The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 2001

Chronological List

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LAYMON, RICHARD (books) (stories) (continued)

LEAL, BENNY G. (stories)

LEAR, EDWARD (1812-1888) (stories)

LEATHER, TONY (stories)

LEBBON, TIM (books) (stories)


LEBOW, JESS (stories)

LEDDY, ELFIE (books)

LEE, EDWARD; pseudonym of Lee Edward Seymour, (1957- ) (stories)

LEE, (Bert) GENTRY (1942- ) (books)

LEE, GWEN (books)

LEE, J. ARDIAN (books)

LEE, JIM (stories)

LEE, MARILYN (stories)

LEE, MARY SOON (1965- ) (books) (stories)

LEE, MITCHELL (stories)

LEE, PAUL (stories)

LEE, SHARON (1952- ) (books) (stories)

LEE, STAN(ley R.) [born Stanley Leiber] (1922- ) (books)

LEE, TANITH; [i.e., Tanith Lee Kaiine] (1947- ) (books) (stories)

LEE, YOON HA (stories)

LEEGANT, JOAN (stories)

LEES, PHILIP J. (stories)

LEES, TIM (stories)

LE FANU, J(oseph Thomas) SHERIDAN (1814-1873) (books) (stories)

LE FAY, M. MALEFICA GRENDELWOLF PENDRAGON; see under Pendragon, Michael M. (stories)

LEFEBVRE, MARK LESLIE; see pseudonym Mark Leslie (stories)

LE GUIN, URSULA K(roeber) (1929- ) (books) (stories)

LEHMANN, GARY (stories)

LEIBER, FRITZ (Reuter, Jr.) (1910-1992) (books) (stories)

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