20th and 21st Century SF/Fantasy Short Fiction Polls - Complete Results

Here are complete results, by category, consolidating a total of 2185 unique category/title vote combinations.

The columns at right show total points, according to the scoring algorithms described earlier; the total number of votes for the title; then the number of first place votes, second place votes, etc.

Titles are ranked by total points, with ties indicated by *. Ranks are assigned only for titles that received at least two votes; all others indicate rank of 0.

Note that voted titles were edited for consistency [Author : Title (Year)], and so that database summation queries could generate scores, but such editing was done only for titles with significant numbers of votes. Many other titles with only single votes were left in the format entered by the voters, except to put the last name of the author first.

Unlike the results for novels posted so far, these results do incorporate corrections to combine votes for particular stories into their most likely correct categories. First, compiled ballots were analyzed -- after editing the mapping of voted titles to tallied titles -- to detect multiple votes for the same work on the same ballot, even across categories; duplicate votes were manually edited so as not to compile with valid votes. (These appear as titles preceded by an x, e.g. "xBy His Bootstraps".) Then, all votes in each category were compiled. Then, results in all categories were merged to combine the points and vote totals for each work. Finally, each title was assigned to the category where it had received the most votes. For example, Asimov's "Nightfall" received votes in the 20th century novella, novelette, and short story categories, but mostly as a novelette, and so that's the category where its combined votes were ranked. Similarly, Ellison's "A Boy and His Dog" also received votes in those three categories, but though our reference lists for 20th century (and 21st century) short fiction suggested that it was a novella [that's the category in won a Nebula Award in], it got more votes as a novelette, and so that's where the story is ranked.

Invalid votes -- especially a number of novel titles -- were not removed, but do not affect the rankings.

Complete results, by author and title, are also available alphabetically.

-- Mark R. Kelly

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20th Century Novellas

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Chiang, Ted : Story of Your Life (1998)97863211157662311
2Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Word for World Is Forest (1972)66645114641011314
3Tiptree, James, Jr. : Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (1976)592396105623421
4Campbell, John W. : Who Goes There? (1938)5683911462122533
5Varley, John : The Persistence of Vision (1978)561393647752122
6Wolfe, Gene : The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)510346664331221
7Leiber, Fritz : Ill Met in Lankhmar (1970)50936454264443
8Heinlein, Robert A. : The Man Who Sold the Moon (1950)508346671424211
9Kress, Nancy : Beggars in Spain (1991)456333525531243
10Moore, C. L. (& Henry Kuttner) : Vintage Season (1946)424295444312411
11Bujold, Lois McMaster : The Mountains of Mourning (1989)416291025121242
12Martin, George R. R. : A Song for Lya (1974)4012775232233
13Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1942)37225624424111
14Heinlein, Robert A. : By His Bootstraps32522514142311
15Simak, Clifford D. : The Big Front Yard (1958)3232315333251
16Sturgeon, Theodore : Baby Is Three (1952)3222261341241
17*Moorcock, Michael : Behold the Man (1966)321235222212232
17*Varley, John : PRESS ENTER[] (1984)32123236233211
19Willis, Connie : The Last of the Winnebagos (1988)30922222424312
20Vinge, Vernor : True Names (1981)307223331312222
21Vance, Jack : The Last Castle (1966)28721242122341
22*Crowley, John : Great Work of Time (1989)2831915351211
22*Zelazny, Roger : 24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai (1985)2831881121311
24*Vance, Jack : The Dragon Masters (1962)282211724232
24*Vance, Jack : The Moon Moth (1961)282196214312
26Heinlein, Robert A. : The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag (1942)281183532131
27Longyear, Barry B. : Enemy Mine (1979)25620212214521
28Asimov, Isaac : The Martian Way (1952)2531832223222
29Farmer, Philip Jose : Riders of the Purple Wage (1967)2481932113333
30Zelazny, Roger : He Who Shapes (1965)2311724111215
31Chiang, Ted : Seventy-two Letters (2000)225163222331
32Shepard, Lucius : R&R (1986)22416221212321
33Wolfe, Gene : The Death of Doctor Island (1973)22217112131413
34Delany, Samuel R. : The Star Pit (1967)20114231112112
35McCaffrey, Anne : Dragonrider (1967)20014133112111
36Resnick, Mike : Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge (1994)19515211221123
37Heinlein, Robert A. : Universe (1941)1881322221211
38McCaffrey, Anne : Weyr Search (1967)186131313221
39Silverberg, Robert : Nightwings (1968)1771322112122
40Anderson, Poul : The Queen of Air and Darkness (1971)17613223222
41Lovecraft, H. P. : The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward1701221312111
42*Howard, Robert E. : Red Nails (1936)165121221312
42*Silverberg, Robert : Sailing to Byzantium (1985)16512222132
44Brin, David : The Postman (1982)16212012131112
45Bear, Greg : Hardfought (1983)1601123111111
46Russell, Eric Frank : ...And Then There Were None157111222211
47Zelazny, Roger : Home Is the Hangman (1975)1551023311
48*Haldeman, Joe : The Hemingway Hoax (1990)15212011133111
48*Wolfe, Gene : Seven American Nights (1978)152102242
50Lovecraft, H. P. : The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (1943)146101222111
51*Silverberg, Robert : Hawksbill Station (1967)1441201212123
51*Pohl, Frederik : The Gold at the Starbow's End (1972)1441101212113
51*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Forgiveness Day (1994)144911511
54Robinson, Spider (& Jeanne Robinson) : Stardance132110113123
55Sturgeon, Theodore : Killdozer! (1944)1251001111213
56Dickson, Gordon R. : Soldier, Ask Not (1964)12210131212
57Tiptree, James, Jr. : A Momentary Taste of Being121832111
58Silverberg, Robert : Born with the Dead1207322
59Tolkien, J. R. R. : Farmer Giles of Ham (1949)1168122111
60*Martin, George R. R. : Nightflyers (1981)115902111121
60*Howard, Robert E. : Beyond the Black River (1935)115813112
60*MacLeod, Ian R. : The Summer Isles1158212111
60*King, Stephen : The Breathing Method1157232
64Egan, Greg : Oceanic (1998)1148031211
65Russ, Joanna : Souls (1982)11380113111
66Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shadow Out of Time11190212112
67*Leiber, Fritz : The Snow Women (1970)108801111211
67*Leinster, Murray : Sidewise in Time (1934)108802231
69Kelly, James Patrick : Mr. Boy (1990)10772221
70Lovecraft, H. P. : At the Mountains of Madness1007111211
71Cowper, Richard : Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1976)957111211
72*Robinson, Kim Stanley : Green Mars (1985)9370111121
72*Sterling, Bruce : Green Days in Brunei (1985)93711122
74Bishop, Michael : Death and Designation Among the Asadi (1973)9181124
75*Silverberg, Robert : Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another (1989)876012111
75*Wyndham, John : Consider Her Ways (1956)8760132
77Shepard, Lucius : Barnacle Bill the Spacer (1992)8360111111
78Harness, Charles L. : The Rose (1953)82601212
79Marusek, David: The Wedding Album (1999)806111111
80Heinlein, Robert A. : Gulf7850113
81*Ellison, Harlan : Mefisto In Onyx77502111
81*Willis, Connie : The Winds of Marble Arch775221
83Reed, Robert : Marrow765212
84Blackwood, Algernon : The Willows (1907)735113
85*Robinson, Spider : By Any Other Name6750212
85*Spinrad, Norman : Riding the Torch (1974)6750221
85*Heinlein, Robert A. : If This Goes On -674112
85*King, Stephen : The Mist674121
89del Rey, Lester : Nerves (1942)66511111
90*Ellison, Harlan : All the Lies That Are My Life65511111
90*Heinlein, Robert A. : Blowups Happen65502111
90*Leiber, Fritz : Ship of Shadows65501211
93Shepard, Lucius : Radiant Green Star6450311
94Flynn, Michael F. : Eifelheim (1986)62502111
95*Farmer, Philip Jose : The Alley Man (1959)5941111
95*Martin, George R. R. : The Hedge Knight (1998)5941111
97*Dickson, Gordon R. : Lost Dorsai (1980)5741111
97*Howard, Robert E. : A Witch Shall Be Born (1934)5741111
97*McDonald, Ian : The Days of Solomon Gursky57401111
100*Bujold, Lois McMaster: The Borders of Infinity5640211
100*Dozois, Gardner : Chains of the Sea56401111
100*Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : The Retrieval Artist5641111
103Pohl, Frederik : The Midas Plague54401111
104Boucher, Anthony : The Compleat Werewolf5340121
105*Aldiss, Brian W. : The Saliva Tree (1965)52501112
105*Delany, Samuel R. : Empire Star52312
105*Ford, John M. : Erase/Record/Play52312
108Le Guin, Ursula K. : A Man of the People51401111
109*Howard, Robert E. : The People of the Black Circle (1934)503111
109*Shepard, Lucius : The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter50312
111Barker, Clive : The Hellbound Heart49321
112*Matheson, Richard : I Am Legend483111
112*Sturgeon, Theodore : The Golden Helix (1954)48303
114Blish, James : A Case Of Conscience473111
115Tuttle, Lisa (& George R. R. Martin) : The Storms of Windhaven (1975)4430111
116Silverberg, Robert : Gilgamesh in the Outback (1986)4340121
117Niven, Larry : ARM424022
118*Priest, Christopher : The Watched (1978)4130111
118*Robinson, Kim Stanley : The Blind Geometer (1986)413012
118*Smith, Cordwainer : The Dead Lady of Clown Town4130111
118*Varley, John : In the Hall of the Martian Kings (1977)4130111
118*Zahn, Timothy : Cascade Point413021
123Orwell, George : Animal Farm (1945)4030111
124Martin, George R. R. : Guardians (1981)3930111
125*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Weatherman (1990)3830111
125*Cadigan, Pat : Fool to Believe3830111
125*Denton, Bradley : The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians (1988)3830111
125*Flynn, Michale F. : The Forest of Time3830111
129*Marusek, David : We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy3730111
129*Tenn, William : Firewater (1952)3730111
131*Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Only Neat Thing To Do3630111
131*Saint-Exupery, Antoine de : The Little Prince (1943)3622
133*Hamilton, Peter F. : The Suspect Genome353021
133*Steele, Allen M. : The Death of Captain Future353012
133*Barker, Clive : Cabal35211
133*Heinlein, Robert A. : Logic of Empire35211
133*Kafka, Franz : The Metamorphosis35211
138*Varley, John : Blue Champagne (1981)3430111
138*Bradbury, Ray : Frost and Fire34202
138*Dick, Philip K. : The Minority Report34202
141*Anderson, Poul : The Saturn Game3330111
141*Banks, Iain M. : The State of the Art33211
141*Leiber, Fritz : The Big Time33211
141*Tiptree, James, Jr. : With Delicate Mad Hands332011
145*Silverberg, Robert : The Secret Sharer (1987)32211
145*Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Hard to Be a God (1964)322011
147Cady, Jack : The Night We Buried Road Dog313012
148*Baker, Kage : Son Observe the Time302011
148*Heinlein, Robert A. : Waldo30211
150*Bisson, Terry : Dear Abbey293111
150*Robinson, Kim Stanley : Escape from Kathmandu293021
150*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Labyrinth292011
150*Bulgakov. Michail : The Heart of a Dog292011
150*Ellison, Harlan : Grail29211
150*Heinlein, Robert A. : Coventry29211
150*Kuttner, Henry : Absalom (1946)292011
150*Oltion, Jerry : Abandon in Place292011
150*Zelazny, Roger : Damnation Alley29211
159*Aickman, Robert : The Stains (1980)282011
159*Egan, Greg : Tap (1995)282011
159*London, Jack : The Scarlet Plague282011
159*Sheckley, Robert : The Status Civilization (1960)282011
163*Kornbluth, C. M. : Two Dooms27211
163*Lansdale, Joe R. : Mad Dog Summer (1999)272011
163*Martin, George R. R. : The Skin Trade (1988)272011
163*Onions, Oliver : The Beckoning Fair One272011
163*Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : The Gallery of His Dreams (1991)272011
163*Vance, Jack : Rumfuddle272011
169*McDonald, Ian : Tendeleo's Story26312
169*Delany, Samuel R. : Lines of Power (1968)262011
169*Haldeman, Joe : Hero262011
169*Lansdale, Joe R. : On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks26202
173*MacLeod, Ian R. : 1/72nd Scale252011
173*Martin, George R. R. : Blood of the Dragon (1996)252011
173*Moore, Alan : Watchmen25211
173*Spinrad, Norman : Journals of the Plague Years (1988)252011
173*Turtledove, Harry : Forty, Counting Down (1999)252011
173*Wilhelm, Kate : The Winter Beach252011
179*Bishop, Michael : Her Habiline Husband24202
179*McHugh, Maureen F. : Protection242011
179*Sturgeon, Theodore : The (W)idget, the (W)adget and Boff242011
182*Anderson, Poul : No Truce with Kings (1963)232011
182*Card, Orson Scott : Eye for Eye232011
182*Gardner, John : The King's Indian232011
185*Kress, Nancy : Dancing on Air212011
185*Miller, Walter M., Jr. : Dark Benediction (1951)212011
187Straub, Peter : Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff20202
188*Card, Orson Scott : Hatrack River192011
188*Castro, Adam-Troy : The Funeral March of the Marionettes192011
190*Charnas, Suzy McKee : Unicorn Tapestry18202
190*Morrow, James : City of Truth18202
0Anderson, Poul : Flight to Forever (1950)1811
0Anderson, Poul : The Sorrow of Odin The Goth1811
0Asaro, Catherine : Aurora in Four Voices1811
0Asimov, Isaac : The Mule1811
0Barker, Clive : Books of Blood volumes 1-31811
0Bradbury, Ray : Fahrenheit 4511811
0Budrys, Algis : Rogue Moon1811
0Burgess : A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess1811
0Clarke, Arthur C. : The Lion of Comarre1811
0Conrad : Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad1811
0Delany, Samuel R. : The Ballad of Beta-21811
0Dick, Philip K. : do androids dream of electric sheep1811
0Garcia Marquez : Gabriel Garcia Marquez, No one writes to the colonel1811
0Harrison, M. John : The Pastel City1811
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Lost Legacy1811
0Lafayette : The Indigestible Triton1811
0Lee, Tanith : East of Midnight1811
0Lem ? : pirx1811
0McKillip : Forgotten Beasts of Eld Patricia Mckillip1811
0McNaughton, The Throne of Bones1811
0Moore, C. L. : Judgment Night1811
0Piper : Gunpowder God by H. Beam Piper1811
0Randall, Marta: Dangerous Games (1980)1811
0Saunders : Bounty - George Saunders1811
0Schmidt, J : Houston, We Have a Problem1811
0Simmons, Dan : Hyperion series - Dan Simmons1811
0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Monday Begins on Saturday1811
0Sturgeon, Theodore : To Marry Medusa1811
0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Slow Music1811
0Varley, John : Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo1811
0Weber : The Apocalypse Troll1811
0Wolfe, Gene : Tracking Song1811
0xThe Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories1811
0?? : The Ghoul17101
0Anderson, Poul : Epilogue17101
0Anderson, Poul : Kings Who Die17101
0Asaro, Catherine : A Roll of the Dice17101
0Bishop, Michael : The Samurai and the Willows17101
0Bulychev, Kir : The Sorrow of Odin The Goth17101
0Dann, Jack : Junction (1973)17101
0de Lint : In the House of My Enemy - Charles de Lint17101
0Dozois, Gardner : Strangers17101
0Effinger : Marid Changes His Mind17101
0Farmer, Philip Jose : To your Scaterred bodies Go17101
0Harrison, M, John : A Storm of Wings17101
0King, Stephen : Dolan's Cadillac17101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : A Woman's Liberation17101
0McKillip : The Changeline Sea, by Patricia A. McKillip17101
0Nihei : Blame! Vol. 1 by Tsutomu Nihei17101
0Russell, Eric Frank : The Space Willies (E.F. Russell)17101
0Schenck, Hilbert : The Battle of the Abaco Reefs (1979)17101
0Stapledon : Star Maker17101
0Tuttle, Lisa (& George R. R. Martin) : One-Wing (1980)17101
0Vance, Jack : The dying earth17101
0VanderMeer, Jeff : The Transformation of Martin Lake (1999)17101
0Wolfe, Gene : Book of the New Sun series17101
0Wyndham, John : The Kraken Wakes17101
0xxWolfe, Gene : The Death of Dr. Island17101
0Arnason, Eleanor : Dapple16101
0Bester, Alfred : Hell is Forever16101
0Blackwood, Algernon : The Wendigo16101
0Bulychev, Kir : Half a Life16101
0Burroughs : John Carter of Mars series - Edgar Rice Burroughs16101
0Castro/Oltion, The Astronaut From Wyoming16101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : The City and the Stars16101
0Delany, Samuel R. : Babel 1716101
0Dick, Philip K. : Ubik16101
0Harrison, M. John : In Viriconium16101
0Hasse, Henry: He Who Shrank (1936)16101
0Laumer : The Timesweepers16101
0McCaffrey, Anne : Dragonflight16101
0Nowlan : Armageddon 2419 A.D. - Philip Francis Nowlan16101
0Pratchett, Terry : Eric (1990)16101
0Reed, Robert : Sister Alice16101
0Sheckley, Robert : A Ticket to Tranai16101
0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: Definitely Maybe (1977)16101
0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: The Way to Amalteia16101
0Vonnegut, Kurt : The Sirens of Titan (1959)16101
0Willis, Connie : Spice Pogrom16101
0Yolen, Jane : The Devil's Arithmetic16101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : Equator15101
0Anderson, Poul : Three Hearts and Three Lions15101
0Arakawa : Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1 by Hiromu Arakawa15101
0Bates : Harry Bates, Farewell to the Master15101
0Carroll : Jonathan Carroll, Uh-oh City15101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : Against the Fall of Night15101
0Daniel : Grist15101
0Davidson, Avram : There Beneath The Silky-Trees And Whelmed In Deeper Gulphs Than Me15101
0Donaldson, Stephen R. : Daughter of Regals15101
0Lem, Stanislaw. The Inquest15101
0McCaffrey, Anne : Dramatic Mission15101
0Neville : Bettyann15101
0Smith, Cordwainer : Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons15101
0Spinrad, Norman : The Lost Continent15101
0Stephenson, Neal : The Diamond Age (1995)15101
0Vinge, Vernor : The Blabber15101
0Wyndham, John : The Chrysalids15101
0Boucher, Anthony : We Print The Truth14101
0Lem, Stanislaw : The Cyberiad (1974)14101
0Machen : Arthur Machen, The White People14101
0Moore, C. L. : Greater Than Gods14101
0Niven, Larry : For a Foggy Night14101
0Pohl, Frederik : Mars Masked (1979)14101
0Priest, Christopher : The Miraculous Cairn14101
0Russell, Eric Frank : Plus X14101
0Russo : Richard Paul Russo. More than Night14101
0Sheckley, Robert : Join Now (The Humours)14101
0Spitz Jacques, The Eye of Purgatory14101
0Swann : Thomas Burnett Swann, The Manor of Roses14101
0VanderMeer, Jeff : Dradin, in Love14101
0Vinge, Joan D. : Fireship14101
0Farmer, Philip Jose : Riverworld13101
0Galouye, Daniel F., Lords of the Psychon13101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Orphans of the Sky13101
0Jonas : Gerald Jonas, The Shaker Revival13101
0Knight, Damon : The Earth Quarter13101
0Landolfi : Tommaso Landolfi, Cancroregina (Cancerqueen)13101
0Lindholm, Megan : A Touch of Lavender13101
0Pratchett, Terry : Small Gods (1992)13101
0Robb J D Interlude in Death13101
0Roberts, Keith : Molly Zero (Keith Roberts)13101
0Saunders : Pastoralia by George Saunders13101
0Shepard, Lucius : Crocodile Rock13101
0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Space Mowgli13101
0Tenn, William : Venus and the Seven Sexes13101
0Thomas : Theodore L. Thomas, The Weather Man13101
0Tolkien, J. R. R. : Smith of Wootton Major13101
0Vinge, Joan D. : Tin Soldier (1974)13101
0Wittkop : The Necrophiliac - Gabrielle Wittkop13101
0xBy His Bootstraps13101
0Bester, Alfred : 5,271,00912101
0Card, Orson Scott : Songhouse12101
0Denton, Bradley : The Territory12101
0Flynn, Michael F. : Melodies of the Heart12101
0Guin : Beyond Bedlam12101
0Kessel, John : Another Orphan12101
0Kuttner, Henry : Clash by Night12101
0Moorcock, Michael : Stormbringer12101
0Pohl, Frederik : The Greening of Bed-Stuy12101
0Robinson, Kim Stanley : To Leave a Mark12101
0Russell, Eric Frank : Legwork (1956)12101
0Russell, Eric Frank : Sinister Barrier (1948)12101
0Shepard, Lucius : Human History12101
0Simmons, Dan : The Great Lover (1993)12101
0Stableford : Mortimer Gray's History of Death12101
0Straub, Peter : Pork Pie Hat12101
0VanderMeer, Jeff : Balzac's War12101
0Watson, Ian : Secrets12101
0White, James : Sector General (1957)12101
0xxZelazny, Roger : He Who Shapes12101
0Zweig : The Royal Game - Stefan Zweig12101
0Aldridge : Ray Aldridge: The Beauty Addict11101
0Card, Orson Scott : the bully and the beast11101
0de Camp, L. Sprague (& Pratt, Fletcher) : The Compleat Enchanter: The Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea (1975)11101
0Garcia Marquez : Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez11101
0Howard, Robert E. : People of the Black Circle11101
0Leiber, Fritz : Horrible Imaginings11101
0Leinster, Murray : The Mad Planet11101
0Murphy/Van Name : Desert Rain11101
0Piper, H. Beam : The Last Enemy11101
0Roberts, Keith : Weinachtsabend11101
0Slesar : Jobo by Henry Slesar11101
0Varley, John : Equinoctial11101
0Vinge, Joan D. : Psion11101
0Willis, Connie : Jack11101
0Wolfe, Gene : The Eyeflash Miracles11101
0Brunner, John : Earth is But a Star/ The 100th Millenium10101
0Card, Orson Scott : The Originist10101
0Cogswell, Theodore R. : The Spectre General10101
0Davidson, Avram : Young Doctor Esterhazy10101
0Delany, Samuel R. : The Tale of Gorgik10101
0King, Stephen : The Body (1982)10101
0McKenna, Richard : Hunter Come Home10101
0Oates : The Ruins of Contracoeur - Joyce Carol Oates10101
0Pournelle, Jerry : Mercenary10101
0Rackham : Treasure of Tau Ceit, John Rackham10101
0Reynolds, Alastair : Galactic North10101
0Rocklynne, Ross: Time Wants a Skeleton (1941)10101
0Schroeder : The Dragon of Pripyat10101
0Sheckley, Robert : The Humours10101
0Silverberg, Robert : Lord Valentine's Castle (1980)10101
0Silverberg, Robert: The Desert of Stolen Dreams10101
0Simak, Clifford D. : Immigrant10101
0Stableford : Les Fleurs du Mal, Stableford10101
0Wilhelm, Kate : Naming the Flowers10101
0?? : High Castle9101
0Anderson, Poul : Brain Wave9101
0Cherryh, C. J. : The Scapegoat9101
0Claudy : Land of No Shadow9101
0du Maurier, Daphne : Monte Verita9101
0Harrison, Harry : Captive Universe9101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Tenderfoot In Space9101
0Kingsbury : Donald Kingsbury: Bringing Home the Steel9101
0Lang : Allen Kim Lang, Cinderella Story9101
0Lee, Sharon & Miller, The Changeling9101
0Linaweaver : Moon of Ice, Brad Linaweaver9101
0Pohl, Frederik : The Merchants of Venus9101
0Pukallus,Horst: Das Rheinknie bei Sonnenaufgang (German) (1976)9101
0Resnick, Mike : Hunting the Snark9101
0Robinson, Kim Stanley : A Short, Sharp Shock9101
0Shepard, Lucius : A Traveler's Tale9101
0Straub, Peter : The Buffalo Hunter9101
0Swanwick, Michael: Griffin's Egg9101
0Wolfe, Gene : Forlesen9101
0Zelazny, Roger : This Immortal (1966)9101

20th Century Novelettes

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Keyes, Daniel : Flowers for Algernon (1959)16461083218166488664
2Asimov, Isaac : Nightfall (1941)101264241272651421
3Zelazny, Roger : A Rose for Ecclesiastes (1963)754491079882212
4Asimov, Isaac : The Bicentennial Man (1976)6604414635331333
5Martin, George R. R. : Sandkings (1979)601426475426521
6Bester, Alfred : Fondly Fahrenheit (1954)554379663312232
7Ellison, Harlan : A Boy and His Dog (1969)51636456255324
8Bear, Greg : Blood Music (1983)48034555281233
9Butler, Octavia E. : Bloodchild (1984)45830754442211
10Godwin, Tom : The Cold Equations (1954)450316441533131
11Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Women Men Don't See (1973)426295444251112
12Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Girl Who Was Plugged In41629383315132
13Card, Orson Scott : Ender's Game (1977)40028144725311
14Chiang, Ted : Tower of Babylon (1990)3782636432251
15Weinbaum, Stanley G. : A Martian Odyssey (1934)3572534432351
16Delany, Samuel R. : Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones (1968)355233844112
17Dick, Philip K. : We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (1966)35224542323122
18Gibson, William : Burning Chrome (1982)3472414426142
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162*Willis, Connie : All My Darling Daughters3630111
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167*Dick, Philip K. : Autofac (1955)3430111
167*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Coming of Age in Karhide34202
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170*Asimov, Isaac : Feminine Intuition ( 1969)3330111
170*Palmer, David R. : Emergence (1981)3330111
170*Charnas, Suzy McKee : Beauty and the Op?ra or the Phantom Beast332011
170*King, Stephen : The Monkey332011
174*Egan, Greg : Wang's Carpets32211
174*King, Stephen : The Way Station (1980)32202
174*Leiber, Fritz : Four Ghosts in Hamlet (1965)322011
174*Tenn, William : Time in Advance (1956)32211
174*Varley, John : In The Bowl32211
179*Anderson, Poul : Sam Hall312011
179*Ellison, Harlan : Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38? 54' N, Longitude 77? 00' 13 W (1974)312011
179*Sterling, Bruce : Cicada Queen (1983)31211
179*Waldrop, Howard : Night of the Cooters312011
183*de Camp, L. Sprague : The Gnarly Man3030111
183*Asimov, Isaac : It's Such a Beautiful Day (1954)30202
183*Kagan, Janet : The Nutcracker Coup302011
186*Bryant, Edward : Shark292011
186*Kornbluth, C. M. : Shark Ship292011
186*Lem, Stanislaw : The Mask29211
186*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Dreams in the Witch-House292011
186*Miller, Walter M., Jr. : The Darfsteller292011
186*Vance, Jack : The Gift of Gab292011
186*Varley, John : The Phantom of Kansas292011
193*Elliott, George P. : Sandra282011
193*Howard, Robert E. : Red Shadows28202
193*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Birthday of the World282011
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193*Leiber, Fritz : Lean Times in Lankhmar28211
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193*Morrell, David : Orange Is For Anguish, Blue Is for Insanity (1988)282011
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201*Asimov, Isaac : Galley Slave (1957)272011
201*Kessel, John : Invaders27211
203*Ballard, J. G. : The Sound-Sweep262011
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207*Aickamn, Robert : The Hospice252011
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207*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Matter of Seggri252011
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207*Tenn, William : Bernie the Faust252011
213*Howard, Robert E. : The Valley of the Worm (1934)242011
213*James, M. R. : Casting the Runes (1904)242011
213*Niven, Larry : The Fourth Profession242011
213*Varley, John : Retrograde Summer24202
217*Anderson, Poul : Hunter's Moon232011
217*Egan, Greg : Border Guards232011
217*Tenn, William : Down Among the Dead Men232011
220*Lee, Tanith : The Gorgon222011
220*Millhauser, Steven : The Barnum Museum222011
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225Robinson, Kim Stanley : A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations20202
226*Anderson, Poul : Call Me Joe192011
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229Williams, Walter Jon : Daddy's World (1999)18202
0?? : dog boys1811
0Aickman, Robert : The Swords1811
0Hobb, Robin : Assassin's Apprentice1811
0Howard, Robert E. : The Hour of the Dragon1811
0Leinster, Murray : The Runaway Skyscraper1811
0Moon : ABCs in Zero G (Elizabeth Moon)1811
0Niven, Larry : The Soft Weapon1811
0Sheffield, Charles : Georgia on My Mind, Charles Sheffield1811
0Straub, Peter : The Ghost Villiage1811
0Vinge, Joan D. : Phoenix In The Ashes (1978)1811
0Asimov, Isaac : That Thou Art Mindful of Him! (1974)17101
0Asimov, Isaac : The Key (1966)17101
0Bishop, Michael : On The Street of the Serpents17101
0Blaylock, James P. : Paper Dragons17101
0Di Filippo, Paul: Conspiracy of Noice17101
0Egan, Greg : Cocoon17101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Project Nightmare17101
0Howard, Robert E. : Jewels of Gwahlur17101
0Klein : T. E. D. Klein, Black Man with a Horn17101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Winter's King17101
0Merritt : The Moon Pool - A. Merritt17101
0Sanders : The Undiscovered17101
0Sapkowski, Andrzej : The Edge Of The World17101
0Shepard, Lucius : BEAST OF THE HEARTLAND17101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : It17101
0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Forever to a Hudson Day Blanket (1973)17101
0Varley, John : Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe17101
0Waldrop, Howard : Custer's Last Jump17101
0White, James : Second Ending17101
0xxOne for the Road17101
0Asimov, Isaac : Gold16101
0Ballard, J. G. : The Time-Tombs16101
0Brennert, Alan: Echoes (1997)16101
0Bryant, Edward : Strata16101
0Carneiro : Darkness, Andre Carneiro (Brazil)16101
0Di Filippo, Paul : The Double Felix (1994)16101
0Dozois, Gardner : A Kingdom by the Sea16101
0Fitzgerald : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - F. Scott Fitzgerald16101
0Harrison, M. John : Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring16101
0Kelly, James Patrick : Faith16101
0Kipling : With the Night Mail, Rudyard Kipling16101
0Kornbluth, C. M. : That Share of Glory16101
0Leiber, Fritz : The Button Molder16101
0Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : Echea16101
0Sheckley, Robert : The Minimum Man16101
0Smith, Clark Ashton: The Colossus of Ylourgne (1934)16101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : Case and the Dreamer16101
0Weinbaum, Stanley G. : The Adaptive Ultimate16101
0Weinbaum, Stanley G. : The Mad Moon (1935)16101
0Akutagawa : The Hell Screen by Ryunosuke Akutagawa15101
0Asimov, Isaac : The Red Queen's Race15101
0Biggle : Lloyd Biggle, Jr.: The Tunesmith15101
0Bishop, Michael : I, Iscariot15101
0Bishop, Michael : The Quickening15101
0Blish, James : Testament of Andros (1953)15101
0Crowley, John : In Blue15101
0de Camp/Pratt : The Roaring Trumpet15101
0Dickson, Gordon R. : The Cloak and the Staff15101
0Gould : Peaches for Mad Molly15101
0Grant : A Glow of Candles, a Unicorn's Eye15101
0Henderson Pottage15101
0Holdstock, Robert (& Garry D. Kilworth) : The Ragthorn (1991)15101
0King, Stephen : Hearts in Atlantis15101
0Kolupajew, Viktor: Gazetnyj kiosk (Russian) (1972)15101
0Kuttner, Henry [Lewis Padgett] : The Twonky15101
0Leiber, Fritz : Adept's Gambit15101
0Lindholm, Megan : Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man15101
0Martin, George R. R. : The Pear-Shaped Man (1987)15101
0McAuley, Paul J. : The Invisible Country15101
0Moffett, Judith : Surviving15101
0Newman, Kim : The Original Dr. Shade15101
0Shepard, Lucius : Aymara15101
0van Vogt, A. E. : Vault of the Beast15101
0Vance, Jack : Assault on a City15101
0Wells, H. G. : A Dream of Armageddon15101
0xxSidewise in Time15101
0Aickman, Robert : The Unsettled Dust14101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : A Kind of Artistry (1962)14101
0Anderson, Poul : Delenda Est (1955)14101
0Barker, Clive : Revelations14101
0Benford/Eklund : If The Stars Are Gods14101
0Davidson, Avram : Polly Charms, the Sleeping Woman - Avram Davidson14101
0Ellison, Harlan : I'm Looking for Kadak14101
0Gardner, James Alan : Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream14101
0Gottlieb : Phyllis Gottlieb, Tauf Alef14101
0Harness, Charles L. : The New Reality14101
0James : Henry James, The Friends of the Friends14101
0Jones, Raymond F.: A Bowl of Biskies Makes a Growing Boy (1973)14101
0Langelaan, George : The Fly14101
0Matheson, Richard : Duel14101
0Miller, Walter M. Jr. : Vengeance for Nikolai14101
0Moffett, Judith : The Hob14101
0Niven, Larry : The Borderland of Sol14101
0Pohl, Frederik : The Man Who Ate the World14101
0Reed, Robert : Guest of Honor14101
0Sheckley, Robert : The Deaths of Ben Baxter (1957)14101
0Sheckley, Robert : Watchbird14101
0Tiptree, James, Jr. : On the Last Afternoon14101
0Vinge, Vernor : The Barbarian Princess14101
0Waldrop, Howard : Fin de Cycle14101
0Anderson, Poul : Starfog13101
0Ballard, J. G. : Thirteen to Centaurus13101
0Bisson, Terry : England Underway13101
0Brackett : Leigh Brackett, The Last Days of Shandrakor13101
0Coney : Michael Coney: Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel13101
0Day : La Notion de g?nocide n?cessaire (Thomas Day)13101
0Harrison, M. John : Gifco13101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : We Also Walk Dogs13101
0Laumer, Keith: The Devil You Dont (1972)13101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Shobies' Story13101
0Levinson, Paul : The Chronology Protection Case13101
0Pronzini, Bill (& Raymond F. Jones): Prose Bowl13101
0Robinson, Kim Stanley : Sexual Dimorphism, Kim Stanley Robinson13101
0Simmons, Dan : Entropy's Bed at Midnight (1991)13101
0Sterling, Bruce : Flowers of Edo13101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : Mewhu's Jet13101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : When You Care, When You Love13101
0Tenn, William : Party of the Two Parts13101
0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Out of the Everywhere13101
0Varley, John : Beatnik Bayou13101
0Wilhelm, Kate : The Funeral13101
0xHoward, Robert E. : The Tower of the Elephant (1933)13101
0ab Hugh : The Coon Rolled Down... (ab Hugh)12101
0Aickman, Robert : Pages from a Young Girl's Journal12101
0Barker, Clive : In the Flesh12101
0Blaylock, James P. : The Old Curiosity Shop12101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Lost City of Mars12101
0Conner, Mike : Guide Dog12101
0de Camp, L. Sprague : Nothing in the Rules (1939)12101
0Egan, Greg : The Caress12101
0Eklund : Vermeer's Window - Eklund12101
0Hambly : Changeling ? Barbara Hambly12101
0James : Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad12101
0King, Stephen : Lunch at the Gotham Caf12101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Diary Of The Rose12101
0Leiber, Fritz : Poor Superman12101
0Niven, Larry : What Good is a Glass Dagger12101
0Sheckley, Robert : Shape12101
0Simon, Erik: Die Frachtluke klemmt (German) (1997)12101
0Smith, Cordwainer : Under Old Earth12101
0Spinrad, Norman : Carcinoma Angels12101
0Straub, Peter : The Juniper Tree12101
0Wagner, Karl Edward : Neither Brute Nor Human12101
0Williams, Sean (?) : Evermore12101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : FOAM11101
0Barker, Clive : The Life of Death11101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Haunting of the New (1969)11101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : Death and the Senator (1961)11101
0Dozois, Gardner : A Special Kind of Morning11101
0du Maurier, Daphne : Don't Look Now11101
0Farmer, Philip Jose : Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind11101
0Henderson Gilead11101
0Howard, Robert E. : The Devil in Iron11101
0Jablokov : At the Cross-Time Jaunters' Ball11101
0Kelly, James Patrick : STANDING IN LINE WITH MR. JIMMY11101
0Kipling : Rudyard Kipling, They11101
0Klein : The Events at Poroth Farm11101
0Knight, Damon : The Dying Man11101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Horror at Red Hook11101
0MacLeod, Ian R. : Starship Day11101
0Reed, Robert : Waging Good11101
0Rice, Jane : The Idol of the Flies11101
0Schmitz, James H. : Grandpa11101
0Smith, Michael Marshall, More Tomorrow11101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : Tiny and the Monster11101
0van Vogt, A. E. : The Rull (1948)11101
0Wagner, Karl Edward : Two Suns Setting (1976)11101
0Wells, H. G. : The Land Ironclads11101
0Wilson, Richard : Mother to the World11101
0Anderson, Poul : Brave to Be a King10101
0Howard, Robert E. : Worms of the Earth (1932)10101
0Klages : Ellen Klages: Time Gypsy10101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Lurking Fear10101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shunned House10101
0MacLeod, Ian R. : The Chop Girl10101
0McAllister, Bruce : Dream Baby10101
0Miller, Walter M., Jr. : Dumb Waiter10101
0Moore, C. L. : Jirel Meets Magic10101
0Niven, Larry (& Steven Barnes) : The Locusts10101
0Resnick, Mike : The Land of Nod10101
0Simmons, Dan : Death in Bangkok10101
0Wagner, Karl Edward : Sticks10101
0White, James : Tableau10101
0Wilson, Robert Charles : Divided by Infinity10101
0Anderson, Poul : The Sharing of Flesh9101
0Arnason, Eleanor : The Dog's Story9101
0Barker, Clive : The Midnight Meat Train9101
0Benford, Gregory : Matter's End9101
0Blish, James : There Shall Be No Darkness (1950)9101
0Brunner, John: The Things That Are Gods (1979)9101
0Crona, Brje: Rymden ?r rund (Swedish) (1983)9101
0Donaldson, Stephen R. : The Lady in White9101
0Dowling : Terry Dowling, Housecall9101
0Ellison, Harlan : Boy And His Dog9101
0Henderson, Angels Unaware9101
0Kessel, John : The Miracle of Ivar Avenue, by John Kessel9101
0Kipling : Rudyard Kipling, As Easy as A.B.C.9101
0Knight, Damon : Stranger Station9101
0Landis, Geoffrey A. : The Singular Habits of Wasps9101
0Laumer : Diplomat-at-Arms (Laumer)9101
0Resnick, Mike : When the Old Gods Die9101
0Sterling, Bruce : Deep Eddy9101
0Vance, Jack : The World-Thinker9101
0Wolfe, Gene : Bluesberry Jam9101
0xxAsimov, Isaac : The Bicentennial Man9101
0xZelazny, Roger : The Last Defender of Camelot (1979)9101

20th Century Short Stories

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Clarke, Arthur C. : The Nine Billion Names of God (1953)932625161110644222
2Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1973)797521496384152
3Ellison, Harlan : 'Repent, Harlequin!' said the Ticktockman (1965)7675281178233433
4Ellison, Harlan : I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967)7174971252715721
5Clarke, Arthur C. : The Star (1955)607408946332221
6Bradbury, Ray : A Sound of Thunder (1952)5043410326232222
7Heinlein, Robert A. : All You Zombies-- (1959)44232632221844
8Gibson, William : Johnny Mnemonic (1981)428303276133122
9Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Screwfly Solution (1977)42530412576212
10Jackson, Shirley : The Lottery (1948)42128635352121
11Bradbury, Ray : There Will Come Soft Rains (1950)407298343533
12Asimov, Isaac : The Last Question (1956)3812583511322
13Shaw, Bob : Light of Other Days (1966)371264434211232
14Vonnegut, Kurt : Harrison Bergeron (1961)364272441231523
15Heinlein, Robert A. : The Green Hills of Earth (1947)362265132431232
16Smith, Cordwainer : The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955)290220322413331
17Pohl, Frederik : Day Million (1966)28921132332331
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0Wilhelm, Kate : The Village15101
0?? : Transience14101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : The Worm that Flies14101
0Asimov, Isaac : Green Patches (1950)14101
0Asimov, Isaac : Sally14101
0Asimov, Isaac : Strikebreaker14101
0Barthelme : The School by Donald Barthelme14101
0Benford, Gregory : Exposures14101
0Benford, Gregory : White Creatures14101
0Bloch, Robert : Enoch14101
0Bradbury, Ray : Homecoming14101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Long Years14101
0Bradbury, Ray : Zero Hour14101
0Carter : Puss-in-Boots - Angela Carter14101
0Clarke, Arthur C. (?) : Hide and Seek14101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : Second Dawn (1951)14101
0Dahl, Roald : The Wish14101
0Dick, Philip K. : Roog14101
0Dozois, Gardner : A Dream at Noonday14101
0Drake : The Barrow Troll, David Drake14101
0Gaiman, Neil : Nicholas Was14101
0Gaiman, Neil : Shoggoth's Old Peculiar14101
0Gentle : Mary Gentle, The Road to Jerusalem14101
0Haldeman, Joe : Tricentennial14101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Delilah and the Space-Rigger14101
0Kelleam : Rust by Joseph E. Kelleam14101
0Kelly, James Patrick : Rat14101
0Lee, Tanith : Nunc Dimittis14101
0Leiber, Fritz : The Sunken Land14101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Other Gods14101
0Lumley, Brian : Necros14101
0Niven, Larry : Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex14101
0Raphael, Rick : Code Three14101
0Shefner, Vadim: A Modest Genius (Skromnij genii, Russian, 1968) (1969)14101
0Shore : Wilma Shore, Goodbye Amanda Jean14101
0Silverberg, Robert : The Pain Peddlers (1963)14101
0Silverberg, Robert : The Soul-Painter and the Shapeshifter14101
0Smith, Clark Ashton : Coming of the White Worm14101
0Smith, Clark Ashton: The Double Shadow14101
0Sterling, Bruce : Spider Rose (1982)14101
0Tenn, William : Null-P14101
0van Vogt, A. E. : The See-Saw14101
0Vonnegut, Kurt : Epicac14101
0Watson, Ian : The Thousand Cuts (1982)14101
0Willis, Connie : Schwarzschild Radius14101
0Wolfe, Gene : The Hero as Werwolf14101
0Zebrowski, George : The Eichmann Variations14101
0Anderson, Poul : The Tale of Hauk13101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Exiles13101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Murderer13101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Naming of Names13101
0Budrys, Algis : Nobody Bothers Gus13101
0Chiang, Ted : Division by Zero13101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : Breaking Strain (1949)13101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth13101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : The Pacifist (1956)13101
0Davidson, Avram : The House the Blakeneys Built13101
0Dick, Philip K. : Rautavaara's Case (1980)13101
0Doctorow, Cory : Craphound13101
0Dunsany : Lord Dunsany, Chubu and Sheemish13101
0Ellison, Harlan : Strange Wine13101
0Finney : The Third Level13101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : Lieserl13101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : Standing Room Only13101
0Friesner, Esther : Death and the Librarian13101
0Garrett, Randall, Stretch of the imagination13101
0Gibson, William : Hinterlands13101
0Harrison, W : Roller Ball Murder13101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Columbus Was a Dope13101
0Kelly, James Patrick : The Propagation of Light in a Vacuum13101
0King, Stephen : Quitters, Inc.13101
0Lethem, Jonathan : FIVE FUCKS13101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Strange High House in the Mist13101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The White Ship (1919)13101
0McAuley, Paul J. : Interstitial13101
0Moran : On Sequoia Time, by Daniel Keys Moran13101
0Pohl, Frederik : Fermi and Frost (1985)13101
0Reynolds, Alastair : A Spy in Europa13101
0Robinson, Spider : The Time Traveller13101
0Sheckley, Robert : Warm (1953)13101
0Sladek : John Sladek, A Report on the Migration of Educational Materials13101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : The Clinic13101
0Wellen : Godsend, Edward Wellen13101
0Williams, S : Sean Williams, A Map of the Mines of Barnath13101
0Wolfe, Gene : Long Shot13101
0xIt's a Good Life - Jerome Bixby13101
0Young, Robert F.: Dandelion Girl (1968)13101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : Let's Be Frank12101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : Poor Little Warrior! (1958)12101
0Asimov, Isaac : Blind Alley12101
0Ballard, J. G. : Notes Toward a Mental Breakdown12101
0Barker, Clive : The Last Illusion12101
0Baxter, Stephen : Moon-Calf12101
0Beckett : La Machinna12101
0Bell : The Thing About Benny - M. Shayne Bell12101
0Blumlein : Michael Blumlein, The Brains of Rats12101
0Bova, Ben : Inspiration (1994)12101
0Brite : Calcutta - Poppy Z Brite12101
0Brown, Fredric : The Star-Mouse12101
0Budrys, Algis : The Edge of the Sea12101
0Carroll : Friends Best Man-Jonathan Carroll12101
0Clarke, Arthur C. : A Walk in the Dark (1950)12101
0Delany, Samuel R. : Night and the Loves of Joe Dicostanzo12101
0Dick, Philip K. : Human Is12101
0Dickson, Gordon R. : Lulungomeena12101
0Donaldson : Mythological Beast ? Stephen R. Donaldson12101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Elizabeth Complex12101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Faithful Companion At Forty-Karen Joy Fowler12101
0Gibson, William : New Rose Hotel12101
0Grant : A Crowd of Shadows12101
0Heinlein, Robert A. : Searchlight12101
0Howard, Robert E. : The Black Stone12101
0Kennedy, Leigh: The Silent Cradle (1983)12101
0Lupoff, Richard : With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama12101
0Morrow, James : Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge (1988)12101
0Robinson, Spider : Dog Day Evening12101
0Smith, Clark Ashton : The Empire of the Necromancers12101
0Stross, Charles : Antibodies12101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : Crate12101
0Swanwick, Michael : Moon Dogs12101
0van Vogt, A. E. : Enchanted Village (1950)12101
0Vinge, Joan D. : Eyes of Amber (1977)12101
0White, James : Medic12101
0White, T. H. : The Troll (1935)12101
0Wilson, Gahan : The Sea Was Wet As Wet Can Be12101
0Zindell, David : Shanidar12101
0Asimov, Isaac : Not Final11101
0Asimov, Isaac : Segregationist (1967)11101
0Atwood : Margaret Atwood, Homelanding11101
0Bester, Alfred : Galatea Gallante11101
0Bisson, Terry: Two Guys From The Future (1992)11101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Earth Men11101
0Dick, Philip K. : Expendable (1953)11101
0Effinger, George Alec : All The Last Wars At Once11101
0Ellison, Harlan : Count the Clock That Tells the Time (1978)11101
0Gold, H. L. : The Man With English11101
0Howard, Robert E. : Mirrors of Tuzan Thune11101
0Howard, Robert E. : Skulls in the Stars (1929)11101
0Howard, Robert E. : The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune (1929)11101
0Koontz : A Mouse in the Walls of the Global Village (Koontz)11101
0Kuttner, Henry : Dragon Moon11101
0Lafferty, R. A. : Slow Tuesday Night (1965)11101
0Lafferty, R. A. : You Can't Go Back11101
0Leiber, Fritz : The Man Who Never Grew Young11101
0Leiber, Fritz : The Oldest Soldier (1960 ss)11101
0Lethem, Jonathan : The Happy Man11101
0McAuley, Paul J. : Second Skin11101
0Moore, Ward : It Becomes Necessary11101
0Saki : Sredni Vashtar11101
0Sheckley, Robert : The Demons11101
0Soukup : A Defense of Social Contracts by Martha Soukup11101
0Sterling, Bruce : Our Neural Chernobyl11101
0Sterling, Bruce : Twenty Evocations11101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : The Other Celia11101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : The World Well Lost11101
0Tenn, William : The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway11101
0Waldrop, Howard : God's Hooks!11101
0Yolen, Jane : Lost Girls11101
0Asimov, Isaac : Found10101
0Bester, Alfred : The Die-Hard10101
0Bethke : Cyberpunk - Bruce Bethke10101
0Bradbury, Ray : Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!10101
0Brown, Fredric : Puppet Show10101
0Clement : Proof (Hal Clement)10101
0Ellison, Harlan : Angry Candy10101
0Kafka, Franz : In the Penal Colony10101
0Knudtsen jr., Ingar: Rd sol (Norwegian) (1975)10101
0Lafferty, R. A. : Old Foot Forgot10101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Ether, Or10101
0Leyner : I was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot10101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : Cool Air10101
0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Statement of Randolph Carter10101
0MacLean : Katherine MacLean, Contagion10101
0MacLean Katherine, Pictures Don't Lie10101
0McDowell : Halley's Passing10101
0Oates : The Doll - Joyce Carol Oates10101
0Porges : Arthur Porges: The Ruum10101
0Sawyer, Robert J. : Just Like Old Times10101
0Simak, Clifford D. : Skirmish (1950)10101
0Sturgeon, Theodore : Hurricane Trio10101
0Swanwick, Michael : Scherzo with Tyrannosaur10101
0Williams, Tennessee : The Vengeance of Nitocris10101
0Zelazny, Roger : The Game Of Blood And Dust10101
0Aldiss, Brian W. : Outside (1955)9101
0Barrett : Stairs, Neal Barrett, Jr.9101
0Baxter, Stephen : Sheena 5, Stephen Baxter9101
0Boucher, Anthony : They Bite9101
0Bradbury, Ray : The Gift (1952)9101
0Braun, Johanna / Braun, G?nter: Translation (German) (1981)9101
0Brown, Eric : The Time-Lapsed Man9101
0Bryant, Edward : giANTS9101
0Bryant, Edward : Slippage9101
0Budrys, Algis : A Scraping at the Bones9101
0Cortazar : Axolotl, Julio Cortazar9101
0Ellison, Harlan : With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole (1985)9101
0Finney : I'm Scared by Jack Finney9101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Dark9101
0Friesner, Esther : A Birthday9101
0Gaiman, Neil : Harlequin Valentine, Neil Gaiman9101
0Jackson, Shirley : The Daemon Lover9101
0James, M. R. : Count Magnus9101
0Lafferty, R. A. : Eurema's Dam (1972)9101
0Lafferty, R. A. : The World as Will and Wallpaper9101
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Horse Camp9101
0Leiber, Fritz : The Bleak Shore9101
0Lem, The Seventh Voyage of Ijon Tichy9101
0McCammon, Robert R., Eat Me9101
0Resnick, Mike : One Perfect Morning, with Jackals (1991)9101
0Resnick, Mike : Winter Solstice9101
0Robinson, Kim Stanley : Vinland the Dream9101
0Robinson, Spider : God is an Iron9101
0Stephenson : Spew9101
0Vonnegut, Kurt : Who Am I This Time?9101
0Willis, Connie : Cibola9101
0Zelazny, Roger : Halfjack9101
0Zelazny, Roger : The Furies9101

21st Century Novellas

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Link, Kelly : Magic for Beginners (2005)20531108652
2Stross, Charles : Palimpsest (2009)1081861335
3MacLeod, Ian R. : New Light on the Drake Equation (2001)10615533211
4Chiang, Ted : Liking What You See: A Documentary (2002)1051718413
5Vinge, Vernor : Fast Times at Fairmont High951425223
6Reynolds, Alastair : Diamond Dogs (2001)871542135
7Willis, Connie : Inside Job771323242
8Stross, Charles : The Concrete Jungle (2004)74121434
9Baker, Kage : The Empress of Mars (2003)72114331
10Scalzi, John : The God Engines (2009)7195112
11*Gaiman, Neil : Coraline69104312
11*Vinge, Vernor : The Cookie Monster (2003)69941121
13Swirsky, Rachel : The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen's Window651123123
14Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Finder (2001)6193231
15McDonald, Ian : The Little Goddess (2005)6093222
16Stross, Charles : Missile Gap (2006)581022123
17Chiang, Ted : The Lifecycle of Software Objects5684121
18Kelly, James Patrick : Burn (2005)5583221
19*Kress, Nancy : The Erdmann Nexus (2008)531002314
19*Chwedyk, Richard : Bronte's Egg (2002)5383122
21Duncan, Andy : The Chief Designer (2001)507142
22Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : Recovering Apollo 84981223
23Shepard, Lucius : Stars Seen Through Stone (2007)4873211
24*King, Stephen : N (2008)4773211
24*MacLeod, Ken : The Human Front (2001)4773112
26*Reed, Robert : A Billion Eves (2006)46803212
26*Hand, Elizabeth : The Maiden Flight of MacAuley's Bellerophon46731111
28*Denton, Bradley : Sergeant Chip4470421
28*MacLeod, Ian R. : Breathmoss (2002)446321
30Williams, Walter Jon : The Green Leopard Plague (2003)4381142
31Johnson, Kij : The Man Who Bridged the Mist426411
32*McDonald, Ian : Vishnu at the Cat Circus (2009)40702221
32*Swanwick, Michael : King Dragon (2003)4072113
32*Wolfe, Gene : Memorare (2007)407223
32*Sterling, Bruce : Kiosk (2007)4062121
36Dozois, Gardner & George R. R. Martin, Daniel Abraham : Shadow Twin3962211
37*Reed, Robert : Truth (2008)37612111
37*Sawyer, Robert J. : Identity Theft3761122
37*Willis, Connie : All Seated on the Ground3762112
40*Hand, Elizabeth : The Least Trumps3660222
40*Hill, Joe : Voluntary Committal (2005)3661113
42*Reynolds, Alastair : Turquoise Days356231
42*Ford, Jeffrey : Botch Town355212
44*Ligotti, Thomas : My Work Is Not Yet Done (2002)32601212
44*Steele, Allen M. : Stealing Alabama (2001)3252111
46Kessel, John : Stories for Men (2002)3160231
47Park, Paul : Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance (2010)30511111
48Hand, Elizabeth : Cleopatra Brimstone29413
49Baxter, Stephen : Mayflower II2550131
50*Kress, Nancy : Fountain of Age244112
50*Landis, Geoffrey A. : The Sultan of the Clouds244121
52*Doctorow, Cory : After the Siege (2007)22401111
52*Reynolds, Alastair : Troika224112
52*Hand, Elizabeth : Illyria22312
55*Asaro, Catherine : The Spacetime Pool213111
55*Asaro, Catherine : Walk in Silence21321
55*Gabaldon, Diana : Lord John and the Hell-Fire Club (2003)213111
55*Valente, Catherynne M. : Silently and Very Fast213111
59*Gilman, Carolyn Ives: Arkfall203111
59*Parker, K. J. : A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong203111
59*Williams, Walter Jon : Incarnation Day203111
62Reynolds, Alastair : Understanding Space and Time (2005)193111
63*Finlay, Charles Coleman : The Political Officer (2002)184022
63*Cowdrey, Albert E. : The Tribes of Bela (2004)1830111
63*Di Filippo, Paul : A Year in the Linear City (2002)183021
63*Lanagan, Margo : Sea-Hearts183111
63*Wilson, Robert Charles : Julian: A Christmas Story (2006)183111
63*Zivkovic, Zoran : The Library183111
69*Langan, John : Mr. Gaunt (2002)1730111
69*Link, Kelly : The Wizards of Perfil (2006)173111
69*Reynolds, Alastair : Glacial173012
69*Shepard, Lucius : Over Yonder (2002)173021
73*Arnason, Eleanor : Mammoths of the Great Plains16312
73*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Alchemist1622
73*Bear, Elizabeth : Bone and Jewel Creatures1622
73*Burke, Kealan-Patrick: The Turtle Boy1622
73*Link, Kelly : Pretty Monsters1622
73*Morrow, James : Shambling Towards Hiroshima (2009)1622
79*Shepard, Lucius : Jailwise (2003)1530111
79*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Winterfair Gifts15211
81*Melko, Paul : The Walls of the Universe (2006)14202
81*Parker, K. J. : Blue and Gold14211
81*Parker, K. J. : Purple and Black14202
81*Singh, Vandana : Distances14202
81*Weber, David : Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington14211
86*Krohn, Leena : Tainaron13211
86*Reynolds, Alastair : Nightingale (2006)13211
88*Lansdale, Joe R. : White Mule, Spotted Pig (2006)12202
88*MacLeod, Ian R. : The Master Miller's Tale (2007)122011
90*Egan, Greg : Riding the Crocodile (2006)112011
90*Reed, Robert : Dead Man's Run (2010)112011
92McDonald, Ian : The Tear102011
93*Kress, Nancy : Act One92011
93*York, J. Steven & Christina F. York : Spin92011
95Arnason, Eleanor : The Potter of Bones8202
0?????? ?????, ????? ??????? ? ?????? ??????????? ?????? ???????811
0Barker, Clive : Six Destinies811
0Baxter, Stephen : Return to Titan (2010)811
0Butcher : Aftermath by Jim Butcher811
0Castro, Adam-Troy : Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earls, Adam-Troy Castro811
0Collins, The Hunger Games trilogy811
0Cowdrey (?) : Crux811
0Davidson, Andrew : The Gargoyle (2008)811
0de Lint : Medicine Road Charles de Lint811
0Evenson : Brotherhood of Mutilation-Brian Evenson811
0Hoffman, Nina Kirki : Indigo (2002)811
0Howey : The Hurricane - Hugh Howey811
0King, Stephen : Ur by Stephen King811
0Liu, Ken : The Man Who Ended History811
0Lovett/ : Phantom Sense by Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross811
0Niven, Larry : The Draco Tavern811
0Powers, Tim : A Time to Cast Away Stones811
0Reed, Robert : A Plague of Life811
0Reynolds, Alastair : Thousandth Night811
0Rowling : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone811
0Sagara : Cast in Moonlight - Michelle Sagara811
0Sanderson : Brandon Sanderson, Alloy of Law811
0Scalzi, John : Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis (2009)811
0Shepard, Lucius : Eternity & Afterward811
0Smith, Michael Sanborn : Beauty Belongs to the Flowers811
0Somtow : The Bird Catcher811
0Stross, Charles : Accelerando811
0Stross, Charles : The Atrocity Archives811
0Vaughn : Y: The Last Man811
0Wilce, Ysabeau S. : The Lineaments of Gratified Desire (2006)811
0Wilhelm, Kate: The Fullness of TIme (2012)811
0Yamamoto : The Day Shion Came811
0Yudkowsky, Eliezer, Three Worlds Collide811
0Asher : Alien Archeology (2007) novella Neal Asher7101
0Baker, Kage : Where the Golden Apples Grow7101
0Beagle, Peter S. : Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel7101
0Blaylock, James P. : The Ebb Tide7101
0Card, Orson Scott : Atlantis7101
0Clarke, Susanna : The Ladies of Grace Adieu7101
0Correia : Tanya: Princess of the Elves by Larry Correia7101
0de Lint : Seven Wild Sisters Charles de Lint7101
0Friesner, Esther : Gunsel and Gretel (2001)7101
0Gaiman, Neil : The Graveyard Book7101
0Gilman, Greer : A Crowd of Bone7101
0Howey : Halfway Home - Hugh Howey7101
0Jarman : Balance of Nature by Heather Jarman7101
0Kowal, Mary Robinette : Kiss Me Twice7101
0Llewellyn : Her Deepness - Livia Llewellyn7101
0Lumley : The Taint (Lumley)7101
0Newman, Kim : Vampire Romance7101
0Popkes : The Ice, by Steven Popkes7101
0Resnick, Mike : Six Blind Men and an Alien (2010)7101
0Scalzi, John : Old Man's War7101
0Shepard, Lucius : The Taborin Scale7101
0Stephenson, Neal Anathem (2008)7101
0Stross, Charles : Router7101
0Tuttle, Lisa : My Death7101
0Wolfe, Gene : Golden City Far7101
0Asaro, Catherine : The City of Cries6101
0Baker, Kage : The Caravan from Troon6101
0Ballantyne Tony, Third Person6101
0Barron : The Imago Sequence Laird Barron6101
0Blaylock, James P. : The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs6101
0Clough : May Be Some Time, Brenda W. Clough6101
0Cook/Hogan : Obsidian Harvest6101
0de Lint : A Blue Girl Charles de Lint6101
0Doctorow, Cory & Benjamin Rosenbaum : True Names6101
0Gaiman, Neil : American Gods (2001)6101
0Gaiman, Neil : The Monarch of the Glen6101
0Greer Gilman, A Crowd of Bone6101
0Johnson, Kij : The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles6101
0Lovett, Richard: Neptune's Treasure6101
0McCarthy (?) : The Road6101
0Osborne : Progress by Terri Osborne6101
0Reed, Robert : Good Mountain (2006)6101
0Scalzi, John : The Ghost Brigades6101
0Shepard, Lucius : Dog-Eared Paperpack of My Life (2009)6101
0Shunn : Inclination by William Shunn6101
0Singh, Vandana : Of Love and Other Monsters6101
0Stross, Charles : Elector (2004)6101
0Williamson, Jack : The Ultimate Earth6101
0xThe Human Front6101
0Barton : The Engines of Desire, William Barton5101
0Castro, Adam-Troy : With Unclean Hands5101
0Eskridge : Kelley Eskridge, Dangerous Space5101
0Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair (2001)5101
0Gerrold, David : In the Quake Zone5101
0Hand, Elizabeth : Near Zennor5101
0Henkel, Oliver: Mr. Lincoln f?hrt nach Friedrichsburg (German) (2004)5101
0Kress, Nancy : Savior5101
0Leisner ? : Out of the Cocoon by William Leisner5101
0Mieville, China : The Tain5101
0Reynolds, Alastair : The Six Directions of Space (2008)5101
0Sanderson : Legion - Brandon Sanderson5101
0Shinn : Fallen Angel by Sharon Shinn5101
0Valente, Catherynne M. : Palimpsest5101
0Banks, Iain M. The Algebraist (2004)4101
0Brown, Eric : A Writer's Life4101
0Castro, Adam-Troy : Gunfight in Farside4101
0Castro, Adam-Troy : The Tangled Strings of the Marionettes4101
0Dann : Jack Dann: The Diamond Pit4101
0Doctorow, Cory : Chicken Little (2010)4101
0Egan, Greg : Hot Rock4101
0Hammerschmitt, Marcus: Die Lokomotive (German) (2007)4101
0Lane : The Witnesses Are Gone - Joel Lane4101
0Moffett, Judith : The Bear's Baby4101
0Morgan : Altered Carbon4101
0Pratchett, Terry : Wintersmith (2006)4101
0Shinn : When Winter Comes by Sharon Shinn4101
0Silverberg, Robert : A Piece of the Great World4101
0Surridge : The Word of Azrael4101
0Witcover : Everland by Paul Witcover4101

21st Century Novelettes

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Chiang, Ted : Hell Is the Absence of God (2001)293431513861
2Chiang, Ted : The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate (2007)232351111634
3Gaiman, Neil : A Study in Emerald (2003)224321474511
4Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Calorie Man (2005)1242072263
5*Link, Kelly : The Faery Handbag (2004)1101825551
5*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The People of Sand and Slag (2004)1101665311
7Ford, Jeffrey : The Empire of Ice Cream (2003)1041742461
8Stross, Charles : Lobsters (2001)1021653332
9*Mieville, China : Reports of Certain Events in London (2004)871512813
9*Watts, Peter : The Island871353221
11Reynolds, Alastair : Beyond the Aquila Rift (2005)781322441
12Doctorow, Cory : When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth (2006)721322225
13*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Yellow Card Man (2006)671122331
13*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Fluted Girl (2003)671042211
15Gregory, Daryl : Second Person, Present Tense (2005)661132123
16*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Pump Six (2008)65105212
16*Egan, Greg : Dark Integers65103322
18Beagle, Peter S. : Two Hearts (2005)6194131
19Gardner, James Alan : The Ray-Gun: A Love Story5592124
20Swirsky, Rachel : Eros, Philia, Agape4983212
21McDonald, Ian : The Djinn's Wife (2006)47812131
22Doctorow, Cory : I, Robot455211
23*Gaiman, Neil : The Witch's Headstone (2007)4163111
23*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Wild Girls (2002)4162211
25*Gaiman, Neil : The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains (2010)40711212
25*Benford, Gregory : Bow Shock (2006)4061311
25*Swanwick, Michael : Legions in Time405122
28Link, Kelly : Stone Animals3762211
29*Egan, Greg : Singleton (2002)36611211
29*Steele, Allen M. : The Emperor of Mars (2010)36603111
31Gaiman, Neil : Sunbird35611121
32*Reynolds, Alastair : Signal to Noise (2006)34602121
32*Doctorow, Cory : Anda's Game (2004)34532
32*Shepard, Lucius : Only Partly Here345041
35Griffith, Nicola : It Takes Two335113
36Kessel, John : Pride and Prometheus326123
37Ford, Jeffrey : Exo-Skeleton Town (2001)3151211
38Reed, Robert : Coelacanths (2002)305122
39*Swanwick, Michael : Slow Life (2002)2851121
39*McIntyre, Vonda N. : Little Faces (2005)28422
41*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Biographical Notes to ?A Discourse on the Nature of Causality...265113
41*Simmons, Dan : On K2 with Kanakaredes (2001)2641111
43Kelly, James Patrick : Undone (2001)2541111
44*Waldrop, Howard : The King of Where-I-Go234112
44*Wilson, Robert Charles : Utrisque Cosmi2340121
46*Ryman, Geoff : Have Not Have22312
46*Steele, Allen M. : The Days Between22312
48*Kelly, James Patrick : Men Are Trouble (2004)2140121
48*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Gambler21321
50Egan, Greg : Glory20312
51*Parker, K. J. : Amor Vincit Omnia193111
51*Rickert, M. : Journey into the Kingdom193111
51*Rowe, Christopher : The Voluntary State193111
54*Anderson, Poul : The Lady of the Winds (2001)1830111
54*Hill, Joe : Pop Art (2001)1830111
54*Morrow, James : The Cat's Pajamas183111
57Stross, Charles : Halo (2002)173111
58*Hill, Joe : My Father's Mask163021
58*Ryman, Geoff : Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy) (2006)16312
58*Stone, Eric James : That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made (2010)1630111
58*Butcher, Jim : Backup1622
62*Sterling, Bruce : Black Swan1530111
62*Sterling, Bruce : The Blemmye's Strategem (2005)153012
62*Ford, Jeffrey : The Annals of Eelin-Ok15211
62*Steinmetz, Ferrett : Sauerkraut Station15211
66*Blaylock, James P. : His Own Back Yard14202
66*de Bodard, Aliette : The Jaguar House, in Shadow14202
66*Kosmatka, Ted : Divining Light14202
66*Stross, Charles : Nightfall (2003)14211
70*Gregory, Daryl : Damascus133012
70*Anders, Charlie Jane : Six Months Three Days13211
70*Bisson, Terry : Almost Home (2003)13211
70*Flynn, Michael F. : Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth132011
74*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Tamarisk Hunter122011
74*Barron, Laird : Strappado12211
74*Beagle, Peter S. : Quarry12211
74*Egan, Greg : Crystal Nights122011
74*King, Stephen : Morality12211
74*Link, Kelly : Louise's Ghost122011
80*Hamilton, Laurell K. : The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death112011
80*McDonald, Ian : An Eligible Boy112011
80*Wilson, Robert Charles : The Cartesian Theater (2006)112011
83*Di Filippo, Paul : Neutrino Drag (2001)102011
83*Egan, Greg : Lost Continent102011
83*Link, Kelly : Lull (2002)102011
83*McAuley, Paul J. : Dead Men Walking (2006)102011
83*Yolen, Jane : A Knot of Toads102011
88Gaiman, Neil : Bitter Grounds92011
89Reynolds, Alastair : Sleepover8202
0?? : Wool811
0Asaro, Catherine : The Shadowed Heart811
0Baxter, Stephen : The Orion Line811
0Blaylock, James P. : In For a Penny811
0Blumlein : Know How, Can Do (Blumlein)811
0Bolano : Last Evenings on Earth - Roberto Bolano811
0Butler, Octavia E. : Amnesty811
0Cho, Zen: The House of Aunts (2011)811
0Cooper : Robot Girl by Brenda Cooper811
0Cornell : The Copenhagen Interpretation - Paul Cornell811
0Di Filippo, Paul : Wikiworld by Paul di Filippo811
0Hildebrand, Achim: Lieder von Freiheit und vom Tod (German) (2004)811
0Hill, Joe : 20th Century Ghost811
0Hoffman, Nina Kirki : Trophy Wives811
0Jemisin, N. K. : The Effluence Engine811
0Jones, G : The Fulcrum, by Gwyneth Jones811
0Keeble : Helen Keeble - A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest ...811
0Klages : Ellen Klages: In the House of the Seven Librarians811
0Klages : In The House of Seven Librarians - Ellen Klages811
0Klecha/Buckell : A Militant Peace (2011) novelette David Klecha and Tobias S. Buckell811
0Lynch, Scott In the Stacks811
0Robinson, Peg : A Lady of Xenex by Peg Robinson (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)811
0Scalzi, John : The Sagan Diary811
0Warzel, Desmond: Sirens (2012)811
0Abraham, Daniel : Flat Diane7101
0Alexander, Michael: The Children's Crusade (2012)7101
0Barron : The Forest-Laird Barron7101
0Beagle, Peter S. : By Moonlight7101
0Bear, Elizabeth & Sarah Monette : Boojum (2008)7101
0Bowes : The Ferryman's Wife by Richard Bowes7101
0Cornell, Paul : One of Our Bastards is Missing7101
0Di Filippo, Paul : Ailoura (2002)7101
0Emshwiller, Carol : Master of the Road to Nowhere7101
0Hearne : Two Raven, One Crow by Kevin Hearne7101
0Kelly, James Patrick : The Edge of Nowhere7101
0Lee, Yoon Ha : Ghostweight7101
0Link, Kelly : Shoe and Marriage7101
0Link, Kelly : The Hortlak7101
0Manski, Ernst-Eberhard: Das Klassentreffen der Weserwinzer (German) (2009)7101
0Purdom : A Response from EST17 (2011) novelette Tom Purdom7101
0Resnick/Robyn : Soulmates by Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn7101
0Rucker/Shirley : Pockets7101
0Shearman : Cold Snap - Robert Shearman7101
0Shinn : Wintermoon Wish by Sharon Shinn7101
0Shwartz : Out of the Frying Pan by Susan Shwartz (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)7101
0Swanwick, Michael. Urdumheim7101
0VanderMeer, Jeff : The Situation (2008)7101
0Wilhelm, Kate (?) : Countdown7101
0Wilhelm, Kate: The Man on the Persian Carpet7101
0Ford, Jeffrey : The Green Word6101
0Gilman, Felix : Lightbringers and Rainmakers6101
0G?ttge, Edgar: Hohenzollernbr?cke (German) (2007)6101
0Goonan : Kathleen Ann Goonan - Memory Dog6101
0Kress, Nancy : Computer Virus6101
0Langan : The Wide, Carnivorous Sky by John Langan6101
0Llewellyn : Horses - Livia Llewellyn6101
0McAuley, Paul J. : Winning Peace6101
0Reed, Robert : Hexagons6101
0River, Uncle : Counting Tadpoles ? Uncle River6101
0Roden, Barbara : Northwest Passage6101
0Ryman, Geoff : Days of Wonder6101
0Swanwick, Michael : The Bordello in Faerie by Michael Swanwick6101
0Barnes : An Ocean Is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away (2007) novelette John Barnes5101
0Beagle, Peter S. : Sleight of Mind5101
0Brown, Eric : Thursday's Child5101
0Doctorow, Cory : Nightfall (2003)5101
0Flynn, Michael F. : THE CLAPPING HANDS OF GOD5101
0Frost : Madonna of the Maquiladora - Gregory Frost5101
0Hill, Joe : The Cape (2005)5101
0Hirshberg : Glen Hirshberg, Struwwelpeter5101
0Kessel, John : Events Preceding the Helvetican Revolution5101
0Post, Uwe / Hermann, Uwe: Der Valentino-Exploit (German) (2011)5101
0Purdom : The Path of the Transgressor, by Tom Purdom5101
0Resnick, Mike : Redchapel5101
0Reynolds, Alastair : Tiger, Burning5101
0Rosenbaum, Benjamin : A Siege of Cranes5101
0Scalzi, John : After the Coup5101
0Shepard, Lucius : Vacancy5101
0Stross, Charles : Tourist (2002)5101
0Torgerson : Brad Torgerson, Ray of Light5101
0welles/Raines : Abigail & Chang ? Harvey Welles & Philip Raines5101
0Wolfe, Gene : The Lost Pilgrim5101
0Baker, Kage : Monster Story4101
0Barnes : Every Hole Is Outlined, by John Barnes4101
0Barron, Laird : Old Virginia (2003)4101
0Barzak : Christopher Barzak - Map of Seventeen4101
0Chapman : Revenge of the Calico Cat by Stepan Chapman4101
0Cook : The Trial of Edgar Allan Poe ? Hugh Cook4101
0Hughes : The Gist Hunter-Matthew Hughes4101
0Johansson, K. G.: Nusse (Swedish) (2009)4101
0Kress, Nancy : EJ-ES4101
0Lake, Jay : Jack's House4101
0Lee, Tanith : Clockatrice4101
0Link, Kelly : THE WRONG GRAVE4101
0Lukin : Evgeni Lukin: We will undergo treatment (?????? ????)4101
0Lumley, Brian : The Taint (2005)4101
0Moles : Finisterra, by David Moles4101
0Parker, K. J. : Let Maps to Others4101
0Resnick, Mike : Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders (2008)4101
0Roberts, Adam : Swiftly4101
0Sanders : When This World Is All on Fire (2001)4101
0Sherman : The Fiddler of Bayou Teche, Delia Sherman4101
0Sinisalo : Johanna Sinisalo: Baby Doll4101
0Valente, Catherynne M. : White Lines on a Green Field4101
0Vaughn : A Hunter's Ode to his Bait (Vaughn)4101
0Watson, Ian : The Beloved Time of Their Lives (2009)4101

21st Century Short Stories

RankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
1Chiang, Ted : Exhalation (2008)30647198668
2Lanagan, Margo : Singing My Sister Down (2004)14722103342
3Gaiman, Neil : How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2006)1211857321
4Watts, Peter : The Things (2010)931444411
5*Swanwick, Michael : The Dog Said Bow-Wow (2001)891444132
5*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Bones of the Earth (2001)89137132
7Johnson, Kij : 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss78116221
8Abraham, Daniel : The Cambist and Lord Iron (2007)77122433
9*Johnson, Kij : Spar (2009)691221423
9*Reynolds, Alastair : Zima Blue (2005)691141222
11Liu, Ken : The Paper Menagerie (2011)6494311
12Gaiman, Neil : October in the Chair (2002)5992322
13Resnick, Mike : Travels with My Cats (2004)546321
14Ford, Jeffrey : Creation (2002)5382321
15Bear, Elizabeth : Tideline (2007)529342
16Stross, Charles : Rogue Farm (2003)4572122
17McIntosh, Will : Bridesicle4163111
18Ellison, Harlan : How Interesting: A Tiny Man (2010)4062211
19Johnson, Kij : Ponies (2010)3961311
20*Fowler, Karen Joy : The Pelican Bar386024
20*Fowler, Karen Joy : What I Didn't See (2002)38532
22*Mieville, China : Details (2002)3771213
22*Powers, Tim : Pat Moore (2004)3771123
24Bear, Elizabeth : Shoggoths in Bloom (2008)3570124
25Kowal, Mary Robinette : For Want of a Nail346042
26*Pratt. Tim : Impossible Dreams3251211
26*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : The House Beyond Your Sky3251211
28Sawyer, Robert J. : Shed Skin31431
29*Foster, Eugie : Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast28501211
29*Bradbury, Ray : The Reincarnate (2005)284121
31Baxter, Stephen : Last Contact2751112
32*Barker, Clive : Haeckel's Tale (2005)265122
32*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Start the Clock264211
34*MacLeod, Ian R. : Isabel of the Fall (2001)254112
34*McDevitt, Jack : Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City (2001)254211
36*Hill, Joe : Best New Horror (2005)244121
36*Landis, Geoffrey A. : Falling Onto Mars (200)2440121
36*Scalzi, John : The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City24422
39*Swanwick, Michael : From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled (2008)2340112
39*Card, Orson Scott : Mazer in Prison (2005)23321
39*Lindholm, Megan : Cut (2001)23321
42*Ford, Jeffrey : The Night Whiskey (2006)224121
42*Gaiman, Neil : Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire (2004)22401111
42*King, Stephen : The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates (2008)22321
42*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Social Dreaming of the Frin (2002)22312
46Levine, David D. : Tk'tk'tk (2005)21303
47*de Bodard, Aliette : The Shipmaker (2010)203021
47*Doctorow, Cory : Printcrime203111
47*Gaiman, Neil : Closing Time (2003)20312
47*Gaiman, Neil : The Problem of Susan203111
47*VanderMeer, Jeff : The Third Bear (2007)20321
52*Ford, Jeffrey : Boatman's Holiday (2005)193111
52*Ford, Jeffrey : The Dreaming Wind (2007)193012
52*Gaiman, Neil : Other People (2001)193111
52*Gloss, Molly. Lambing Season193012
56Yu, E. Lily : The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees1830111
57*Hand, Elizabeth : Echo173111
57*Newman, Kim : Egyptian Avenue (2002)1730111
59*Bisson, Terry : Scout's Honor (2004)1630111
59*Wolfe, Gene : Queen (2001)16312
61*Di Filippo, Paul : Sisyphus and the Stranger (2004)1530111
61*Wolfe, Gene : Under Hill (2002)1530111
61*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Pop Squad15211
61*Baxter, Stephen : The Ghost Pit (2001)15211
61*Rajaniemi, Hannu : Elegy for a Young Elk15211
66*Goss, Theodora : Pip and the Fairies143012
66*Haldeman, Joe : Four Short Novels (2003)143021
66*Bear, Greg : RAM Shift Phase 2 (2005)14211
66*Kessel, John : The Last American (2007)14202
66*McMullen, Sean : Eight Miles (2010)14211
66*Nix, Garth : Ser Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War (2007)14202
66*Swanwick, Michael : The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport14211
73*Bailey, Dale : The End of the World As We Know It (2004)13211
73*de Lint, Charles : Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café13211
73*El-Mohtar : The Green Book132011
73*Emshwiller, Carol : I Live With You132011
73*McAllister, Bruce : Kin132011
73*Ryman, Geoff : Birth Days132011
73*Sterling, Bruce : Ivory Tower (2005)13211
80*Bishop, Michael : The Pile (2008)122011
80*Brust, Steven : The Desecrator122011
80*Doctorow, Cory : I, Row-Boat (2006)12211
80*Jemisin, N. K. : Non-Zero Probabilities12202
80*Kiernan : Tidal Forces, Caitlin R. Kiernan122011
80*Langford, David : Different Kinds of Darkness12211
80*Lee, Yoon Ha : Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain12211
80*McHugh, Maureen F. : Useless Things122011
80*Monette, Sarah & Elizabeth Bear : Mongoose (2009)12211
80*Rickert, M. : Bread and Bombs (2003)12211
80*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Embracing-the-New12211
80*Singh, Vandana : Delhi122011
80*Swanwick, Michael : Tin Marsh122011
80*Willis, Connie : Just Like the Ones We Used to Know12211
94*Egan, Greg : Induction112011
94*Gaiman, Neil : Inventing Aladdin (2003)112011
94*Kowal, Mary Robinette : Evil Robot Monkey112011
94*Kress, Nancy : Laws of Survival (2007)112011
94*Williams, Walter Jon : The Millennium Party112011
94*Wolfe, Gene : Comber (2005)112011
100*Baxter, Stephen : The Children of Time102011
100*Lansdale, Joe R. : The Folding Man (2010)10202
100*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Seasons of the Ansarac (2002)102011
100*Link, Kelly : Monster10202
100*MacLeod, Ken : Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? (2007)10202
100*McIntosh, Will : Soft Apocalypse10202
106*Cadigan, Pat : The Taste of Night (2010)92011
106*Chabon, Michael : The God of Dark Laughter92011
106*Reed, Robert : Woman Leaves Room92011
106*Swanwick, Michael : Triceratops Summer92011
106*Waldrop, Howard : The Wolf-Man of Alcatraz92011
111*Butler, Octavia E. : The Book of Martha (2003)8202
111*Yu, Charles : Standard Loneliness Package8202
0?? : i remember811
0?? : The Observer811
0????? ??????? ??????, ??? ?????? ????811
0Arnason, Eleanor : Knapsack Poems811
0Baker, Kage : The Ruby Incomparable811
0Beagle, Peter S. : The Rabbi's Hobby811
0Bowes : There's a Hole in the City by Richard Bowes811
0Bradbury, Ray : A Matter of Taste811
0Butcher : It's My Birthday, Too by Jim Butcher811
0Butler, Octavia E. (?) : The Parable of the Shower811
0Castro, Adam-Troy : Arvies811
0Clarke, Susanna : Miss Mab811
0de Bodard, Aliette : Immersion811
0Eschbach, Andreas: Survival-Training (German) (2005)811
0Ford, Jeffrey : Jupiter's Skull811
0Fulda : Nancy Fulda, Movement811
0Haldeman, Joe : Heartwired811
0Hamilton, Peter F. : The Forever Kitten (2005)811
0Hand, Elizabeth : Pavane for a Prince of the Air811
0Howey : The Plagiarist - Hugh Howey811
0Kelly, James Patrick : The Best Christmas Ever (2004)811
0Ketchum : Snarl, Hiss, Spit, Stalk, Jack Ketchum811
0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Porridge of Islac811
0Mack : Waiting for G'Doh by David Mack (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)811
0McDonald, Ian : Verthandi's Ring811
0Narayan, Shweta: The Padishah Begum's Reflections (2011)811
0Palwick : Susan Palwick: The Fate of Mice811
0Park, Paul :The Persistence of Memory, or This Space for Sale811
0Pelland : Jennifer Pelland: Captive Girl811
0Powers, Tim : The Bible Repairman811
0Rajaniemi, Hannu : His Master's Voice811
0Reed, Robert : Eight Episodes811
0Reed, Robert : Roxie811
0Roseman : Josh Roseman, Bring On The Rain811
0Rudnick : Absolution by Jim Rudnick (Aphelion 2004 winner)811
0Tem, Steve Rasnic : A Letter from the Emperor811
0Turtledove, Harry : Audubon in Atlantis811
0Valente, Catherynne M. : Urchins, While Swimming811
0Warzel, Desmond: Wikihistory (2007)811
0Bacigalupi, Paolo : Small Offerings7101
0Ballingrud : Nathan Ballingrud: You Go Where It Takes You7101
0Benford, Gregory : Movement7101
0Braunbeck : Duty-Gary A Braunbeck7101
0Collier (?) : Midnight Blue7101
0Dryden : Respite by Autumn Rachel Dryden7101
0Due, Tananarive : Patient Zero7101
0Egan, Greg : Steve Fever7101
0Emshwiller, Carol : Grandma7101
0Gaiman, Neil : Pages from a Journal Found in a Shoebox7101
0Goss, theodora : Rapid Advance of Sorrow7101
0Goss, Theodora : The Rose in Twelve Petals (2002)7101
0Green : The Nightside, Needless to Say by Simon R. Green7101
0Hand, Elizabeth : The Saffron Gatherers7101
0Hauman/Sullivan : Redemption by Glenn Hauman & Lisa Sullivan (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)7101
0Hill, Joe : Abraham's Boys7101
0Kiernan : Caitlin R. Kiernan, The Maltese Unicorn7101
0Kress, Nancy : Patent Infringement7101
0Laine : Un signe de Setty (Sylvie Lain?)7101
0Ligotti, Thomas : Purity7101
0Liu, Ken : Algorithms for Love7101
0McDevitt, Jack : The Cassandra Project7101
0Melko, Paul : Ten Sigmas (2004)7101
0Newman, Kim : The Adventure of the Six Maledictions7101
0Niemi, Mikael: Ponorister (Swedish) (2004)7101
0Nix, Garth : The Hill (2001)7101
0Phillips : Three Days of Rain, Holly Phillips7101
0Popkes : Stegosaurus Boy, Steven Popkes7101
0Reed, Kit : Denny7101
0Resnick, Mike : Distant Replay (2007)7101
0Rickert, M. : Cold Fires7101
0Saunders : Escape from Spiderhead7101
0Shearman : Granny's Grinning - Robert Shearman7101
0Sterling, Bruce : In Paradise7101
0Stross, Charles ( & Cory Doctorow) : Flowers from Alice (2003)7101
0Sumner-Smith : An End to All Things ? Karina Sumner-Smith7101
0Valente, Catherynne M. : Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica7101
0Van Pelt : Of Late I Dreamt of Venus (2007) shortfiction James Van Pelt7101
0Warzel, Desmond: Ezekiel (2011)7101
0Watson : Hijack Holiday (Watson)7101
0?? : The Orange6101
0Alarcon : Abraham Lincoln Has Been Shot by Daniel Alarcon6101
0Bear, Elizabeth : The Something-Dreaming Game6101
0Benford, Gregory : Leviathan6101
0Cisco : The Genius of Assassins, Michael Cisco6101
0Coleman : All That Glisters by Loren L. Coleman (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)6101
0Di Filippo, Paul : The Emperor of Gondwanaland (2005)6101
0Fowler, Karen Joy : Booth's Ghost6101
0Gaiman, Neil : Feeders and Eaters6101
0Gaiman, Neil : The Thing About Cassandra6101
0Gregory, Daryl : Dead Horse Point6101
0Hill, Joe : Last Breath6101
0Jones, G : The Tomb Wife6101
0J?nchen, Heidrun: Das Projekt Moa (German) (2006)6101
0Kim : Alice Sola Kim, The Other Graces6101
0King, Stephen : The Things They Left Behind6101
0Lagor, Kelly : How to Make a Triffid6101
0Lake : Benedice Te ? Jay Lake6101
0Lake : The Courtesy of Guests - Jay Lake6101
0Lansdale, Joe R. : Fire Dog6101
0Ligotti, Thomas : Our Temporary Supervisor (2001)6101
0Link, Kelly : Catskin6101
0Niven, Larry : Cadet Amelia6101
0Nix, Garth : Charlie Rabbit (2003)6101
0Pratt, Tim : Annabelle's Alphabet6101
0Pugmire : The Phantom of a Beguilement6101
0Resnick, Mike : The Incarceration of Captain Nebula (2010)6101
0Shearman : Favourite - Shearman6101
0Utley, Steve : Invisible Kingdoms6101
0Valente, Catherynne M. : Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time6101
0Waldrop, Howard : Call Your Name6101
0Warzel, Desmond: Epinikion (2011)6101
0? : A Citizen Speaks5101
0?? : In the River5101
0Asaro, Catherine : Ruby Dice5101
0Aspey, Lynette : Sleeping Dragons5101
0Bear, Elizabeth : And the Deep Blue Sea5101
0Blake : Absinthe Fish, M. David Blake5101
0Bradbury, Ray : Fly Away Home5101
0Cassutt : More Adventures on Other Planets, Michael Cassutt5101
0Deira : The Giant of Malheur Park5101
0Feehan : The Awakening5101
0Friesner, Esther : Helen Remembers the Stork Club-Esther M. Friesner5101
0Gaiman, Neil : iNSTRUCTIONS5101
0Gardemann, Jan: Geschichtsstunde f?r Marsianer (German) (2006)5101
0Genge : As Women Fight, by Sara Genge5101
0Haldeman, Joe : Faces5101
0Harness, Charles L. : Probable Cause5101
0Johnson, Kij : The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change5101
0Klages : Singing on a Star by Ellen Klages5101
0Levine, David D. : Tale of the Golden Eagle5101
0Liu, Ken : Mono No Aware5101
0McIntosh, Will : Faller5101
0Nix, Garth : Heart's Desire ? Nimue?s story5101
0Phillips : Summer Ice, Holly Phillips5101
0Rickert, M. : Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment5101
0Scholes : Ken Scholes, Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk5101
0Shiner : Scales5101
0Sterling, Bruce : The Denial5101
0Van Pelt : The Last of the O-Forms - James Van Pelt5101
0Warzel, Desmond: Assumption (2010)5101
0Wright : Judgement Eve by John C. Wright5101
0?? : Home video4101
0Arkenberg : Megan Arkenberg - Four Lies from the Mouth of God4101
0Aspey, Lynette : Sleeping Dragons (2004)4101
0Ausubel : Safe Passage by Ramona Ausubel4101
0Ballantyne : Tony Ballantyne, The Water of Meribah4101
0Bauer, Joan (?) : Blocked4101
0Beckett : Marcher (2001)4101
0de Bodard, Aliette : Heaven Under Earth4101
0Ellison, Harlan : Incognita, Inc4101
0Emshwiller, Carol : The Bird Painter in Time of War4101
0Finley : The Death of Sugar Daddy by Toiya Kristen Finley4101
0Ford, Jeffrey : 86 Deathdick Road4101
0Gaiman, Neil : I, Cthulhu, or, What?s A Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing In A Sunken City Like This (Latitude 47? 9? S, Longitude 126? 43? W)?4101
0Goss, Theodore : Singing of Mount Abora4101
0Lanagan, Margo : Crow and Caper, Caper and Crow4101
0Lanagan, Margo : Machine Maid4101
0Link, Kelly : The Constable of Abal4101
0Morlan : The Anabe Girls ? A. R. Morlan4101
0Resnick, Mike : An Article of Faith4101
0Resnick, Mike : The Homecoming4101
0Rickert, M. : Holiday4101
0Sawyer, Robert J. : Biding Time4101
0Steinm?ller, Angela / Steinm?ller, Karlheinz: Das Internetz in den H?nden der Arbeiterklasse (German) (2003)4101
0Swanwick, Michael : A Small Room in Koboldtown4101
0Warzel, Desmond: On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy (2009)4101