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Newly Published, September 1998

This page lists new US books published within the dates listed, including selected new books seen and all new books received by Locus Online. A listing here does not preclude a more detailed online Profile. This listing is independent of the comprehensive, annotated Books Received listings in Locus Magazine, which are accumulated as the online Locus Index.

Key: * = first edition, + = first US edition. Indications such as ''tpb/hc'' indicate simultaneous trade paperback/hardcover edition, with the Amazon link to the former. Date with publisher info is official publication month; date in parentheses at paragraph end is date seen or received.

Note: Amazon links in this listing are generated automatically using ISBNs, but some small press books may not be available through Amazon.

Listings September 1998

* Barton, William [& Capobianco, Michael] White Light (Avon Eos 0-380-79515-9, $13.00, 343pp, tpb, October 1998) SF novel. (Fri 18 Sep 1998)

* Borges, Jorge Luis [translated by Andrew Hurley] Collected Fictions (Viking 0-670-84970-7, $40.00, 565pp, hc, September 1998) All the author's fiction, newly translated. (Tue 15 Sep 1998)

* Bradley, Marion Zimmer Heartlight (Tor 0-312-86508-2, $25.95, 416pp, hc, September 1998) Contemporary dark fantasy novel, fourth in a series following Ghostlight (1995), Witchlight (1996), and Gravelight (1997). (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

* Cholfin, Bryan, ed The Best of Crank! (Tor 0-312-86740-9, $23.95, 320pp, hc, September 1998, cover by Pangorda) Anthology of stories from Cholfin's small press magazine that has produced 7 issues since 1993. Of the 41 stories in those 7 issues, 17 are reprinted here, including such major stories as Ursula K. Le Guin's ''The Matter of Seggri'' (Tiptree Award winner), Michael Bishop's ''I, Iscariot'', and Gene Wolfe's ''Empires of Foliage and Flower'' (an Urth novella), plus works by Eliot Fintushel, Jonathan Lethem, R. A. Lafferty, Gwyneth Jones, Karen Joy Fowler, etc. (Fri 11 Sep 1998)

* Dann, Joshua Timeshare: Second Time Around (Ace 0-441-00567-5, $5.99, pb, October 1998) SF novel, follow-up to Timeshare (1997). (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

Delacorte, Peter Time on My Hands: a novel with photographs (Washington Square Press 0-671-02324-1, $14.00, 397pp, tpb, September 1998, cover by Wendy Grossman) Reprint (Scribner 1997) time travel novel, nominated for a Sidewise Award. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

* Di Filippo, Paul Lost Pages (Four Walls Eight Windows 1-56858-099-1, $15.95, 207pp, tpb, August 1998, cover by Christine A. Francis) Collection of alternate history stories concerned with literary figures, many SF, of the 20th century. Includes ''Campbell's World'' (John Campbell), ''Linda and Phil'' (Philip K. Dick), and ''Alice, Alfie, Ted, and the Aliens'' (Theodore Sturgeon, James Tiptree, Jr.). The introduction, ''What Killed Science Fiction?'', original, tells how the SF genre was killed off by the George Pal-produced Star Trek in 1966. Inventive, delightful, and diabolical. (Fri 25 Sep 1998)

Di Filippo, Paul Ribofunk (Avon Eos 0-380-73076-6, $3.99, 241pp, pb, October 1998) Reprint (Four Walls Eight Windows 1996) collection of 13 linked stories describing a world transformed by genetic engineering. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

Dickson, Gordon R. Necromancer (Tor 0-812-54530-3, $5.99, 212pp, pb, September 1998) Reprint (Doubleday 1962) SF novel in the ''Dorsai'' series or ''Childe cycle''. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

Dickson, Gordon R. Tactics of Mistake (Tor 0-812-54531-1, $5.99, 282pp, pb, October 1998) Reprint (Doubleday 1971) SF novel, part of the ''Dorsai'' series or ''Childe cycle''. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

* Eddings, David & Leigh The Rivan Codex (Del Rey 0-345-42402-6, $27.50, 394pp, hc, October 1998) Fantasy novel. (Thu 17 Sep 1998)

Ellison, Harlan Slippage: Previously Uncollected, Precariously Poised Stories (Mariner Books 0-395-92482-0, $13.00, 13+361pp, tpb, September 1998) Reprint (Houghton Mifflin 1997) collection of 22 stories, including award winners ''The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore'' and ''Mefisto in Onyx''. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

* Hand, Elizabeth Last Summer at Mars Hill (HarperPrism 0-06-105348-1, $13.00, 324pp, tpb, September 1998) Collection of 12 stories, including the Nebula Award-winning title novella. (Tue 8 Sep 1998)

Hegland, Jean Into the Forest (Bantam 0-553-37961-5, $12.95, 256pp, tpb, October 1998) Near future SF novel (Calyx Books, 1996) recently prominently reviewed in F&SF and Interzone. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

* Jablokov, Alexander Deepdrive (Avon Eos 0-380-97636-6, $14.00, 311pp, hc, September 1998, cover by J. K. Potter) SF novel, issued as one of Avon Eos's inexpensive mini-hardcovers. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

+ King, Stephen Bag of Bones (Simon & Schuster/Scribner 0-684-85350-7, $28.00, 529pp, hc, September 1998) Horror novel, 1st US edition (Hodder & Stoughton UK, August 1998). (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

* Lackey, Mercedes [& Dixon, Larry] Owlsight (DAW 0-88677-802-6, $24.95, 389pp, hc, October 1998, cover by Jody A. Lee) Fantasy novel, follow-up to Owlflight (1997). (Wed 2 Sep 1998)

Matheson, Richard What Dreams May Come (Tor 0-812-57094-4, $6.99, 278pp, pb, October 1998) Romantic fantasy novel (Putnam 1978) reprinted in a movie tie-in edition. (Wed 2 Sep 1998)

* McCaffrey, Anne If Wishes Were Horses (Roc 0-451-45642-4, $14.95, 85pp, hc, October 1998, cover by Harvey Parker) Fantasy novella. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

* McKillip, Patricia A. Song for the Basilisk (Ace 0-441-00447-4, $22.95, 314pp, hc, September 1998, cover by Kinuko Y. Craft) Fantasy novel. (Fri 11 Sep 1998)

* Niven, Larry, ed Choosing Names: Man-Kzin Wars VIII (Baen 0-671-87888-3, $6.99, 281pp, pb, September 1998, cover by Stephen Hickman) Original anthology of stories by Niven, Hal Colebatch, Jean Lamb, Paul Chafe, and Warren W. James. (Tue 8 Sep 1998)

* Norton, Andre Scent of Magic (Avon Eos 0-380-97687-0, $23.00, 361pp, hc, October 1998) Fantasy novel. (Tue 15 Sep 1998)

* Resnick, Mike The Widowmaker Unleashed (Bantam Spectra 0-553-57162-1, $5.99, 231pp, pb, September 1998, cover by Donato Giancola) SF novel, concluding book in the ''Widowmaker'' trilogy about a bounty hunter. (Tue 15 Sep 1998)

* Slonczewski, Joan The Children Star (Tor 0-312-86716-6, $24.95, 349pp, hc, September 1998, cover by Bob Eggleton) SF novel, edited by David G. Hartwell. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

Updike, John Toward the End of Time (Fawcett Columbine 0-449-00041-9, $12.95, 334pp, tpb, September 1998) Reprint (Knopf October 1997) literary post-holocaust SF novel. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

* Varley, John The Golden Globe (Ace 0-441-00558-6, $22.95, 425pp, hc, October 1998, cover by Danilo Ducak) SF novel. (Tue 22 Sep 1998)

* Weber, David Honor Harrington: Echoes of Honor (Baen 0-671-87892-1, $24.00, 569pp, hc, October 1998, cover by David Mattingly) SF adventure novel, latest in the series about a female starship commander. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

Wilhelm, Kate Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang (Orb 0-312-86615-1, $13.95, 254pp, tpb, September 1998) Reprint (Harper & Row January 1976) of Hugo Award-winning novel about clones. Cover features quote from Locus: ''The best novel about cloning written to date''. (Mon 7 Sep 1998)

* Zebrowski, George Brute Orbits (HarperPrism 0-06-105026-1, $23.00, 222pp, hc, September 1998) SF novel. (Tue 15 Sep 1998)

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