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New Books : 31 January

Tuesday 31 January 2012  |  Monitor

Released today: the US edition of Diana Wynne Jones' last book Earwig and the Witch, and titles by Bestwick, Cole, Del Franco, Maxey, McDermott, Meding, Sullivan, Tallerman, and Tidhar; last week: Will McIntosh's Hitchers and titles by Littlefield and Safrey

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 30 January 2012  |  Monitor

Orson Scott Card's Shadows in Flight debuts in the top 10.

Print and Online Periodicals: end January

Sunday 29 January 2012  |  Monitor

What's in new issues of Analog, Asimov's, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and (the last) Steam Engine Time

E-Books: January

Saturday 28 January 2012  |  Monitor

Original titles by Bradley P. Beaulieu & Stephen Gaskell and Linda Nagata, backlist titles from Ash-Tree Press, Infinity Plus singles, and a title by Irene Radford

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late January

Friday 27 January 2012  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Asimov's, Analog,, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

New UK Books : January

Thursday 26 January 2012  |  Monitor

Alastair Reynolds' Blue Remembered Earth, Paul McAuley's In the Mouth of the Whale, and titles by Beckett, Christopher, Esslemont, Fowler, Fultz, Herter, Hughes, Meaney, Nicholls, Rees, Sebold, Wells, and Whates

Paul Di Filippo reviews Ben Marcus' The Flame Alphabet

Wednesday 25 January 2012  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

A novel that's full of essential speculative estrangement — the surface narrative — but one which also conceals a multivalent subterranean (in one sense, literally subterranean!) allegory about time, human generations, individualism, interpersonal and societal communications, and nonhuman modes of epistemology and being.

New Books : 24 January

Tuesday 24 January 2012  |  Monitor

Released today: John Shirley's Everything Is Broken, Alan Lightman's Mr. g: A Novel About the Creation, and titles by Duncan, Hodder, and Rusch; earlier, a novella by Fiona Lehn

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 23 January 2012  |  Monitor

James Luceno's Star Wars: Darth Plagueis debuts in the top 10.

Adrienne Martini reviews The Intergalactic Nemesis: Book One: Target Earth

Sunday 22 January 2012  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Jason Neulander's creation isn't a play or a musical. What it most resembles is a live-action graphic-novel radio drama and slide show. Think Garrison Keillor's Guy Noir with alien sludge monsters.

Classic Reprints: January

Saturday 21 January 2012  |  Monitor

New editions of Keith Roberts' Pavane, Robert A. Heinlein's Sixth Column, and titles by David Drake, Georges Pellerin, J.-H. Rosny Aîné, Robert J. Sawyer, and Robert Silverberg

Print and Online Periodicals: third week January

Friday 20 January 2012  |  Monitor

What's in new issues of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, The Bulletin of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Intergalactic Medicine Show, The New York Review of Science Fiction, SF Site, Star*Line, and Strange Horizons

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Margo Lanagan

Thursday 19 January 2012  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's January 2012 issue

Sea Hearts is a selkie novel, as distinguished from the spate of mermaid novels we've seen in the past couple of years, but as a Lanagan novel it's distinguished in several other ways as well.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-January

Wednesday 18 January 2012  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Shimmer, On Spec, Something Wicked, and in new anthology River

New Books : 17 January

Tuesday 17 January 2012  |  Monitor

Released today: Orson Scott Card's Shadows in Flight, Glen Cook's A Path to Coldness of Heart, Michael Flynn's In the Lion's Mouth, Ben Marcus' The Flame Alphabet, and titles by Cross, Goss, Lang, and Yamamoto; earlier, Daniel O'Malley's The Rook and titles by Flint & Goodlett and Phillips

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 16 January 2012  |  Monitor

Greg Bear's Halo: Primordium and Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson's Sisterhood of Dune debut.

Lois McMaster Bujold: Topias

Sunday 15 January 2012  |  Perspectives

lois mcmaster bujold
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's January Issue interview.

People often ask me if writing science fiction is any different from writing fantasy. For me, they are a continuum: definitely science fiction on one end, fantasy on the other, and then there's a muddy ground in the middle. But as I approach it, whatever the genre, the writing is the same.

New in Paperback: January

Saturday 14 January 2012  |  Monitor

Jo Walton's Among Others, Gene Wolfe's Home Fires, Frederik Pohl's All the Lives He Led, Michael Swanwick's Dancing with Bear, Martin & Dozois's Songs of the Dying Earth, Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches, and titles by Barnes, Ferrari, Hendee, Hunt, Lackey, Locke, Marmell, McCaffrey & Scarborough, Saberhagen, Taylor & Johnson, and West

Online Periodicals: mid-January

Friday 13 January 2012  |  Monitor

What's new online at SF Signal, Tangent,, Weird Fiction Review, and World SF Blog

Faren Miller reviews Lev A.C. Rosen

Thursday 12 January 2012  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's January 2012 issue

All Men of Genius makes no attempt to hide its main sources of inspiration: an odd couple of famous comedies, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

Locus Bestsellers, January

Wednesday 11 January 2012  |  Magazine

Bestsellers from specialty bookstores are led by Neal Stephenson's Reamde, George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords, Cherie Priest's Ganymede, Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore's Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come, and R.A. Salvatore's Neverwinter

New Books : 10 January

Tuesday 10 January 2012  |  Monitor

Released today: Beth Revis' A Million Suns; plus, first novels by Ayize Jama-Everett and 20-year-old Kyle Chais, nonfiction about J.G. Ballard and the history of virtual reality, a novel banned in China, and other titles by Cox and Preston & Child

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 9 January 2012  |  Monitor

Dean Koontz' 77 Shadow Street debuts at #1 (bumping King's 11/22/63); Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches debuts in trade paperback.

Claude Lalumière: The Word for Yearning

Sunday 8 January 2012  |  Perspectives

claude lalumiere
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's January Issue interview.

One of the worst pieces of advice ever given to writers is, 'Write what you know.' That's terrible, awful! It's very important for me to feel that I'm writing about something other. If I already understand things, why would I want to write about them?

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early January

Saturday 7 January 2012  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Clarkesworld,, Apex Magazine, GigaNotoSaurus, Redstone SF, Kaleidotrope, Fantastique Unfettered, and in new Australian anthology Ishtar

Online and Print Periodicals: early January

Friday 6 January 2012  |  Monitor

What's in new issues of Abyss & Apex, Apex Magazine, Black Static, Clarkesworld, Daily SF, GigaNotoSaurus, Lightspeed, Quantum Muse, Redstone SF, SF Site, Shimmer, and Subterranean

Russell Letson reviews Joe Haldeman

Thursday 5 January 2012  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's January 2012 issue

This tour of an unraveling society puts Earthbound squarely in the tradition of postapocalyptic novels, a tradition that seems to be having a mini-revival lately ...

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, January

Wednesday 4 January 2012  |  Magazine

January New and Notable books include Ian McDonald's Planesrunner, Rudy Rucker's Nested Scrolls, and other titles by Adams, Asaro, Brackett, Cass, Duncan, Gregory, Guran, McDevitt, Monette, Valente, and Whitehead.

New Books : 3 January

Tuesday 3 January 2012  |  Monitor

Released today: William Gibson’s Distrust That Particular Flavor, Ryan Boudinot’s Blueprints of the Afterlife, John Love’s first novel Faith, and titles by Ashgrove, Berg, Blackmoore, Bova, Fultz, Gonzales, Green, Hendee & Hendee, Herbert & Anderson, Hunter, Rowland, Shufeldt, Steele, Tate, Wells, West, and Zahn; 31 Dec: Kelley Armstrong

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 2 January 2012  |  Monitor

Stephen King's 11/22/63 is still #1; Karen Russell's Swamplandia ranks on three lists.

Cory Doctorow: A Vocabulary for Speaking about the Future

Sunday 1 January 2012  |  Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's January Issue.

Science fiction isn't a literature that tells you what will happen tomorrow. It is a literature that tells you how to prevent the bad tomorrows and usher in the good ones. It is an active and activist literature, with an agenda and a point of view.

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