The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2005

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NILES, DOUGLAS (Allen) (chron.) (continued)

NILES, STEVE (stories) (chron.)

NIMMO, JENNY (1942- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

NIVEN, LARRY; [i.e., Laurence van Cott Niven] (1938- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)
_____, ed.

NIX, GARTH (1963- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

NOLAN, WILLIAM F(rancis) (1928- ) (stories) (chron.)

NORTON, ALICE MARY; see under Norton, Andre (stories) (chron.)

NORTON, ANDRE; [born Alice Mary Norton] (1912-2005); formerly Alice Mary Norton (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)
_____, ed.

NOTKIN, DEBORAH L., ed. (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

NOVEMBER, SHARYN, ed. (chron.)

NOYES, DEBORAH, ed. (chron.)

NYE, JODY LYNN (1957- ) (stories) (chron.)

NYLUND, ERIC S. (1964- ) (chron.)

O’BRIEN, EDWARD J(oseph Harrington), ed. (1890-1941) (stories) (chron.)

O’BRIEN, JUDITH (chron.)

O’BRIEN, ROBERT C.; pseudonym of Robert Lesly Carroll Conly, (1922-1973) (chron.)

ODOM, MEL(vin Lewis, III) (1957- ) (chron.)

OGDEN, MARGARET (Astrid Lindholm) (1952- ); see under Lindholm, Megan (stories) (chron.)

OGILVY, IAN (chron.)


OKORAFOR(-Mbachu), NNEDI(ma) (chron.) (assoc.)

OLIVER, REGGIE (stories) (chron.)

OLTION, JERRY (Brian) (1957- ) (stories) (chron.)

O’NAN, STEWART (1961- ) (chron.)

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