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The Wallet of Kai Lung Ernest Bramah (Oxford University Press 0-19-584050-X, Sep ’86 [Oct ’86], £5.95, 286pp, pb) [Kai Lung] Reprint (Grant Richards 1900) classic Oriental fantasy novel.

Carrion Gary Brandner (Ballantine/Fawcett Gold Medal 0-449-12950-0, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $2.95, 265pp, pb) Horror novel.

The Howling Gary Brandner (Severn House 0-7278-1348-X, Jul ’86, £8.50, 192pp, hc) Reprint horror novel.

Egalia’s Daughters Gerd Brantenberg (Seal Press 0-931188-34-2, Nov ’85 [Mar ’86], $8.95, 269pp, pb) Subtitled “A Satire of the Sexes.” Dystopian feminist sf novel, originally published in Norway in 1977 as Egalias Dotre. English translation by Louis MacKay. Reprint (Journeyman Press UK 1985). First US edition. There is supposed to be a hardcover edition; we haven’t seen it.

The Borders Just Beyond Joseph Payne Brennan (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-80-1, Oct ’86, $30.00, 200pp, hc) Collection of 25 horror stories, mostly original to this volume (some of them appeared before in fanzines, etc.). Limited to 750 signed copies.

Winter Reckoning Noel-Anne Brennan (Donald M. Grant 0-937986-85-2, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $30.00, 253pp, hc) “Science-Fantasy” novel of a remote world, a reptilian race, and a quest. A first novel. Limited edition of 600 signed copies.

Gilpin’s Space Reginald Bretnor (Ace 0-441-28837-5, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $2.95, 218pp, pb) Sf novel, an expansion of a previously published novelette.

Schimmelhorn’s Gold Reginald Bretnor (Tor 0-812-53239-2, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $2.95, 216pp, pb) [Papa Schimmelhorn] Humorous fantasy novel. Papa Schimmelhorn is back and entangled with alchemists, priestesses, and the Minotaur.

The Witch in the Cave Martin H. Brice (Allen & Unwin 0-04-823326-9, Jun ’86 [May ’86], £9.95, 196pp, hc) “A savage fantasy set in a prehistoric world, with Arthurian links.” A first novel.

When the Wind Blows Raymond Briggs (Penguin 0-14-009419-9, Sep ’86, £2.95, 40pp, pb) Reprint (Hamish Hamilton 1982) film-tie in, a post-nuclear tale.

The Postman David Brin (Bantam Spectra (UK) 0-553-05107-5, Aug ’86, £9.95, 295pp, hc) Reissue of Bantam (US) 1985 edition with a new price sticker.

The Postman David Brin (Bantam 0-553-25704-8, Nov ’86 [Oct ’86], $3.95, 321pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam 1985) sf novel, first paperback edition. Winner of the Locus Award for best sf novel of the year.

The Practice Effect David Brin (Bantam UK 0-553-17184-4, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], £1.95, 277pp, pb) Reprint (Bantam 1984) novel combining sf and fantasy.

The River of Time David Brin (Dark Harvest 0-913165-10-7, Jun ’86, $38.00 signed, boxed, limited (400 copy) edition, 366pp, hc) Collection of 11 stories, illustrated by Paul Sonju, including Hugo winner “The Crystal Spheres”. Four of the stories are originals. This is Brin’s first collection.

The River of Time David Brin (Dark Harvest 0-913165-11-5, Jun ’86, $18.00, 366pp, hc) Trade edition of the above.

Anne McCaffrey Mary T. Brizzi (Starmont 0-930261-29-1, Jun ’86, $7.95, 95pp, pb) Non-fiction, critical study. “Starmont Reader’s Guide 30.” [Anne McCaffrey]

The Black Grail Damien Broderick (Avon 0-380-89977-9, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $3.50, 310pp, pb) Sf novel of a quest in a far-future Earth ruled by godlike beings. A shorter version was published as Sorcerer’s World (NAL/Signet 1970), his first novel.

Xorandor Christine Brooke-Rose (Carcanet 0-85635-655-7, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £8.95, 211pp, hc) Young-adult sf novel of children, computers, and aliens; it has received advance praise by the literary critics. U.S. price is $15.95.

Deadly Communion Owen Brookes (Macdonald 0-356-12102-X, Mar ’86, £8.95, 288pp, hc) Reprint (Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1984) horror novel.

Forget-Me-Knots Owen Brookes (Futura 0-7088-2758-6, Sep ’86, £2.50, 261pp, pb) Horror novel.

Forget-Me-Knots Owen Brookes (Macdonald 0-356-12404-5, Oct ’86, £10.95, 352pp, hc) Horror novel.

The Elfstones of Shannara Terry Brooks (Futura/Orbit 0-7088-8095-9, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £3.50, 636pp, pb) [Shannara] Reissue (Del Rey 1982) fantasy novel, “Shannara” #2.

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey 0-345-31757-2, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $16.95, 324pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Humorous fantasy novel about a lawyer who buys a run-down magic kingdom out of a catalog and sets off to become a hero. First of a series.

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks (Futura/Orbit 0-7088-8207-2, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £4.95, 324pp, pb) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1986) fantasy novel.

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks (Macdonald 0-356-12477-0, Sep ’86, £9.95, 352pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1986) fantasy novel.

Magic Kingdom for Sale—Sold! Terry Brooks (SFBC #10252, Oct ’86 [Nov ’86], $5.98, 308pp, hc) [Magic Kingdom] Reprint (Del Rey 1986) fantasy novel.

The Sword of Shannara Terry Brooks (Futura 0-7088-1344-5, Jul ’86, £3.50, 726pp, pb) [Shannara] Reissue (Random House 1977) fantasy novel. Volume 1 in the “Shannara” series.

The Wishsong of Shannara Terry Brooks (Futura 0-7088-8208-0, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], £3.50, 498pp, pb) [Shannara] Reprint (Del Rey 1985) fantasy novel, “Shannara” #3.

Science Fiction in Print: 1985 Charles N. Brown & William G. Contento (Locus Press 0-9616629-2-1, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $29.95 + $2.00 postage, 237pp, hc) Non-fiction, reference book. Lists all the books and stories published in 1985.

Before She Kills Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan 0-9609986-3-2, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $5.95, 197pp, pb) Reprint (Dennis McMillan 1984) collection; non-sf/fantasy associational. “Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps”, Vol. 2. Six pulp mystery stories plus a personal remembrance by William F. Nolan.

The Freak Show Murders Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan 0-9609986-4-0, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $5.95, 206pp, pb, cover by William L. McMillan) Reprint (Dennis McMillan 1985) collection; non-sf/fantasy, associational. “Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps”, Vol. 5. Six pulp mystery stories plus an appreciation by Richard Lupoff.

Red Is the Hue of Hell Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan, Jul ’86 [Aug ’86], $40.00, 184pp, hc) Associational; a collection of 7 mysteries plus a reminiscence by Walt Sheldon and an article on writing. This is a limited edition of 300 copies, Vol. 7 of “Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps”. Those of you who only know Brown from his sf are missing out on some of his sharpest work. This worthwhile project of reprinting all his short detective fiction should be applauded. (CNB)

Sex Life on the Planet Mars Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan, Nov ’86 [Dec ’86], $40.00, 190pp, hc) Collection of 6 mystery stories plus part of an unfinished non-fiction book on sf, plus an appreciation by Charles Willeford. Limited edition of 400 copies.

Thirty Corpses Every Thursday Fredric Brown (Dennis McMillan 0-9609986-5-9, Aug ’86, $5.95, 193pp, pb) Reprint (Dennis McMillan 1986) collection of mysteries; associational. Brown was excellent in both sf and mystery writing. These 40-year-old pulp stories are still fine. (CNB) “Fredric Brown in the Detective Pulps”, Vol. 6.

Time in a Red Coat George Mackay Brown (Penguin 0-14-007401-5, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], £3.95, 256pp, pb) Reprint (Chatto 1984) novel.

The Unlikely Ones Mary Brown (Century 0-7126-9483-8, Feb ’86 [Mar ’86], £10.95, 430pp, hc) Fantasy novel.

The Unlikely Ones Mary Brown (Century 0-7126-9516-8, Feb ’86 [Mar ’86], £5.95, 430pp, tp) Trade paperback edition of the above.

The Unlikely Ones Mary Brown (McGraw-Hill 0-07-008296-0, Oct ’86, $15.95, 426pp, hc) Fantasy novel of a band of human and animal adventurers on a quest for the Dragon of the Black Mountain — not a young-adult book despite the packaging and theme — by the author of excellent historical romance Playing the Jack. First American edition (Century Hutchinson 1986).

yWhat Beckoning Ghost Douglas G. Browne (Dover 0-486-25055-5, Mar ’86 [Jun ’86], $4.95, 240pp, pb) Reprint (MacDonald & Co. 1947) mystery novel with supernatural elements. First American edition.

Stone 588 Gerald A. Browne (Arbor House 0-87795-539-5, Feb ’86, $17.95, 465pp, hc) Fantasy/suspense novel of a magical crystal which cures all ills.

Stone 588 Gerald A. Browne (Viking (UK) 0-670-81159-9, Aug ’86, £10.95, 495pp, hc) Reprint (Arbor House 1986) thriller with supernatural elements.

The Compleat Traveler in Black John Brunner (Bluejay 0-312-94060-2, Oct ’86 [Sep ’86], $8.95, 252pp, pb) [Traveler in Black] Revised collection of all the tales of the mysterious title character, with illustrations by Martin Springett. Adds one story to the earlier collection, The Traveler in Black (Ace 1971).

Interstellar Empire John Brunner (DAW 0-88677-111-0, Feb ’86 [Jan ’86], $2.95, 256pp, pb) Reissue (DAW 1976) collection of 4 stories.

The Tides of Time John Brunner (Penguin 0-14-008240-9, Mar ’86, £2.50, 235pp, pb) Reprint (Del Rey 1984) sf novel.

Teckla Steven Brust (Ace 0-441-79977-9, Jan ’87 [Dec ’86], $2.95, 214pp, pb) [Vlad Taltos] Fantasy novel in the “Jhereg” series.

Michaelmas Algis Budrys (Popular Library/Questar 0-445-20316-1, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $3.50, 212pp, pb) Reprint (Berkley/Putnam 1977) sf novel

Rogue Moon Algis Budrys (Popular Library/Questar 0-445-20318-8, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $3.50, 212pp, pb) Reprint (Fawcett/Gold Medal 1960) classic sf novel of an alien matter transmitter on the dark side of the moon and the people who get to explore it by dying over and over again. A Hugo nominee. Highly recommended. (CNB)

Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys (Methuen 0-413-42190-2, Nov ’86, £2.50, 283pp, pb) Reprint (Regency 1961) sf novel.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. II ed. Algis Budrys (Bridge 0-88404-155-7, Mar ’86, $4.95, 391pp, pb) Original anthology with stories from the winners of the 1985 Writers of the Future Contest.

Writers of the Future ed. Algis Budrys (New Era, Mar ’86, £2.75, pb) Reprint (Bridge 1985, as L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future) original anthology of contest-winning stories.

Ethan of Athos Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen 0-671-65604-X, Dec ’86 [Nov ’86], $2.95, 237pp, pb) [Naismith] Sf adventure of an obstetrician from an all-male planet. It’s loosely connected to the previous “Naismith” books.

Shards of Honor Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen 0-671-65574-4, Jun ’86 [May ’86], $2.95, 313pp, pb) [Miles Vorkosigan] Military sf novel with elements of romance. This first novel mixes genres to surprisingly good result. (FCM)

The Warrior’s Apprentice Lois McMaster Bujold (Baen 0-671-65587-6, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $2.95, 315pp, pb) [Miles Vorkosigan] Delightful sf novel, an indirect sequel to Shards of Honor. Recommended! (FCM)

Sandman’s Dust Melvin Jules Bukiet (Arbor House 0-87795-731-2, 1985 [Feb ’86], $15.95, 234pp, hc) Fantasy novel of a small American town and a magical circus. A first novel. This appeared in 1985 but was not seen until 1986.

The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov (SFBC #05953, 1986 [May ’86], $5.98, 373pp, hc) Reprint (Harper & Row 1967) classic Soviet satiric fantasy novel of the Devil in Moscow of the 1920s. Translated by Michael Glenny.

Lightship Jim Burns (Paper Tiger 1-85028-010-X, May ’86, £11.95, 125pp, hc) Trade hardcover edition of the first collection of Burns’ artwork. Text by Chris Evans. There is also a signed, boxed, limited edition with the same ISBN but priced at £30.00; it’s available through Titan Books.

Lightship Jim Burns (Paper Tiger 1-85028-011-8, May ’86, £7.95, 125pp, tp) Trade paperback edition of the above.

Khalindaine Richard Burns (Unwin/Unicorn 0-04-823320-X, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £10.95, 268pp, hc) Fantasy novel of a turbulent empire.

The Naked Lunch William S. Burroughs (Paladin 0-586-08560-2, Nov ’86, £3.50, 251pp, pb) Reprint (Olympia Press 1959) literary novel with sf/fantasy elements.

The Place of Dead Roads William S. Burroughs (Holt/Owl 0-03-003684-4, 1986 [Feb ’86], $7.95, 306pp, pb) Reprint (Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1984) surreal Western with elements of fantasy. This edition has a 1985 date, but apparently didn’t come out until early 1986.

The Soft Machine William S. Burroughs (Paladin 0-586-08561-0, Nov ’86, £3.50, 141pp, pb) [Nova Police] Reprint (Olympia Press 1961) literary novel with sf/fantasy elements.

Rebels’ Seed F. M. Busby (Bantam Spectra 0-553-26115-0, Aug ’86 [Jul ’86], $2.95, 249pp, pb) [Bran Tregare] Sf novel in the “Hulzein” series. This one is a direct sequel to Rebels’ Quest.

Zelde M’Tana F. M. Busby (Berkley 0-425-09296-8, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $2.95, 316pp, pb) [Rissa Kerguelen] Reprint (Dell 1980) sf novel. An offshoot of the main “Rissa Kerguelen” saga; excellent space opera. Recommended. (CNB)

The Man Who Mastered Time David Butler (Heinemann 0-434-09906-6, Oct ’86, £10.95, 262pp, hc) Literary sf novel of time travel and Coleridge’s poetry. A first novel.

The Babylon Gate Edward A. Byers (Baen 0-671-65565-5, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $2.95, 246pp, pb) Sf novel of space stations and psychic powers.

The Messiah Stone Martin Caidin (Baen 0-671-65562-0, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], $3.95, 407pp, pb) [Messiah Stone] Thriller/fantasy novel of a hunt for a stone which “confers the power of absolute belief on its owner.” The last owner? Adolf Hitler.

Zoboa Martin Caidin (Baen 0-671-65588-4, Sep ’86 [Aug ’86], $3.50, 430pp, pb) Near-future sf thriller of terrorists and a space shuttle.

Guardians of the Tall Stones Moyra Caldecott (Arrow 0-09-942810-5, Apr ’86 [Mar ’86], £4.95, 234+232+160pp, pb) [Tall Stones] Omnibus edition of an epic fantasy trilogy.

The Son of the Sun Moyra Caldecott (Allison & Busby 0-85031-647-2, Sep ’86 [Nov ’86], $14.95, 186pp, hc) [Amun] Historical novel of Akhenaten, with elements of fantasy — “spiritual and psychic powers being tested to their limits”. The author was supposedly inspired by information received in hypnotic trances. Distributed in U.S. by Shocken books, same sheets as Britain, with jacket with U.S. price (+ Brit)

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