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LOCUS is the only periodical I read from cover to cover ­- including adverts!
--Arthur C. Clarke
Without LOCUS we would be groping around in the dark. But LOCUS is there, shining light into all the dark corners.
--Robert A. Heinlein

LOCUS is a monthly trade journal, founded in 1968, whose readership consists of chain and independent book buyers, librarians, publishers, bookstore owners and managers, and other science fiction professionals, as well as dedicated SF readers. It has won the Hugo Award, science fiction's highest honor, 30 times.

LOCUS is famous for its book reviews and author interviews, recommended titles lists and analysis of the SF field, monthly bestseller lists, monthly listings of all SF books published, and its up-to-date coverage of newsworthy events.

Thanks to the annual LOCUS survey, we can give you a fairly complete picture of our average reader. He is 45 years old, college educated, has been reading science fiction since his teenage days, and spends over $2,000 per year on science fiction books, magazines, movies, and conventions.

Approximately 6,000 copies with a readership of about 18,000.

LOCUS is published monthly. It appears the last Thursday of the month before cover date.

Material is due on the 20th of the month, six weeks before issue date; e.g.: March 20 for the May issue.

Electronic copy may be submitted as an at­tached file to For print advertising: all documents must be submitted as PDF files. CMYK files must be 350 dpi and grayscale files must be 300 dpi. No RGB files. All fonts (Postscript Fonts and Open Type fonts only; no True Type fonts), TIFFs, and EPSs used must be embedded. No artificial bolds or italics. For online advertising: accepted file types are .jpg and .gif. No flash files. Advertisers must provide link with ad.


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LOCUS is now an intrinsic part of everything that science fiction is and does, a primary resource for innumerable enterprises, and a continuing source of information and entertainment.
--Michael Swanwick
Anyone whose interest in SF extends beyond reading it to wanting to read about it should be aware of LOCUS.
--The New York Times

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