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September 2014 Blinks

September -- News Posts

September 2014 Posts:

New Books : 30 September

Tuesday 30 September 2014  |  Monitor

Adam Roberts' Bête and titles by DeLima, Gaiman & Rusell, Headley & Kat Howard, Jonathan Howard, Kaufmann, Lansdale, Lindsey, Strout, and Wallace

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 29 September 2014  |  Monitor

Rick Yancey's The Infinite Sea debuts on two lists.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, late September

Sunday 28 September 2014  |  Reviews

Reviews of new stories from Beneath Ceaseless Skies and and in Jonathan Strahan's anthology Fearsome Magics, and of a novella by Genevieve Valentine

Periodicals: late September

Saturday 27 September 2014  |  Monitor

New issues of Black Static and Interzone, and what's new this month at Strange Horizons,, and Daily SF

Classic Reprints: September

Friday 26 September 2014  |  Monitor

New editions of John Brunner's Stand on Zanzibar and Greg Egan's Permutation City, a perhaps final volume of Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, and omnibus volumes by Cowper, Holdstock, and Moorcock

Stefan Dziemianowicz reviews Stephen Jones' Best New Horror 25

Thursday 25 September 2014  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's September 2014 issue

Stephen Jones's Mammoth Book of Best New Horror series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, a landmark by any standard in genre publishing.

Paul Di Filippo reviews David Shafer

Wednesday 24 September 2014  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Ending satisfyingly but with ultimate outcome uncertain, WTF deals with its big themes in a sprightly yet serious fashion. If you were to fuse Max Barry's Lexicon with Dave Eggers's The Circle, then blend in some of Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys, you might approach the lunatic sanity and gonzo wisdom of Shafer's accomplished debut.

New Books : 23 September

Tuesday 23 September 2014  |  Monitor

Terry Pratchett's A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Nonfiction, and titles by Brennan, Clarke, Grant, James, Jones, Spalenka, Sumner-Smith, Waugh, Weis & Krammes, and Zahn

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 22 September 2014  |  Monitor

Kim Harrison's The Witch With No Name debuts on four lists.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, mid-September

Sunday 21 September 2014  |  Reviews

Reviews of new stories in Analog, Asimov's, Strange Horizons, and of Octavia Cade's novella The Don't Girls

"A Hunger for Games?": A Review of The Maze Runner

Saturday 20 September 2014  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

The Maze Runner, as one hardly needs to say about any major film that achieves wide release, is a fast-paced, involving adventure with excellent special effects, and there are even hints of an imperfectly realized effort to achieve a sort of profundity not found in the novel.

Periodicals: mid-September

Friday 19 September 2014  |  Monitor

New issues of Analog, Asimov's, and Perihelion

Gary K. Wolfe reviews Genevieve Valentine

Thursday 18 September 2014  |  Reviews

From Locus Magazine's September 2014 issue

The real achievement of Genevieve Valentine's The Girls at the Kingfisher Club isn't just that it recasts the princesses as flappers in 1927 New York — even Anne Sexton saw that coming when in her version she described them as dancing "like taxi girls at Roseland" — but in delicately balancing her language between the transparent directness of the folktale and the contemporary sensibility of the novel.

Paul Di Filippo reviews Jay Lake

Wednesday 17 September 2014  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

This volume contains over thirty stories, published from 2007 to 2013, so there is assuredly little overlap with Lake's earlier collections. In other words, we are getting his mature work, written almost precisely in the interstices of his illness, which began in 2008.

New Books : 16 September

Tuesday 16 September 2014  |  Monitor

Jay Lake's "Last Collection" Last Plane to Heaven, and titles by Barnett, Cato, Hoover, Mamatas & Washington, Marr, Pagliassotti, Prineas, Shearman, Stroud, Yancey, and Zhang

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 15 September 2014  |  Monitor

David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks, Patricia Briggs' Shifting Shadows, and Sherrilyn Kenyon's Son of No One debut on print lists.

Nicola Griffith: The Body & the World

Sunday 14 September 2014  |  Perspectives

nicola griffith
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's September Issue interview

I like to write about women who are the subject, not objects. I like to write about women who do rather than have done to them. They might do bad things — a lot of my women do bad things — but they do them because they seem like efficient ways to deal with what's going on. Iím very much a creature of the body.

New in Paperback: September

Saturday 13 September 2014  |  Monitor

Robert Charles Wilson's Burning Paradise and titles by Brust & White, Donaldson, Farmer, Gemmell, Hair, Lake, Mooney & Fawcett, Palwick, Shinn, Stirling, and Weber & Lindskold

Paul Di Filippo reviews Benjamin Parzybok

Friday 12 September 2014  |  Reviews

Special to Locus Online

Whatever silly tag we try to affix on Parzybok and Sherwood Nation, the undeniable truth is, he's a unique voice who's delivered a very good book that is both comic and tragic, grounded and fanciful, closely observed and well imagined.

Locus Bestsellers, September

Thursday 11 September 2014  |  Magazine

Bestsellers from specialty bookstores are led by Jim Butcher's Skin Game, George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and titles by David R. George III and R.A. Salvatore.

Lois Tilton reviews Short Fiction, early September

Wednesday 10 September 2014  |  Reviews

Reviews of new stories in Interzone, Clarkesworld, Apex, Lightspeed, and anthology Coming Soon Enough, with recommendations of stories by Nina Allan, T.R. Napper, Greg Egan, J.Y. Yang, and Seth Dickinson

New Books : 9 September

Tuesday 9 September 2014  |  Monitor

Ed Finn & Kathrym Cramer's anthology of optimistic SF Hieroglyph, Jonathan R. Eller's biography Ray Bradbury Unbound, Nancy Kress' novel Yesterday's Kin, Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant's anthology Monstrous Affections, and titles by Bennett, Carlson, Gould, Harrison, Maguire, Miller, Parzybok, Planck, and Waldorf

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 8 September 2014  |  Monitor

Brent Weeks' The Broken Eye and John Scalzi's Lock In debut.

Yoon Ha Lee: Axioms & Theorems

Sunday 7 September 2014  |  Perspectives

yoon ha lee
Excerpts from Locus Magazine's September Issue interview

I approach writing like it's an equation. What is the... moral is maybe too loaded a term... but what is the thing at the end that the reader should come away with? What is the final conclusion? What is the theorem that I am trying to prove, and what are the axioms that will get me there, and how do I show the steps?

Periodicals: early September

Saturday 6 September 2014  |  Monitor

New issues of Apex, Aurealis, Aurealis, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, Galaxy's Edge, GigaNotoSaurus, Lightspeed, Nightmare, and Quantum Muse

Locus Magazine's Forthcoming Books: Selected Titles through June 2015

Friday 5 September 2014  |  Resources

Titles from Locus Magazine's September issue listings of Selected Forthcoming Books by Author are arranged here by month.

Locus Magazine's New & Notable Books, September

Thursday 4 September 2014  |  Magazine

September New and Notable books include Hannu Rajaniemi's The Causal Angel and titles by Anderson, Bear, Bernheimer, Blaylock, Dozois, Gladstone, Gregory, Muir, Park, Parker, Shepard, Valentine, and Winters

Cory Doctorow: Audible, Comixology, Amazon, and Doctorow's First Law

Wednesday 3 September 2014  |  Perspectives

cory doctorow
From Locus Magazine's September Issue.

It's been half a decade since I coined "Doctorow's first law of electronic publishing": "Any time someone puts a lock on something that belongs to you, and won't give you the key, you can be sure that the lock isn't there for your benefit." I'm talking, of course, about "digital rights management."

New Books : 2 September

Tuesday 2 September 2014  |  Monitor

Jeff VanderMeer's Acceptance, David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks, and titles by Briggs, Daniel & Drake, Hunter, Jacka, Kenyon, Lewis, Maberry, McGuire, Monk, Nye, Priest, Spencer, Stirling, Watson, and Williams

September Issue Table of Contents

Monday 1 September 2014  |  Magazine

september issue
The September issue features interviews with authors Nicola Griffith and Yoon Ha Lee, a new column by Cory Doctorow, lists of forthcoming books through June 2015, a new column of advice for new authors by Tom Whitmore & Karen G. Anderson, and reviews of short fiction and books by Peter Watts, Robert Jackson Bennett, John Varley, and others.

This Week's Bestsellers

Monday 1 September 2014  |  Monitor

David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks is selling on Amazon sites.

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