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Best Books of 1999 Summary Page


These are SFFH books listed among the best of 1999 by two or more of these 15 non-Locus sources: (Amz), (, (BN), Booklist, Borders, Library Journal (LJ), Los Angeles Times Book Review (LAT), The New York Times Book Review (NYTBR), Publishers Weekly (PW), Salon, San Francisco Chronicle (SFC), SF Site, Time, Village Voice Literary Supplement (VV), and Washington Post Book World (WP). Links to online lists are given below. References are to SF/fantasy genre lists unless otherwise indicated.


  • Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Amz/children's,'s, BN/millennial, Booklist/youth, Borders/fiction, LAT/fiction, NYTBR/children's, PW/children's, SFC/children's, SFSite, Time/fiction
  • Stephenson, Cryptonomicon: Amz,, BN, Borders/fiction, LJ, NYTBR/fiction, PW, Salon/fiction, SFC/fiction, SFSite, VV/overall


  • Card, Ender's Shadow: Amz,, BN, Booklist/ya, LJ, PW
  • King, Hearts in Atlantis:, BN/h, Booklist/fiction, Borders/fiction, SFC, SFSite


  • Gaiman, Stardust: Amz, BN, Booklist/ya, PW, SFSite
  • Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn: BN/fiction, Booklist/top, NYTBR/fiction, Salon/fiction, VV/overall


  • Bear, Darwin's Radio: Amz, LJ, PW, SFC
  • Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties: Amz,, SFC, SFSite
  • Harris, Hannibal:, BN/horror, LAT/fic, NYTBR/fic
  • King, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: Amz/h, BN/h, Booklist/ya, PW
  • O'Nan, A Prayer for the Dying: Amz/horror, Borders/fiction, NYTBR/fic, Salon/fic
  • Vinge, A Deepness in the Sky:, BN, PW, SFSite


  • Haydon, Rhapsody: Amz, BN, Borders/fiction
  • Straub, Mr. X: BN/horror, PW, SFC


  • Arensberg, Incubus: Amz/horror, NYTBR/fic
  • Carroll, The Marriage of Sticks: BN/horror, SFSite
  • Disch, The Sub: Amz/horror, BN/horror
  • Robinson, Waiting: BN, SFC
  • Rushdie, The Ground Beneath Her Feet:, NYTBR/fic
  • Sarrantonio ed., 999: Amz/h, SFC
  • Yarbro, Communion Blood: Amz/h, BN/horror
  • Wolfe, On Blue's Waters: Amz, SFSite

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