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His Dark Materials, Book I: The Golden Compass Philip Pullman (Random House/Yearling 978-0-440-41832-0, Apr 2007, $7.50, 399pp, tp, cover by Eric Rohmann) [His Dark Materials] Reissue (Scholastic UK 1995 as His Dark Materials: Northern Lights) young-adult alternate-world fantasy. This is a “soon to be a major motion picture” tie-in edition; 20th printing.

His Dark Materials, Book II: The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman (Random House/Knopf 978-0-375-84672-4, Aug 2007, $22.99, 326pp, hc) [His Dark Materials] Reissue (Knopf 1997) fantasy novel, second in a trilogy. This is a Deluxe 10th Anniversary edition, with an added, unpaginated 17-page section of “Dr. Grumman’s Papers” illustrated by Ian Beck (copyrighted 2005). This has a sticker announcing the upcoming movie of The Golden Compass.

Lyra’s Oxford Philip Pullman (Random House/Knopf 978-0-375-84369-3, Oct 2007, $6.99, 55pp, pb, cover by John Lawrence) [His Dark Materials] Reprint (Fickling 2003) young-adult fantasy story set in the world of the His Dark Materials trilogy, illustrated by John Lawrence, and with a bound-in foldout map.

The Scarecrow and His Servant Philip Pullman (Random House/Yearling 978-0-440-42130-6, May 2007, $6.50, 229pp, tp, cover by Kevin Hawkes) Reprint (Doubleday UK 2004) children’s picaresque fantasy novel.

A Distant Magic Mary Jo Putney (Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-47691-3, Aug 2007, $24.95, 337pp, hc, cover by Gene Mollica) [Guardians] Historical fantasy romance in the Guardians series.

The Marriage Spell Mary Jo Putney (Ballantine 978-0-345-44919-1, Jun 2007, $6.99, 365pp, pb) Reprint (Ballantine 2006) fantasy Regency romance set in an England where all but the upper class commonly practice magic. A lord is forced into marriage with the lady wizard who heals him after an accident.

Against the Day Thomas Pynchon (Penguin 978-0-14-311256-3, Oct 2007, $18.00, 1085pp, tp, cover by Tullio Crali) Reprint (Penguin Press 2006) mainstream novel of a slightly alternate world just after WWI.

DragonLance: The Rebellion Jean Rabe (Wizards of the Coast 978-0-7869-4280-0, Aug 2007, $6.99, 311pp, pb, cover by Matt Stawicki) [DragonLance: Stonetellers] Novelization based on the roleplaying game, first in The Stonetellers series. Copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast.

Pandora’s Closet ed. Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 978-0-7564-0437-6, Aug 2007, $7.99, 308pp, pb) Original anthology of 19 stories about wearable items that cause trouble. Authors include Louise Marley, Jane Lindskold, Michael A Stackpole, and Sarah Zettel.

Time Twisters ed. Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg (DAW 978-0-7564-0405-5, Jan 2007, $7.99, 306pp, pb) Original anthology of 17 SF time-travel stories. Authors include Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson, and Gene DeWeese. Introduction by Rabe.

The Curse of the Romanovs Staton Rabin (Simon & Schuster/McElderry 978-1-4169-0208-9, Jul 2007, $17.99, 273pp, hc) Young-adult time-travel adventure. Tsarevich Alexei Romanov travels from 1916 Russia to 2010 NYC, where he finds a distant cousin working on a genetic cure for hemophilia.

The Dragon Nimbus Novels, Volume 1 Irene Radford (DAW 978-0-7564-0451-2, Oct 2007, $8.99, 986pp, pb, cover by John Howe) [Dragon Nimbus] Omnibus of the first three fantasy novels in the series: The Glass Dragon (1994), The Perfect Princess (1995), and The Loneliest Magician (1996).

The Dragon Nimbus Novels, Volume 2 Irene Radford (DAW 978-0-7564-0453-6, Dec 2007, $8.99, 714pp, pb, cover by John Howe) [Dragon Nimbus] Omnibus of the fourth and fifth novels in the overall series, the first two in the Dragon Nimbus History subseries: The Dragon’s Touchstone (1997) and The Last Battlemage (1998).

The Longevity Thesis Jennifer Rahn (Hades Publications/Dragon Moon Press 978-1-896944-37-1, Oct 2007, $15.95, 248pp, tp) Fantasy novel. A young man seeks education to gain a place in an underground civilization, but discovers his graduate program involves psychic mind control. Dragon Moon Press, PO Box 1714, Calgary AB T2P 2L7, Canada; [].

The Surgeon’s Tale and Other Stories Cat Rambo & Jeff VanderMeer (Two Free Lancers Press 978-0-8095-7268-7, Dec 2007, $9.99, 90pp, tp, cover by James Owen) Collection of six fantasy stories, one collaborative, three solo stories by Rambo, one solo by VanderMeer, and one a collaboration between VanderMeer, M.F. Korn, & D.F. Lewis. Illustrated by Kris Dikeman. This is a print-on-demand edition; available online at []; Cat Rambo, 17315 NE 45th St. #142, Seattle WA 98052.

Sorrel David Randall (Simon & Schuster/McElderry 978-0-689-87872-5, Oct 2007, $16.99, 290pp, hc, cover by Steve Stone) [In the Shadow of the Bear] Young-adult fantasy novel, third in the In the Shadow of the Bear series. Clovermead tries to get other nations to help in the struggle against Lord Ursus.

Grimm Pictures: Fairy Tale Archetypes in Eight Horror and Suspense Films Walter Rankin (McFarland 978-0-7864-3174-8, Sep 2007, $35.00, 217pp, tp) Non-fiction, a critical exploration of fairytale themes in horror films, comparing seven tales each with a separate film, including “Cinderella” and Alien, and “Rumpelstiltskin” and Rosemary’s Baby. A bibliography and index are included. McFarland, Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640; 800-253-2187; [].

The Legacy of Ogma E. A. Rappaport (iUniverse 978-0-595-46404-3, Dec 2007, $14.95, 251pp, tp, cover by Chris Moeller) [Weapons Trilogy; Legends of the Four Races] Reprint (Booksurge 2006) fantasy novel, the first book in The Weapons Trilogy. A female thief finds a magic crystal sphere and seeks to learn more about it. This is a print-on-demand edition available online at [] or from iUniverse, 2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln NE 68512; 800-288-4677.

Another One Bites the Dust Jennifer Rardin (Orbit US 978-0-316-02057-2, Dec 2007, $12.99, 319pp, tp) [Jaz Parks] Supernatural spy thriller, the second in the series about CIA assassin Jaz Parks. Jaz tracks a vampire maniac who stole biotechnology. Simultaneous with the Orbit UK edition.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Jennifer Rardin (Orbit US 978-0-316-02046-6, Oct 2007, $12.99, 291pp, tp) [Jaz Parks] Fantasy novel in the Jaz Parks series. Simultaneous with the Orbit UK edition.

The History of the Hobbit, Part One: Mr. Baggins John D. Rateliff (Houghton Mifflin 978-0-618-96847-3, Sep 2007, $35.00, xxxix+467pp, hc, cover by J. R. R. Tolkien) Non-fiction, the first of two volumes printing Tolkien’s complete original manuscript of The Hobbit (Allen & Unwin 1937), with extensive annotations by Rateliff. This includes eight unpaginated color plates with maps and illustrations by Tolkien. [J. R. R. Tolkien]

The History of the Hobbit, Part Two: Return to Bag-End John D. Rateliff (Houghton Mifflin 978-0-618-96919-7, Sep 2007, $35.00, 438pp, hc, cover by J. R. R. Tolkien) Non-fiction, the second of two volumes printing Tolkien’s complete original manuscript of The Hobbit (Allen & Unwin 1937), with extensive annotations by Rateliff. The two volumes are continuously paginated. This volume includes four unpaginated color plates with maps and illustrations by Tolkien, plus an index. [J. R. R. Tolkien]

Spellbinder Melanie Rawn (Tor 978-0-7653-5436-5, Sep 2007, $7.99, 500pp, pb) Reprint (Tor 2006) contemporary fantasy.

Dead and Dateless Kimberly Raye (Ballantine 978-0-345-49217-3, Feb 2007, $6.99, 330pp, pb, cover by Marcin Baranski) [Dead End Dating] Vampire romance, the second in the Dead End Dating series. A murder and a pack of man-hungry lady werewolves looking for mates keep matchmaker Lil Marchette hard at work.

Your Coffin or Mine? Kimberly Raye (Ballantine 978-0-345-49218-0, Oct 2007, $6.99, 306pp, pb, cover by Marcin Baranski) [Dead End Dating] Vampire romance, the third in the Dead End Dating series. Vampire matchmaker Lil Marchette signs up for a reality show.

Batman: Fear Itself Michael Reaves & Steven-Elliot Altman (Ballantine Del Rey 978-0-345-47943-3, Mar 2007, $7.99, 332pp, pb, cover by John Van Fleet) [Batman] Novelization based on the comic book character. Only Reaves is credited on the cover. Copyrighted by DC Comics.

Star Wars: Death Star Michael Reaves & Steve Perry (Ballantine Del Rey LucasBooks 978-0-345-47742-2, Oct 2007, $25.95, 363pp, hc, cover by John Harris) [Star Wars] Star Wars novelization based on the world of the movies. Copyrighted by Lucasfilm.

Spellstruck Jaclyn Reding (Penguin/Signet Eclipse 978-0-451-22065-3, Feb 2007, $6.99, 312pp, pb) Paranormal romance set in New England seaport Ipswich-by-the-Sea, where a seven-year-old witch tests her powers with a matchmaking spell for her mom and aunt.

The Baby Merchant Kit Reed (Tor 978-0-7653-1557-1, Sep 2007, $15.95, 334pp, tp, cover by Shelley Eshkar) Reprint (Tor 2006) very near-future SF thriller.

Bronze Kit Reed (Night Shade Books 978-1-59780-076-1, Jan 2007, $14.95, 249pp, tp, cover by Edward Miller) Reprint (Night Shade 2005) dark fantasy novel about artists with a dark secret.

The Well of Stars Robert Reed (Tor 978-0-765-34764-0, Feb 2007, $7.99, 438pp, pb, cover by Lee Gibbons) [Great Ship] Reprint (Orbit 2004) SF novel in the series begun in Marrow.

The Witchery James Reese (Harper 978-0-06-056109-3, Oct 2007, $7.99, 438pp, pb) [Herculine] Reprint (Morrow 2006) historical dark fantasy novel, third and final in The Book of Shadows trilogy.

A Darkling Plain Philip Reeve (HarperCollins/Eos 978-0-06-089055-1, Jun 2007, $18.99, 561pp, hc, cover by David Frankland) [Hungry City Chronicles] Young-adult SF, fourth and final in the Hungry City Chronicles about mobile cities that consume smaller cities in their path. First US edition (Scholastic UK 3/06).

Infernal Devices Philip Reeve (HarperCollins/Eos 978-0-06-082637-6, Jun 2007, $8.99, 435pp, pb, cover by David Frankland) [Hungry City Chronicles] Reprint (Scholastic UK 2005) young-adult SF novel, third in The Hungry City Chronicles.

Larklight Philip Reeve (Bloomsbury USA 978-1-59990-145-9, Sep 2007, $7.95, 400pp, tp, cover by David Wyatt) [Larklight] Reprint (Bloomsbury 2006) young-adult SF novel, a darkly humorous Victorian space adventure.

Starcross Philip Reeve (Bloomsbury USA 978-1-59990-121-3, Oct 2007, $16.95, 374pp, hc, cover by David Wyatt) [Larklight] Young-adult SF novel, a darkly humorous Victorian space adventure, sequel to Larklight. Illustrated by David Wyatt. This is simultaneous with the Bloomsbury UK edition.

Invasion! or, Earth vs. the Aliens Robert Reginald (Underwood Books 978-1-59929-009-6, Oct 2007, $14.95, 510pp, tp, cover by Choi Tae-Young) Collection of the previously unpublished military SF trilogy inspired by H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds: War of Two Worlds, Operation Crimson Storm, and The Martians Strike Back!. Illustrated by Choi Tae-Young. Underwood Books, PO Box 1919, Nevada City CA 95959; [].

The Phantom Detective: The Phantom’s Phantom Robert Reginald (Wildside Press 978-0-8095-6217-6, Jun 2007, $15.00, 123pp, tp) Associational pulp-style detective novel featuring the Phantom Detective Agency. A friend’s murder brings the Phantom Detective out of retirement, only to find himself stalked by a killer. This is dated 2006, but not seen until now. A print-on-demand edition, available online at [] or from Wildside Press, 9710 Traville Gateway Dr. #234, Rockville MD 20850.

BP 300: An Annotated Bibliography of the First 300 Publications of the Borgo Press, 1975-1998 Robert Reginald & Mary A. Burgess (Wildside Press/Borgo Press 978-0-8095-1206-5, Jun 2007, $19.95, 250pp, tp) Non-fiction, reference, a second-edition expansion of BP 250 (1996) with listings of the first 300 publications from Borgo and affiliated imprints, plus lists of titles acquired from other firms. Includes an updated introduction by the authors, and indexes by series, title, and author. This is a print-on-demand edition, available online at [] or from Wildside Press, 9710 Traville Gateway Dr. #234, Rockville MD 20850.

Forgotten Realms: The Gossamer Plain Thomas M. Reid (Wizards of the Coast 978-0-7869-4024-0, May 2007, $6.99, 308pp, pb, cover by Jeff Nentrup) [Forgotten Realms: Empyrean Odyssey] Novelization based on the fantasy roleplaying game, book one of the Empyrean Odyssey. Copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast.

Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy Matthew Reinhart (Scholastic/Orchard 978-0-439-88282-8, Sep 2007, $32.99, 12pp, hc) Art book, an elaborate pop-up book illustrating major characters and scenes primarily from Star Wars, celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary. Two pop-ups include light-up lightsabers.

War Machine Andy Remic (BL Publishing/Solaris US 978-1-84416-522-3, Nov 2007, $15.00, 392pp, tp, cover by Don Seeley) [Combat-K] Military SF novel, volume one in the Combat-K series. Copyrighted by Games Workshop. This has the same ISBN as the simultaneous Solaris UK (11/07) edition, but only lists US and Canadian prices.

Ivory Mike Resnick (Prometheus/Pyr 978-1-59102-546-7, Aug 2007, $15.00, 317pp, tp, cover by Bob Eggleton) Reprint (Tor 1988) episodic SF novel.

Prophet Mike Resnick (BenBella Books 978-1-9337-7133-X, Sep 2007, $14.95, 243pp, tp, cover by Jim Burns) [Soothsayer] Reprint (Ace 1993) SF novel, third in the Soothsayer series. BenBella Books, 6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 508, Dallas TX 75206; [].

Starship: Mercenary Mike Resnick (Prometheus/Pyr 978-1-59102-599-3, Dec 2007, $25.00, 323pp, hc, cover by John Picacio) [Starship] Military SF novel, the third in a series set 3,000 years in the future.

The World Behind the Door Mike Resnick (Watson-Guptill 978-0-8230-0416-4, Aug 2007, $16.95, 128pp, pb, cover by Salvador Dali) [Art Encounters] Young-adult SF novel, part of the Art Encounters series. Salvador Dali finds his inspiration through a door to another world.

Alien Crimes ed. Mike Resnick (SFBC #1200090, Apr 2007, $14.99, 487pp, hc, cover by Donato Giancola) Original anthology of six SF crime stories by authors including Pat Cadigan, Gregory Benford, and Walter Jon Williams. This has ISBN 978-1-58288-223-9; it lacks a price and has the SFBC number on the back jacket.

Nebula Awards Showcase 2007 ed. Mike Resnick (Penguin/Roc 0-451-46134-7, Mar 2007, $15.95, 387pp, tp) Anthology of Nebula Award nominees and winners for 2006, with nine stories and one novel excerpt, two Rhysling Award winning poems, plus nine articles on SF from authors including Jack McDevitt, Robert J. Sawyer, Lou Anders, and Barry N. Malzberg. The 41st volume in the annual series.

This Is My Funniest 2: Leading Science Fiction Writers Present Their Funniest Stories Ever ed. Mike Resnick (BenBella Books 978-1-933771-22-9, Oct 2007, $14.95, 410pp, tp, cover by Ralph Voltz) Anthology of 30 humorous SF stories chosen and introduced by their authors, including David Drake, Gregory Benford, Janis Ian, and Ron Goulart. BenBella Books, 6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 508, Dallas TX 75206; [].

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