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Gwenda Bond's Top Ten for 2010

welcome to the greenhouse

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction

Stories in Gordon Van Gelder's anthology Welcome to the Greenhouse and new issues of Clarkesworld, Apex Magazine, Three-lobed Burning Eye, and GigaNotoSaurus

» Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann's The Lost Thing is an Oscar finalist in the short film (animated) category

» Slate: Robert J. Sawyer explains The Purpose of Science Fiction

» National Book Critics Circle finalists include Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Good Squad

» Weird Tales has raised its pay rate to 5 cents per word, and created a new submissions portal for potential contributors

» Strange Horizons: John Clute's latest Scores column reviews Johanna Sinisalo and M. Rickert

» Is Science Fiction Getting More Conservative? is asked of Jerry Pournelle, Orson Scott Card, Tom Kratman, and Larry Correia

» B&N: Paul Di Filippo discusses The Universe Next Door on occasion of Brian Greene's new nonfiction The Hidden Reality

» John Gribbin reviews Brian Greene's book for Wall Street Journal

» Wall Street Journal: Tom Shippey reviews Orson Scott Card

» Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB reading January 19, with Gregory Frost and Linda D. Addison

» Boston Phoenix: 11 Fictional glimpses of the Boston of tomorrow

» Space Dog Podcast has a Robert Silverberg interview by Marta Randall from 1982

» Guardian's Damien G Walter asks, What's the story behind genre fiction's covers?

» Largehearted Boy features Jeff VanderMeer's The Third Bear and the author's music playlist, with a PDF of original story The Quickening

» Australian anthology After the Rain is being offered as a limited edition e-book to benefit the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal

» Science looks at the Science Hall of Fame (SHoF), a ranking in milli-Darwins of scientists of the past two centuries using a Google Books analysis

» Neil Gaiman to appear on The Simpsons

» Spark interviews Eric Rabkin on SF predictions

» Spring issue of Concatenation has news, columns, articles, and lots of reviews, plus a list of Best SF of 2010

» The Speculative Literature Foundation is taking applications for its Older Writers Grant through March 31st

» Intergalactic Medicine Show announces the First Annual InterGalactic Awards, a readers' poll open through Jan. 31st

» Virginia Postrel is surveying Star Trek fans

» Black Gate has hired website editor C.S.E. Cooney

» Independent: David Evans reviews Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl -- just published in Britain

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Joe Abercrombie, Rod Rees, James Lovegrove, Sherri S Tepper

» Blastr: Paul Di Filippo compiles 11 sci-fi and fantasy novels we're looking forward to in 2011

» Duncan Jones receives his Hugo Award

» Dave Langford's Ansible 282

» LA Times: Jeff VanderMeer reviews Iain M. Banks' Surface Detail

» Michael Swanwick is posting scans of one of his notebooks, a page at a time, at Flogging Babel

» Amazon's Omnivoracious talks with Rachel Swirsky about short fiction

» Barnes & Noble: Paul Goat Allen's Best Science Fiction Releases of 2010

» Pyr compiles its appearances on various Best of 2010 lists

January 2011 Posts:

January 2011 Posts:

February Issue Table of Contents

Monday 31 January 2011  |  Magazine

february issue
February is the annual Year in Review, with recommended reading essays, the final 2010 Recommended Reading List, and summaries of the year in books and magazines. Plus: interviews with Alastair Reynolds and Sharyn November, reviews of short fiction and books by Jonathan Strahan, Mark Chadbourn, Philip José Farmer, Stephen King, and others, and Graham Sleight's "Yesterday's Tomorrows" column on Doris Lessing

Adam Roberts' 10 Best SF Novels of 2010

Sunday 30 January 2011  |  Reviews

Adam Roberts selects titles by Lauren Beukes, Project Itoh, Tom McCarthy, Ian McDonald, Hannu Rajaniemi, Francis Spufford, Tricia Sullivan, Scarlett Thomas, Jean-Christophe Valtat, and Charles Yu.

Magazines & Websites: fourth week January 2011

Saturday 29 January 2011  |  Monitor; Directories

New issues of Abyss & Apex, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Bull Spec, Interzone, Lightspeed, Salon Futura, and Strange Horizons, plus what's new online at Fantasy Magazine, io9, SF Signal, and

Adrienne Martini reviews Scott Phillips

Friday 28 January 2011  |  Reviews; Magazine; 2011 Posts

From Locus Magazine's February 2011 issue

Scott Phillips's Rut is nearly impossible to talk about without also talking about the mode of its publication. Concord Free Press' publishing model defies all of our expectations about what a publishing house should do...

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late January

Thursday 27 January 2011  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Fantasy Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies,, Subterranean, Abyss & Apex, and Interzone

New Books : 2010 leftovers

Wednesday 26 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Notable 2010 titles not previously listed are by Michal Ajvaz, Elizabeth Bear, Benford & Zebrowski, Brian Conn, D.M. Cornish, Charles de Lint, Elizabeth Hand, Grace Krilanovich, L. Jagi Lampligher, Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, and Peter Straub

This Week's Bestsellers

Tuesday 25 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Debuts by Ben Aaronovitch, Joe Abercrombie, and James Lovegrove; P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast's Awakened is still #1

Classic Reprints: January 2011

Monday 24 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

An anthology of dystopian stories from John Joseph Adams, and new editions of works by Kelley Eskridge, Harry Harrison, Joe R. Lansdale, and Bruce McAllister

Magazines & Websites: third week January 2011

Sunday 23 January 2011  |  Monitor; Directories

New print issues of Black Static, Crimewave, Dreams and Nightmares, Leading Edge, and The New York Review of Science Fiction

New Books : mid January

Saturday 22 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Gene Wolfe's Home Fires, Jo Walton's Among Others, Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels, debut novels by Kameron Hurley and Stina Leicht, and other titles by Carey, Forbeck, Green, Greenberg & Hughes, Henry, Holzner, Knight, McDermott, Ringo, and Zahn

Faren Miller reviews Ben Aaronovitch

Friday 21 January 2011  |  Reviews; Magazine; 2011 Posts

From Locus Magazine's January 2011 issue

Midnight Riot opens in modern police-procedural mode, with the discovery of a dead body and (six meters away) its missing head.

New in Paperback: January

Thursday 20 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Kim Stanley Robinson's Galileo's Dream, Joe Haldeman's Starbound, Dia Reeves' Bleeding Violet, and titles by Berg, Card, Farland, Huston, Redick, Ringo & Kratman, Weber & Flint, and West

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-January

Wednesday 19 January 2011  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Subterranean, Strange Horizons, and Lightspeed

This Week's Bestsellers

Tuesday 18 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Awakened, eighth book in P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast's YA vampire series, debuts at #1.

The Ten Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Films of the Twenty-First Century ... As of December 31, 2010 ... And A Prediction about Ten Best Lists to Come

Monday 17 January 2011  |  Reviews

Gary Westfahl assesses science fiction and fantasy films of the last decade, and predicts which ten might still be profitable 20, 50, or 100 years from today

Magazines & Websites: second week January 2011

Sunday 16 January 2011  |  Monitor; Directories

What's new online at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, io9, Quantum Muse, SF Signal, SF Site, Tangent, and

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Jo Walton's Among Others

Saturday 15 January 2011  |  Reviews; Magazine; 2011 Posts

From Locus Magazine's January 2011 issue

I don't believe I've seen, either in fiction or in memoir, as brilliant and tone-perfect an account of what discovering SF and fantasy can mean to its young readers — citing chapter and verse of actual titles — as in Jo Walton's remarkable and somewhat autobiographical new novel Among Others

New Books : early January

Friday 14 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Orson Scott Card's The Lost Gate, Dean Koontz' What the Night Knows, K.J. Parker's The Hammer, a treatise on science fiction and realism called Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep?, and other titles by Barclay, Dukas, Fisher, Greatshell, Hendee & Hendee, Peeler, Resnick, Revis, Rowland, Taylor, and West

Neil Gaiman on Ebooks

Thursday 13 January 2011  |  Magazine; Perspectives

neil gaiman
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's January Issue essay.

Paper books are really, really useful things... But there are places where Kindles win.

Gwenda Bond's Top Ten for 2010

Wednesday 12 January 2011  |  Reviews

Gwenda Bond selects titles by Holly Black, Paolo Bacigalupi, Dia Reeves, Cassandra Clare, Philip Reeve, Jewell Parker Rhodes, Suzanne Collins, Karen Joy Fowler, Meljean Brook, and Connie Willis.

This Week's Bestsellers

Tuesday 11 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Dean Koontz' What the Night Knows debuts at #1.

Magazines & Websites: early January 2011

Monday 10 January 2011  |  Monitor; Directories

New issues of Analog, Andromeda Spaceways, Apex, Asimov's, Clarkesworld, GigaNotoSaurus, Lightspeed, Redstone, SF Site, Star*Line, and Strange Horizons

Robert J. Sawyer: Mapping the Future

Sunday 9 January 2011  |  Magazine; Perspectives

robert j sawyer
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's January Issue interview.

A big part of writing science fiction convincingly, if it's hard SF, isn't just getting the science right but getting the atmosphere of science right: the politics of science, the culture of science, and what scientists are really like.

New Books : second half December

Saturday 8 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Lauren Beukes' Zoo City, Jonathan Strahan's Engineering Infinity, Rachel Swirsky & Sean Wallace's People of the Book, and other titles by Anthony, Collins, Estep, Francis, Lovegrove, and Robertson

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early January

Friday 7 January 2011  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in Gordon Van Gelder's anthology Welcome to the Greenhouse and new issues of Clarkesworld, Apex Magazine, Three-lobed Burning Eye, and GigaNotoSaurus

Locus Magazine Bestsellers, January

Thursday 6 January 2011  |  Magazine; 2011 Posts

Locus Magazine Bestsellers are led by Lois McMaster Bujold's CryoBurn, Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson's The Gathering Storm, Connie Willis' Blackout, Drew Karpyshyn's Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil, and R.A. Salvatore's Gauntlgrym: Neverwinter, Book I.

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, January

Wednesday 5 January 2011  |  Magazine; 2011 Posts

robert silverberg
January New and Notable books, selected by Locus Magazine editors, include Robert Silverberg's The Last Song of Orpheus, Jon Armstrong's Yarn, Greg Bear's Hull Zero Three, Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars, and other titles by Card, Dann & Strahan, Enge, Jordon & Sanderson, Martin & Dozois, McDevitt, Parks, Rickert, Sedia, Swenson, and Warrington.

This Week's Bestsellers

Tuesday 4 January 2011  |  Monitor, Directories

Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad places on New York Times' list for the first time since publication seven months ago.

Magazines & Websites: end December 2010

Monday 3 January 2011  |  Monitor; Directories

End of December posts at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Fantasy Magazine, io9, Lightspeed, SF Signal, Strange Horizons, and

Cory Doctorow: Net Neutrality for Writers: It's All About the Leverage

Sunday 2 January 2011  |  Magazine; Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's January Issue.

This is not an analogy to the Net Neutrality fight. This is an analogy to the "compromise" most governments and regulators are planning for the Internet.

January Issue Table of Contents

Saturday 1 January 2011  |  Magazine

january issue
January features the launch of Locus new digital editions, with essays and commentary on the future of digital publishing by Neil Gaiman, John Scalzi, and many others; plus, an interview with Robert J. Sawyer, a new column by Cory Doctorow, and reviews of short fiction and books by Jo Walton, Patricia A. McKillip, Iain M. Banks, Orson Scott Card, and others

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SF in the Digital Age
Robert J. Sawyer

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Forthcoming Books through March 2011; Kit Reed; M.K. Hobson; Frank Frazetta

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Poe & the Fantastic; Brian Evenson; Cory Doctorow; Reports from ICFA and World Horror
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James P. Blaylock; David Anthony Durham; David Moles; Charles N. Brown's First Fandom; Report from India
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