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Sun 08.03 —
Los Angeles Times: long assessment by Scott Timberg of Bradbury Stories

Fri 08.01 —
• Dorman T. Shindler reviews and interviews Dan Simmons

NY Review of Books: David Hajdu reviews "Comics for Grown-Ups"

Thu 07.31 —
Science Fiction Weekly's annual Hugo Awards Poll

Wed 07.30 —
Publishers Weekly: Neil Gaiman on the cover

Tue 07.29 —
Washington Post Book World: Gregory Feeley reviews Ian R. MacLeod, Dozois's 20th Year's Best, Charles Stross, and Trampoline

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Dan Simmons, The Silver Gryphon, and Andrew Fox

Wall Street Journal: Harlan Ellison's battle with AOL [requires subscription]

RevolutionSF: critics react to Claude Lalumière's Superhero movie ratings

Sat 07.26 —
NY Times: America Yawns at Foreign Fiction

Fri 07.25 —
NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Dan Simmons, John C. Wright, Ursula K. Le Guin

• Ellen Datlow's photos from the Stoker Awards

Thu 07.24 —
Spider-Man 2 site live
• New White Dwarf catalog
• New Dune novel Bookwrap
• Emma Bull's Summer Queen's speech

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Better Humans
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Moo Press
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Letters —

07.29 Jeanne Cavelos explains what happened at the Odyssey Workshop
Since this issue has generated a fair amount of criticism of the Odyssey students, I owe it to them to clarify a few facts.
07.28 Harlan Ellison follows-up
07.26 Harlan Ellison and others defend Gene Wolfe
07.23 Gene Wolfe explains his withdrawal from this year's Odyssey Workshop


07.23 Announcements: Heinlein Award to be presented; Mars Day; Stephen King contest; ICFA Call for Papers
07.23 Market Reports: Argosy; Neo-opsis
07.22 UK SF/F imprint Earthlight axed by Simon & Schuster
07.20 Seiun winners announced
07.19 Robert A. Heinlein's first novel For Us, the Living sold for publication
  Analog and Asimov's to change schedule
  People News; Awards News
07.12 Nancy Kress wins John W. Campbell Award; Lucius Shepard wins Theodore Sturgeon Award
07.05 Locus Awards Winners announced: Kim Stanley Robinson, China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin; others
07.03 Clarion Writer's Workshop Funding Lost
    2003 News Archive | Below: #Recent Awards#Necrology


07.31  New Books Novels by Alice Borchardt, Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross, Chaz Brenchley, Terry Goodkind, David Hagberg, Jane Jensen, Spider Robinson, Dan Simmons, and Robert Charles Wilson; plus a Mike Resnick anthology
07.31  Magazines A Vernor Vinge novella in Analog, William Barton, Kit Reed in Asimov's, and new issues of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Paradox, and Talebones
07.27  Bestsellers J.K. Rowling reigns
07.11  Classic Reprints Anderson, Dick, Hodgeson, Stewart, Wyndham
07.11  New in Paperback Bujold, Card, Robinson
   2003 Books Directory Links to descriptions, reviews, charts, awards; with forthcoming titles | 2002


07.26  Letters Support for Gene Wolfe from Harlan Ellison and others; a story ID
07.30  Lawrence Person reviews DVD The Animatrix
The Wachowski brothers understand the look and feel of Science Fiction, but not the deep commitment to scientific plausibility that gives SF so much of its unique resonance...
07.26  Letters Support for Gene Wolfe from Harlan Ellison and others; a story ID
07.24  Letters Gene Wolfe reports from the Odyssey Workshop; 2 story queries; Forrest J Ackerman has a check
07.16  Claude Lalumière reviews Superhero Movies, and rates 25 of them
These films just keep looking better and better. But are they good films? Or just special-effects spectacles with little attention to storytelling?
07.12  Claude Lalumière reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The most entertaining adventure film I've seen in many years. ... What it brings most to mind is Tim Powers' 1987 novel, On Stranger Tides...
07.07  John Shirley reviews 28 Days Later, comparing it to Hollywood horror films--
Danny Boyle takes a video camera and makes a film ten times better, at least, with a tenth the money.
07.04  Gary Westfahl reviews Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
This aura of grim determination is characteristic of the subgenre of science fiction that the Terminator films represent: survivalist fiction...
07.02  Claude Lalumière reviews graphic novels by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins, and others
Transmetropolitan is among the most important, pertinent, and entertaining SF of the last decade.
06.12  Field Inspections | SFFH reviews in general publications
Salon reviews Tad Williams
Washington Post reviews Shepard, Bishop, Peirce, and Album Zutique
San Francisco Chronicle reviews Pratchett, Jones, and DePrau

  2003 Reviews & Features Archive

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Current Issue: AUGUST 2003
August cover

Interviews with
Alastair Reynolds,
Charles Stross

Contributions by
Stephen Baxter . M John Harrison . Gwyneth Jones . Ken MacLeod . Paul McAuley . Russell Letson & Gary K. Wolfe

Table of Contents
Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books
JULY 2003
July cover

Locus Looks at Graphic Novels
Guest edited by Charles Vess

Essays by Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, Charles de Lint, and others

Interview with Alan Moore

Table of Contents
Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books

JUNE 2003
June cover

Interviews with
Charles de Lint, Kage Baker
and Gardner Dozois on 25 years of "Year's Best"

Table of Contents
Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books
MAY 2003
May cover

Interviews with
William Gibson,
Karl Schroeder

Table of Contents
Locus Bestsellers
New & Notable Books

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