The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2003

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BAXTER, STEPHEN M(ichael) (stories) (chron.) (continued)

BAYARD, LOUIS (chron.)

BEAGLE, PETER S(oyer) (1939- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

BEAR, GREG(ory Dale) (1951- ) (stories) (chron.) (assoc.)

BeauSEIGNEUR, JAMES (chron.)

BEDFORD, K. A. (chron.)


BELL, ANDREA L., ed. (stories) (chron.)

BELL, EVERETTE (stories) (chron.)

BELL, HILARI (chron.) (assoc.)

BELL, JULIE (1958- ) (chron.)

BENJAMIN, CURT; pseudonym (chron.)


BENNETT, GERTRUDE (née Barrows) (1884-1948); see pseudonym Francis Stevens (stories) (chron.)

BENSON, E(dward) F(rederic) (1867-1940) (stories) (chron.)

BENSON, GORDON (Kent), Jr. (1936-1996) (chron.)

BENSON, MARGARET; see pseudonym Maggie Shayne (chron.)

BERCH, VICTOR A. (stories) (chron.)

BERG, CAROL (chron.) (assoc.)

BERGANTINO, DAVID (C.) (1960- ) (chron.)

BERGLUND, E(dward) P(aul), ed. (1942- ) (stories) (chron.)

BERGSTROM, ELAINE (1946- ) (chron.)

BERK, ARI, Ph.D. (stories) (chron.)

BERKEY, JOHN (1932-2008) (chron.) (assoc.)

BERLINER, JANET (stories) (chron.)

BERMAN, JUDITH (stories) (chron.)

BERMAN, RUTH (Amelia), ed. (1942- ) (stories) (chron.)

BERRY, LIZ (chron.)

bes SHAHAR, ELUKI (1956- ); see pseudonym Rosemary Edghill (stories) (chron.)

BETANCOURT, JOHN GREGORY (1963- ) (stories) (chron.)
_____, ed.

BICK, ILSA J. (stories) (chron.)

BIERCE, AMBROSE (Gwinnett) (1842-1914?) (stories) (chron.)


BINNS, JOHN, ed. (stories) (chron.)

BIRDSEYE, TOM (chron.)

BISHOP, ANNE (stories) (chron.)

BISHOP, DAVID (chron.)

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