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1) The Winds of Dune, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson (Tor) 1-
2) A Princess of Landover, Terry Brooks (Ballantine Del Rey) 1-
3) Dead and Gone, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 410
4) The Magicians, Lev Grossman (Viking) 1-
5) The Host, Stephenie Meyer (Little, Brown) 15-
6) The Strain, Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan (William Morrow) 38
7) The Sword of the Lady, S. M. Stirling (Roc) 1-
8) Sandman Slim, Richard Kadrey (Eos) 1-
9) Hitler's War, Harry Turtledove (Del Rey) 1-
10) Turn Coat, Jim Butcher (Roc) 3-
1) Hunting Ground, Patricia Briggs (Ace) 1-
2) Marsbound, Joe Haldeman (Ace) 1-
3) Eifelheim, Michael Flynn (Tor) 1-
4) Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 83
5) From Dead to Worse, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 2-
6) Living Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 149
7) Anathem, Neal Stephenson (Harper) 1-
*) Dead as a Doornail, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 36
9) Paul of Dune, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson (Tor) 1-
10) Club Dead, Charlaine Harris (Ace) 5-
1) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith (Quirk Books) 51
2) Cast in Silence, Michelle Sagara (Luna) 23
3) World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, Max Brooks (Three Rivers Press) 15-
4) Necronomicon: The Best Weird Tales of H. P. Lovecraft, H. P. Lovecraft (Gollancz) 1-
*) Strange Brew, P. N. Elrod, ed. (St. Martin's Griffin) 22
1) Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss, Troy Denning (LucasBooks) 1-
2) Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 2: Omen, Christie Golden (LucasBooks) 32
3) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Soul Key, Olivia Woods (Pocket) 1-
4) Star Wars: Republic Commando: Order 66, Karen Traviss (Ballantine Del Rey) 43
5) Star Trek: The Next Generation: Losing the Peace, William Leisner (Pocket) 21
1) The Forgotten Realms: Pirate King: Transitions, Book Two, R. A. Salvatore (Wizards of the Coast) 61
2) Warhammer 40,000: Emperor's Mercy, Henry Zou (Black Library) 1-
3) Dragons of the Hourglass Mage: : The Lost Chronicles, Volume Three, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Wizards of the Coast) 1-
4) Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant, Karen Traviss (Del Rey) 1-
5) EVE: The Empyrean Age, Tony Gonzales (Tor) 1-








November 2009 Issue
Locus Bestsellers

posted 12 November 2009

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Cover Design: Arnie Fenner

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