20th and 21st Century SF/Fantasy Short Fiction Poll - Complete Results Alphabetically

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This page shows all 2185 unique category/title combinations alphabetically by author's last name, omitting only a handful of votes that appeared as garbled characters.

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CategoryRankAuthor : TitlePointsVotesFirstsSecondsThirdsFourthsFifthsSixthsSeventhsEighthsNinthsTenths
20th c Nvt0ab Hugh : The Coon Rolled Down... (ab Hugh)12101
21st c Nvt0Abraham, Daniel : Flat Diane7101
21st c SS8Abraham, Daniel : The Cambist and Lord Iron (2007)77122433
20th c Nvt207*Aickamn, Robert : The Hospice252011
20th c Nvt0Aickman, Robert : Pages from a Young Girl's Journal12101
20th c Nva159*Aickman, Robert : The Stains (1980)282011
20th c Nvt0Aickman, Robert : The Swords1811
20th c Nvt0Aickman, Robert : The Unsettled Dust14101
20th c Nvt0Akutagawa : The Hell Screen by Ryunosuke Akutagawa15101
21st c SS0Alarcon : Abraham Lincoln Has Been Shot by Daniel Alarcon6101
20th c Nvt0Aldiss, Brian W. : A Kind of Artistry (1962)14101
20th c SS0Aldiss, Brian W. : A Romance of the Equator15101
20th c Nva0Aldiss, Brian W. : Equator15101
20th c Nvt0Aldiss, Brian W. : FOAM11101
20th c Nvt41*Aldiss, Brian W. : Hothouse (1961)186143112124
20th c SS0Aldiss, Brian W. : Let's Be Frank12101
20th c SS204*Aldiss, Brian W. : Old Hundredth (1960)31211
20th c SS0Aldiss, Brian W. : Outside (1955)9101
20th c SS0Aldiss, Brian W. : Poor Little Warrior! (1958)12101
20th c SS282*Aldiss, Brian W. : Supertoys Last All Summer Long222011
20th c Nva105*Aldiss, Brian W. : The Saliva Tree (1965)52501112
20th c SS0Aldiss, Brian W. : The Worm that Flies14101
20th c SS242*Aldiss, Brian W. : Who Can Replace a Man?262011
20th c Nva0Aldridge : Ray Aldridge: The Beauty Addict11101
21st c Nvt0Alexander, Michael: The Children's Crusade (2012)7101
21st c Nvt70*Anders, Charlie Jane : Six Months Three Days13211
20th c SS282*Anderson, Poul : A Logic Named Joe22202
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : Brain Wave9101
20th c Nvt0Anderson, Poul : Brave to Be a King10101
20th c Nvt226*Anderson, Poul : Call Me Joe192011
20th c Nvt0Anderson, Poul : Delenda Est (1955)14101
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : Epilogue17101
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : Flight to Forever (1950)1811
20th c Nvt217*Anderson, Poul : Hunter's Moon232011
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : Kings Who Die17101
20th c SS136*Anderson, Poul : Kyrie4630111
20th c Nva182*Anderson, Poul : No Truce with Kings (1963)232011
20th c Nvt179*Anderson, Poul : Sam Hall312011
20th c Nvt0Anderson, Poul : Starfog13101
21st c Nvt54*Anderson, Poul : The Lady of the Winds (2001)1830111
20th c Nvt207*Anderson, Poul : The Longest Voyage (1960)252011
20th c Nvt100*Anderson, Poul : The Man Who Came Early (1956)70511111
20th c Nva40Anderson, Poul : The Queen of Air and Darkness (1971)17613223222
20th c Nva141*Anderson, Poul : The Saturn Game3330111
20th c Nvt0Anderson, Poul : The Sharing of Flesh9101
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : The Sorrow of Odin The Goth1811
20th c SS0Anderson, Poul : The Tale of Hauk13101
20th c Nva0Anderson, Poul : Three Hearts and Three Lions15101
20th c Nva0Arakawa : Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 1 by Hiromu Arakawa15101
21st c SS0Arkenberg : Megan Arkenberg - Four Lies from the Mouth of God4101
20th c Nva0Arnason, Eleanor : Dapple16101
21st c SS0Arnason, Eleanor : Knapsack Poems811
21st c Nva73*Arnason, Eleanor : Mammoths of the Great Plains16312
20th c Nvt0Arnason, Eleanor : The Dog's Story9101
20th c SS386Arnason, Eleanor : The Grammarian's Five Daughters162011
21st c Nva95Arnason, Eleanor : The Potter of Bones8202
20th c Nva0Asaro, Catherine : A Roll of the Dice17101
20th c Nva0Asaro, Catherine : Aurora in Four Voices1811
21st c SS0Asaro, Catherine : Ruby Dice5101
21st c Nva0Asaro, Catherine : The City of Cries6101
21st c Nvt0Asaro, Catherine : The Shadowed Heart811
21st c Nva55*Asaro, Catherine : The Spacetime Pool213111
21st c Nva55*Asaro, Catherine : Walk in Silence21321
21st c Nva0Asher : Alien Archeology (2007) novella Neal Asher7101
20th c SS242*Asimov, Isaac : All the Troubles of the World (1958)262011
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Blind Alley12101
20th c Nvt87*Asimov, Isaac : Breeds There a Man...? (1951)8252111
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Button, Button1811
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Catch That Rabbit (1944)15101
20th c SS292*Asimov, Isaac : Dreaming Is a Private Thing (1955)192011
20th c SS191*Asimov, Isaac : Evidence (1946)332011
20th c SS276*Asimov, Isaac : Eyes Do More Than See232011
20th c Nvt170*Asimov, Isaac : Feminine Intuition ( 1969)3330111
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Found10101
20th c Nvt34Asimov, Isaac : Foundation (1942)2171551111312
20th c Nvt201*Asimov, Isaac : Galley Slave (1957)272011
20th c Nvt0Asimov, Isaac : Gold16101
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Green Patches (1950)14101
20th c Nvt183*Asimov, Isaac : It's Such a Beautiful Day (1954)30202
20th c SS185*Asimov, Isaac : Lenny (1958)34202
20th c SS41Asimov, Isaac : Liar! (1941)13083221
20th c Nvt85Asimov, Isaac : Little Lost Robot (1947)89711122
20th c Nvt2Asimov, Isaac : Nightfall (1941)101264241272651421
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Not Final11101
20th c SS91*Asimov, Isaac : Profession (1957)674031
20th c SS191*Asimov, Isaac : Reason3330111
20th c SS29Asimov, Isaac : Robbie (1940)17712333111
20th c SS132*Asimov, Isaac : Robot AL-76 Goes Astray (1942)473021
20th c SS71Asimov, Isaac : Robot Dreams (1986)836111111
20th c Nvt110*Asimov, Isaac : Runaround (1942)615011111
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Sally14101
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Segregationist (1967)11101
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Silly Asses1811
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : Strikebreaker14101
20th c Nvt0Asimov, Isaac : That Thou Art Mindful of Him! (1974)17101
20th c Nvt4Asimov, Isaac : The Bicentennial Man (1976)6604414635331333
20th c Nvt117*Asimov, Isaac : The Billiard Ball (1967)5741111
20th c Nvt115*Asimov, Isaac : The Dead Past5840112
20th c SS0Asimov, Isaac : The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline15101
20th c SS185*Asimov, Isaac : The Feeling of Power34202
20th c SS185*Asimov, Isaac : The Immortal Bard (1954)34211
20th c Nvt0Asimov, Isaac : The Key (1966)17101
20th c SS12Asimov, Isaac : The Last Question (1956)3812583511322
20th c SS234*Asimov, Isaac : The Machine That Won the War272011
20th c Nva28Asimov, Isaac : The Martian Way (1952)2531832223222
20th c Nva0Asimov, Isaac : The Mule1811
20th c Nvt0Asimov, Isaac : The Red Queen's Race15101
20th c Nvt46Asimov, Isaac : The Ugly Little Boy (1958)170123121311
20th c SS242*Asimov, Isaac : What Is This Thing Called Love?262011
21st c SS0Aspey, Lynette : Sleeping Dragons5101
21st c SS0Aspey, Lynette : Sleeping Dragons (2004)4101
20th c SS0Atwood : Margaret Atwood, Homelanding11101
21st c SS0Ausubel : Safe Passage by Ramona Ausubel4101
21st c SS61*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Pop Squad15211
21st c Nvt16*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Pump Six (2008)65105212
21st c SS0Bacigalupi, Paolo : Small Offerings7101
21st c Nva73*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Alchemist1622
21st c Nvt4Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Calorie Man (2005)1242072263
21st c Nvt13*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Fluted Girl (2003)671042211
21st c Nvt48*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Gambler21321
21st c Nvt5*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The People of Sand and Slag (2004)1101665311
21st c Nvt74*Bacigalupi, Paolo : The Tamarisk Hunter122011
21st c Nvt13*Bacigalupi, Paolo : Yellow Card Man (2006)671122331
21st c SS73*Bailey, Dale : The End of the World As We Know It (2004)13211
21st c Nvt0Baker, Kage : Monster Story4101
20th c Nva148*Baker, Kage : Son Observe the Time302011
21st c Nva0Baker, Kage : The Caravan from Troon6101
21st c Nva9Baker, Kage : The Empress of Mars (2003)72114331
21st c SS0Baker, Kage : The Ruby Incomparable811
21st c Nva0Baker, Kage : Where the Golden Apples Grow7101
21st c SS0Ballantyne : Tony Ballantyne, The Water of Meribah4101
21st c Nva0Ballantyne Tony, Third Person6101
20th c SS78*Ballard, J. G. : Billennium7652111
20th c Nvt129*Ballard, J. G. : Chronopolis493111
20th c Nvt113*Ballard, J. G. : Myths of the Near Future5940112
20th c SS0Ballard, J. G. : Notes Toward a Mental Breakdown12101
20th c SS242*Ballard, J. G. : Prima Belladonna262011
20th c SS156*Ballard, J. G. : The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race413021
20th c SS87Ballard, J. G. : The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D (1967)69501211
20th c SS0Ballard, J. G. : The Dead Astronaut17101
20th c SS150*Ballard, J. G. : The Drowned Giant (1964)433021
20th c SS198*Ballard, J. G. : The Garden Of Time322011
20th c SS0Ballard, J. G. : The Overloaded Man (1961)1811
20th c Nvt203*Ballard, J. G. : The Sound-Sweep262011
20th c SS185*Ballard, J. G. : The Subliminal Man34202
20th c SS47Ballard, J. G. : The Terminal Beach11582312
20th c Nvt0Ballard, J. G. : The Time-Tombs16101
20th c Nvt125*Ballard, J. G. : The Voices of Time (1960)5140121
20th c Nvt0Ballard, J. G. : Thirteen to Centaurus13101
20th c SS242*Ballard, J. G. : Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan (1968)262011
20th c SS0Ballard, J. G. : You: Coma: Marilyn Monroe15101
21st c SS0Ballingrud : Nathan Ballingrud: You Go Where It Takes You7101
20th c SS276*Banks, Iain M. : A Gift from the Culture232011
20th c Nva141*Banks, Iain M. : The State of the Art33211
21st c Nva0Banks, Iain M. The Algebraist (2004)4101
20th c Nva0Barker, Clive : Books of Blood volumes 1-31811
20th c Nva133*Barker, Clive : Cabal35211
21st c SS32*Barker, Clive : Haeckel's Tale (2005)265122
20th c Nvt0Barker, Clive : In the Flesh12101
20th c Nvt54Barker, Clive : In the Hills, the Cities (1984)1339312111
20th c Nvt0Barker, Clive : Revelations14101
21st c Nva0Barker, Clive : Six Destinies811
20th c SS0Barker, Clive : the books of blood I - iV16101
20th c Nvt146*Barker, Clive : The Forbidden4230111
20th c Nva111Barker, Clive : The Hellbound Heart49321
20th c SS0Barker, Clive : The Last Illusion12101
20th c Nvt0Barker, Clive : The Life of Death11101
20th c Nvt0Barker, Clive : The Midnight Meat Train9101
20th c SS0Barker, Clive : The Thief of Always17101
20th c SS204*Barker, Clive : The Yattering and Jack31211
21st c Nvt0Barnes : An Ocean Is a Snowflake, Four Billion Miles Away (2007) novelette John Barnes5101
21st c Nvt0Barnes : Every Hole Is Outlined, by John Barnes4101
20th c SS0Barrett : Stairs, Neal Barrett, Jr.9101
20th c SS0Barrett : Winter on the Belle Fourche16101
21st c Nvt0Barron : The Forest-Laird Barron7101
21st c Nva0Barron : The Imago Sequence Laird Barron6101
21st c Nvt0Barron, Laird : Old Virginia (2003)4101
21st c Nvt74*Barron, Laird : Strappado12211
20th c SS0Barthelme : The School by Donald Barthelme14101
21st c Nva0Barton : The Engines of Desire, William Barton5101
21st c Nvt0Barzak : Christopher Barzak - Map of Seventeen4101
20th c Nva0Bates : Harry Bates, Farewell to the Master15101
21st c SS0Bauer, Joan (?) : Blocked4101
21st c SS31Baxter, Stephen : Last Contact2751112
21st c Nva49Baxter, Stephen : Mayflower II2550131
20th c SS0Baxter, Stephen : Moon-Calf12101
21st c Nva0Baxter, Stephen : Return to Titan (2010)811
20th c SS0Baxter, Stephen : Sheena 5, Stephen Baxter9101
21st c SS100*Baxter, Stephen : The Children of Time102011
21st c SS61*Baxter, Stephen : The Ghost Pit (2001)15211
21st c Nvt0Baxter, Stephen : The Orion Line811
21st c Nvt0Beagle, Peter S. : By Moonlight7101
21st c Nvt74*Beagle, Peter S. : Quarry12211
21st c Nvt0Beagle, Peter S. : Sleight of Mind5101
21st c SS0Beagle, Peter S. : The Rabbi's Hobby811
21st c Nvt18Beagle, Peter S. : Two Hearts (2005)6194131
21st c Nva0Beagle, Peter S. : Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel7101
21st c Nvt0Bear, Elizabeth & Sarah Monette : Boojum (2008)7101
21st c SS0Bear, Elizabeth : And the Deep Blue Sea5101
21st c Nva73*Bear, Elizabeth : Bone and Jewel Creatures1622
21st c SS24Bear, Elizabeth : Shoggoths in Bloom (2008)3570124
21st c SS0Bear, Elizabeth : The Something-Dreaming Game6101
21st c SS15Bear, Elizabeth : Tideline (2007)529342
20th c Nvt8Bear, Greg : Blood Music (1983)48034555281233
20th c Nva45Bear, Greg : Hardfought (1983)1601123111111
21st c SS66*Bear, Greg : RAM Shift Phase 2 (2005)14211
20th c SS242*Bear, Greg : Tangents262011
20th c SS0Beckett : La Machinna12101
21st c SS0Beckett : Marcher (2001)4101
20th c SS0Bell : The Thing About Benny - M. Shayne Bell12101
20th c SS242*Benet : By the Waters of Babylon262011
20th c SS299*Benford, Gregory : Anomalies182011
21st c Nvt25*Benford, Gregory : Bow Shock (2006)4061311
20th c SS292*Benford, Gregory : Doing Lennon192011
20th c SS0Benford, Gregory : Exposures14101
21st c SS0Benford, Gregory : Leviathan6101
20th c Nvt0Benford, Gregory : Matter's End9101
21st c SS0Benford, Gregory : Movement7101
20th c SS0Benford, Gregory : White Creatures14101
20th c Nvt0Benford/Eklund : If The Stars Are Gods14101
20th c Nva0Bester, Alfred : 5,271,00912101
20th c SS96*Bester, Alfred : Adam and No Eve (1941)66511111
20th c SS242*Bester, Alfred : Disappearing Act262011
20th c Nvt6Bester, Alfred : Fondly Fahrenheit (1954)554379663312232
20th c SS0Bester, Alfred : Galatea Gallante11101
20th c Nva0Bester, Alfred : Hell is Forever16101
20th c SS213*Bester, Alfred : Oddy and Id (1950)302011
20th c SS101*Bester, Alfred : Of Time and Third Avenue (1951)6340211
20th c SS0Bester, Alfred : The Die-Hard10101
20th c SS175*Bester, Alfred : The Four-Hour Fugue (1974)363021
20th c SS40Bester, Alfred : The Men Who Murdered Mohammed (1958)131100212113
20th c SS91*Bester, Alfred : The Pi Man (1959)67501121
20th c Nvt100*Bester, Alfred : They Don't Make Life Like They Used To (1963)70511111
20th c Nvt157*Bester, Alfred : Time Is the Traitor383021
20th c SS0Bethke : Cyberpunk - Bruce Bethke10101
20th c SS0Bierce : Ambrose Bierce, The Moonlit Road16101
20th c Nvt0Biggle : Lloyd Biggle, Jr.: The Tunesmith15101
20th c Nvt222*Bishop, Michael : Cathadonian Odyssey (1974)212011
20th c Nva74Bishop, Michael : Death and Designation Among the Asadi (1973)9181124
20th c Nva179*Bishop, Michael : Her Habiline Husband24202
20th c Nvt0Bishop, Michael : I, Iscariot15101
20th c Nvt0Bishop, Michael : On The Street of the Serpents17101
21st c SS80*Bishop, Michael : The Pile (2008)122011
20th c Nvt0Bishop, Michael : The Quickening15101
20th c Nva0Bishop, Michael : The Samurai and the Willows17101
21st c Nvt70*Bisson, Terry : Almost Home (2003)13211
20th c SS27Bisson, Terry : Bears Discover Fire (1990)196141411232
20th c Nva150*Bisson, Terry : Dear Abbey293111
20th c Nvt0Bisson, Terry : England Underway13101
20th c SS136*Bisson, Terry : macs (1999)46401111
20th c SS0Bisson, Terry : Press Ann (1991)16101
21st c SS59*Bisson, Terry : Scout's Honor (2004)1630111
20th c SS91*Bisson, Terry : They're Made Out of Meat6752111
20th c SS0Bisson, Terry: Two Guys From The Future (1992)11101
20th c SS23Bixby, Jerome : It's a Good Life (1953)23216151212121
20th c Nva0Blackwood, Algernon : The Wendigo16101
20th c Nva84Blackwood, Algernon : The Willows (1907)735113
21st c SS0Blake : Absinthe Fish, M. David Blake5101
21st c Nvt66*Blaylock, James P. : His Own Back Yard14202
21st c Nvt0Blaylock, James P. : In For a Penny811
20th c Nvt0Blaylock, James P. : Paper Dragons17101
21st c Nva0Blaylock, James P. : The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs6101
21st c Nva0Blaylock, James P. : The Ebb Tide7101
20th c SS0Blaylock, James P. : The Idol's Eye15101
20th c Nvt0Blaylock, James P. : The Old Curiosity Shop12101
20th c SS0Blaylock, James P. : The Pink of Fading Neon16101
20th c SS178*Blaylock, James P. : Thirteen Phantasms35211
20th c Nva114Blish, James : A Case Of Conscience473111
20th c Nvt207*Blish, James : A Work of Art252011
20th c Nvt203*Blish, James : Beep262011
20th c SS0Blish, James : Common Time15101
20th c Nvt21Blish, James : Surface Tension (1952)298224132122124
20th c Nvt0Blish, James : Testament of Andros (1953)15101
20th c Nvt0Blish, James : There Shall Be No Darkness (1950)9101
20th c SS0Bloch, Robert : Enoch14101
20th c SS88*Bloch, Robert : That Hell-Bound Train (1958)685011111
20th c SS0Bloch, Robert : The Man Who Collected Poe16101
20th c SS129*Bloch, Robert : Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (1943)4840112
21st c Nvt0Blumlein : Know How, Can Do (Blumlein)811
20th c SS0Blumlein : Michael Blumlein, The Brains of Rats12101
21st c Nvt0Bolano : Last Evenings on Earth - Roberto Bolano811
20th c SS204*Borges, Jorge Luis : The Aleph31211
20th c SS0Borges, Jorge Luis : The Circular Ruins16101
20th c SS80*Borges, Jorge Luis : Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius7551211
20th c SS191*Borges, Jorge Luis: The Babylon Lottery33211
20th c SS204*Borges, Jorge Luis: The Library of Babel31211
20th c Nva104Boucher, Anthony : The Compleat Werewolf5340121
20th c SS0Boucher, Anthony : The Pink Caterpillar15101
20th c SS0Boucher, Anthony : They Bite9101
20th c Nva0Boucher, Anthony : We Print The Truth14101
20th c SS0Bova, Ben : Inspiration (1994)12101
20th c SS0Bowen : Elizabeth Bowen, The Demon Lover15101
21st c Nvt0Bowes : The Ferryman's Wife by Richard Bowes7101
21st c SS0Bowes : There's a Hole in the City by Richard Bowes811
20th c SS0Bowles : A Distant Episode - Paul Bowles1811
20th c Nvt0Brackett : Leigh Brackett, The Last Days of Shandrakor13101
20th c SS114*Bradbury, Ray : ...And the Moon Be Still as Bright54401111
21st c SS0Bradbury, Ray : A Matter of Taste811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : A Scent of Sarsaparilla17101
20th c SS6Bradbury, Ray : A Sound of Thunder (1952)5043410326232222
20th c SS48Bradbury, Ray : All Summer in a Day (1954)11481211111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!10101
20th c SS51*Bradbury, Ray : Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed (1949)1077013111
20th c Nva0Bradbury, Ray : Fahrenheit 4511811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Fever Dreams17101
21st c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Fly Away Home5101
20th c SS156*Bradbury, Ray : Forever and the Earth4130111
20th c Nva138*Bradbury, Ray : Frost and Fire34202
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Homecoming14101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : I See You Never17101
20th c SS124*Bradbury, Ray : Kaleidoscope (1949)493111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Mars Is Heaven! (1948)17101
20th c SS69Bradbury, Ray : Mars Is Heaven! (1948) [aka The Third Expedition]867011122
20th c Nvt139*Bradbury, Ray : Pillar of Fire (1948)4530111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The April Witch (1952)1811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The City (1950)1811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Earth Men11101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Emissary (1947)1811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Exiles13101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Flying Machine15101
20th c SS122*Bradbury, Ray : The Fog Horn (1951)503111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Garbage Collector16101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Gift (1952)9101
20th c SS145*Bradbury, Ray : The Golden Apples of the Sun (1953)453111
20th c Nvt0Bradbury, Ray : The Haunting of the New (1969)11101
20th c SS234*Bradbury, Ray : The Homecoming27211
20th c SS124*Bradbury, Ray : The Long Rain (1950)493111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Long Years14101
20th c Nvt0Bradbury, Ray : The Lost City of Mars12101
20th c SS30*Bradbury, Ray : The Million Year Picnic (1946)1671321121123
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Murderer13101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Naming of Names13101
20th c SS260*Bradbury, Ray : The One Who Waits (1949)252011
20th c SS88*Bradbury, Ray : The Pedestrian (1951)685011111
20th c SS264*Bradbury, Ray : The Playground (1953)24202
21st c SS29*Bradbury, Ray : The Reincarnate (2005)284121
20th c SS171*Bradbury, Ray : The Rocket (1950)3830111
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Rocket Man1811
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : The Silent Towns15101
20th c SS98*Bradbury, Ray : The Small Assassin654031
20th c SS24Bradbury, Ray : The Veldt (1950)23017221312123
20th c SS11Bradbury, Ray : There Will Come Soft Rains (1950)407298343533
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Tomorrow's Child16101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Uncle Einar17101
20th c SS234*Bradbury, Ray : Way in the Middle of the Air272011
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Ylla (1950)17101
20th c SS0Bradbury, Ray : Zero Hour14101
20th c SS0Braun, Johanna / Braun, G?nter: Translation (German) (1981)9101
21st c SS0Braunbeck : Duty-Gary A Braunbeck7101
20th c Nvt0Brennert, Alan: Echoes (1997)16101
20th c Nvt87*Brin, David : The Crystal Spheres (1984)8260111111
20th c Nva44Brin, David : The Postman (1982)16212012131112
20th c Nvt112Brin, David : Thor Meets Captain America (1986)60501112
20th c SS0Brite : Calcutta - Poppy Z Brite12101
20th c SS0Brite : Mussolini and the Axeman's Jazz - Poppy Z Brite16101
21st c Nva0Brown, Eric : A Writer's Life4101
20th c SS0Brown, Eric : The Time-Lapsed Man9101
21st c Nvt0Brown, Eric : Thursday's Child5101
20th c SS0Brown, Fredric (& Mack Reynolds) : Dark Interlude (1951)16101
20th c SS96*Brown, Fredric : Answer (1954)665011111
20th c Nvt20Brown, Fredric : Arena (1944)302231141253132
20th c Nvt151*Brown, Fredric : Come and Go Mad (1949)403111
20th c SS221*Brown, Fredric : Knock29211
20th c SS150*Brown, Fredric : Letter to a Phoenix433111
20th c SS161*Brown, Fredric : Placet Is a Crazy Place403111
20th c SS0Brown, Fredric : Puppet Show10101
20th c SS0Brown, Fredric : The Star-Mouse12101
20th c Nva0Brunner, John : Earth is But a Star/ The 100th Millenium10101
20th c SS221*Brunner, John : The Last Lonely Man (1964)292011
20th c SS0Brunner, John : The Power of Four (?)1811
20th c Nvt0Brunner, John: The Things That Are Gods (1979)9101
21st c SS80*Brust, Steven : The Desecrator122011
20th c SS0Bryant, Edward : giANTS9101
20th c Nvt186*Bryant, Edward : Shark292011
20th c SS0Bryant, Edward : Slippage9101
20th c Nvt0Bryant, Edward : Strata16101
20th c SS290*Buckell : The Executioness - Tobias S. Buckell202011
20th c SS0Budrys, Algis : A Scraping at the Bones9101
20th c SS0Budrys, Algis : Nobody Bothers Gus13101
20th c Nva0Budrys, Algis : Rogue Moon1811
20th c SS0Budrys, Algis : The Edge of the Sea12101
20th c Nva150*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Labyrinth292011
20th c Nva11Bujold, Lois McMaster : The Mountains of Mourning (1989)416291025121242
20th c Nva125*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Weatherman (1990)3830111
21st c Nva79*Bujold, Lois McMaster : Winterfair Gifts15211
20th c Nva100*Bujold, Lois McMaster: The Borders of Infinity5640211
20th c Nva150*Bulgakov. Michail : The Heart of a Dog292011
20th c Nva0Bulychev, Kir : Half a Life16101
20th c SS0Bulychev, Kir : Professor Kozarin's Crown17101
20th c Nva0Bulychev, Kir : The Sorrow of Odin The Goth17101
20th c Nva0Burgess : A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess1811
21st c Nva73*Burke, Kealan-Patrick: The Turtle Boy1622
20th c Nva0Burroughs : John Carter of Mars series - Edgar Rice Burroughs16101
21st c Nva0Butcher : Aftermath by Jim Butcher811
21st c SS0Butcher : It's My Birthday, Too by Jim Butcher811
21st c Nvt58*Butcher, Jim : Backup1622
21st c SS0Butler, Octavia E. (?) : The Parable of the Shower811
21st c Nvt0Butler, Octavia E. : Amnesty811
20th c Nvt9Butler, Octavia E. : Bloodchild (1984)45830754442211
20th c SS28Butler, Octavia E. : Speech Sounds18113013321111
21st c SS111*Butler, Octavia E. : The Book of Martha (2003)8202
20th c Nvt98*Butler, Octavia E. : The Evening and the Morning and the Night (1987)71511111
20th c SS0Cadigan, Pat : Angel17101
20th c Nva125*Cadigan, Pat : Fool to Believe3830111
20th c SS276*Cadigan, Pat : Pretty Boy Crossover (1986)232011
21st c SS106*Cadigan, Pat : The Taste of Night (2010)92011
20th c Nva147Cady, Jack : The Night We Buried Road Dog313012
20th c SS120*Campbell, John W. : Twilight51401111
20th c Nva4Campbell, John W. : Who Goes There? (1938)5683911462122533
20th c SS0Campbell, Ramsey : In the Bag15101
21st c Nva0Card, Orson Scott : Atlantis7101
20th c Nvt13Card, Orson Scott : Ender's Game (1977)40028144725311
20th c Nva182*Card, Orson Scott : Eye for Eye232011
20th c Nva188*Card, Orson Scott : Hatrack River192011
20th c SS147*Card, Orson Scott : Lost Boys (1989)4430111
21st c SS39*Card, Orson Scott : Mazer in Prison (2005)23321
20th c Nva0Card, Orson Scott : Songhouse12101
20th c Nva0Card, Orson Scott : the bully and the beast11101
20th c Nva0Card, Orson Scott : The Originist10101
20th c SS37Card, Orson Scott : Unaccompanied Sonata (1979)143102211211
20th c Nvt0Carneiro : Darkness, Andre Carneiro (Brazil)16101
20th c SS0Carr - The Dance of the Changer and the Three15101
20th c SS0Carroll : Friends Best Man-Jonathan Carroll12101
20th c Nva0Carroll : Jonathan Carroll, Uh-oh City15101
20th c SS204*Carter : Congenital Agenesis of Gender Ideation by K.N. Sirsi and Sandra Botkin312011
20th c SS0Carter : Puss-in-Boots - Angela Carter14101
20th c SS0Carter : The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter17101
21st c SS0Cassutt : More Adventures on Other Planets, Michael Cassutt5101
21st c SS0Castro, Adam-Troy : Arvies811
21st c Nva0Castro, Adam-Troy : Gunfight in Farside4101
21st c Nva0Castro, Adam-Troy : Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earls, Adam-Troy Castro811
20th c Nva188*Castro, Adam-Troy : The Funeral March of the Marionettes192011
21st c Nva0Castro, Adam-Troy : The Tangled Strings of the Marionettes4101
21st c Nva0Castro, Adam-Troy : With Unclean Hands5101
20th c Nva0Castro/Oltion, The Astronaut From Wyoming16101
21st c SS106*Chabon, Michael : The God of Dark Laughter92011
20th c SS234*Chandler, A. Bertram : The Cage272011
21st c Nvt0Chapman : Revenge of the Calico Cat by Stepan Chapman4101
20th c Nvt170*Charnas, Suzy McKee : Beauty and the Op?ra or the Phantom Beast332011
20th c Nva190*Charnas, Suzy McKee : Unicorn Tapestry18202
20th c Nva0Cherryh, C. J. : The Scapegoat9101
20th c SS299*Cheryyh, C. J. : Cassandra18202
20th c SS0Chiang, Ted : Division by Zero13101
21st c SS1*Chiang, Ted : Exhalation (2008)30647198668
21st c Nvt1Chiang, Ted : Hell Is the Absence of God (2001)293431513861
21st c Nva4Chiang, Ted : Liking What You See: A Documentary (2002)1051718413
20th c Nva31Chiang, Ted : Seventy-two Letters (2000)225163222331
20th c Nva1Chiang, Ted : Story of Your Life (1998)97863211157662311
21st c Nva17Chiang, Ted : The Lifecycle of Software Objects5684121
21st c Nvt2Chiang, Ted : The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate (2007)232351111634
20th c Nvt14Chiang, Ted : Tower of Babylon (1990)3782636432251
20th c Nvt49Chiang, Ted : Understand (1991)1501022231
21st c Nvt0Cho, Zen: The House of Aunts (2011)811
21st c Nva19*Chwedyk, Richard : Bronte's Egg (2002)5383122
21st c SS0Cisco : The Genius of Assassins, Michael Cisco6101
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. (?) : Hide and Seek14101
20th c Nvt58Clarke, Arthur C. : A Meeting with Medusa (1971)121101112212
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : A Walk in the Dark (1950)12101
20th c Nva0Clarke, Arthur C. : Against the Fall of Night15101
20th c SS167*Clarke, Arthur C. : All the Time in the World (1952)3930111
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : Breaking Strain (1949)13101
20th c Nvt0Clarke, Arthur C. : Death and the Senator (1961)11101
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : Dial F for Frankenstein15101
20th c SS260*Clarke, Arthur C. : Expedition to Earth (aka History Lesson)252011
20th c SS264*Clarke, Arthur C. : I Remember Babylon (1960)242011
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth13101
20th c SS60*Clarke, Arthur C. : Rescue Party95712211
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : Second Dawn (1951)14101
20th c Nvt203*Clarke, Arthur C. : Sunjammer262011
20th c SS132*Clarke, Arthur C. : Superiority (1951)473111
20th c SS227*Clarke, Arthur C. : The Call of the Stars (1957)282011
20th c Nva0Clarke, Arthur C. : The City and the Stars16101
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : The Deep Range (1954)1811
20th c Nva0Clarke, Arthur C. : The Lion of Comarre1811
20th c SS1*Clarke, Arthur C. : The Nine Billion Names of God (1953)932625161110644222
20th c SS0Clarke, Arthur C. : The Pacifist (1956)13101
20th c SS19Clarke, Arthur C. : The Sentinel (1951)27319225213112
20th c SS5Clarke, Arthur C. : The Star (1955)607408946332221
20th c Nvt103*Clarke, Arthur C. : The Wind from the Sun (1964)695011111
20th c SS175*Clarke, Arthur C. : Transit of Earth (1971)3622
21st c SS0Clarke, Susanna : Miss Mab811
21st c Nva0Clarke, Susanna : The Ladies of Grace Adieu7101
20th c Nva0Claudy : Land of No Shadow9101
20th c SS0Clement : Proof (Hal Clement)10101
20th c SS191*Clement : Uncommon Sense33211
21st c Nva0Clough : May Be Some Time, Brenda W. Clough6101
20th c Nva0Cogswell, Theodore R. : The Spectre General10101
20th c Nvt134*Cogswell, Theodore R. : The Wall Around the World (1953)463111
21st c SS0Coleman : All That Glisters by Loren L. Coleman (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)6101
21st c SS0Collier (?) : Midnight Blue7101
20th c SS0Collier : John Collier, Bottle Party1811
20th c SS0Collier : John Collier, Evening Primrose16101
21st c Nva0Collins, The Hunger Games trilogy811
20th c Nvt0Coney : Michael Coney: Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel13101
20th c Nvt0Conner, Mike : Guide Dog12101
20th c Nva0Conrad : Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad1811
21st c Nvt0Cook : The Trial of Edgar Allan Poe ? Hugh Cook4101
21st c Nva0Cook/Hogan : Obsidian Harvest6101
21st c Nvt0Cooper : Robot Girl by Brenda Cooper811
21st c Nvt0Cornell : The Copenhagen Interpretation - Paul Cornell811
21st c Nvt0Cornell, Paul : One of Our Bastards is Missing7101
21st c Nva0Correia : Tanya: Princess of the Elves by Larry Correia7101
20th c SS0Cortazar : Axolotl, Julio Cortazar9101
21st c Nva0Cowdrey (?) : Crux811
21st c Nva63*Cowdrey, Albert E. : The Tribes of Bela (2004)1830111
20th c Nva71Cowper, Richard : Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1976)957111211
20th c Nvt0Crona, Brje: Rymden ?r rund (Swedish) (1983)9101
20th c SS0Crowley, John : Gone16101
20th c Nva22*Crowley, John : Great Work of Time (1989)2831915351211
20th c Nvt0Crowley, John : In Blue15101
20th c SS136*Crowley, John : Snow463012
20th c SS0Dahl, Roald : The Sound Machine (1949)17101
20th c SS0Dahl, Roald : The Wish14101
20th c Nva0Daniel : Grist15101
20th c SS264*Daniel, Tony : A Dry, Quiet War24211
21st c Nva0Dann : Jack Dann: The Diamond Pit4101
20th c Nva0Dann, Jack : Junction (1973)17101
21st c Nva0Davidson, Andrew : The Gargoyle (2008)811
20th c SS35*Davidson, Avram : Or All the Seas with Oysters (1958)14410222121
20th c Nvt0Davidson, Avram : Polly Charms, the Sleeping Woman - Avram Davidson14101
20th c SS213*Davidson, Avram : The Golem30211
20th c SS0Davidson, Avram : The House the Blakeneys Built13101
20th c Nvt107Davidson, Avram : The Sources of the Nile66422
20th c Nva0Davidson, Avram : There Beneath The Silky-Trees And Whelmed In Deeper Gulphs Than Me15101
20th c Nva0Davidson, Avram : Young Doctor Esterhazy10101
20th c Nvt0Day : La Notion de g?nocide n?cessaire (Thomas Day)13101
21st c SS0de Bodard, Aliette : Heaven Under Earth4101
21st c SS0de Bodard, Aliette : Immersion811
21st c Nvt66*de Bodard, Aliette : The Jaguar House, in Shadow14202
21st c SS47*de Bodard, Aliette : The Shipmaker (2010)203021
20th c Nva0de Camp, L. Sprague (& Pratt, Fletcher) : The Compleat Enchanter: The Magical Misadventures of Harold Shea (1975)11101
20th c Nvt74de Camp, L. Sprague : A Gun for Dinosaur (1956)1007111211
20th c Nvt0de Camp, L. Sprague : Nothing in the Rules (1939)12101
20th c Nvt183*de Camp, L. Sprague : The Gnarly Man3030111
20th c Nvt0de Camp/Pratt : The Roaring Trumpet15101
21st c Nva0de Lint : A Blue Girl Charles de Lint6101
20th c SS0de Lint : dreams underfoot1811
20th c Nva0de Lint : In the House of My Enemy - Charles de Lint17101
21st c Nva0de Lint : Medicine Road Charles de Lint811
21st c Nva0de Lint : Seven Wild Sisters Charles de Lint7101
21st c SS73*de Lint, Charles : Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café13211
20th c SS0de Lint, Charles : Winter Was Hard (1991)15101
21st c SS0Deira : The Giant of Malheur Park5101
20th c SS82*del Rey, Lester : Helen O'Loy (1938)72501211
20th c Nva89del Rey, Lester : Nerves (1942)66511111
20th c SS0del Rey, Lester : The Day Is Done17101
20th c SS22Delany, Samuel R. : Aye, and Gomorrah24319112222513
20th c Nva0Delany, Samuel R. : Babel 1716101
20th c SS106Delany, Samuel R. : Driftglass61501112
20th c Nva105*Delany, Samuel R. : Empire Star52312
20th c Nva169*Delany, Samuel R. : Lines of Power (1968)262011
20th c SS0Delany, Samuel R. : Night and the Loves of Joe Dicostanzo12101
20th c Nva0Delany, Samuel R. : The Ballad of Beta-21811
20th c Nva34Delany, Samuel R. : The Star Pit (1967)20114231112112
20th c Nva0Delany, Samuel R. : The Tale of Gorgik10101
20th c Nvt16Delany, Samuel R. : Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones (1968)355233844112
21st c Nva28*Denton, Bradley : Sergeant Chip4470421
20th c Nva125*Denton, Bradley : The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians (1988)3830111
20th c Nva0Denton, Bradley : The Territory12101
20th c SS198*Deustch, A. J.: A Subway Named Moebius32211
21st c Nva63*Di Filippo, Paul : A Year in the Linear City (2002)183021
21st c Nvt0Di Filippo, Paul : Ailoura (2002)7101
21st c Nvt83*Di Filippo, Paul : Neutrino Drag (2001)102011
21st c SS61*Di Filippo, Paul : Sisyphus and the Stranger (2004)1530111
20th c Nvt0Di Filippo, Paul : The Double Felix (1994)16101
21st c SS0Di Filippo, Paul : The Emperor of Gondwanaland (2005)6101
21st c Nvt0Di Filippo, Paul : Wikiworld by Paul di Filippo811
20th c Nvt0Di Filippo, Paul: Conspiracy of Noice17101
20th c Nvt73Dick, Philip K. : A Little Something for Us Tempunauts (1974)1047111121
20th c Nvt167*Dick, Philip K. : Autofac (1955)3430111
20th c SS147*Dick, Philip K. : Beyond Lies the Wub4430111
20th c SS227*Dick, Philip K. : Breakfast at Twilight (1954)28202
20th c Nva0Dick, Philip K. : do androids dream of electric sheep1811
20th c SS0Dick, Philip K. : Expendable (1953)11101
20th c Nvt59Dick, Philip K. : Faith of Our Fathers (1967)120821212
20th c SS0Dick, Philip K. : Human Is12101
20th c SS88*Dick, Philip K. : Impostor68502111
20th c SS198*Dick, Philip K. : Oh, to Be a Blobel! (1964)32211
20th c SS0Dick, Philip K. : Rautavaara's Case (1980)13101
20th c SS0Dick, Philip K. : Roog14101
20th c Nvt35*Dick, Philip K. : Second Variety (1953)21416031213312
20th c Nvt139*Dick, Philip K. : The Days of Perky Pat (1963)4530111
20th c SS80*Dick, Philip K. : The Electric Ant (1969)7560111111
20th c SS119Dick, Philip K. : The Father-Thing (1954)52401111
20th c Nva138*Dick, Philip K. : The Minority Report34202
20th c SS227*Dick, Philip K. : The Preserving Machine (1953)282011
20th c Nva0Dick, Philip K. : Ubik16101
20th c Nvt17Dick, Philip K. : We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (1966)35224542323122
20th c SS132*Dickson, Gordon R. : Call Him Lord (1966)4740121
20th c SS242*Dickson, Gordon R. : Computers Don't Argue262011
20th c SS0Dickson, Gordon R. : In the Bone1811
20th c Nva97*Dickson, Gordon R. : Lost Dorsai (1980)5741111
20th c SS0Dickson, Gordon R. : Lulungomeena12101
20th c Nva56Dickson, Gordon R. : Soldier, Ask Not (1964)12210131212
20th c Nvt0Dickson, Gordon R. : The Cloak and the Staff15101
20th c SS124*Disch, Thomas M. : Angouleme (1971)493111
20th c SS178*Disch, Thomas M. : Descending35211
20th c Nvt103*Disch, Thomas M. : The Asian Shore69502111
20th c Nvt56Disch, Thomas M. : The Brave Little Toaster12991121121
21st c Nva0Doctorow, Cory & Benjamin Rosenbaum : True Names6101
21st c Nva52*Doctorow, Cory : After the Siege (2007)22401111
21st c Nvt32*Doctorow, Cory : Anda's Game (2004)34532
21st c Nva0Doctorow, Cory : Chicken Little (2010)4101
20th c SS0Doctorow, Cory : Craphound13101
21st c Nvt22Doctorow, Cory : I, Robot455211
21st c SS80*Doctorow, Cory : I, Row-Boat (2006)12211
21st c Nvt0Doctorow, Cory : Nightfall (2003)5101
21st c SS47*Doctorow, Cory : Printcrime203111
21st c Nvt12Doctorow, Cory : When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth (2006)721322225
20th c SS0Donaldson : Daughter of Regals1811
20th c SS0Donaldson : Mythological Beast ? Stephen R. Donaldson12101
20th c Nva0Donaldson, Stephen R. : Daughter of Regals15101
20th c Nvt0Donaldson, Stephen R. : The Lady in White9101
20th c Nvt0Dowling : Terry Dowling, Housecall9101
20th c SS276*Doyle, Arthur Conan : How It Happened232011
20th c SS150*Doyle, Arthur Conan : The Disintegration Machine (1929)4330111
20th c SS0Doyle, Arthur Conan : The Horror of the Heights - Arthur Conan Doyle17101
20th c SS292*Doyle, Arthur Conan : The Terror of Blue John Gap (1910)192011
21st c Nva36Dozois, Gardner & George R. R. Martin, Daniel Abraham : Shadow Twin3962211
20th c SS0Dozois, Gardner : A Dream at Noonday14101
20th c Nvt0Dozois, Gardner : A Kingdom by the Sea16101
20th c Nvt0Dozois, Gardner : A Special Kind of Morning11101
20th c Nva100*Dozois, Gardner : Chains of the Sea56401111
20th c SS0Dozois, Gardner : Machines of Loving Grace1811
20th c SS221*Dozois, Gardner : Morning Child29211
20th c Nva0Dozois, Gardner : Strangers17101
20th c SS0Drake : The Barrow Troll, David Drake14101
21st c SS0Dryden : Respite by Autumn Rachel Dryden7101
20th c Nvt0du Maurier, Daphne : Don't Look Now11101
20th c Nva0du Maurier, Daphne : Monte Verita9101
20th c Nvt106du Maurier, Daphne : The Birds (1952)68502111
21st c SS0Due, Tananarive : Patient Zero7101
21st c Nva21Duncan, Andy : The Chief Designer (2001)507142
20th c SS0Dunsany : Lord Dunsany, Chubu and Sheemish13101
20th c SS0Dunsany : The Gods of Pegāna - Lord Dunsany17101
20th c SS264*Dunsany, Lord : The Sword of Welleran24202
20th c Nva0Effinger : Marid Changes His Mind17101
20th c SS0Effinger, George Alec : All The Last Wars At Once11101
20th c Nvt87*Effinger, George Alec : Schrodinger's Kitten (1988)82602211
20th c SS0Effinger, George Alec : The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything16101
20th c SS242*Egan, Greg : Axiomatic26202
20th c Nvt217*Egan, Greg : Border Guards232011
20th c Nvt0Egan, Greg : Cocoon17101
21st c Nvt74*Egan, Greg : Crystal Nights122011
21st c Nvt16*Egan, Greg : Dark Integers65103322
21st c Nvt50Egan, Greg : Glory20312
21st c Nva0Egan, Greg : Hot Rock4101
21st c SS94*Egan, Greg : Induction112011
20th c SS42Egan, Greg : Learning to Be Me (1990)12592112111
21st c Nvt83*Egan, Greg : Lost Continent102011
20th c Nvt139*Egan, Greg : Luminous453012
20th c Nva64Egan, Greg : Oceanic (1998)1148031211
20th c Nvt84Egan, Greg : Reasons to Be Cheerful9055
21st c Nva90*Egan, Greg : Riding the Crocodile (2006)112011
21st c Nvt29*Egan, Greg : Singleton (2002)36611211
21st c SS0Egan, Greg : Steve Fever7101
20th c Nva159*Egan, Greg : Tap (1995)282011
20th c Nvt0Egan, Greg : The Caress12101
20th c Nvt150Egan, Greg : The Planck Drive413012
20th c SS0Egan, Greg : The Whistle Test16101
20th c Nvt174*Egan, Greg : Wang's Carpets32211
20th c Nvt0Eklund : Vermeer's Window - Eklund12101
20th c Nvt193*Elliott, George P. : Sandra282011
20th c Nvt7Ellison, Harlan : A Boy and His Dog (1969)51636456255324
20th c Nvt179*Ellison, Harlan : Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38? 54' N, Longitude 77? 00' 13 W (1974)312011
20th c Nva90*Ellison, Harlan : All the Lies That Are My Life65511111
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Angry Candy10101
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Blood's A Rover15101
20th c Nvt0Ellison, Harlan : Boy And His Dog9101
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Count the Clock That Tells the Time (1978)11101
20th c SS264*Ellison, Harlan : Croatoan24202
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Djinn, No Chaser17101
20th c Nva150*Ellison, Harlan : Grail29211
21st c SS18Ellison, Harlan : How Interesting: A Tiny Man (2010)4062211
20th c SS4Ellison, Harlan : I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (1967)7174971252715721
20th c Nvt0Ellison, Harlan : I'm Looking for Kadak14101
21st c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Incognita, Inc4101
20th c SS18Ellison, Harlan : Jeffty Is Five (1977)27519232314211
20th c Nva81*Ellison, Harlan : Mefisto In Onyx77502111
20th c Nvt71*Ellison, Harlan : Paladin of the Lost Hour105712112
20th c Nvt119*Ellison, Harlan : Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes (1967)5640211
20th c SS3Ellison, Harlan : 'Repent, Harlequin!' said the Ticktockman (1965)7675281178233433
20th c SS242*Ellison, Harlan : Shatterday262011
20th c SS111*Ellison, Harlan : Shattered Like a Glass Goblin (1968)56401111
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : Strange Wine13101
20th c Nvt76Ellison, Harlan : The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World (1968)98721121
20th c Nvt23Ellison, Harlan : The Deathbird2901963322111
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore by Harlan Ellison16101
20th c SS213*Ellison, Harlan : The Whimper of Whipped Dogs302011
20th c SS0Ellison, Harlan : With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole (1985)9101
21st c SS73*El-Mohtar : The Green Book132011
20th c SS292*Emshwiller, Carol : Abominable192011
21st c SS0Emshwiller, Carol : Grandma7101
21st c SS73*Emshwiller, Carol : I Live With You132011
21st c Nvt0Emshwiller, Carol : Master of the Road to Nowhere7101
21st c SS0Emshwiller, Carol : The Bird Painter in Time of War4101
21st c SS0Eschbach, Andreas: Survival-Training (German) (2005)811
21st c Nva0Eskridge : Kelley Eskridge, Dangerous Space5101
20th c SS264*Etchison : Dennis Etchison: The Dark Country242011
21st c Nva0Evenson : Brotherhood of Mutilation-Brian Evenson811
20th c Nvt98*Farmer, Philip Jose : Mother (1953)7151112
20th c Nva29Farmer, Philip Jose : Riders of the Purple Wage (1967)2481932113333
20th c Nva0Farmer, Philip Jose : Riverworld13101
20th c SS62*Farmer, Philip Jose : Sail On! Sail On! (1952)90602121
20th c Nvt0Farmer, Philip Jose : Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind11101
20th c Nva95*Farmer, Philip Jose : The Alley Man (1959)5941111
20th c SS122*Farmer, Philip Jose : The King of the Beasts (1964)50312
20th c SS76*Farmer, Philip Jose : The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World (1971)7752111
20th c Nva0Farmer, Philip Jose : To your Scaterred bodies Go17101
20th c SS120*Faulkner, William : A Rose for Emily (1930)513111
21st c SS0Feehan : The Awakening5101
21st c Nva0Fforde, Jasper The Eyre Affair (2001)5101
21st c Nva63*Finlay, Charles Coleman : The Political Officer (2002)184022
21st c SS0Finley : The Death of Sugar Daddy by Toiya Kristen Finley4101
20th c SS0Finney : I'm Scared by Jack Finney9101
20th c SS0Finney : Of Missing Persons (1955)16101
20th c SS0Finney : The Third Level13101
20th c Nvt0Fitzgerald : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - F. Scott Fitzgerald16101
21st c Nvt70*Flynn, Michael F. : Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth132011
20th c Nva94Flynn, Michael F. : Eifelheim (1986)62502111
20th c Nva0Flynn, Michael F. : Melodies of the Heart12101
21st c Nvt0Flynn, Michael F. : THE CLAPPING HANDS OF GOD5101
20th c Nva125*Flynn, Michale F. : The Forest of Time3830111
21st c SS0Ford, Jeffrey : 86 Deathdick Road4101
21st c SS52*Ford, Jeffrey : Boatman's Holiday (2005)193111
21st c Nva42*Ford, Jeffrey : Botch Town355212
21st c SS14Ford, Jeffrey : Creation (2002)5382321
21st c Nvt37Ford, Jeffrey : Exo-Skeleton Town (2001)3151211
21st c SS0Ford, Jeffrey : Jupiter's Skull811
21st c Nvt62*Ford, Jeffrey : The Annals of Eelin-Ok15211
21st c SS52*Ford, Jeffrey : The Dreaming Wind (2007)193012
21st c Nvt7Ford, Jeffrey : The Empire of Ice Cream (2003)1041742461
20th c SS185*Ford, Jeffrey : The Fantasy Writer's Assistant344112
21st c Nvt0Ford, Jeffrey : The Green Word6101
21st c SS42*Ford, Jeffrey : The Night Whiskey (2006)224121
20th c SS213*Ford, John M. : Chromatic Aberration302011
20th c Nva105*Ford, John M. : Erase/Record/Play52312
20th c Nvt77Forster, E. M. : The Machine Stops (1909)9562211
21st c SS29*Foster, Eugie : Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast28501211
21st c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : Booth's Ghost6101
20th c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : Lieserl13101
20th c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : Standing Room Only13101
20th c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Dark9101
20th c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Elizabeth Complex12101
20th c SS0Fowler, Karen Joy : The Faithful Companion At Forty-Karen Joy Fowler12101
21st c SS20*Fowler, Karen Joy : The Pelican Bar386024
21st c SS20*Fowler, Karen Joy : What I Didn't See (2002)38532
20th c SS0Friesner, Esther : A Birthday9101
20th c SS0Friesner, Esther : Death and the Librarian13101
21st c Nva0Friesner, Esther : Gunsel and Gretel (2001)7101
21st c SS0Friesner, Esther : Helen Remembers the Stork Club-Esther M. Friesner5101
21st c Nvt0Frost : Madonna of the Maquiladora - Gregory Frost5101
21st c SS0Fulda : Nancy Fulda, Movement811
21st c Nva55*Gabaldon, Diana : Lord John and the Hell-Fire Club (2003)213111
20th c SS39Gaiman, Neil : A Midsummer Night's Dream (1990)13210113212
21st c Nvt3Gaiman, Neil : A Study in Emerald (2003)224321474511
21st c Nva0Gaiman, Neil : American Gods (2001)6101
21st c Nvt88Gaiman, Neil : Bitter Grounds92011
21st c SS47*Gaiman, Neil : Closing Time (2003)20312
21st c Nva11*Gaiman, Neil : Coraline69104312
21st c SS0Gaiman, Neil : Feeders and Eaters6101
21st c SS42*Gaiman, Neil : Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire (2004)22401111
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : Harlequin Valentine, Neil Gaiman9101
21st c SS3Gaiman, Neil : How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2006)1211857321
21st c SS0Gaiman, Neil : I, Cthulhu, or, What?s A Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing In A Sunken City Like This (Latitude 47? 9? S, Longitude 126? 43? W)?4101
21st c SS0Gaiman, Neil : iNSTRUCTIONS5101
21st c SS94*Gaiman, Neil : Inventing Aladdin (2003)112011
20th c SS111*Gaiman, Neil : Murder Mysteries5640121
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : Nicholas Was14101
21st c SS12Gaiman, Neil : October in the Chair (2002)5992322
21st c SS52*Gaiman, Neil : Other People (2001)193111
21st c SS0Gaiman, Neil : Pages from a Journal Found in a Shoebox7101
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : sandman midsummer nights dream1811
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : Shoggoth's Old Peculiar14101
21st c Nvt31Gaiman, Neil : Sunbird35611121
21st c Nva0Gaiman, Neil : The Graveyard Book7101
21st c Nva0Gaiman, Neil : The Monarch of the Glen6101
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : The Price15101
21st c SS47*Gaiman, Neil : The Problem of Susan203111
21st c SS0Gaiman, Neil : The Thing About Cassandra6101
21st c Nvt25*Gaiman, Neil : The Truth Is a Cave in the Black Mountains (2010)40711212
21st c Nvt23*Gaiman, Neil : The Witch's Headstone (2007)4163111
20th c SS43Gaiman, Neil : Troll Bridge (1993)1238131111
20th c SS0Gaiman, Neil : We Can Get Them For You Wholesale1811
20th c Nva0Galouye, Daniel F., Lords of the Psychon13101
20th c SS0Galouye, Daniel F.: Shuffle Board (1968)1811
20th c Nva0Garcia Marquez : Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Gabriel Garcia Marquez11101
20th c SS0Garcia Marquez : Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings16101
20th c Nva0Garcia Marquez : Gabriel Garcia Marquez, No one writes to the colonel1811
21st c SS0Gardemann, Jan: Geschichtsstunde f?r Marsianer (German) (2006)5101
20th c SS0Gardner : Muffin Explains Teleology to the World at Large ? James Alan Gardner17101
21st c Nvt19Gardner, James Alan : The Ray-Gun: A Love Story5592124
20th c Nvt0Gardner, James Alan : Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream14101
20th c Nva182*Gardner, John : The King's Indian232011
20th c SS0Garrett, Randall, Stretch of the imagination13101
21st c SS0Genge : As Women Fight, by Sara Genge5101
20th c SS0Gentle : Mary Gentle, The Road to Jerusalem14101
21st c Nva0Gerrold, David : In the Quake Zone5101
20th c Nvt151*Gerrold, David : The Martian Child (1994)403012
20th c Nvt18Gibson, William : Burning Chrome (1982)3472414426142
20th c SS0Gibson, William : Hinterlands13101
20th c SS8Gibson, William : Johnny Mnemonic (1981)428303276133122
20th c SS0Gibson, William : New Rose Hotel12101
20th c SS101*Gibson, William : The Gernsback Continuum (1981)6350212
20th c Nvt79Gibson, William : The Winter Market (1985)9362121
21st c Nva59*Gilman, Carolyn Ives: Arkfall203111
21st c Nvt0Gilman, Felix : Lightbringers and Rainmakers6101
21st c Nva0Gilman, Greer : A Crowd of Bone7101
21st c SS52*Gloss, Molly. Lambing Season193012
21st c Nvt0G?ttge, Edgar: Hohenzollernbr?cke (German) (2007)6101
20th c Nvt10Godwin, Tom : The Cold Equations (1954)450316441533131
20th c SS0Gold, H. L. : The Man With English11101
20th c SS292*Gold, H. L. : Trouble with Water192011
21st c Nvt0Goonan : Kathleen Ann Goonan - Memory Dog6101
21st c SS66*Goss, Theodora : Pip and the Fairies143012
21st c SS0Goss, theodora : Rapid Advance of Sorrow7101
21st c SS0Goss, Theodora : The Rose in Twelve Petals (2002)7101
21st c SS0Goss, Theodore : Singing of Mount Abora4101
20th c Nvt0Gottlieb : Phyllis Gottlieb, Tauf Alef14101
20th c Nvt0Gould : Peaches for Mad Molly15101
20th c SS0Grant : A Crowd of Shadows12101
20th c Nvt0Grant : A Glow of Candles, a Unicorn's Eye15101
21st c SS0Green : The Nightside, Needless to Say by Simon R. Green7101
21st c Nva0Greer Gilman, A Crowd of Bone6101
21st c Nvt70*Gregory, Daryl : Damascus133012
21st c SS0Gregory, Daryl : Dead Horse Point6101
21st c Nvt15Gregory, Daryl : Second Person, Present Tense (2005)661132123
21st c Nvt35Griffith, Nicola : It Takes Two335113
20th c Nva0Guin : Beyond Bedlam12101
21st c SS0Haldeman, Joe : Faces5101
21st c SS66*Haldeman, Joe : Four Short Novels (2003)143021
21st c SS0Haldeman, Joe : Heartwired811
20th c Nva169*Haldeman, Joe : Hero262011
20th c SS288*Haldeman, Joe : None So Blind (1994)212011
20th c Nva48*Haldeman, Joe : The Hemingway Hoax (1990)15212011133111
20th c SS0Haldeman, Joe : Tricentennial14101
20th c Nvt0Hambly : Changeling ? Barbara Hambly12101
20th c Nvt162*Hamilton, Edmond : What's It Like Out There? (1952)363012
21st c Nvt80*Hamilton, Laurell K. : The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death112011
21st c SS0Hamilton, Peter F. : The Forever Kitten (2005)811
20th c Nva133*Hamilton, Peter F. : The Suspect Genome353021
21st c Nva0Hammerschmitt, Marcus: Die Lokomotive (German) (2007)4101
21st c Nva48Hand, Elizabeth : Cleopatra Brimstone29413
21st c SS57*Hand, Elizabeth : Echo173111
21st c Nva52*Hand, Elizabeth : Illyria22312
21st c Nva0Hand, Elizabeth : Near Zennor5101
21st c SS0Hand, Elizabeth : Pavane for a Prince of the Air811
21st c Nva40*Hand, Elizabeth : The Least Trumps3660222
21st c Nva26*Hand, Elizabeth : The Maiden Flight of MacAuley's Bellerophon46731111
21st c SS0Hand, Elizabeth : The Saffron Gatherers7101
21st c SS0Harness, Charles L. : Probable Cause5101
20th c Nvt0Harness, Charles L. : The New Reality14101
20th c Nva78Harness, Charles L. : The Rose (1953)82601212
20th c Nva0Harrison, Harry : Captive Universe9101
20th c SS161*Harrison, Harry : The Streets of Ashkelon4030111
20th c Nva0Harrison, M, John : A Storm of Wings17101
20th c SS0Harrison, M. John : A Young Man's Journey to Viriconium15101
20th c SS234*Harrison, M. John : Egnaro272011
20th c Nvt0Harrison, M. John : Gifco13101
20th c Nva0Harrison, M. John : In Viriconium16101
20th c Nvt0Harrison, M. John : Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring16101
20th c SS0Harrison, M. John : Suicide Coast17101
20th c SS0Harrison, M. John : The Luck In the Head1811
20th c Nva0Harrison, M. John : The Pastel City1811
20th c SS0Harrison, W : Roller Ball Murder13101
20th c Nva0Hasse, Henry: He Who Shrank (1936)16101
21st c SS0Hauman/Sullivan : Redemption by Glenn Hauman & Lisa Sullivan (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)7101
21st c Nvt0Hearne : Two Raven, One Crow by Kevin Hearne7101
20th c SS7Heinlein, Robert A. : All You Zombies-- (1959)44232632221844
20th c Nvt38Heinlein, Robert A. : --And He Built a Crooked House (1941)1951424112112
20th c Nva90*Heinlein, Robert A. : Blowups Happen65502111
20th c Nva14Heinlein, Robert A. : By His Bootstraps32522514142311
20th c SS0Heinlein, Robert A. : Columbus Was a Dope13101
20th c Nva150*Heinlein, Robert A. : Coventry29211
20th c SS0Heinlein, Robert A. : Delilah and the Space-Rigger14101
20th c Nva80Heinlein, Robert A. : Gulf7850113
20th c Nva85*Heinlein, Robert A. : If This Goes On -674112
20th c SS204*Heinlein, Robert A. : Let There be Light312011
20th c SS161*Heinlein, Robert A. : Life-Line403021
20th c Nva133*Heinlein, Robert A. : Logic of Empire35211
20th c Nva0Heinlein, Robert A. : Lost Legacy1811
20th c SS234*Heinlein, Robert A. : Misfit272011
20th c SS0Heinlein, Robert A. : Ordeal in Space15101
20th c Nva0Heinlein, Robert A. : Orphans of the Sky13101
20th c Nvt0Heinlein, Robert A. : Project Nightmare17101
20th c SS53*Heinlein, Robert A. : Requiem10570322
20th c SS0Heinlein, Robert A. : Searchlight12101
20th c Nvt60Heinlein, Robert A. : Solution Unsatisfactory1177331
20th c SS0Heinlein, Robert A. : SPACE JOCKEY17101
20th c Nva0Heinlein, Robert A. : Tenderfoot In Space9101
20th c SS276*Heinlein, Robert A. : The Black Pits of Luna232011
20th c SS15Heinlein, Robert A. : The Green Hills of Earth (1947)362265132431232
20th c SS82*Heinlein, Robert A. : The Long Watch (1949)72502111
20th c Nva8Heinlein, Robert A. : The Man Who Sold the Moon (1950)508346671424211
20th c SS178*Heinlein, Robert A. : The Man who Travelled in Elephants35211
20th c Nvt75Heinlein, Robert A. : The Menace from Earth (1959)99703211
20th c Nvt41*Heinlein, Robert A. : The Roads Must Roll (1940)186133113212
20th c Nva26Heinlein, Robert A. : The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag (1942)281183532131
20th c Nvt71*Heinlein, Robert A. : The Year of the Jackpot105711311
20th c SS86Heinlein, Robert A. : They (1941)7051121
20th c Nva37Heinlein, Robert A. : Universe (1941)1881322221211
20th c Nva148*Heinlein, Robert A. : Waldo30211
20th c Nvt0Heinlein, Robert A. : We Also Walk Dogs13101
20th c Nvt0Henderson Pottage15101
20th c Nvt0Henderson Gilead11101
20th c Nvt0Henderson, Angels Unaware9101
20th c SS129*Henderson, Zenna : Anything Box (1956)48312
20th c Nvt108*Henderson, Zenna : Arrarat6551121
21st c Nva0Henkel, Oliver: Mr. Lincoln f?hrt nach Friedrichsburg (German) (2004)5101
21st c Nvt0Hildebrand, Achim: Lieder von Freiheit und vom Tod (German) (2004)811
21st c Nvt0Hill, Joe : 20th Century Ghost811
21st c SS0Hill, Joe : Abraham's Boys7101
21st c SS36*Hill, Joe : Best New Horror (2005)244121
21st c SS0Hill, Joe : Last Breath6101
21st c Nvt58*Hill, Joe : My Father's Mask163021
21st c Nvt54*Hill, Joe : Pop Art (2001)1830111
21st c Nvt0Hill, Joe : The Cape (2005)5101
21st c Nva40*Hill, Joe : Voluntary Committal (2005)3661113
21st c Nvt0Hirshberg : Glen Hirshberg, Struwwelpeter5101
20th c Nvt0Hobb, Robin : Assassin's Apprentice1811
20th c Nvt165*Hoffman, Nina Kiriki : Home for Christmas35211
21st c Nva0Hoffman, Nina Kirki : Indigo (2002)811
21st c Nvt0Hoffman, Nina Kirki : Trophy Wives811
20th c Nvt0Holdstock, Robert (& Garry D. Kilworth) : The Ragthorn (1991)15101
20th c Nvt69Holdstock, Robert : Mythago Wood (1981)108811222
20th c Nva97*Howard, Robert E. : A Witch Shall Be Born (1934)5741111
20th c Nva60*Howard, Robert E. : Beyond the Black River (1935)115813112
20th c Nvt0Howard, Robert E. : Jewels of Gwahlur17101
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : Mirrors of Tuzan Thune11101
20th c Nva0Howard, Robert E. : People of the Black Circle11101
20th c SS66Howard, Robert E. : Queen of the Black Coast (1934)88611211
20th c Nva42*Howard, Robert E. : Red Nails (1936)165121221312
20th c Nvt193*Howard, Robert E. : Red Shadows28202
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : Return of the Sorcerer17101
20th c Nvt203*Howard, Robert E. : Rogues in the House (1934)262011
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : Skulls in the Stars (1929)11101
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : The Black Stone12101
20th c Nvt0Howard, Robert E. : The Devil in Iron11101
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : The Fire of Asshurbanipal (1972)16101
20th c Nvt0Howard, Robert E. : The Hour of the Dragon1811
20th c SS0Howard, Robert E. : The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune (1929)11101
20th c Nva109*Howard, Robert E. : The People of the Black Circle (1934)503111
20th c Nvt65Howard, Robert E. : The Tower of the Elephant (1933)1128111311
20th c Nvt213*Howard, Robert E. : The Valley of the Worm (1934)242011
20th c Nvt0Howard, Robert E. : Worms of the Earth (1932)10101
21st c Nva0Howey : Halfway Home - Hugh Howey7101
21st c Nva0Howey : The Hurricane - Hugh Howey811
21st c SS0Howey : The Plagiarist - Hugh Howey811
21st c Nvt0Hughes : The Gist Hunter-Matthew Hughes4101
20th c Nvt0Ing : DEVIL YOU DON'T KNOW9101
20th c Nvt0Jablokov : At the Cross-Time Jaunters' Ball11101
20th c SS101*Jackson, Shirley : One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts635011111
20th c SS0Jackson, Shirley : The Daemon Lover9101
20th c SS10Jackson, Shirley : The Lottery (1948)42128635352121
20th c SS72*Jacobs, W. W. : The Monkey's Paw (1902)816111111
20th c Nvt0James : Henry James, The Friends of the Friends14101
20th c Nvt0James : Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You My Lad12101
20th c Nvt213*James, M. R. : Casting the Runes (1904)242011
20th c SS0James, M. R. : Count Magnus9101
21st c Nva0Jarman : Balance of Nature by Heather Jarman7101
21st c SS80*Jemisin, N. K. : Non-Zero Probabilities12202
21st c Nvt0Jemisin, N. K. : The Effluence Engine811
21st c Nvt0Johansson, K. G.: Nusse (Swedish) (2009)4101
21st c SS7Johnson, Kij : 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss78116221
20th c SS0Johnson, Kij : Fox Magic17101
21st c SS19Johnson, Kij : Ponies (2010)3961311
21st c SS9*Johnson, Kij : Spar (2009)691221423
21st c Nva0Johnson, Kij : The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles6101
21st c SS0Johnson, Kij : The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change5101
21st c Nva31Johnson, Kij : The Man Who Bridged the Mist426411
20th c Nva0Jonas : Gerald Jonas, The Shaker Revival13101
20th c SS0Jones, G : Gwyneth Jones, Identifying the Object16101
21st c Nvt0Jones, G : The Fulcrum, by Gwyneth Jones811
21st c SS0Jones, G : The Tomb Wife6101
20th c Nvt0Jones, Raymond F.: A Bowl of Biskies Makes a Growing Boy (1973)14101
20th c SS0Jordan : Robert Jordan, The Strike at Shayol Ghul1811
21st c SS0J?nchen, Heidrun: Das Projekt Moa (German) (2006)6101
20th c SS0Kafka, Franz : A Country Doctor1811
20th c SS0Kafka, Franz : In the Penal Colony10101
20th c Nva133*Kafka, Franz : The Metamorphosis35211
20th c Nvt183*Kagan, Janet : The Nutcracker Coup302011
21st c Nvt0Keeble : Helen Keeble - A Journal of Certain Events of Scientific Interest ...811
20th c SS0Kelleam : Rust by Joseph E. Kelleam14101
20th c SS0Kelleghan, Fiona: The Secret in the Chest (1998)15101
20th c Nvt157*Kelly, James Patrick : 10**16 to One3830111
21st c Nva18Kelly, James Patrick : Burn (2005)5583221
20th c Nvt0Kelly, James Patrick : Faith16101
21st c Nvt48*Kelly, James Patrick : Men Are Trouble (2004)2140121
20th c Nva69Kelly, James Patrick : Mr. Boy (1990)10772221
20th c SS0Kelly, James Patrick : Rat14101
20th c SS0Kelly, James Patrick : Solstice16101
20th c Nvt0Kelly, James Patrick : STANDING IN LINE WITH MR. JIMMY11101
21st c SS0Kelly, James Patrick : The Best Christmas Ever (2004)811
21st c Nvt0Kelly, James Patrick : The Edge of Nowhere7101
20th c SS0Kelly, James Patrick : The Propagation of Light in a Vacuum13101
20th c Nvt30Kelly, James Patrick : Think Like a Dinosaur (1995)22717222122222
21st c Nvt43Kelly, James Patrick : Undone (2001)2541111
20th c SS0Kennedy, Leigh: The Silent Cradle (1983)12101
20th c Nva0Kessel, John : Another Orphan12101
20th c SS129*Kessel, John : Buffalo (1991)48401111
21st c Nvt0Kessel, John : Events Preceding the Helvetican Revolution5101
20th c Nvt201*Kessel, John : Invaders27211
21st c Nvt36Kessel, John : Pride and Prometheus326123
21st c Nva46Kessel, John : Stories for Men (2002)3160231
21st c SS66*Kessel, John : The Last American (2007)14202
20th c Nvt0Kessel, John : The Miracle of Ivar Avenue, by John Kessel9101
21st c SS0Ketchum : Snarl, Hiss, Spit, Stalk, Jack Ketchum811
20th c Nvt1*Keyes, Daniel : Flowers for Algernon (1959)16461083218166488664
21st c SS0Kiernan : Caitlin R. Kiernan, The Maltese Unicorn7101
21st c SS80*Kiernan : Tidal Forces, Caitlin R. Kiernan122011
21st c SS0Kim : Alice Sola Kim, The Other Graces6101
20th c SS0King, Stephen : Do the Dead Sing?16101
20th c Nva0King, Stephen : Dolan's Cadillac17101
20th c Nvt0King, Stephen : Hearts in Atlantis15101
20th c Nvt0King, Stephen : Lunch at the Gotham Caf12101
21st c Nvt74*King, Stephen : Morality12211
21st c Nva24*King, Stephen : N (2008)4773211
20th c SS178*King, Stephen : One for the Road35211
20th c SS0King, Stephen : Quitters, Inc.13101
20th c Nva0King, Stephen : The Body (1982)10101
20th c Nva60*King, Stephen : The Breathing Method1157232
20th c SS136*King, Stephen : The Man in the Black Suit (1994)46401111
20th c Nva85*King, Stephen : The Mist674121
20th c Nvt170*King, Stephen : The Monkey332011
21st c SS42*King, Stephen : The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates (2008)22321
21st c SS0King, Stephen : The Things They Left Behind6101
20th c Nvt174*King, Stephen : The Way Station (1980)32202
21st c Nva0King, Stephen : Ur by Stephen King811
20th c Nva0Kingsbury : Donald Kingsbury: Bringing Home the Steel9101
20th c Nvt0Kipling : Rudyard Kipling, As Easy as A.B.C.9101
20th c Nvt0Kipling : Rudyard Kipling, They11101
20th c Nvt0Kipling : With the Night Mail, Rudyard Kipling16101
21st c Nvt0Klages : Ellen Klages: In the House of the Seven Librarians811
20th c Nvt0Klages : Ellen Klages: Time Gypsy10101
21st c Nvt0Klages : In The House of Seven Librarians - Ellen Klages811
21st c SS0Klages : Singing on a Star by Ellen Klages5101
21st c Nvt0Klecha/Buckell : A Militant Peace (2011) novelette David Klecha and Tobias S. Buckell811
20th c Nvt0Klein : T. E. D. Klein, Black Man with a Horn17101
20th c Nvt0Klein : The Events at Poroth Farm11101
20th c SS264*Knight, Damon : I See You242011
20th c Nvt0Knight, Damon : Stranger Station9101
20th c SS49Knight, Damon : The Country of the Kind (1956)1129131112
20th c Nvt0Knight, Damon : The Dying Man11101
20th c Nva0Knight, Damon : The Earth Quarter13101
20th c SS53*Knight, Damon : To Serve Man (1950)10581111121
20th c SS0Knudtsen jr., Ingar: Rd sol (Norwegian) (1975)10101
20th c SS0Koja : Kathe Koja, At Eventide16101
20th c Nvt0Kolupajew, Viktor: Gazetnyj kiosk (Russian) (1972)15101
20th c SS0Koontz : A Mouse in the Walls of the Global Village (Koontz)11101
20th c SS0Kornbluth, C. M. : Gomez17101
20th c Nvt186*Kornbluth, C. M. : Shark Ship292011
20th c Nvt0Kornbluth, C. M. : That Share of Glory16101
20th c Nvt40Kornbluth, C. M. : The Little Black Bag189141142321
20th c Nvt43Kornbluth, C. M. : The Marching Morons178120322131
20th c SS0Kornbluth, C. M. : The Remorseful15101
20th c SS282*Kornbluth, C. M. : The Silly Season222011
20th c Nva163*Kornbluth, C. M. : Two Dooms27211
21st c Nvt66*Kosmatka, Ted : Divining Light14202
21st c SS94*Kowal, Mary Robinette : Evil Robot Monkey112011
21st c SS25Kowal, Mary Robinette : For Want of a Nail346042
21st c Nva0Kowal, Mary Robinette : Kiss Me Twice7101
21st c Nva93*Kress, Nancy : Act One92011
20th c Nva9Kress, Nancy : Beggars in Spain (1991)456333525531243
21st c Nvt0Kress, Nancy : Computer Virus6101
20th c Nva185*Kress, Nancy : Dancing on Air212011
21st c Nvt0Kress, Nancy : EJ-ES4101
21st c Nva50*Kress, Nancy : Fountain of Age244112
21st c SS94*Kress, Nancy : Laws of Survival (2007)112011
20th c SS136*Kress, Nancy : Out of All Them Bright Stars463111
21st c SS0Kress, Nancy : Patent Infringement7101
21st c Nva0Kress, Nancy : Savior5101
21st c Nva19*Kress, Nancy : The Erdmann Nexus (2008)531002314
20th c Nvt165*Kress, Nancy : The Flowers of Aulit Prison3530111
20th c Nvt127*Kress, Nancy : The Price of Oranges5040112
21st c Nva86*Krohn, Leena : Tainaron13211
20th c Nva150*Kuttner, Henry : Absalom (1946)292011
20th c Nva0Kuttner, Henry : Clash by Night12101
20th c SS0Kuttner, Henry : Dragon Moon11101
20th c SS0Kuttner, Henry : The Children's Hour1811
20th c Nvt28Kuttner, Henry [Lewis Padgett] : Mimsy Were the Borogoves (1943)24619122412241
20th c Nvt0Kuttner, Henry [Lewis Padgett] : The Twonky15101
20th c Nva0Lafayette : The Indigestible Triton1811
20th c Nvt127*Lafferty, R. A. : Continued on Next Rock (1970)50401111
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : Eurema's Dam (1972)9101
20th c SS114*Lafferty, R. A. : Narrow Valley5440112
20th c SS299*Lafferty, R. A. : Nine Hundred Grandmothers18202
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : Old Foot Forgot10101
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : Slow Tuesday Night (1965)11101
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : The World as Will and Wallpaper9101
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne1811
20th c SS0Lafferty, R. A. : You Can't Go Back11101
21st c SS0Lagor, Kelly : How to Make a Triffid6101
21st c SS0Laine : Un signe de Setty (Sylvie Lain?)7101
21st c SS0Lake : Benedice Te ? Jay Lake6101
21st c SS0Lake : The Courtesy of Guests - Jay Lake6101
21st c Nvt0Lake, Jay : Jack's House4101
21st c SS0Lanagan, Margo : Crow and Caper, Caper and Crow4101
21st c SS0Lanagan, Margo : Machine Maid4101
21st c Nva63*Lanagan, Margo : Sea-Hearts183111
21st c SS2Lanagan, Margo : Singing My Sister Down (2004)14722103342
20th c SS58Landis, Geoffrey A. : A Walk in the Sun988013112
21st c SS36*Landis, Geoffrey A. : Falling Onto Mars (200)2440121
20th c SS72*Landis, Geoffrey A. : Ripples in the Dirac Sea815311
20th c Nvt0Landis, Geoffrey A. : The Singular Habits of Wasps9101
21st c Nva50*Landis, Geoffrey A. : The Sultan of the Clouds244121
20th c Nva0Landolfi : Tommaso Landolfi, Cancroregina (Cancerqueen)13101
21st c Nva0Lane : The Witnesses Are Gone - Joel Lane4101
20th c Nva0Lang : Allen Kim Lang, Cinderella Story9101
21st c Nvt0Langan : The Wide, Carnivorous Sky by John Langan6101
21st c Nva69*Langan, John : Mr. Gaunt (2002)1730111
20th c Nvt0Langelaan, George : The Fly14101
21st c SS80*Langford, David : Different Kinds of Darkness12211
21st c SS0Lansdale, Joe R. : Fire Dog6101
20th c Nva163*Lansdale, Joe R. : Mad Dog Summer (1999)272011
20th c SS213*Lansdale, Joe R. : Night They Missed the Horror Show (1988)302011
20th c SS282*Lansdale, Joe R. : Not from Detroit222011
20th c Nva169*Lansdale, Joe R. : On the Far Side of the Cadillac Desert with Dead Folks26202
21st c SS100*Lansdale, Joe R. : The Folding Man (2010)10202
21st c Nva88*Lansdale, Joe R. : White Mule, Spotted Pig (2006)12202
20th c Nvt0Laumer : Diplomat-at-Arms (Laumer)9101
20th c Nva0Laumer : The Timesweepers16101
20th c SS0Laumer, Keith : The Last Command (1967)17101
20th c Nvt0Laumer, Keith: The Devil You Dont (1972)13101
20th c Nva108Le Guin, Ursula K. : A Man of the People51401111
20th c Nva0Le Guin, Ursula K. : A Woman's Liberation17101
20th c Nvt96*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Another Story, or a Fisherman of the Inland Sea7252111
20th c Nvt50*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come out Tonight14710041122
20th c Nvt167*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Coming of Age in Karhide34202
20th c SS0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Ether, Or10101
20th c Nva51*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Forgiveness Day (1994)144911511
20th c SS0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Horse Camp9101
20th c Nvt95Le Guin, Ursula K. : Mountain Ways7450221
20th c Nvt67Le Guin, Ursula K. : Nine Lives (1969)1108211112
21st c SS0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Porridge of Islac811
21st c SS42*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Social Dreaming of the Frin (2002)22312
20th c Nvt151*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Solitude4030111
20th c SS104*Le Guin, Ursula K. : Sur6240211
20th c SS0Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Author of the Acacia Seeds and Other Extracts ...16101
20th c Nvt193*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Birthday of the World282011
21st c SS5*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Bones of the Earth (2001)89137132
20th c SS26Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Day Before the Revolution (1974)2001422112411
20th c Nvt0Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Diary Of The Rose12101
21st c Nva14Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Finder (2001)6193231
20th c Nvt207*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Matter of Seggri252011
20th c SS2Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (1973)797521496384152
20th c SS213*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Rule of Names (1964)3030111
21st c SS100*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Seasons of the Ansarac (2002)102011
20th c Nvt0Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Shobies' Story13101
20th c SS264*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Stars Below242011
21st c Nvt23*Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Wild Girls (2002)4162211
20th c Nva2Le Guin, Ursula K. : The Word for World Is Forest (1972)66645114641011314
20th c Nvt64Le Guin, Ursula K. : Vaster Than Empires and More Slow (1971)1139022212
20th c Nvt0Le Guin, Ursula K. : Winter's King17101
20th c Nva0Lee, Sharon & Miller, The Changeling9101
21st c Nvt0Lee, Tanith : Clockatrice4101
20th c Nva0Lee, Tanith : East of Midnight1811
20th c SS0Lee, Tanith : Nunc Dimittis14101
20th c SS167*Lee, Tanith : Red as Blood3940112
20th c Nvt220*Lee, Tanith : The Gorgon222011
21st c SS80*Lee, Yoon Ha : Flower, Mercy, Needle, Chain12211
21st c Nvt0Lee, Yoon Ha : Ghostweight7101
20th c SS33Leiber, Fritz : A Pail of Air (1951)15311113222
20th c Nvt0Leiber, Fritz : Adept's Gambit15101
20th c Nvt82*Leiber, Fritz : Bazaar of the Bizarre917111121
20th c Nvt193*Leiber, Fritz : Catch That Zeppelin!28202
20th c SS45*Leiber, Fritz : Coming Attraction12092111211
20th c Nvt174*Leiber, Fritz : Four Ghosts in Hamlet (1965)322011
20th c Nvt48Leiber, Fritz : Gonna Roll the Bones (1967)15511121313
20th c Nva0Leiber, Fritz : Horrible Imaginings11101
20th c Nva7Leiber, Fritz : Ill Met in Lankhmar (1970)50936454264443
20th c Nvt193*Leiber, Fritz : Lean Times in Lankhmar28211
20th c SS264*Leiber, Fritz : Midnight by the Morphy Watch242011
20th c Nvt0Leiber, Fritz : Poor Superman12101
20th c Nva90*Leiber, Fritz : Ship of Shadows65501211
20th c SS171*Leiber, Fritz : Smoke Ghost (1941)3830111
20th c SS53*Leiber, Fritz : Space-Time For Springers105713111
20th c Nva141*Leiber, Fritz : The Big Time33211
20th c SS0Leiber, Fritz : The Bleak Shore9101
20th c Nvt0Leiber, Fritz : The Button Molder16101
20th c SS0Leiber, Fritz : The Man Who Never Grew Young11101
20th c SS0Leiber, Fritz : The Oldest Soldier (1960 ss)11101
20th c Nva67*Leiber, Fritz : The Snow Women (1970)108801111211
20th c SS0Leiber, Fritz : The Sunken Land14101
20th c SS161*Leinster, Murray : A Logic Named Joe (1946)403012
20th c Nvt110*Leinster, Murray : Exploration Team (1956)6141111
20th c Nvt39Leinster, Murray : First Contact (1945)1911412341111
20th c Nva67*Leinster, Murray : Sidewise in Time (1934)108802231
20th c Nva0Leinster, Murray : The Mad Planet11101
20th c Nvt0Leinster, Murray : The Runaway Skyscraper1811
21st c Nva0Leisner ? : Out of the Cocoon by William Leisner5101
20th c SS0Lem : Stanisław Lem ?Odys z Itaki?1811
20th c Nva0Lem ? : pirx1811
20th c Nva0Lem, Stanislaw : The Cyberiad (1974)14101
20th c Nvt186*Lem, Stanislaw : The Mask29211
20th c Nva0Lem, Stanislaw. The Inquest15101
20th c SS0Lem, The Seventh Voyage of Ijon Tichy9101
20th c SS0Leonard : Spirituality w/ or w/o a Prayer , Elmore Leonard17101
20th c SS0Lethem, Jonathan : FIVE FUCKS13101
20th c SS0Lethem, Jonathan : The Happy Man11101
21st c SS0Levine, David D. : Tale of the Golden Eagle5101
21st c SS46Levine, David D. : Tk'tk'tk (2005)21303
20th c Nvt0Levinson, Paul : The Chronology Protection Case13101
20th c SS0Leyner : I was an Infinitely Hot and Dense Dot10101
21st c Nva44*Ligotti, Thomas : My Work Is Not Yet Done (2002)32601212
21st c SS0Ligotti, Thomas : Our Temporary Supervisor (2001)6101
21st c SS0Ligotti, Thomas : Purity7101
20th c Nvt226*Ligotti, Thomas : The Last Feast of Harlequin192011
20th c Nva0Linaweaver : Moon of Ice, Brad Linaweaver9101
20th c Nva0Lindholm, Megan : A Touch of Lavender13101
21st c SS39*Lindholm, Megan : Cut (2001)23321
20th c Nvt0Lindholm, Megan : Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man15101
21st c SS0Link, Kelly : Catskin6101
21st c Nvt74*Link, Kelly : Louise's Ghost122011
21st c Nvt83*Link, Kelly : Lull (2002)102011
21st c Nva1*Link, Kelly : Magic for Beginners (2005)20531108652
21st c SS100*Link, Kelly : Monster10202
21st c Nva73*Link, Kelly : Pretty Monsters1622
21st c Nvt0Link, Kelly : Shoe and Marriage7101
21st c Nvt28Link, Kelly : Stone Animals3762211
21st c SS0Link, Kelly : The Constable of Abal4101
21st c Nvt5*Link, Kelly : The Faery Handbag (2004)1101825551
21st c Nvt0Link, Kelly : The Hortlak7101
20th c SS132*Link, Kelly : The Specialist's Hat4740121
21st c Nva69*Link, Kelly : The Wizards of Perfil (2006)173111
21st c Nvt0Link, Kelly : THE WRONG GRAVE4101
20th c SS0Link, Kelly : Water Off a Black Dog's Back17101
21st c SS0Liu, Ken : Algorithms for Love7101
21st c SS0Liu, Ken : Mono No Aware5101
21st c Nva0Liu, Ken : The Man Who Ended History811
21st c SS11Liu, Ken : The Paper Menagerie (2011)6494311
21st c Nva0Llewellyn : Her Deepness - Livia Llewellyn7101
21st c Nvt0Llewellyn : Horses - Livia Llewellyn6101
20th c Nva159*London, Jack : The Scarlet Plague282011
20th c Nva27Longyear, Barry B. : Enemy Mine (1979)25620212214521
20th c Nva70Lovecraft, H. P. : At the Mountains of Madness1007111211
20th c SS242*Lovecraft, H. P. : Beyond the Wall of Sleep262011
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : Cool Air10101
20th c SS85Lovecraft, H. P. : Dagon (1919)71511111
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : Dreams in the Witch House17101
20th c SS198*Lovecraft, H. P. : From Beyond3230111
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : In the Vault16101
20th c SS171*Lovecraft, H. P. : Pickman's Model (1927)38312
20th c Nvt19Lovecraft, H. P. : The Call of Cthulhu (1928)319233422311133
20th c Nva41Lovecraft, H. P. : The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward1701221312111
20th c SS292*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Cats of Ulthar192011
20th c Nvt63Lovecraft, H. P. : The Colour Out of Space11590312111
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Doom That Came to Sarnath16101
20th c Nva50Lovecraft, H. P. : The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath (1943)146101222111
20th c Nvt186*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Dreams in the Witch-House292011
20th c Nvt45Lovecraft, H. P. : The Dunwich Horror (1929)1711203211131
20th c SS221*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Haunter of the Dark292011
20th c Nvt0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Horror at Red Hook11101
20th c Nvt0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Lurking Fear10101
20th c SS156*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Music of Erich Zann (1922)4130111
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Other Gods14101
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Outsider15101
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Picture in the House17101
20th c SS191*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Quest of Iranon (1935)33211
20th c SS161*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Rats in the Walls4030111
20th c Nva66Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shadow Out of Time11190212112
20th c Nva13Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shadow Over Innsmouth (1942)37225624424111
20th c Nvt0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Shunned House10101
20th c SS227*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Silver Key (1929)282011
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Statement of Randolph Carter10101
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Strange High House in the Mist13101
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The Temple1811
20th c Nvt157*Lovecraft, H. P. : The Thing on the Door-step3830111
20th c Nvt57Lovecraft, H. P. : The Whisperer in Darkness (1931)127100141121
20th c SS0Lovecraft, H. P. : The White Ship (1919)13101
21st c Nva0Lovett, Richard: Neptune's Treasure6101
21st c Nva0Lovett/ : Phantom Sense by Richard A. Lovett and Mark Niemann-Ross811
21st c Nvt0Lukin : Evgeni Lukin: We will undergo treatment (?????? ????)4101
21st c Nva0Lumley : The Taint (Lumley)7101
20th c SS0Lumley, Brian : Necros14101
21st c Nvt0Lumley, Brian : The Taint (2005)4101
20th c SS0Lupoff, Richard : With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama12101
21st c Nvt0Lynch, Scott In the Stacks811
20th c Nva0Machen : Arthur Machen, The White People14101
21st c SS0Mack : Waiting for G'Doh by David Mack (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)811
20th c SS0MacLean : Katherine MacLean, Contagion10101
20th c SS0MacLean Katherine, Pictures Don't Lie10101
20th c Nva173*MacLeod, Ian R. : 1/72nd Scale252011
21st c Nva28*MacLeod, Ian R. : Breathmoss (2002)446321
21st c SS34*MacLeod, Ian R. : Isabel of the Fall (2001)254112
21st c Nva3MacLeod, Ian R. : New Light on the Drake Equation (2001)10615533211
20th c Nvt0MacLeod, Ian R. : Starship Day11101
20th c Nvt0MacLeod, Ian R. : The Chop Girl10101
21st c Nva88*MacLeod, Ian R. : The Master Miller's Tale (2007)122011
20th c Nva60*MacLeod, Ian R. : The Summer Isles1158212111
21st c Nva24*MacLeod, Ken : The Human Front (2001)4773112
21st c SS100*MacLeod, Ken : Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? (2007)10202
20th c SS0Malcohn : Moments of Clarity, Elissa Malcohn1811
20th c Nvt144Malzberg, Barry N. : A Galaxy Called Rome (1975)443111
20th c SS175*Malzberg, Barry N. : Understanding Entropy3630111
21st c Nvt0Manski, Ernst-Eberhard: Das Klassentreffen der Weserwinzer (German) (2009)7101
20th c Nva12Martin, George R. R. : A Song for Lya (1974)4012775232233
20th c Nvt139*Martin, George R. R. : And Seven Times Never Kill Man453012
20th c Nva173*Martin, George R. R. : Blood of the Dragon (1996)252011
20th c Nva124Martin, George R. R. : Guardians (1981)3930111
20th c Nva60*Martin, George R. R. : Nightflyers (1981)115902111121
20th c Nvt134*Martin, George R. R. : Portraits of His Children (1985)463111
20th c Nvt5Martin, George R. R. : Sandkings (1979)601426475426521
20th c Nva95*Martin, George R. R. : The Hedge Knight (1998)5941111
20th c Nvt0Martin, George R. R. : The Pear-Shaped Man (1987)15101
20th c SS0Martin, George R. R. : The Second Kind of Loneliness1811
20th c Nva163*Martin, George R. R. : The Skin Trade (1988)272011
20th c Nvt125*Martin, George R. R. : The Stone City (1977)51321
20th c Nvt80*Martin, George R. R. : The Way of Cross and Dragon (1979)9271111111
20th c Nvt155*Martin, George R. R. : Unsound Variations (1982)3930111
20th c SS38Martin, George R. R. : With Morning Comes Mistfall (1973)140102121112
20th c Nva129*Marusek, David : We Were Out of Our Minds with Joy3730111
20th c Nva79Marusek, David: The Wedding Album (1999)806111111
20th c SS98*Matheson, Richard : Born of Man and Woman (1950)6551112
20th c Nvt0Matheson, Richard : Duel14101
20th c Nva112*Matheson, Richard : I Am Legend483111
20th c SS0Matheson, Richard : The Distributor16101
20th c SS292*Matheson, Richard : The Test192011
20th c Nvt0McAllister, Bruce : Dream Baby10101
21st c SS73*McAllister, Bruce : Kin132011
21st c Nvt83*McAuley, Paul J. : Dead Men Walking (2006)102011
20th c SS0McAuley, Paul J. : Interstitial13101
20th c SS0McAuley, Paul J. : Second Skin11101
20th c Nvt0McAuley, Paul J. : The Invisible Country15101
21st c Nvt0McAuley, Paul J. : Winning Peace6101
20th c Nva0McCaffrey, Anne : Dragonflight16101
20th c Nva35McCaffrey, Anne : Dragonrider (1967)20014133112111
20th c Nva0McCaffrey, Anne : Dramatic Mission15101
20th c Nvt33McCaffrey, Anne : The Ship Who Sang (1961)22017023321231
20th c SS91*McCaffrey, Anne : The Smallest Dragonboy67501112
20th c Nva38McCaffrey, Anne : Weyr Search (1967)186131313221
20th c SS0McCammon, Robert R., Eat Me9101
21st c Nva0McCarthy (?) : The Road6101
21st c SS34*McDevitt, Jack : Nothing Ever Happens in Rock City (2001)254211
21st c SS0McDevitt, Jack : The Cassandra Project7101
21st c Nvt80*McDonald, Ian : An Eligible Boy112011
20th c Nva169*McDonald, Ian : Tendeleo's Story26312
20th c Nva97*McDonald, Ian : The Days of Solomon Gursky57401111
21st c Nvt21McDonald, Ian : The Djinn's Wife (2006)47812131
21st c Nva15McDonald, Ian : The Little Goddess (2005)6093222
21st c Nva92McDonald, Ian : The Tear102011
21st c SS0McDonald, Ian : Verthandi's Ring811
21st c Nva32*McDonald, Ian : Vishnu at the Cat Circus (2009)40702221
20th c SS0McDowell : Halley's Passing10101
20th c Nvt121*McHugh, Maureen F. : Nekropolis53401111
20th c Nva179*McHugh, Maureen F. : Protection242011
20th c SS221*McHugh, Maureen F. : The Cost to Be Wise292011
20th c SS282*McHugh, Maureen F. : The Lincoln Train222011
21st c SS80*McHugh, Maureen F. : Useless Things122011
21st c SS17McIntosh, Will : Bridesicle4163111
21st c SS0McIntosh, Will : Faller5101
21st c SS100*McIntosh, Will : Soft Apocalypse10202
21st c Nvt39*McIntyre, Vonda N. : Little Faces (2005)28422
20th c Nvt91McIntyre, Vonda N. : Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand (1973)79611121
20th c Nva0McKenna, Richard : Hunter Come Home10101
20th c SS0McKenna, Richard : The Secret Place16101
20th c SS242*McKenna, Richard: Casey Agonistes262011
20th c Nva0McKillip : Forgotten Beasts of Eld Patricia Mckillip1811
20th c Nva0McKillip : The Changeline Sea, by Patricia A. McKillip17101
21st c SS66*McMullen, Sean : Eight Miles (2010)14211
20th c Nva0McNaughton, The Throne of Bones1811
21st c SS0Melko, Paul : Ten Sigmas (2004)7101
21st c Nva81*Melko, Paul : The Walls of the Universe (2006)14202
20th c SS0Mendelson : Star Train1811
20th c SS124*Merril, Judith : That Only a Mother4940121
20th c Nvt0Merritt : The Moon Pool - A. Merritt17101
21st c SS22*Mieville, China : Details (2002)3771213
21st c Nvt9*Mieville, China : Reports of Certain Events in London (2004)871512813
21st c Nva0Mieville, China : The Tain5101
20th c Nvt0Miller, Walter M. Jr. : Vengeance for Nikolai14101
20th c Nvt24Miller, Walter M., Jr. : A Canticle for Leibowitz (1955)27218424311111
20th c Nva185*Miller, Walter M., Jr. : Dark Benediction (1951)212011
20th c Nvt0Miller, Walter M., Jr. : Dumb Waiter10101
20th c SS0Miller, Walter M., Jr. : The Big Hunger15101
20th c Nvt186*Miller, Walter M., Jr. : The Darfsteller292011
20th c Nvt220*Millhauser, Steven : The Barnum Museum222011
20th c Nvt0Moffett, Judith : Surviving15101
21st c Nva0Moffett, Judith : The Bear's Baby4101
20th c Nvt0Moffett, Judith : The Hob14101
21st c Nvt0Moles : Finisterra, by David Moles4101
21st c SS80*Monette, Sarah & Elizabeth Bear : Mongoose (2009)12211
20th c Nvt0Moon : ABCs in Zero G (Elizabeth Moon)1811
20th c Nva17*Moorcock, Michael : Behold the Man (1966)321235222212232
20th c Nva0Moorcock, Michael : Stormbringer12101
20th c Nvt82*Moorcock, Michael : The Dreaming City (1961)91621111
20th c Nvt193*Moorcock, Michael : While the Gods Laugh (1961)28202
20th c Nva173*Moore, Alan : Watchmen25211
20th c Nva10Moore, C. L. (& Henry Kuttner) : Vintage Season (1946)424295444312411
20th c Nvt134*Moore, C. L. : Black God's Kiss (1934)4630111
20th c Nva0Moore, C. L. : Greater Than Gods14101
20th c Nvt0Moore, C. L. : Jirel Meets Magic10101
20th c Nva0Moore, C. L. : Judgment Night1811
20th c Nvt100*Moore, C. L. : No Woman Born (1944)7052111
20th c Nvt78Moore, C. L. : Shambleau (1933)948111221
20th c SS0Moore, Ward : It Becomes Necessary11101
20th c SS0Moran : On Sequoia Time, by Daniel Keys Moran13101
21st c Nva0Morgan : Altered Carbon4101
21st c SS0Morlan : The Anabe Girls ? A. R. Morlan4101
20th c Nvt193*Morrell, David : Orange Is For Anguish, Blue Is for Insanity (1988)282011
20th c SS0Morrow, James : Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge (1988)12101
20th c Nva190*Morrow, James : City of Truth18202
21st c Nva73*Morrow, James : Shambling Towards Hiroshima (2009)1622
21st c Nvt54*Morrow, James : The Cat's Pajamas183111
20th c Nvt61*Murphy, Pat : Rachel in Love (1987)1169121113
20th c Nva0Murphy/Van Name : Desert Rain11101
21st c SS0Narayan, Shweta: The Padishah Begum's Reflections (2011)811
20th c Nva0Neville : Bettyann15101
21st c SS57*Newman, Kim : Egyptian Avenue (2002)1730111
20th c SS0Newman, Kim : Kentish Glory16101
21st c SS0Newman, Kim : The Adventure of the Six Maledictions7101
20th c Nvt0Newman, Kim : The Original Dr. Shade15101
21st c Nva0Newman, Kim : Vampire Romance7101
21st c SS0Niemi, Mikael: Ponorister (Swedish) (2004)7101
20th c Nva0Nihei : Blame! Vol. 1 by Tsutomu Nihei17101
20th c Nvt0Niven, Larry (& Steven Barnes) : The Locusts10101
20th c Nva117Niven, Larry : ARM424022
20th c SS221*Niven, Larry : Becalmed in Hell292011
21st c SS0Niven, Larry : Cadet Amelia6101
20th c SS107*Niven, Larry : Cloak of Anarchy (1972)594112
20th c Nva0Niven, Larry : For a Foggy Night14101
20th c Nvt26*Niven, Larry : Inconstant Moon (1971)27019322313311
20th c SS0Niven, Larry : Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex14101
20th c Nvt29Niven, Larry : Neutron Star (1966)2371812222315
20th c SS0Niven, Larry : Not Long Before the End1811
20th c Nvt0Niven, Larry : The Borderland of Sol14101
21st c Nva0Niven, Larry : The Draco Tavern811
20th c SS0Niven, Larry : The Flight of the Horse (1973)16101
20th c Nvt213*Niven, Larry : The Fourth Profession242011
20th c SS114*Niven, Larry : The Hole Man5450113
20th c SS242*Niven, Larry : The Jigsaw Man26202
20th c Nvt0Niven, Larry : The Soft Weapon1811
20th c Nvt0Niven, Larry : What Good is a Glass Dagger12101
21st c SS0Nix, Garth : Charlie Rabbit (2003)6101
21st c SS0Nix, Garth : Heart's Desire ? Nimue?s story5101
21st c SS66*Nix, Garth : Ser Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War (2007)14202
21st c SS0Nix, Garth : The Hill (2001)7101
20th c SS156*Norton, Andre : All Cats Are Gray (1953)413021
20th c Nva0Nowlan : Armageddon 2419 A.D. - Philip Francis Nowlan16101
20th c SS0Oates : Joyce Carol Oates: The Premonition15101
20th c SS0Oates : The Doll - Joyce Carol Oates10101
20th c Nva0Oates : The Ruins of Contracoeur - Joyce Carol Oates10101
20th c Nva150*Oltion, Jerry : Abandon in Place292011
20th c Nva163*Onions, Oliver : The Beckoning Fair One272011
20th c Nva123Orwell, George : Animal Farm (1945)4030111
21st c Nva0Osborne : Progress by Terri Osborne6101
20th c Nvt170*Palmer, David R. : Emergence (1981)3330111
21st c SS0Palwick : Susan Palwick: The Fate of Mice811
21st c Nva47Park, Paul : Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance (2010)30511111
21st c SS0Park, Paul :The Persistence of Memory, or This Space for Sale811
21st c Nva59*Parker, K. J. : A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong203111
21st c Nvt51*Parker, K. J. : Amor Vincit Omnia193111
21st c Nva81*Parker, K. J. : Blue and Gold14211
21st c Nvt0Parker, K. J. : Let Maps to Others4101
21st c Nva81*Parker, K. J. : Purple and Black14202
21st c SS0Pelland : Jennifer Pelland: Captive Girl811
21st c SS0Phillips : Summer Ice, Holly Phillips5101
21st c SS0Phillips : Three Days of Rain, Holly Phillips7101
20th c Nva0Piper : Gunpowder God by H. Beam Piper1811
20th c Nvt103*Piper, H. Beam : Omnilingual (1957)69602211
20th c Nva0Piper, H. Beam : The Last Enemy11101
20th c SS17Pohl, Frederik : Day Million (1966)28921132332331
20th c SS0Pohl, Frederik : Fermi and Frost (1985)13101
20th c Nva0Pohl, Frederik : Mars Masked (1979)14101
20th c Nva51*Pohl, Frederik : The Gold at the Starbow's End (1972)1441101212113
20th c Nva0Pohl, Frederik : The Greening of Bed-Stuy12101
20th c Nvt0Pohl, Frederik : The Man Who Ate the World14101
20th c Nva0Pohl, Frederik : The Merchants of Venus9101
20th c Nva103Pohl, Frederik : The Midas Plague54401111
20th c Nvt70Pohl, Frederik : The Tunnel Under the World (1955)1078021311
20th c SS227*Pohl, Frederik, Frederik (& C. M. Kornbluth) : The Meeting (1972)282011
21st c SS0Popkes : Stegosaurus Boy, Steven Popkes7101
21st c Nva0Popkes : The Ice, by Steven Popkes7101
20th c SS0Porges : Arthur Porges: The Ruum10101
21st c Nvt0Post, Uwe / Hermann, Uwe: Der Valentino-Exploit (German) (2011)5101
20th c Nva0Pournelle, Jerry : Mercenary10101
21st c Nva0Powers, Tim : A Time to Cast Away Stones811
21st c SS22*Powers, Tim : Pat Moore (2004)3771123
21st c SS0Powers, Tim : The Bible Repairman811
20th c Nva0Pratchett, Terry : Eric (1990)16101
20th c Nva0Pratchett, Terry : Small Gods (1992)13101
20th c SS178*Pratchett, Terry : The Sea and Little Fishes (1998)35211
21st c Nva0Pratchett, Terry : Wintersmith (2006)4101
21st c SS0Pratt, Tim : Annabelle's Alphabet6101
21st c SS26*Pratt. Tim : Impossible Dreams3251211
20th c Nvt155*Priest, Christopher : An Infinite Summer3930111
20th c Nvt146*Priest, Christopher : Palely Loitering423012
20th c Nva0Priest, Christopher : The Miraculous Cairn14101
20th c Nva118*Priest, Christopher : The Watched (1978)4130111
20th c Nvt0Pronzini, Bill (& Raymond F. Jones): Prose Bowl13101
21st c SS0Pugmire : The Phantom of a Beguilement6101
20th c Nva0Pukallus,Horst: Das Rheinknie bei Sonnenaufgang (German) (1976)9101
21st c Nvt0Purdom : A Response from EST17 (2011) novelette Tom Purdom7101
21st c Nvt0Purdom : The Path of the Transgressor, by Tom Purdom5101
20th c Nva0Rackham : Treasure of Tau Ceit, John Rackham10101
21st c SS61*Rajaniemi, Hannu : Elegy for a Young Elk15211
21st c SS0Rajaniemi, Hannu : His Master's Voice811
20th c Nva0Randall, Marta: Dangerous Games (1980)1811
20th c SS0Raphael, Rick : Code Three14101
20th c Nvt115*Reamy, Tom : San Diego Lightfoot Sue (1975)5841111
21st c SS0Reed, Kit : Denny7101
21st c Nva26*Reed, Robert : A Billion Eves (2006)46803212
21st c Nva0Reed, Robert : A Plague of Life811
21st c Nvt38Reed, Robert : Coelacanths (2002)305122
21st c Nva90*Reed, Robert : Dead Man's Run (2010)112011
21st c SS0Reed, Robert : Eight Episodes811
21st c Nva0Reed, Robert : Good Mountain (2006)6101
20th c Nvt0Reed, Robert : Guest of Honor14101
21st c Nvt0Reed, Robert : Hexagons6101
20th c Nva83Reed, Robert : Marrow765212
21st c SS0Reed, Robert : Roxie811
20th c Nva0Reed, Robert : Sister Alice16101
21st c Nva37*Reed, Robert : Truth (2008)37612111
20th c Nvt0Reed, Robert : Waging Good11101
21st c SS106*Reed, Robert : Woman Leaves Room92011
21st c Nvt0Resnick, Mike : Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders (2008)4101
21st c SS0Resnick, Mike : An Article of Faith4101
21st c SS0Resnick, Mike : Distant Replay (2007)7101
20th c Nvt121*Resnick, Mike : For I Have Touched the Sky (1989)53401111
20th c Nva0Resnick, Mike : Hunting the Snark9101
20th c Nvt92Resnick, Mike : Kirinyaga (1988)787011122
20th c SS0Resnick, Mike : One Perfect Morning, with Jackals (1991)9101
21st c Nvt0Resnick, Mike : Redchapel5101
20th c Nva36Resnick, Mike : Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge (1994)19515211221123
21st c Nva0Resnick, Mike : Six Blind Men and an Alien (2010)7101
20th c SS91*Resnick, Mike : The 43 Antarean Dynasties (1997)674112
20th c SS0Resnick, Mike : The Elephants on Neptune (2000)1811
21st c SS0Resnick, Mike : The Homecoming4101
21st c SS0Resnick, Mike : The Incarceration of Captain Nebula (2010)6101
20th c Nvt0Resnick, Mike : The Land of Nod10101
21st c SS13Resnick, Mike : Travels with My Cats (2004)546321
20th c Nvt0Resnick, Mike : When the Old Gods Die9101
20th c SS0Resnick, Mike : Winter Solstice9101
21st c Nvt0Resnick/Robyn : Soulmates by Mike Resnick & Lezli Robyn7101
20th c SS0Reynolds, Alastair : A Spy in Europa13101
21st c Nvt11Reynolds, Alastair : Beyond the Aquila Rift (2005)781322441
21st c Nva6Reynolds, Alastair : Diamond Dogs (2001)871542135
20th c Nva0Reynolds, Alastair : Galactic North10101
21st c Nva69*Reynolds, Alastair : Glacial173012
21st c Nva86*Reynolds, Alastair : Nightingale (2006)13211
21st c Nvt32*Reynolds, Alastair : Signal to Noise (2006)34602121
21st c Nvt89Reynolds, Alastair : Sleepover8202
21st c Nva0Reynolds, Alastair : The Six Directions of Space (2008)5101
21st c Nva0Reynolds, Alastair : Thousandth Night811
21st c Nvt0Reynolds, Alastair : Tiger, Burning5101
21st c Nva52*Reynolds, Alastair : Troika224112
21st c Nva42*Reynolds, Alastair : Turquoise Days356231
21st c Nva62Reynolds, Alastair : Understanding Space and Time (2005)193111
21st c SS9*Reynolds, Alastair : Zima Blue (2005)691141222
20th c Nvt0Rice, Jane : The Idol of the Flies11101
21st c SS80*Rickert, M. : Bread and Bombs (2003)12211
21st c SS0Rickert, M. : Cold Fires7101
21st c SS0Rickert, M. : Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment5101
21st c SS0Rickert, M. : Holiday4101
21st c Nvt51*Rickert, M. : Journey into the Kingdom193111
21st c Nvt0River, Uncle : Counting Tadpoles ? Uncle River6101
20th c Nva0Robb J D Interlude in Death13101
21st c Nvt0Roberts, Adam : Swiftly4101
20th c Nva0Roberts, Keith : Molly Zero (Keith Roberts)13101
20th c SS213*Roberts, Keith : The Lake of Tuonela30202
20th c Nva0Roberts, Keith : Weinachtsabend11101
20th c Nvt225Robinson, Kim Stanley : A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations20202
20th c Nva0Robinson, Kim Stanley : A Short, Sharp Shock9101
20th c Nvt157*Robinson, Kim Stanley : Black Air3830111
20th c Nva150*Robinson, Kim Stanley : Escape from Kathmandu293021
20th c Nva72*Robinson, Kim Stanley : Green Mars (1985)9370111121
20th c Nvt0Robinson, Kim Stanley : Sexual Dimorphism, Kim Stanley Robinson13101
20th c Nva118*Robinson, Kim Stanley : The Blind Geometer (1986)413012
20th c Nvt86Robinson, Kim Stanley : The Lucky Strike (1984)857021211
20th c Nva0Robinson, Kim Stanley : To Leave a Mark12101
20th c SS0Robinson, Kim Stanley : Vinland the Dream9101
21st c Nvt0Robinson, Peg : A Lady of Xenex by Peg Robinson (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)811
20th c Nva54Robinson, Spider (& Jeanne Robinson) : Stardance132110113123
20th c Nva85*Robinson, Spider : By Any Other Name6750212
20th c SS0Robinson, Spider : Dog Day Evening12101
20th c SS0Robinson, Spider : God is an Iron9101
20th c SS147*Robinson, Spider : Melancholy Elephants (1982)443012
20th c SS242*Robinson, Spider : The Guy with the Eyes262011
20th c SS0Robinson, Spider : The Time Traveller13101
20th c Nva0Rocklynne, Ross: Time Wants a Skeleton (1941)10101
21st c Nvt0Roden, Barbara : Northwest Passage6101
21st c SS0Roseman : Josh Roseman, Bring On The Rain811
21st c Nvt0Rosenbaum, Benjamin : A Siege of Cranes5101
21st c Nvt41*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Biographical Notes to ?A Discourse on the Nature of Causality...265113
21st c SS80*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Embracing-the-New12211
21st c SS32*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : Start the Clock264211
21st c SS26*Rosenbaum, Benjamin : The House Beyond Your Sky3251211
21st c Nvt51*Rowe, Christopher : The Voluntary State193111
21st c Nva0Rowling : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone811
21st c Nvt0Rucker/Shirley : Pockets7101
21st c SS0Rudnick : Absolution by Jim Rudnick (Aphelion 2004 winner)811
20th c Nvt0Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : Echea16101
20th c Nvt207*Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : Millennium Babies252011
21st c Nva22Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : Recovering Apollo 84981223
20th c Nva163*Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : The Gallery of His Dreams (1991)272011
20th c Nva100*Rusch, Kristine Kathryn : The Retrieval Artist5641111
20th c SS178*Russ, Joanna : Nobody's Home3530111
20th c Nva65Russ, Joanna : Souls (1982)11380113111
20th c SS0Russ, Joanna : The Extraordinary Voyages of Am?lie Bertrand15101
20th c Nvt94Russ, Joanna : The Second Inquisition76511111
20th c SS20Russ, Joanna : When It Changed259183234132
20th c Nva46Russell, Eric Frank : ...And Then There Were None157111222211
20th c SS35*Russell, Eric Frank : Allamagoosa (1955)14410131122
20th c Nvt146*Russell, Eric Frank : Dear Devil (1950)4230111
20th c SS0Russell, Eric Frank : Diabologic - Russell1811
20th c Nva0Russell, Eric Frank : Legwork (1956)12101
20th c Nva0Russell, Eric Frank : Plus X14101
20th c Nva0Russell, Eric Frank : Sinister Barrier (1948)12101
20th c Nva0Russell, Eric Frank : The Space Willies (E.F. Russell)17101
20th c Nva0Russo : Richard Paul Russo. More than Night14101
21st c SS73*Ryman, Geoff : Birth Days132011
21st c Nvt0Ryman, Geoff : Days of Wonder6101
20th c SS213*Ryman, Geoff : Everywhere30211
21st c Nvt46*Ryman, Geoff : Have Not Have22312
21st c Nvt58*Ryman, Geoff : Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter (Fantasy) (2006)16312
20th c Nvt134*Ryman, Geoff : The Unconquered Country4640121
21st c Nva0Sagara : Cast in Moonlight - Michelle Sagara811
20th c Nva131*Saint-Exupery, Antoine de : The Little Prince (1943)3622
20th c SS0Saki : Sredni Vashtar11101
20th c SS109*Saki : The Open Window5741111
20th c SS0Salvatore : The Third Level by R.A. Salvatore16101
20th c Nvt0Sanders : The Undiscovered17101
21st c Nvt0Sanders : When This World Is All on Fire (2001)4101
20th c SS0Sanders, Scott: The anatomy lesson (1981)15101
21st c Nva0Sanderson : Brandon Sanderson, Alloy of Law811
21st c Nva0Sanderson : Legion - Brandon Sanderson5101
20th c SS0Sapkowski : Andrzej Sapkowski : Something more17101
20th c SS0Sapkowski : Andrzej Sapkowski : The question of the price15101
20th c Nvt0Sapkowski, Andrzej : The Edge Of The World17101
20th c Nvt167*Sapkowski, Andrzej : The Last Wish34211
20th c Nva0Saunders : Bounty - George Saunders1811
21st c SS0Saunders : Escape from Spiderhead7101
20th c Nva0Saunders : Pastoralia by George Saunders13101
20th c SS178*Saunders, George : Sea Oak35321
21st c SS0Sawyer, Robert J. : Biding Time4101
21st c Nva37*Sawyer, Robert J. : Identity Theft3761122
20th c SS0Sawyer, Robert J. : Just Like Old Times10101
21st c SS28Sawyer, Robert J. : Shed Skin31431
21st c Nvt0Scalzi, John : After the Coup5101
21st c Nva0Scalzi, John : Old Man's War7101
21st c Nva0Scalzi, John : The Ghost Brigades6101
21st c Nva10Scalzi, John : The God Engines (2009)7195112
21st c Nvt0Scalzi, John : The Sagan Diary811
21st c SS36*Scalzi, John : The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book One: The Dead City24422
21st c Nva0Scalzi, John : Utere Nihil Non Extra Quiritationem Suis (2009)811
20th c Nva0Schenck, Hilbert : The Battle of the Abaco Reefs (1979)17101
20th c Nva0Schmidt, J : Houston, We Have a Problem1811
20th c Nvt0Schmitz, James H. : Grandpa11101
20th c Nvt131*Schmitz, James H. : The Witches of Karres (1949)47401111
20th c SS0Schmitz, James H.: Balanced Ecology (1965)17101
21st c SS0Scholes : Ken Scholes, Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk5101
20th c Nva0Schroeder : The Dragon of Pripyat10101
20th c SS0Schulz : Pan - Bruno Schulz16101
20th c SS13Shaw, Bob : Light of Other Days (1966)371264434211232
20th c Nvt222*Shea, Michael : The Autopsy (1980)212011
21st c Nvt0Shearman : Cold Snap - Robert Shearman7101
21st c SS0Shearman : Favourite - Shearman6101
21st c SS0Shearman : Granny's Grinning - Robert Shearman7101
20th c Nva0Sheckley, Robert : A Ticket to Tranai16101
20th c SS242*Sheckley, Robert : Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (1969)262011
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : Ghost V16101
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : Human Man's Burden (1955)16101
20th c Nva0Sheckley, Robert : Join Now (The Humours)14101
20th c SS167*Sheckley, Robert : Pilgrimage to Earth (1956)3930111
20th c SS62*Sheckley, Robert : Seventh Victim (1953)90712121
20th c Nvt0Sheckley, Robert : Shape12101
20th c Nvt131*Sheckley, Robert : Skulking Permit (1954)473021
20th c SS70Sheckley, Robert : Specialist (1953)8460213
20th c Nvt0Sheckley, Robert : The Deaths of Ben Baxter (1957)14101
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : The Demons11101
20th c Nva0Sheckley, Robert : The Humours10101
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : The Last Weapon16101
20th c Nvt0Sheckley, Robert : The Minimum Man16101
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : The Mnemone (1971)17101
20th c SS227*Sheckley, Robert : The Monsters (1953)283012
20th c SS234*Sheckley, Robert : The Prize of Peril272011
20th c Nva159*Sheckley, Robert : The Status Civilization (1960)282011
20th c SS124*Sheckley, Robert : The Store of the Worlds (1959)49401111
20th c SS0Sheckley, Robert : Warm (1953)13101
20th c Nvt0Sheckley, Robert : Watchbird14101
20th c Nvt0Sheffield, Charles : Georgia on My Mind, Charles Sheffield1811
20th c SS0Sheffield, Charles : Out of Copyright17101
20th c SS0Shefner, Vadim: A Modest Genius (Skromnij genii, Russian, 1968) (1969)14101
20th c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : A Traveler's Tale9101
20th c Nvt0Shepard, Lucius : Aymara15101
20th c Nva77Shepard, Lucius : Barnacle Bill the Spacer (1992)8360111111
20th c Nvt0Shepard, Lucius : BEAST OF THE HEARTLAND17101
20th c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : Crocodile Rock13101
21st c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : Dog-Eared Paperpack of My Life (2009)6101
21st c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : Eternity & Afterward811
20th c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : Human History12101
21st c Nva79*Shepard, Lucius : Jailwise (2003)1530111
21st c Nvt32*Shepard, Lucius : Only Partly Here345041
21st c Nva69*Shepard, Lucius : Over Yonder (2002)173021
20th c Nva32Shepard, Lucius : R&R (1986)22416221212321
20th c Nva93Shepard, Lucius : Radiant Green Star6450311
20th c SS74*Shepard, Lucius : Salvador (1984)806111111
21st c Nva23Shepard, Lucius : Stars Seen Through Stone (2007)4873211
20th c Nvt129*Shepard, Lucius : The Jaguar Hunter (1985)49401111
20th c Nvt37Shepard, Lucius : The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule (1984)210161231114111
20th c Nva109*Shepard, Lucius : The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter50312
21st c Nva0Shepard, Lucius : The Taborin Scale7101
21st c Nvt0Shepard, Lucius : Vacancy5101
21st c Nvt0Sherman : The Fiddler of Bayou Teche, Delia Sherman4101
20th c Nvt66Sherred, T. L. : E for Effort (1947)11181111121
20th c SS0Shetterly : Nevernever by Will Shetterly15101
21st c SS0Shiner : Scales5101
21st c Nva0Shinn : Fallen Angel by Sharon Shinn5101
21st c Nva0Shinn : When Winter Comes by Sharon Shinn4101
21st c Nvt0Shinn : Wintermoon Wish by Sharon Shinn7101
20th c Nvt134*Shiras, Wilmar H. : In Hiding46401111
20th c SS0Shore : Wilma Shore, Goodbye Amanda Jean14101
21st c Nva0Shunn : Inclination by William Shunn6101
21st c Nvt0Shwartz : Out of the Frying Pan by Susan Shwartz (part of No Limits Edited by Peter David)7101
21st c Nva0Silverberg, Robert : A Piece of the Great World4101
20th c Nva58Silverberg, Robert : Born with the Dead1207322
20th c Nva75*Silverberg, Robert : Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another (1989)876012111
20th c Nva116Silverberg, Robert : Gilgamesh in the Outback (1986)4340121
20th c SS260*Silverberg, Robert : Good News from the Vatican252011
20th c Nva51*Silverberg, Robert : Hawksbill Station (1967)1441201212123
20th c Nva0Silverberg, Robert : Lord Valentine's Castle (1980)10101
20th c Nva39Silverberg, Robert : Nightwings (1968)1771322112122
20th c SS45*Silverberg, Robert : Passengers12091112211
20th c Nva42*Silverberg, Robert : Sailing to Byzantium (1985)16512222132
20th c SS264*Silverberg, Robert : Schwartz Between the Galaxies24202
20th c SS104*Silverberg, Robert : Sundance624121
20th c SS0Silverberg, Robert : The Pain Peddlers (1963)14101
20th c Nva145*Silverberg, Robert : The Secret Sharer (1987)32211
20th c SS0Silverberg, Robert : The Soul-Painter and the Shapeshifter14101
20th c SS76*Silverberg, Robert : To See the Invisible Man (1963)777011311
20th c SS290*Silverberg, Robert : When We Went to See the End of the World20202
20th c Nva0Silverberg, Robert: The Desert of Stolen Dreams10101
20th c SS198*Simak, Clifford D. : A Death in the House32211
20th c SS60*Simak, Clifford D. : Desertion (1944)9571111111
20th c SS145*Simak, Clifford D. : Good Night, Mr. James (1951)45401111
20th c SS109*Simak, Clifford D. : Grotto of the Dancing Deer5740211
20th c Nva0Simak, Clifford D. : Immigrant10101
20th c SS0Simak, Clifford D. : Skirmish (1950)10101
20th c Nva15Simak, Clifford D. : The Big Front Yard (1958)3232315333251
20th c Nvt139*Simak, Clifford D. : The Thing in the Stone (1970)453021
20th c Nvt222*Simmons, Dan : All Dracula's Children212011
20th c Nvt0Simmons, Dan : Death in Bangkok10101
20th c Nvt0Simmons, Dan : Entropy's Bed at Midnight (1991)13101
20th c Nva0Simmons, Dan : Hyperion series - Dan Simmons1811
21st c Nvt41*Simmons, Dan : On K2 with Kanakaredes (2001)2641111
20th c SS136*Simmons, Dan : Orphans of the Helix (1999)46401111
20th c Nva0Simmons, Dan : The Great Lover (1993)12101
20th c Nvt93Simmons, Dan : This Year's Class Picture (1992)7751211
20th c Nvt0Simon, Erik: Die Frachtluke klemmt (German) (1997)12101
21st c SS80*Singh, Vandana : Delhi122011
21st c Nva81*Singh, Vandana : Distances14202
21st c Nva0Singh, Vandana : Of Love and Other Monsters6101
21st c Nvt0Sinisalo : Johanna Sinisalo: Baby Doll4101
20th c SS0Sladek : John Sladek, A Report on the Migration of Educational Materials13101
20th c Nva0Slesar : Jobo by Henry Slesar11101
20th c SS0Smith, Clark Ashton : City of the Singing Flame1811
20th c SS0Smith, Clark Ashton : Coming of the White Worm14101
20th c SS0Smith, Clark Ashton : The Double Shadow (1933)17101
20th c SS0Smith, Clark Ashton : The Empire of the Necromancers12101
20th c SS264*Smith, Clark Ashton : The Return of the Sorcerer (1931)242011
20th c Nvt0Smith, Clark Ashton: The Colossus of Ylourgne (1934)16101
20th c SS0Smith, Clark Ashton: The Double Shadow14101
20th c Nvt61*Smith, Cordwainer : A Planet Named Shayol116821131
20th c Nvt68Smith, Cordwainer : Alpha Ralpha Boulevard (1961)109722111
20th c Nva0Smith, Cordwainer : Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons15101
20th c SS0Smith, Cordwainer : No, No, Not Rogov!1811
20th c Nvt35*Smith, Cordwainer : Scanners Live in Vain (1950)2141531311312
20th c Nvt26*Smith, Cordwainer : The Ballad of Lost C'Mell (1962)27020211353212
20th c SS0Smith, Cordwainer : The Burning of the Brain (1958)17101
20th c SS111*Smith, Cordwainer : The Crime and the Glory of Commander Suzdal (1964)564121
20th c Nva118*Smith, Cordwainer : The Dead Lady of Clown Town4130111
20th c SS16Smith, Cordwainer : The Game of Rat and Dragon (1955)290220322413331
20th c Nvt0Smith, Cordwainer : Under Old Earth12101
20th c Nvt0Smith, Michael Marshall, More Tomorrow11101
21st c Nva0Smith, Michael Sanborn : Beauty Belongs to the Flowers811
21st c Nva0Somtow : The Bird Catcher811
20th c SS0Soukup : A Defense of Social Contracts by Martha Soukup11101
20th c Nvt0Spinrad, Norman : Carcinoma Angels12101
20th c Nva173*Spinrad, Norman : Journals of the Plague Years (1988)252011
20th c SS288*Spinrad, Norman : No Direction Home212011
20th c Nva85*Spinrad, Norman : Riding the Torch (1974)6750221
20th c Nvt226*Spinrad, Norman : The Big Flash192011
20th c SS185*Spinrad, Norman : The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde (1969)343021
20th c Nva0Spinrad, Norman : The Lost Continent15101
20th c SS0Spinrad, Norman : The Weed of Time15101
20th c Nva0Spitz Jacques, The Eye of Purgatory14101
20th c Nva0Stableford : Les Fleurs du Mal, Stableford10101
20th c Nva0Stableford : Mortimer Gray's History of Death12101
20th c Nva0Stapledon : Star Maker17101
21st c Nva44*Steele, Allen M. : Stealing Alabama (2001)3252111
21st c Nvt46*Steele, Allen M. : The Days Between22312
20th c Nva133*Steele, Allen M. : The Death of Captain Future353012
21st c Nvt29*Steele, Allen M. : The Emperor of Mars (2010)36603111
21st c Nvt62*Steinmetz, Ferrett : Sauerkraut Station15211
21st c SS0Steinm?ller, Angela / Steinm?ller, Karlheinz: Das Internetz in den H?nden der Arbeiterklasse (German) (2003)4101
20th c SS0Stephenson : Spew9101
20th c Nva0Stephenson, Neal : The Diamond Age (1995)15101
21st c Nva0Stephenson, Neal Anathem (2008)7101
20th c Nvt124Sterling, Bruce : Bicycle Repairman (1996)52401111
21st c Nvt62*Sterling, Bruce : Black Swan1530111
20th c Nvt179*Sterling, Bruce : Cicada Queen (1983)31211
20th c Nvt0Sterling, Bruce : Deep Eddy9101
20th c SS65Sterling, Bruce : Dori Bangs (1989)8970121111
20th c Nvt0Sterling, Bruce : Flowers of Edo13101
20th c Nva72*Sterling, Bruce : Green Days in Brunei (1985)93711122
21st c SS0Sterling, Bruce : In Paradise7101
21st c SS73*Sterling, Bruce : Ivory Tower (2005)13211
21st c Nva32*Sterling, Bruce : Kiosk (2007)4062121
20th c SS67*Sterling, Bruce : Maneki Neko (1998)87601221
20th c SS0Sterling, Bruce : Our Neural Chernobyl11101
20th c SS0Sterling, Bruce : Spider Rose (1982)14101
20th c Nvt44Sterling, Bruce : Swarm (1982)175131111312111
20th c Nvt151*Sterling, Bruce : Taklamakan (1998)4030111
21st c Nvt62*Sterling, Bruce : The Blemmye's Strategem (2005)153012
21st c SS0Sterling, Bruce : The Denial5101
20th c SS0Sterling, Bruce : Twenty Evocations11101
20th c SS242*Stoker, Bram : Dracula's Guest262011
21st c Nvt58*Stone, Eric James : That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made (2010)1630111
20th c Nva187Straub, Peter : Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff20202
20th c Nva0Straub, Peter : Pork Pie Hat12101
20th c Nva0Straub, Peter : The Buffalo Hunter9101
20th c Nvt0Straub, Peter : The Ghost Villiage1811
20th c Nvt0Straub, Peter : The Juniper Tree12101
21st c SS0Stross, Charles ( & Cory Doctorow) : Flowers from Alice (2003)7101
21st c Nva0Stross, Charles : Accelerando811
20th c SS0Stross, Charles : Antibodies12101
21st c Nva0Stross, Charles : Elector (2004)6101
21st c Nvt57Stross, Charles : Halo (2002)173111
21st c Nvt8Stross, Charles : Lobsters (2001)1021653332
21st c Nva16Stross, Charles : Missile Gap (2006)581022123
21st c Nvt66*Stross, Charles : Nightfall (2003)14211
21st c Nva2Stross, Charles : Palimpsest (2009)1081861335
21st c SS16Stross, Charles : Rogue Farm (2003)4572122
21st c Nva0Stross, Charles : Router7101
21st c Nva0Stross, Charles : The Atrocity Archives811
21st c Nva8Stross, Charles : The Concrete Jungle (2004)74121434
21st c Nvt0Stross, Charles : Tourist (2002)5101
20th c Nva145*Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Hard to Be a God (1964)322011
20th c Nva0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Monday Begins on Saturday1811
20th c Nva0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris : Space Mowgli13101
20th c Nva0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: Definitely Maybe (1977)16101
20th c Nva0Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris: The Way to Amalteia16101
20th c SS167*Sturgeon, Theodore : And Now the News3930111
20th c Nva16Sturgeon, Theodore : Baby Is Three (1952)3222261341241
20th c SS156*Sturgeon, Theodore : Bianca's Hands (1947)4130111
20th c Nvt0Sturgeon, Theodore : Case and the Dreamer16101
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : Crate12101
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : Hurricane Trio10101
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?15101
20th c Nvt0Sturgeon, Theodore : It17101
20th c Nva55Sturgeon, Theodore : Killdozer! (1944)1251001111213
20th c Nvt0Sturgeon, Theodore : Mewhu's Jet13101
20th c Nvt32Sturgeon, Theodore : Microcosmic God22317111312431
20th c SS34Sturgeon, Theodore : Saucer of Loneliness (1953)15110141211
20th c Nvt193*Sturgeon, Theodore : Shottle Bop282011
20th c Nvt53Sturgeon, Theodore : Slow Sculpture (1970)1349222111
20th c Nva179*Sturgeon, Theodore : The (W)idget, the (W)adget and Boff242011
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : The Clinic13101
20th c Nva112*Sturgeon, Theodore : The Golden Helix (1954)48303
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : The Graveyard Reader17101
20th c SS204*Sturgeon, Theodore : The Hurkle Is a Happy Beast (1949)3130111
20th c SS30*Sturgeon, Theodore : The Man Who Lost the Sea (1959)167105311
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : The Other Celia11101
20th c Nvt161Sturgeon, Theodore : The Silken-Swift3730111
20th c SS0Sturgeon, Theodore : The World Well Lost11101
20th c SS50Sturgeon, Theodore : Thunder and Roses (1947)1098111113
20th c Nvt0Sturgeon, Theodore : Tiny and the Monster11101
20th c Nva0Sturgeon, Theodore : To Marry Medusa1811
20th c Nvt0Sturgeon, Theodore : When You Care, When You Love13101
20th c SS155Sturgeon, Theodore : Yesterday Was Monday (1941)423021
21st c SS0Sumner-Smith : An End to All Things ? Karina Sumner-Smith7101
21st c Nva0Surridge : The Word of Azrael4101
20th c Nva0Swann : Thomas Burnett Swann, The Manor of Roses14101
21st c SS0Swanwick, Michael : A Small Room in Koboldtown4101
20th c SS264*Swanwick, Michael : Ancient Engines (1999)242011
21st c SS39*Swanwick, Michael : From Babel's Fall'n Glory We Fled (2008)2340112
21st c Nva32*Swanwick, Michael : King Dragon (2003)4072113
21st c Nvt25*Swanwick, Michael : Legions in Time405122
20th c SS0Swanwick, Michael : Moon Dogs12101
20th c SS299*Swanwick, Michael : Radiant Doors182011
20th c Nvt121*Swanwick, Michael : Radio Waves53401111
20th c SS0Swanwick, Michael : Scherzo with Tyrannosaur10101
21st c Nvt39*Swanwick, Michael : Slow Life (2002)2851121
21st c Nvt0Swanwick, Michael : The Bordello in Faerie by Michael Swanwick6101
20th c SS150*Swanwick, Michael : The Dead4330111
21st c SS5*Swanwick, Michael : The Dog Said Bow-Wow (2001)891444132
20th c SS282*Swanwick, Michael : The Edge of the World222011
21st c SS66*Swanwick, Michael : The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport14211
21st c SS80*Swanwick, Michael : Tin Marsh122011
21st c SS106*Swanwick, Michael : Triceratops Summer92011
21st c Nvt0Swanwick, Michael. Urdumheim7101
20th c Nva0Swanwick, Michael: Griffin's Egg9101
21st c Nvt20Swirsky, Rachel : Eros, Philia, Agape4983212
21st c Nva13Swirsky, Rachel : The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen's Window651123123
21st c SS0Tem, Steve Rasnic : A Letter from the Emperor811
20th c Nvt207*Tenn, William : Bernie the Faust252011
20th c SS161*Tenn, William : Brooklyn Project (1948)4030111
20th c Nvt162*Tenn, William : Child's Play3630111
20th c Nvt217*Tenn, William : Down Among the Dead Men232011
20th c Nva129*Tenn, William : Firewater (1952)3730111
20th c SS0Tenn, William : Null-P14101
20th c Nvt0Tenn, William : Party of the Two Parts13101
20th c SS0Tenn, William : The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway11101
20th c SS74*Tenn, William : The Liberation of Earth805221
20th c Nvt174*Tenn, William : Time in Advance (1956)32211
20th c Nva0Tenn, William : Venus and the Seven Sexes13101
20th c Nva0Thomas : Theodore L. Thomas, The Weather Man13101
20th c Nva57Tiptree, James, Jr. : A Momentary Taste of Being121832111
20th c SS56Tiptree, James, Jr. : And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side10271111111
20th c SS0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Beam Us Home1811
20th c Nvt0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Forever to a Hudson Day Blanket (1973)17101
20th c SS276*Tiptree, James, Jr. : Her Smoke Rose Up Forever232011
20th c Nva3Tiptree, James, Jr. : Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (1976)592396105623421
20th c SS21Tiptree, James, Jr. : Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death (1973)2481743223111
20th c Nvt0Tiptree, James, Jr. : On the Last Afternoon14101
20th c Nvt0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Out of the Everywhere13101
20th c Nva0Tiptree, James, Jr. : Slow Music1811
20th c Nvt12Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Girl Who Was Plugged In41629383315132
20th c SS78*Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Last Flight of Dr. Ain (1969)7660111111
20th c SS59Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Man Who Walked Home967111211
20th c SS234*Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Milk of Paradise272011
20th c Nva131*Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Only Neat Thing To Do3630111
20th c SS0Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things To Rats17101
20th c SS9Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Screwfly Solution (1977)42530412576212
20th c Nvt11Tiptree, James, Jr. : The Women Men Don't See (1973)426295444251112
20th c Nva141*Tiptree, James, Jr. : With Delicate Mad Hands332011
20th c SS136*Tiptree, James, Jr. : Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light!4630111
20th c Nva59Tolkien, J. R. R. : Farmer Giles of Ham (1949)1168122111
20th c SS0Tolkien, J. R. R. : Leaf by Niggle15101
20th c Nva0Tolkien, J. R. R. : Smith of Wootton Major13101
21st c Nvt0Torgerson : Brad Torgerson, Ray of Light5101
20th c SS0Turner : Flowering Mandrake15101
21st c SS0Turtledove, Harry : Audubon in Atlantis811
20th c Nva173*Turtledove, Harry : Forty, Counting Down (1999)252011
20th c SS0Turtledove, Harry : The Last Article15101
20th c Nva0Tuttle, Lisa (& George R. R. Martin) : One-Wing (1980)17101
20th c Nva115Tuttle, Lisa (& George R. R. Martin) : The Storms of Windhaven (1975)4430111
21st c Nva0Tuttle, Lisa : My Death7101
21st c SS0Utley, Steve : Invisible Kingdoms6101
21st c SS0Valente, Catherynne M. : Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica7101
21st c Nva0Valente, Catherynne M. : Palimpsest5101
21st c Nva55*Valente, Catherynne M. : Silently and Very Fast213111
21st c SS0Valente, Catherynne M. : Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time6101
21st c SS0Valente, Catherynne M. : Urchins, While Swimming811
21st c Nvt0Valente, Catherynne M. : White Lines on a Green Field4101
21st c SS0Van Pelt : Of Late I Dreamt of Venus (2007) shortfiction James Van Pelt7101
21st c SS0Van Pelt : The Last of the O-Forms - James Van Pelt5101
20th c Nvt80*van Vogt, A. E. : Black Destroyer (1939)928021113
20th c SS0van Vogt, A. E. : Dear Pen Pal1811
20th c SS0van Vogt, A. E. : Dusty Zebra1811
20th c SS0van Vogt, A. E. : Enchanted Village (1950)12101
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20th c SS118van Vogt, A. E. : Resurrection (1948)53401111
20th c SS242*van Vogt, A. E. : The Monster (1948)262011
20th c Nvt0van Vogt, A. E. : The Rull (1948)11101
20th c SS0van Vogt, A. E. : The See-Saw14101
20th c Nvt52van Vogt, A. E. : The Weapon Shop (1942)13510221311
20th c Nvt0van Vogt, A. E. : Vault of the Beast15101
20th c Nvt0Vance, Jack : Assault on a City15101
20th c SS0Vance, Jack : Green Magic1811
20th c SS62*Vance, Jack : Liane the Wayfarer90621111
20th c SS191*Vance, Jack : Mazirian the Magician33211
20th c Nva163*Vance, Jack : Rumfuddle272011
20th c Nva24*Vance, Jack : The Dragon Masters (1962)282211724232
20th c Nva0Vance, Jack : The dying earth17101
20th c Nvt186*Vance, Jack : The Gift of Gab292011
20th c Nva21Vance, Jack : The Last Castle (1966)28721242122341
20th c SS198*Vance, Jack : The Men Return (1957)3230111
20th c Nva24*Vance, Jack : The Moon Moth (1961)282196214312
20th c SS0Vance, Jack : The New Prime1811
20th c Nvt0Vance, Jack : The World-Thinker9101
20th c Nva0VanderMeer, Jeff : Balzac's War12101
20th c Nva0VanderMeer, Jeff : Dradin, in Love14101
21st c Nvt0VanderMeer, Jeff : The Situation (2008)7101
21st c SS47*VanderMeer, Jeff : The Third Bear (2007)20321
20th c Nva0VanderMeer, Jeff : The Transformation of Martin Lake (1999)17101
20th c SS25Varley, John : Air Raid (1977)2061611232115
20th c Nvt0Varley, John : Beatnik Bayou13101
20th c Nva138*Varley, John : Blue Champagne (1981)3430111
20th c Nva0Varley, John : Equinoctial11101
20th c Nvt0Varley, John : Good-Bye, Robinson Crusoe17101
20th c Nvt174*Varley, John : In The Bowl32211
20th c Nva118*Varley, John : In the Hall of the Martian Kings (1977)4130111
20th c Nvt146*Varley, John : Options (1979)4230111
20th c Nva17*Varley, John : PRESS ENTER[] (1984)32123236233211
20th c Nvt213*Varley, John : Retrograde Summer24202
20th c Nva0Varley, John : Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo1811
20th c Nvt108*Varley, John : The Barbie Murders6551112
20th c Nva5Varley, John : The Persistence of Vision (1978)561393647752122
20th c Nvt186*Varley, John : The Phantom of Kansas292011
20th c SS67*Varley, John : The Pusher8762112
21st c Nvt0Vaughn : A Hunter's Ode to his Bait (Vaughn)4101
21st c Nva0Vaughn : Y: The Last Man811
20th c SS0Vinge, Joan D. : Eyes of Amber (1977)12101
20th c Nva0Vinge, Joan D. : Fireship14101
20th c Nvt0Vinge, Joan D. : Phoenix In The Ashes (1978)1811
20th c Nva0Vinge, Joan D. : Psion11101
20th c Nva0Vinge, Joan D. : Tin Soldier (1974)13101
21st c Nva5Vinge, Vernor : Fast Times at Fairmont High951425223
20th c SS0Vinge, Vernor : Longshot15101
20th c Nvt0Vinge, Vernor : The Barbarian Princess14101
20th c Nva0Vinge, Vernor : The Blabber15101
21st c Nva11*Vinge, Vernor : The Cookie Monster (2003)69941121
20th c Nva20Vinge, Vernor : True Names (1981)307223331312222
20th c SS0Vonnegut, Kurt : 2BR02B17101
20th c SS0Vonnegut, Kurt : Epicac14101
20th c SS14Vonnegut, Kurt : Harrison Bergeron (1961)364272441231523
20th c SS0Vonnegut, Kurt : The Big Trip Up Yonder16101
20th c Nva0Vonnegut, Kurt : The Sirens of Titan (1959)16101
20th c SS0Vonnegut, Kurt : Who Am I This Time?9101
20th c Nvt0Wagner, Karl Edward : Neither Brute Nor Human12101
20th c Nvt0Wagner, Karl Edward : Sticks10101
20th c Nvt0Wagner, Karl Edward : Two Suns Setting (1976)11101
21st c SS0Waldrop, Howard : Call Your Name6101
20th c Nvt0Waldrop, Howard : Custer's Last Jump17101
20th c Nvt0Waldrop, Howard : Fin de Cycle14101
20th c SS136*Waldrop, Howard : Flying Saucer Rock & Roll4640121
20th c SS0Waldrop, Howard : God's Hooks!11101
20th c SS204*Waldrop, Howard : Heirs of the Perisphere (1985)31211
20th c Nvt179*Waldrop, Howard : Night of the Cooters312011
21st c Nvt44*Waldrop, Howard : The King of Where-I-Go234112
20th c Nvt50*Waldrop, Howard : The Ugly Chickens147112211113
21st c SS106*Waldrop, Howard : The Wolf-Man of Alcatraz92011
21st c SS0Warzel, Desmond: Assumption (2010)5101
21st c SS0Warzel, Desmond: Epinikion (2011)6101
21st c SS0Warzel, Desmond: Ezekiel (2011)7101
21st c SS0Warzel, Desmond: On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy (2009)4101
21st c Nvt0Warzel, Desmond: Sirens (2012)811
21st c SS0Warzel, Desmond: Wikihistory (2007)811
21st c SS0Watson : Hijack Holiday (Watson)7101
20th c Nva0Watson, Ian : Secrets12101
20th c Nvt117*Watson, Ian : Slow Birds5741111
21st c Nvt0*Watson, Ian : The Beloved Time of Their Lives (2009)4101
20th c SS0Watson, Ian : The Thousand Cuts (1982)14101
20th c SS114*Watt-Evans, Lawrence: Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers54401111
21st c Nvt9*Watts, Peter : The Island871353221
21st c SS4Watts, Peter : The Things (2010)931444411
20th c Nva0Weber : The Apocalypse Troll1811
21st c Nva81*Weber, David : Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington14211
20th c Nvt15Weinbaum, Stanley G. : A Martian Odyssey (1934)3572534432351
20th c Nvt0Weinbaum, Stanley G. : The Adaptive Ultimate16101
20th c Nvt0Weinbaum, Stanley G. : The Mad Moon (1935)16101
20th c SS0Wellen : Godsend, Edward Wellen13101
21st c Nvt0welles/Raines : Abigail & Chang ? Harvey Welles & Philip Raines5101
20th c Nvt0Wells, H. G. : A Dream of Armageddon15101
20th c SS150*Wells, H. G. : The Country of the Blind433012
20th c SS107*Wells, H. G. : The Door in the Wall (1906)594121
20th c SS0Wells, H. G. : The Empire of the Ants1811
20th c Nvt0Wells, H. G. : The Land Ironclads11101
20th c SS0White, James : Medic12101
20th c Nvt0White, James : Second Ending17101
20th c Nva0White, James : Sector General (1957)12101
20th c Nvt0White, James : Tableau10101
20th c SS0White, T. H. : The Troll (1935)12101
21st c Nva0Wilce, Ysabeau S. : The Lineaments of Gratified Desire (2006)811
21st c Nvt0Wilhelm, Kate (?) : Countdown7101
20th c SS100Wilhelm, Kate : Forever Yours, Anna (1987)64501121
20th c Nva0Wilhelm, Kate : Naming the Flowers10101
20th c Nvt0Wilhelm, Kate : The Funeral13101
20th c SS0Wilhelm, Kate : The Village15101
20th c Nva173*Wilhelm, Kate : The Winter Beach252011
21st c Nva0Wilhelm, Kate: The Fullness of TIme (2012)811
21st c Nvt0Wilhelm, Kate: The Man on the Persian Carpet7101
20th c SS0Williams, S : Sean Williams, A Map of the Mines of Barnath13101
20th c Nvt0Williams, Sean (?) : Evermore12101
20th c SS0Williams, Tennessee : The Vengeance of Nitocris10101
20th c Nvt229Williams, Walter Jon : Daddy's World (1999)18202
20th c Nvt113*Williams, Walter Jon : Dinosaurs59401111
21st c Nva59*Williams, Walter Jon : Incarnation Day203111
20th c SS0Williams, Walter Jon : Lethe (1999)17101
21st c Nva30Williams, Walter Jon : The Green Leopard Plague (2003)4381142
21st c SS94*Williams, Walter Jon : The Millennium Party112011
21st c Nva0Williamson, Jack : The Ultimate Earth6101
20th c Nvt87*Williamson, Jack : With Folded Hands... (1947)82702113
20th c SS51*Willis, Connie : A Letter from the Clearys (1982)107713111
20th c Nvt162*Willis, Connie : All My Darling Daughters3630111
21st c Nva37*Willis, Connie : All Seated on the Ground3762112
20th c Nvt145Willis, Connie : At the Rialto433012
20th c Nvt131*Willis, Connie : Blued Moon (1984)473111
20th c SS0Willis, Connie : Cibola9101
20th c SS227*Willis, Connie : Daisy in the Sun282011
20th c SS30*Willis, Connie : Even the Queen (1992)1671312211231
20th c Nvt22Willis, Connie : Fire Watch (1982)297213332113221
21st c Nva7Willis, Connie : Inside Job771323242
20th c Nva0Willis, Connie : Jack11101
21st c SS80*Willis, Connie : Just Like the Ones We Used to Know12211
20th c SS0Willis, Connie : Schwarzschild Radius14101
20th c Nva0Willis, Connie : Spice Pogrom16101
20th c Nva19Willis, Connie : The Last of the Winnebagos (1988)30922222424312
20th c SS0Willis, Connie : The Soul Selects her own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: ...1811
20th c Nva81*Willis, Connie : The Winds of Marble Arch775221
20th c SS0Wilson, Gahan : The Sea Was Wet As Wet Can Be12101
20th c Nvt0Wilson, Richard : Mother to the World11101
20th c Nvt0Wilson, Robert Charles : Divided by Infinity10101
21st c Nva63*Wilson, Robert Charles : Julian: A Christmas Story (2006)183111
21st c Nvt80*Wilson, Robert Charles : The Cartesian Theater (2006)112011
21st c Nvt44*Wilson, Robert Charles : Utrisque Cosmi2340121
21st c Nva0*Witcover : Everland by Paul Witcover4101
20th c Nva0Wittkop : The Necrophiliac - Gabrielle Wittkop13101
20th c SS136*Wolfe, Gene : A Cabin on the Coast (1984)46321
20th c Nvt0Wolfe, Gene : Bluesberry Jam9101
20th c Nva0Wolfe, Gene : Book of the New Sun series17101
21st c SS94*Wolfe, Gene : Comber (2005)112011
20th c Nva0Wolfe, Gene : Forlesen9101
21st c Nva0Wolfe, Gene : Golden City Far7101
20th c SS0Wolfe, Gene : Long Shot13101
21st c Nva32*Wolfe, Gene : Memorare (2007)407223
21st c SS59*Wolfe, Gene : Queen (2001)16312
20th c Nva48*Wolfe, Gene : Seven American Nights (1978)152102242
20th c Nva33Wolfe, Gene : The Death of Doctor Island (1973)22217112131413
20th c SS0Wolfe, Gene : The Detective of Dreams17101
20th c Nva0Wolfe, Gene : The Eyeflash Miracles11101
20th c Nva6Wolfe, Gene : The Fifth Head of Cerberus (1972)510346664331221
20th c SS0Wolfe, Gene : The Hero as Werwolf14101
20th c SS44Wolfe, Gene : The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories12183122
21st c Nvt0Wolfe, Gene : The Lost Pilgrim5101
20th c Nva0Wolfe, Gene : Tracking Song1811
21st c SS61*Wolfe, Gene : Under Hill (2002)1530111
20th c SS0Wolfe, Gene : War Beneath the Tree (1979)17101
21st c SS0Wright : Judgement Eve by John C. Wright5101
20th c SS0Wu : William F Wu, Wong's Lost and Found Emporium17101
20th c Nva75*Wyndham, John : Consider Her Ways (1956)8760132
20th c SS0Wyndham, John : Dumb Martian1811
20th c SS0Wyndham, John : Survival17101
20th c Nva0Wyndham, John : The Chrysalids15101
20th c Nva0Wyndham, John : The Kraken Wakes17101
20th c Nva0xBy His Bootstraps13101
20th c Nvt0xHoward, Robert E. : The Tower of the Elephant (1933)13101
20th c SS0xIt's a Good Life - Jerome Bixby13101
21st c Nva0xThe Human Front6101
20th c Nva0xThe Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories1811
20th c Nvt0xxAsimov, Isaac : The Bicentennial Man9101
20th c SS0xxNightfall1811
20th c Nvt0xxOne for the Road17101
20th c Nvt0xxSidewise in Time15101
20th c Nva0xxWolfe, Gene : The Death of Dr. Island17101
20th c Nva0xxZelazny, Roger : He Who Shapes12101
20th c Nvt0*xZelazny, Roger : The Last Defender of Camelot (1979)9101
21st c Nva0Yamamoto : The Day Shion Came811
21st c Nvt83*Yolen, Jane : A Knot of Toads102011
20th c SS0Yolen, Jane : Lost Girls11101
20th c Nva0Yolen, Jane : The Devil's Arithmetic16101
21st c Nva93*York, J. Steven & Christina F. York : Spin92011
20th c SS0Young, Robert F.: Dandelion Girl (1968)13101
21st c SS111*Yu, Charles : Standard Loneliness Package8202
21st c SS56Yu, E. Lily : The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees1830111
21st c Nva0Yudkowsky, Eliezer, Three Worlds Collide811
20th c Nva118*Zahn, Timothy : Cascade Point413021
20th c SS0Zebrowski, George : The Eichmann Variations14101
20th c Nva22*Zelazny, Roger : 24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai (1985)2831881121311
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