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July 2013 Blinks

July -- News Posts

July 2013 Posts:

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late July

Wednesday 31 July 2013  |  Reviews

Reviews of new stories from, Interzone, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Strange Horizons

New Books : 30 July

Tuesday 30 July 2013  |  Monitor

Jason M. Hough's The Darwin Elevator, Richard Kadrey's Kill City Blues, and titles by Aaronovitch, Andrews, Ballantine, Brown, Cunningham, Evans, Fowler, Guran, Holm, Jeapes, Johnson, Painter, Vaughn, and Yarbro

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 29 July 2013  |  Monitor

Terry Brooks' Witch Wraith debuts on three lists.

Comments from the Locus Poll & Survey

Sunday 28 July 2013  |  Perspectives

february issue
Here are comments from voters in this year's Locus Poll & Survey.

Electronic Periodicals: late July

Saturday 27 July 2013  |  Monitor

What's new at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Perihelion, SF Site, Strange Horizons,, and Weird Tales

New Books : Supplemental July

Friday 26 July 2013  |  Monitor

Holly Black's Doll Bones, Frederic C. Rich's Christian Nation, and titles by Callaghan, McNeal, Moore & Barnett, Page, Toronto, and Williams

Paul Di Filippo reviews Nathan Ballingrud

Thursday 25 July 2013  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Ballingrud's prose throughout these stories is muscular yet poetic, fierce yet compassionate.

Russell Letson reviews Charles Stross

Wednesday 24 July 2013  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's July 2013 issue

Saturn's Children: A Space Opera was an exercise in witty science-fictional rule-stretching. Neptune's Breed takes place millennia later in the same future and bears the same subtitle, which is even more fitting this time, since it features, among other things, space pirates — or at least privateers.

New Books : 23 July

Tuesday 23 July 2013  |  Monitor

Gardner Dozois' The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirtieth Annual Collection, Paul McAuley's Evening's Empires, and titles by Carlson, Hawke, Lubar, Pinborough, Smith, Turtledove, and Wellington

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 22 July 2013  |  Monitor

A new Star Wars novel by Troy Denning debuts on three lists.

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Connie Willis

Sunday 21 July 2013  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's July 2013 issue

One of the values of a collection like this isn't just to revisit old favorites, but to find patterns we may have missed earlier.

Classic Reprints: July

Saturday 20 July 2013  |  Monitor

The Best of Connie Willis and titles by John Crowley, Steven Erikson, Michael Moorcock, and Philip Wylie

Paul Di Filippo reviews Chris Beckett

Friday 19 July 2013  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

It's truly satisfying, as a reader and critic, to be in on the ground floor of a career that eventually blossoms into full magnificence. The ultimate feather in Beckett's cap of late was his attainment of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for his novel, Dark Eden, our subject matter for today.

New in Paperback: July

Thursday 18 July 2013  |  Monitor

Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312, Charles Stross' The Apocalypose Codex, John Varley's Slow Apocalypose, and titles by Anderson, Baxter, Correia, Goyer & Cassutt, Jackson, Melko, Niven & Lerner, Pratchett & Baxter, Rees, Richardson, Tregillis, Williams, and Williamson

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-July

Wednesday 17 July 2013  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in new issues of Asimov's, Analog, Apex, Lightspeed, and Kaleidotrope

New Books : 16 July

Tuesday 16 July 2013  |  Monitor

Brian Attebery & Veronica Hollinger's Parabolas of Science Fiction, collections by Nathan Ballingrud and Catherynne M. Valente, an anthology from Steve Berman, and novels by Black, Bova, Brooks, Comeau, Krinard, Martinez, Nazarian, Sakey, Weis & Krammes, and Winters

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 15 July 2013  |  Monitor

Laurell K. Hamilton's Affliction debuts in the top 10 on three lists.

Print Periodicals: early July

Sunday 14 July 2013  |  Monitor

New issues of Analog, Asimov's, and Dreams & Nightmares

In the Oceans of Madness — Intelligence: A Review of Pacific Rim

Saturday 13 July 2013  |  Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Pacific Rim. In contrast to most of the noisy blockbusters that promise summer entertainment, there are definite signs that this film, like the enormous robots that it celebrates, has a genuine human intelligence manipulating its machinery.

Maria Dahvana Headley: Divine Monsters

Friday 12 July 2013  |  Perspectives

maria dahvana headley
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's July Issue interview

My book fills in the gaps in history with magic and mysteries and witches, and battles that I invented. Cleopatra is a soulless monster. But I continued with the research, and I loved it because it can give you such a sense of possibility.

Tim Pratt reviews Kate Atkinson

Thursday 11 July 2013  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's July 2013 issue

Life After Life is more than just a game of literary "what if," or an exercise in seeing how small changes can alter lives in big ways. Atkinson is up to something deeper.

Neil Gaiman: Magic of Fiction

Wednesday 10 July 2013  |  Perspectives

neil gaiman
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's July Issue interview

I've achieved a level of success I'm not entirely comfortable with. I'm in a peculiar and ridiculously enviable position in that I'm an author who's gotten to do all of the stuff that he wanted to do, and I get to be loved and successful and I get to be one of the authors in America who is making a living and a damn good living at that by his pen alone, without, as far as I can tell so far, having to compromise.

New Books : 9 July

Tuesday 9 July 2013  |  Monitor

Richard Bowes' Dust Devil on a Quiet Street and titles by Bishop, Griffin, Hearne, Hodder, Holden & Shawl, Liney, Mann, Morgan, and Preston

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 8 July 2013  |  Monitor

Stephen King's Joyland and Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane dominate lists.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early July

Sunday 7 July 2013  |  Reviews

Reviews of stories in anthology Lonely Souls, on, and in a new issue of Clarkesworld

Electronic Periodicals: early July

Saturday 6 July 2013  |  Monitor

New issues of Apex, Aurealis, Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy's Edge, GigaNotoSaurus, Indian SF, James Gunn's Ad Astra, Kaleidotrope, Lightspeed, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Nightmare, Perihelion, SF Site, and Three-lobed Burning Eye

Locus Bestsellers, June

Friday 5 July 2013  |  Magazine

Bestsellers from specialty bookstores are led by Robin Hobb's Blood of Dragons, Robert J. Sawyer's Triggers, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and titles by Michael Reaves & Maya Kathrynn Bohnhoff and R.A. Salvatore

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, July

Thursday 4 July 2013  |  Magazine

July New and Notable books include Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Stephen King's Joyland, John Scalzi's The Human Division, and titles by Abraham, Armstrong & Marr, Asaro, Barzak, Black, Corey, Lafferty, Sanderson, Smith, Strahan, and Yancey

Cory Doctorow: Teaching Computers Shows Us How Little We Understand About Ourselves

Wednesday 3 July 2013  |  Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's July Issue.

Computers are the children of the human race's mind, and as they become intimately involved in new aspects of our lives, we keep stumbling into semantic minefields, where commonly understood terms turn out to have no single, well-agreed-upon meaning across all parts of society.

New Books : 2 July

Tuesday 2 July 2013  |  Monitor

Charles Stross' Neptune's Brood, Michael Flynn's On the Razor's Edge, anthologies from Mike Allen, L. Timmel Duchamp, and Rich Horton, and other titles by Ambrose, Anderson, Arnason, Campbell, Costa, Greenfield, Haig, Hamilton, Hoyt, Jackson, Lambshead, Lee & Miller, Marr, Monk, Rowland, Shirley, Weber, and Wexler

July Issue Table of Contents

Monday 1 July 2013  |  Magazine

july issue
The July issue features interviews with Neil Gaiman and Maria Dahvana Headley, obituaries and appreciations of Jack Vance and Iain Banks, a new column by Cory Doctorow, complete results of the 2013 Locus Poll, and reviews of short fiction and new books by Connie Willis, Emily Croy Barker, S.T. Joshi, James S.A. Corey, Charlaine Harris, and many others.

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 1 July 2013  |  Monitor

Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane is #1 at NY Times and Washington Post

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July 2013

Neil Gaiman
Maria Dahvana Headley
Jack Vance, Iain Banks
Cory Doctorow

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