolfe, Charlie Stross, Lawrence Person, and others

» June issues of SF Site (interview with Hal Duncan, reviews of Margo Lanagan, Lisa Tuttle); Ideomancer (fiction by Yoon Ha Lee; interview with Alan DeNiro), Lone Star Stories (fiction by Sarah Monette; poetry by Jaime Lee Moyer); Deep Magic (fiction by Chet Gottfried; interview with Cecilia Dart-Thornton)

» SF Weekly's Wil McCarthy on The Intelligent Designers

» Wired: Neil Gaiman & Adam Rogers on The Myth of Superman

» Hal Duncan's blog (one of them)

» The Sci Fi Traveling Road Show

» Fantastic Literature has posted its June list

» Gary Westfahl has a new expanded website

» USA Today reviews Douglas Coupland's JPod

» Stanford University Black Arts Quarterly Spring issue [PDF] has an article by Marleen S. Barr about Katrina, and a tribute to Octavia E. Butler by Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu

» Salon: sf story The Perfect Man, by Lauren McLaughlin

» interviews Ellen Datlow and Jim Frenkel

» The Agony Column interviews Koji Suzuki

» The Dragon Page interviews John Meaney

» Fiona Avery has a revamped website

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews children's sf

» Washington Post: Martin Morse Wooster reviews Ian McDonald, Bruce Sterling, David Wellington

» Publishers Weekly interviews the translator of a new edition of Zamyatin's We

» Brisbane Courier-Mail profiles Justine Larbalestier

» Bookforum: Carter Scholz reviews the new Tiptree biography

» Newsweek: Raina Kelley reviews a new fantasy by Keith Donohue

» Slate: Writers' favorite beach reading includes titles by Philip Pullman, Naomi Novik, Piers Anthony, H.P. Lovecraft, Susan Cooper, and others

» Fantasybookspot is starting an E-Zine, paying 5 cents/word for fiction...

» Spider & Jeanne Robinson seek support for their Stardance Project

» Press release: Jim Baen's Universe Goes Mobile, debuting June 1st

» Green Man Review covers Charles Stross' Missile Gap and Delany's About Writing, and has a retro review of McKillip's Fool's Run

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #129

» LA Times' Judith Freeman wonders why the mystery novels of [one time SF-writer] James Sallis aren't better known

» Kansas City Star' s John Mark Eberhart reviews collections by George Zebrowski and Jeffrey Ford

» NY Times Book Review: Dave Itzkoff reviews Douglas Coupland's JPod

» Guardian: David Lodge essay on novelists writing about the same historical figure

» Fantasybookspot interviews Hal Duncan

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the May 17 KGB reading with Holly Black and John Langan

» Charles de Lint's redesigned site

» Telegraph: Police raid science fiction sex cult based on John Norman's Gor novels

» ABC Online interviews Ellen Datlow about Chernobyl, with photos

» Submissions to Nature's "Futures" series of SF short-shorts, previously by invitation only, are now open to others; inquire to Henry Gee

» This Fort Worth Star Telegram commentary on Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code cites Naomi Novik, John Clute, and Dean Koontz

» Australian discussion site Dreamhosters is chatting with Damien Broderick for the next two weeks

» Jeff VanderMeer walks Michael A. Arnsen down the plank

» SciFiDimensions interviews Paul Di Filippo

» NY Times: Kevin Kelly on the future of books

» New collective blog Now What; new Romance Online blog Almost Daily Voice...

» Scott Edelman's Nebula Awards photos

» SF Site interviews Pat Cadigan

» Strange Horizons interviews James Patrick Kelly

» Tangent Online reviews new issues of Fantasy Magazine, Asimov's, Talebones, Analog, and others

» Aeon Magazine #7 is available for preview and download, with fiction by Jay Lake, Bruce McAllister, Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette, and others

» Concatenation SF has a Summer 2006 update with news, an article about robots, lots of reviews, etc.

» SFFWorld reviews Elemental: The Tsunami Relief Anthology

» Infinity Plus reprints a story by Neil Williamson, plus new reviews of Michael Bishop, Kelly Link, James Clemens, and others.

» Nick Sagan announces a forthcoming book by Carl Sagan

» Slate slide show: Mad scientists in the movies

» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Fantasy for Kids including books by Larbalestier and Westerfeld

» NY Times Book Review's section on Children's Books includes reviews of Lois Lowry and of Kate DiCamillo; elsewhere, Adam Begley reviews George Saunders

» SF Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Lisa Tuttle and Hal Duncan

» LA Times: David L. Ulin on why Charlie Kaufman is one of the best writers of his generation

» covers the great Singularity debate

» NY Times: the best work of American fiction in the last 25 years is... Toni Morrison's Beloved

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Nebula Awards Weekend in Tempe AZ

» The Agony Column is blogging and podcasting from this weekend's World Horror Convention

» Jonathan Strahan is assembling a Jack Vance Treasury, and you can help

» New RevolutionSF fiction editors Steve Wilson and Matthew Bey present "Welcome Back Qatar", by Chris Nakashima-Brown

» Apex Digest interviews Eugie Foster, and posts story Only Springtime When She's Gone

» The Future and You podcasts interviews with M.M. Buckner, Greg Bear, Vernor Vinge, Spider Robinson, and Nancy Kress

» Pyr Books has a blog

» John Scalzi interviews Chris Roberson

» The Agony Column reviews Theodora Goss' In the Forest of Forgetting

» SFRevu's May issue has interview and review of Jim Butcher, plus columns, reviews, editorial

» Fantasy publisher Juno Books has a new site, and blog

» Atomjack SF Magazine

» Cody's Books in Berkeley to close

» Aberrant Dreams has new fiction by Michael Bishop and others, poetry, reviews, and an interview with Stephen Baxter

» SF Weekly interviews Nick Sagan

» Strange Horizons has a column by Matthew Cheney, fiction by Gavin J. Grant

» SF reviews Chris Roberson's Paragaea

» Rick Kleffel podcasts an interview with David Mitchell

» New issue of The Nutmeg Point District Mail, the Avram Davidson electronic newsletter

» Intergalactic Medicine Show's John Joseph Adams reviews Wellington, Cooper, Vinge, and Moore

» Far Section SFFH interviews Paul Levinson

» FantasyBookSpot reviews Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek: An Afterword

» David Langford's Ansible 226

» Keith Stokes' photos from Nebula Awards Weekend

» Scott Edelman is blogging the Nebulas

» Jonathan Strahan blogs about Sean Williams' Books of the Cataclysm, with links to chapter excerpts, while the author blogs about whether the series is 'hard fantasy'

» Futurismic has new fiction "Eyelid Movies" by Will McIntosh

» Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is now selling an electronic version of its latest issue

» Fantastic Literature's May list has been posted

» Arizona Republic, anticipating next weekend's Nebula Awards, interviews Harlan Ellison

» The Times: Max Headroom creator made Roswell alien

» Eileen Gunn's Tour of Chernobyl, 2006

» Jeff VanderMeer walks Caitlín R. Kiernan down the plank

» SF reviews Hal Duncan's Vellum

» Paul McAuley's blog

» Issue 10 of redesigned Shadowed Realms has fiction by Greg Beatty, Kurt Newton, Nathan Burrage, Lon Prater, Brian Rappatta, and more

» Jane Yolen has received a "Roots in Writing" Award from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Female Writers -- SFWA News

» Instapundit podcasts Vernor Vinge

» NY Times on book packagers

» Invisible Universe Foundations seeks submissions for a special issue honoring Octavia E. Butler

» Call for Submissions for queer-themed SF anthology Distant Horizons, gay/lesbian vampire anthology Eternal Darkness, and for shapeshifting anthology Shifting Again

» Live Journal: John Crowley Little and Big

» Publishers Weekly on Innovative PR in SF/Fantasy

» Ellen Datlow's photos from Eurocon, Kiev, and Chernobyl

» David Louis Edelman is podcasting from his new novel Infoquake

» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews Kage Baker

» April/May Internet Review of SF interviews James Gunn, reviews Le Guin, Robson, Marusek, and short fiction; plus Nestvold & Lake's Awards We'd Like to See

» The Agony Column interviews Colson Whitehead

» Issue #8 of Some Fantastic is available as a PDF download, with an interview of Karen Traviss, features, and reviews

» NY Times: In Bangkok, composer and author (of "47 cult novels") Somtow Sucharitkul is staging Wagner's Ring

» Green Man Review reviews The Cambridge Companion to SF and The Oxford Encyclopedia of Children's Literature

» Austin Chronicle: Rick Klaw reviews David Wellington's Monster Island

»'s Mark Watson reviews Ken MacLeod's The Highway Men

» SFFWorld reviews Hal Duncan and Robert Newcomb

» Issue #5 of Cosmic Speculative Fiction is available free from

» Intergalactic Medicine Show has John Joseph Adams' reviews of Dr. Who and of books by Butler, Moon, Engdahl, and Kelly

» Emerald City #128

» NY Times Book Review: Jason Goodwon reviews James Morrow's The Last Witchfinder

» Jeff VanderMeer's Exhaustive Essential Fantasy Reading Lists

» Prime Books has announced annual anthology Best American Fantasy, to be guest edited by Ann & Jeff VanderMeer with Matthew Cheney serving as series editor, first volume due in June 2007

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Theodora Goss' In the Forest of Forgetting

» April-June issue of ChiZine has fiction and poetry by Brendan Detzner, Scott Hughes, Lynn Strongin, Samantha Henderson, and others

» The LitBlog Co-op is hosting a discussion about Jeffrey Ford's The Girl in the Glass during May

» Gary K. Wolfe's Hugo-nominated Soundings has its own website

» Announcing the R. L Fanthorpe Write-Alike Contest

» Best SF's Mark Watson reviews Gardner Dozois' One Million A.D.

» Australian ABC Online profiles Conjure 2006 guests Bruce Sterling, Cory Doctorow, and Jonathan Strahan

» The Agony Column reviews John Picacio's Cover Story

» Fredric Smoler's The Lure of Alternate History summarizes the genre and lists 14 classic works

» Green Man Review reviews Clifford D. Simak's classic Way Station

» Mark Watson at has added reviews of Nebula Awards Showcase 2006 and of other recent anthologies and magazines

» The Agony Column reviews John Picacio's Cover Story

» Bookslut's Adrienne Martini reconsiders steampunk by Powers, Stephenson, and Priest

» BBC: Kenyan writer John Rugoiyo Gichuki's science fiction play wins BBC's African Playwriting competition

» The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction has posted stories from the magazine on this year's Hugo ballot; posted earlier were stories on this year's Nebula ballot

» The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation has begun posting selected stories from the SF 'Futures' series published weekly in Nature magazine; first up are stories by Ted Chiang, Henry Gee, Robert A. Metzger, and Charles Stross

» German metal band Jester's Funeral offers free downloads of songs from album "Fragments of an Exploded Heart" inspired by stories by John Shirley

» Final issue of The Fortean Bureau includes Nick Mamatas, Jason Stoddard, and Jay Lake

» SF Weekly reviews Damien Broderick

» Strange Horizons announces its Reader's Choice Awards, whose winners include Theodora Goss, Matt Cheney, and Frank Wu

» SF reviews Peter F. Hamilton

» Asking the Wrong Questions blogger Abigail Nussbaum takes a hard look at this year's Hugo nominees for novelette, short story, and novella [scroll down]

» Ellen Datlow has posted photos from the Books of Wonder signing for the trade paperback of The Faery Reel

» The Agony Column's Rick Kleffel podcasts Gregory Maguire

» Issue 25 of The Dream People -- "a journal of bizarro literature" -- has fiction by Kenji Siratori and others, plus nonfiction, reviews, an interview, etc.

» Infinity Plus excerpts David Barnett, interviews Jeff VanderMeer, and reviews Barnett, Courtenay Grimwood, Asher, and others

» Green Man Review reviews Bloodstained Oz

» SFFWorld reviews Ian McDonald's River of Gods, Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon, and the movie V for Vendetta

» David Langford's Ansible 225

» New publisher Solaris Books announces its first three titles

» TiconderogaOnline's March issue has fiction by Lily Chrywenstrom and N. Joy Dodds, interviews with Ellen Datlow and Jeff VanderMeer, a column by Seven Utley, and reviews

» April Reflection's Edge has fiction by Rio Le Moignan, Michael John Grist, Claude Lalumière, plus reviews and an essay

» Wired on Philip K. Dick's missing head

» Guardian article about the reading preferences of men vs women

» Outtakes from This Week's PW Cover Story

» Far Sector's Shaun Farrell interviews Vernor Vinge

» Jeff VanderMeer interrogates John Scalzi

» And here's VanderMeer interviewing Payseur & Schmidt for SF Site

» SF Weekly: Nick Gevers interviews James Morrow

» Strange Horizons: Greg Beatty reviews 1979 Rhysling winners

» Special SF/fantasy issue of Publishers Weekly includes Gwenda Bond's article Fantasy Goes Literary and this article about reactions to NYT reviewer Dave Itzkoff

» The Infinite Matrix is still dead

» Robert Jordan community site Dragonmount has this post reacting to Jordan's letter to Locus and provides a link for sending donations for Amyloidosis research.

» San Francisco Chronicle's Michael Berry reviews Ian McDonald, Christopher Moore, and John Scalzi

» April mostly-seriousness from SF Site, SF Crowsnest, SFRevu, scifidimensions, and Deep Magic

» Fantasybookspot interviews Jeff VanderMeer

» Andrew Crumey wins award for novel in progress

» More April Foolishness from Eileen Gunn and others at The Infinite Matrix; from John Joseph Adams; from Cheryl Morgan at Emerald City; from Jeff VanderMeer at SF Site and in his blog; from Chris Lawson at Talking Squid; and from Edward Champion (via); while Teresa Nielsen Hayden compiles additional AFD hoaxes

» Futurismic has new story The Baby Window, by Vincent VanAllen

» Issue 14 of Lone Star Stories has fiction and poetry by Sarah Prineas, Jeff VanderMeer, Catherynne M. Valente, Mike Allen & David C. Kopaska-Merkel, and Steven Utley

» Denver Post's Fred Cleaver reviews Daniel Abraham and Jeff VanderMeer

» Bed Books

» New York Times's Janet Maslin reviews James Morrow's The Last Witchfinder

» The Onion: Science-Fiction Novel Posits Future Where Characters Are Hastily Sketched

» Interzone has made Dominic Green's Hugo-nominated The Clockwork Atom Bomb and four stories shortlisted for the BSFA Award available online (PDF)

» SF Signal's John DeNardo likes Ian McDonald's River of Gods

» Fantastic Literature's April list is posted

» March Emerald City has contributions by Karen Traviss, Farah Mendlesohn, R. Scott Bakker, Juliet E. McKenna, and others; plus, lots of reviews by Cheryl Morgan

» Shimmer magazine interviews Ellen Datlow [pdf]

» Electronic editions of Hugo-nominated novels Spin by Robert Charles Wilson and Old Man's War by John Scalzi are available to L.A.con IV members; see Scalzi's blog for details.

» Washington Post: Ron Charles reviews James Morrow's The Last Witchfinder; Michael Dirda reviews H. Rider Haggard's She

» About Hugo-nominated Lucas Back In Anger

» Philadelphia Inquirer's Marc Schogol reviews Platinum Pohl

» Review of Jeff VanderMeer's Shriek: An Afterword syndicated here and elsewhere in the UK

» Green Man Review' Kathleen Bartholomew reviews Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic

» The Agony Column interviews Christopher Moore and reviews A Dirty Job

» Infinity Plus has new reviews of Eric Brown, Postscripts, Brian Aldiss, and others

» Ellen Datlow's photos from ICFA

» The Compulsive Reader reviews Writing the Other

» USA Today's Carol Memmott reviews James Morrow's The Last Witchfinder

» James Patrick Kelly's ICFA pix

» Intergalactic Medicine Show has a new story by Scott D. Danielson

» Discussion board Australian SpecFic in Focus has Russell B. Farr as guest for the next fortnight; elsewhere, Farr is interviewed.

» SFFWorld reviews and interviews David Forbes

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Joe Hill's 20th Century Ghosts

» People & Publishing: Paul Riddell sells 2 books and then breaks a rib in a bicycle accident

» David Marusek blogs about that New York Times review...

» Lou Anders interviews Robyn Hitchcock

» Tobias S. Buckell interviews Chris Roberson

» The Dragon Page podcasts an interview with Jeff VanderMeer

» Mythic Delirium's current featured poems are by Constance Cooper and Sonya Taaffe

» Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand reviews Jodi Picoult

» Photos from the 30th Annual Jack Williamson Lectureship

» Fantasybookspot reviews and interviews Daniel Abraham

» Ultraverse has published a short story by Christopher Howard that is also available as a podcast

» SF reviews all three books in Naomi Novik's Temeraire trilogy; also, review and interview with Keith Brooke, author of Genetopia

» SF Site's Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2005: Readers' Choice selections are led by Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, and Robert Charles Wilson; also, Rick Klaw interviews Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Jeff VanderMeer interviews Keith Brooke

» SFFWorld reviews and interviews Keith Brooke

» Intergalactic Medicine Show: new reviews by John Joseph Adams

» Washington Post: article about Weird Tales

» AntipodeanSF Issue 94 has ten new flash fictions

» Far Sector [formerly Deep Outside SFFH] interviews Timothy Zahn and interviews Martha Wells

» March Internet Review of SF has Steven Barnes' remembrance of Octavia Butler, interviews with Bruce Holland Rogers and Charles Stross, features and reviews about Oscars and SF, Boskone 43, Mike Resnick, and more

» Green Man Review reviews Gwyneth Jones, a Neil Gaiman audiobook, and Lord Dunsany (review by Gary Turner)

» Infinity Plus has Adam Roberts' annual Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlist review, plus a Karen Traviss extract and interview

» June Australian convention Conflux is hosting an SF art show with ~$4500 in prizes, entry deadlines in March and April; see site for details, or e-mail

» Rich Horton, John Gregory Betancourt, and Sean Wallace have issued a call for submissions for three new Best of the Year anthologies to cover stories published in 2006

» J. Michael Straczynski's column Words, Words, Words

» Strange Horizons: James Schellenberg's taxonomy of sequels, remakes, and adaptations

» SFFWorld reviews Naomi Novik, reviews Peter F. Hamilton, and interviews Paul Kearney

» Concatenation and SyFy Portal are back

» Norman Spinrad's April/May Asimov's column reviews 5 Pyr books

» Paula Guran has issued a 'call for submissions' for anthology Best New Paranormal Romance, for works published in 2005. Contact for details.

» cover article Publish or Panic reports on the state of the industry and the rise of small presses

» Washington Post: Michael Dirda reviews Jules Verne

» Bookslut reviews the James Tiptree Award Anthologies

» n+1 has an essay by Henry Farrell about China Miéville's New Crobuzon novels

» Apex Online interviews Steven Savile

» Dave Langford's Ansible 224

» Andrew Wheeler on the SF Reviewer Who Hates SF; plus, reaction to NYT's new SF reviewer at MetaFilter

» Intergalactic Medicine Show: SF writers who blog

» John Varley picks up an Oscar

» Reactions to NYT's Dave Itzkoff from Matt Cheney, Nick Mamatas, Cheryl Morgan

» Guardian: J.G. Ballard on Steven Spielberg's Empire
of the Sun

» The Agony Column podcasts Kim Stanley Robinson

» New Ultraverse has new fiction, reviews, and a reader survey

» SFFWorld reviews Karl Schroeder, reviews and interviews Neal Asher

» New York Times' new SF columnist Dave Itzkoff reviews David Marusek and lists his favorite books

», the 25-year-old bookstore once known as Dangerous Visions and virtual-only since 2002, seeks a new name

» Prime Books will publish best-of-year anthologies covering SF, fantasy, and horror, edited by Rich Horton (SF and fantasy) and by John Gregory Betancourt & Sean Wallace (horror), beginning this summer; press release

» Michael Chabon on the Clock of the Long Now (via)

» Agony Column's Terry Weyna reviews Tim Lebbon's Dusk

» Issue #2 of Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show has fiction by Brad Beaulieu, David Farland, Al Sarrantonio, and others

» SF Site: Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2005: Editors' Choice

» Futurismic has new fiction by Lisa Mantchev

» Speceditor666 interviews Ellen Datlow

» Paul F. Olson and David B. Silva have a new blog, which will include exclusive content and classic stories

» Village Voice: Nick Mamatas interviews Poppy Z. Brite, who's back in New Orleans

» Emerald City #126

» Jeff VanderMeer walks Sherry Decker down the plank

» Green Man Review looks at the 20th anniversary edition of Dan Simmons' Song of Kali

» Fantastic Literature's March list is online

» Australian pop science magazine Cosmos has posted online its recently published SF stories (edited by Damien Broderick) by Joe Haldeman, Paul Di Filippo, Charles Stross, Gregory Benford, and others

» 2nd issue of webzine Estronomicon is now available

» The Clarion Foundation offers memberships in its Clarion Circle program, which hosts a chat with Kim Stanley Robinson tomorrow, 23 Feb

» Audio magazine MechMuse' debut issue has adaptation of works by David Barr Kirtley, David Farland, and others

» The Balticon Podcast has an interview with Steven Barnes

» Green Man Review reviews Kage Baker

» David G. Hartwell wins the Skylark Award

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the KGB reading with James Patrick Kelly and Douglas Lain

» SF has an advance review of Vernor Vinge's Rainbows End

» The Agony Column reviews, interviews, and podcasts Charlie Huston

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Stephen King, Kevin Brockmeier, Jess Nevins

» Denver Post: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Joe Haldeman's War Stories

» NY Times: article about David H. Wilson's How to Survive a Robot Uprising

» Salon: Laura Miller reviews Kevin Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead

» Black Gate's website has Rich Horton's Virtual Best of the Year, his picks of 2005's best novellas, novelettes, and short stories

» New blog: Wildside Press Magazines

» This week's Strange Horizons has articles by Greg Beatty and by Matthew Cheney about poetry, and begins a program to reprint all the Rhysling winners to date, beginning with 1978 winners by Gene Wolfe, Duane Ackerson, Sonya Dorman, and Andrew Joron

» Redesigned SF Weekly interviews Jack Dann

» Issue 9 of Shadowed Realms features KJ Bishop, Kaaron Warren, Deborah Biancotti, and others

» More about Claude Lalumière and Elise Moser's anthology Lust for Life, just released in Canada

» Green Man Review looks at Avram Davidson's Adventures in Unhistory

» Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier headline the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators conference in Bologna, 25-26 March

» Infinity Plus has Keith Brooke's short story Genetopia (seed of the forthcoming novel), an interview with Brooke, an extract from Nick Gifford's novel Erased, and numerous new reviews

» Lou Anders and Mike Resnick are hosting an unofficial contest to create the rules for an alien game described in Resnick's forthcoming Starship: Pirate

» Writer's Digest's 75th Annual Writing Competition offers $30,000 in cash and prizes; deadline May 15

» First issue of ElectricSpec eZine features "shockingly good" short works of SF, fantasy, and the macabre

» Green Man Review: J.J.S. Boyce reviews Neal Asher's The Voyage of the Sable Keech

» Apex Online's featured writer in February is Christopher Rowe

» February Quantum Muse has fiction, art, and a comic

» David Langford's Ansible 223

» February's Internet Review of SF has an interview with Wu Yan plus features and reviews on Australian SF, Star Trek books, Joe Hill, etc.

» Stephen Baxter fan site The Manifold is taking reader questions for Baxter to answer

» Washington Post: George R.R. Martin reviews Stephen King's Cell

» Guardian: Michael Moorcock reviews Zoran Zivkovic's Hidden Camera

» Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Greg Bear talks about Quantico and terrorism

» Glasgow Sunday Herald: Kurt Vonnegut: A requiem for the USA

» Seatle Times: Kimberly Marlowe Hartnett reviews Nisi Shawl & Cynthia Ward's Writing the Other

» Futurismic has new story Cycle Thieves, by Mark Ward

» Fantastic Literature's February booklist is online

» Neil Gaiman's website is new and improved

» explores the science behind hard science fiction

» Lone Star Stories' Issue 13 is online, with fiction and poetry by Cherie Priest, Bruce Boston, Jo Walton, and others

» Overlook Press has a blog

» February's SciFiDimensions has fiction by Bruce Holland Rogers, an interview with Paul Levinson, commentary by Kevin Ahearn, numerous reviews, etc.

» Deep Magic's February issue is ready for download

» Infinity Plus extract's Chris Dolley's new novel, reprints stories from Jason Erik Lundberg and Gary Couzens, and posts numerous reviews

» reviews R. Scott Bakker and hosts a contest to win a copy of Jeff VanderMeer's latest novel

» NPR: Rick Kleffel's audio report on how SF writers (Kim Stanley Robinson, Michael Crichton) target global warming; earlier, Kleffel's report on literary takes on scifi themes

» Peter Bebergal on video blog Drivetime recommends Karen Armstrong and Philip Pullman

» Ellen Datlow's photos from the KGB reading with Marly Youmans and Jeff VanderMeer

» The Age profiles Scott Westerfeld

» LA Times's Susan Salter Reynolds reviews Bruce Sterling's Shaping Things

» Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City #125 has an essay by Jeff VanderMeer, Best of '05 lists from Cheryl and various contributors, and numerous reviews

» Green Man Review's Cat Eldridge reviews Tim Pratt's The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl, calling it "easily the most impressive debut novel I've read in a very long time"

» RevolutionSF announces new fiction editors Steve Wilson and Matthew Bey beginning February 1

» Some Fantastic's Issue #7, online as a PDF file, has interviews and reviews of Charles Coleman Finlay, Terry Pratchett, Kid Reed, DVDs

» Reviews of Stephen King's Cell by Janet Maslin in New York Times, by David L. Ulin in LA Times, by Carol Memmott in USA Today, by Erica Noonan in Boston Globe

» Joe Nassise's podcast, beginning Jan 31st, of his novel Heretic -- the first novel from a major NY publisher to be podcast in its entirety -- is introduced here at The Podcast Network; see The Templar Chronicles for background on the series

» Strange Horizons: James Schellenberg provides a Small Press Roundup

» the culture of science in fiction & fact

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Tim Lebbon's Dusk

» The Infinite Matrix's final issue concludes with essays by William Gibson and Eleanor Arnason, stories by Doctorow & Stross and James Patrick Kelly, and more

» Washington Post's Michael Dirda reviews Robert E. Howard

» Chris Roberson has launched a website about his upcoming novel, Paragaea, with free chapters, an entire prequel novel, and background features

» New webzine Estronomicon has work by Frank Wu, Peter Crowther, Tony Richard, Jane Frank, and others.

» SFFWorld reviews Mike Resnick

» USA Today looks at five trends in last year's bestselling books

» NYC Indymedia interviews Octavia Butler

» Chico News and Review interviews Kim Stanley Robinson

» profiles UC Riverside's Eaton Collection

» The New Yorker's Nancy Franklin writes about Battlestar Galactica

» Rick Kleffel interviews (with podcast) Tim Pratt

» New author David Louis Edelman has created an elaborate website to promote his forthcoming Pyr novel Infoquake, with excerpts, a glossary, timeline, etc.

» Going to Worldcon 2007 in Japan? Check out margin.notes -- "All about Japanese popular fiction in translation. Focusing on mystery, horror, fantasy, and science fiction."

» Ben Bova writes for Naples Daily News I've spent my life devoted to science

» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Sonya Taaffe, Edmond Hamilton & Leigh Brackett, Justina Robson, and M. John Harrison

» Guardian: extract from Kurt Vonnegut's forthcoming memoir; Jon Courtenay Grimwood reviews Richard Paul Russo, Naomi Novik, Fiona McIntosh, Jeff VanderMeer

» Library Journal's Best books of 2005 (via WTOP) include SF titles by Bisson, Clarke/Baxter, Cross, Eschbach, and Palwick

» Green Man Review reviews Charles de Lint's Widdershins

» SFF World reviews and interviews Tobias Buckell, and reviews Charlie Huston

» The Agony Column covers Charles de Lint, Christine Wicker, et al, and offers podcasts

» January Internet Review of SF has resolutions by Bluejack, notes to aspiring writers by Ruth Nestvold & Jay Lake, short fiction reviews by Lois Tilton, and more

» Concatenation for January has lots of news and reviews

» Time Out Chicago's Top 10 Books of 2005 (PDF) includes Carol Emshwiller and Lydia Millet

» January Magazine's Best Fiction of 2005 includes George Alec Effinger, Alexander C. Irvine, Cory Doctorow, and Aimee Bender

» ChiZine's Issue #27 has fiction and poetry by Tristan Davenport, Gordon Grice, Will McIntosh, Bruce Boston, and others

» Green Man Review looks at Silverberg's The New Springtime

» SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews David Marusek, Charlie Huston, Charles Burns

» Toronto Star profile Bruce Holland Rogers' e-mail short story service

» David Langford's Ansible 222

» Bookslut reviews SF for Kiddies (including Jay Lake) and classics by George Alec Effinger

» RevolutionSF editors check in with their best of 2005 selections

» Clare Dudman interviews Jeff VanderMeer

» Surprising Stories interviews Daniel Keyes

» The Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice reviews Robert J. Sawyer

» The Edge asks 119 scientists What is Your Dangerous Idea?

» Barnes & Noble's Top Ten SF/F Novels of 2005 includes Brandon Sanderson, John Meaney, Robin Hobb

» TiconderogaOnline has posted Issue 6, with fiction by David Carroll, Deborah Biancotti, interviews, columns, and reviews

» The Website at the End of the Universe presents its 2006 Calendar (PDF)

» Strange Horizons offers 2005 in Review

» SFFWorld's Rob Bedford and Hobbit review 2005

» Rick Kleffel is podcasting

» Green Man Review looks at Alan Lee's LotR Sketchbook

» Fantastic Metropolis has posted fiction by Matthew Rossi and an essay about Kazuo Ishiguro by Geoffrey Maloney

» Adrienne Martini remembers Andre Norton

» FantasyBookSpot reviews Naomi Novik, Theodora Goss

» January SF Site has reviews, an interview with Kevin J. Anderson, and the poll for the Annual SF Site Readers' Choice: Best Read of 2005

» January SF Revu has columns, reviews, interview with Naomi Novik

» Futurismic has posted January fiction The Other Side of Silence by Ruth Nestvold

» New York Times: short review (scroll down) of Kit Reed's Dogs of Truth

» Robert J. Sawyer has a blog

» Cory quit his day-job

» The Australian profiles Margo Lanagan

» Weekly Standard: Michael Dirda reviews M.R. James

» Deep Magic's January issue is available as PDF

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